For the last several weeks, leading up to Infinite Warfare’s launch, there was always something I kept thinking: will Infinity Ward learn from their mistakes they made during Call of Duty: Ghosts and will this year reflect that? A week after launch, it seems the answer is no.

Modern Warfare Remastered, while it is an old game, still has that same traits that made it fun to watch and fun to play. The pro players seem to be enjoying it too, and the game itself is not over-run with bugs. And one of the most important things: boots on the ground.

One of the biggest reasons that hurts IW is Infinite Warfare is not fun to watch as a spectator. Advanced movement, crazy abilities with rig system, and the strategy of Call of Duty is out the window in this. This game just does not have that appeal to turn to it and watch. It’s clear that many players also feel this way, but the fact that its not even fun to watch hurts the competitive scene more. Yes, players will have to play the game Activision ends up putting forward, but without viewers, there’s nothing really to it.

And there’s a lot wrong with the game itself: Hardpoint spawns are a mess; map exploits; overdrive lets players run outside of the map in certain maps to score an uplink, and more importantly the maps are not that good. It’s the same issue with Ghosts; majority of the maps in IW are not designed for, well, competitive experience. And some of the maps do not even play that well with the movement system.

One of the biggest things that really made Ghosts a bad esports title was the overall lack of support in-game. There was just a Clan v Clan playlist and the overall broadcaster mode had way too many issues. I get the idea behind Clan v Clan. It was something that a part of the community wanted, where players had to play in their own Call of Duty clan in 4v4 style. After some feedback, they changed it around to try and make it an esports playlist to match Black Ops 2’s league, but that still failed.

Now, you would think Infinity Ward would have learned from Clan v Clan and try and implement a good esports league based playlist, like Arena or League Play, in Infinite Warfare. But instead Infinite Warfare has this “Competition” tab. Did it really take them 3 years to come up with that?! The playlist locks items based upon rank, does not even have its own ranking system where players can experience being put into matches based upon skill, and more importantly, it has no rewards. There’s no point in playing it. What’s truly shocking here is that Sledgehammer Games, on their very first solo Call of Duty title with Advanced Warfare, were able to implement a fully-fledged Ranked Play playlist that was well thought out and worked. Yes, Ranked Play had its faults, but still it was a league system. And so, how can Infinity Ward not do the same?

Modern Warfare Remastered does not have a league system in-game, as the original game did not have it, but it does not seem far-fetched for Raven to implement. Raven Software seems to be listening to fans, and interacting more so than Infinity Ward, and its not out of the question a esports playlist could come down the line.

Modern Warfare Remastered also needs a CODCaster mode. The game, otherwise, is how players want it: fun, boots on the ground, and not half broken like Infinite Warfare. It’s also where many viewers are.

But the issue that arises from Modern Warfare Remastered is that Search and Destroy is probably the one of the only game modes that many will enjoy watching. Many players who were around during COD4 will probably like to watch the other modes, but to newer viewers, it might be difficult. It’s hard to tell those newer viewers that Sabotage and Domination are esports mode, when recent games have not had it. But, Raven could introduce Hardpoint into Modern Warfare Remastered, and that would work. Hardpoint does not need any advanced movement system, as it was introduced in Black Ops 2. And CTF could make a return.

Another big reason why Raven Software is more successful right now than Infinity Ward is communication: Raven’s Amos Hodge has been very interactive on Twitter and has actually been responding to what they are working on. Communication is key in any community, and Raven seems to understand that. And especially for esports, players need to know what’s coming up, what might change, and how the game will be effected.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, is not being communicative about many issues. They have yet to acknowledge a lot of the flaws with Infinite Warfare or provide an accurate time table for a fix. There’s two events happening next month, and we still do not know if Hardpoint spawns will be fixed; if some map exploits will be removed, etc. This game has more bugs at launch than any recent Call of Duty games before.

For Call of Duty esports to grow, both the players and viewers have to be able to enjoy the game they are playing. Currently, it seems players and viewers are not that excited or looking forward to the Infinite Warfare esports season, and that is a problem. While we get that players will end up playing whatever game Activision says, there needs to be a good number of viewers to keep the growth and have a scene. Without it, it’s nothing.

Gears of War, Halo, and more are taking over in their own respective rights, but Call of Duty seems to be stuck in place.

Maybe it’s time for Activision to listen to fan demand to help grow this scene.

  • First to suck dick

  • They hold the belief that I am infact Tom Cruise. I am the bobby with that object in my hand

    • BradyAlucard

      Modern Warfare Remastered would be ruined if it became an e-Sports title lol. West would roll over in his… well, I don’t know where I’m going with this analogy.

  • Brad of Duty

    Who gives a crap about esports title, were tied of cod gamers thinking they’re athletes. They’re bigger issues, like Donald Trump not believing in global warming. The country is doomed

    • Former

      Just the tens of thousands of people who watch and play CoD competitively…You know, those folk.

      • BradyAlucard

        Tens of thousands of people who watch and play CoD competitively daily vs the millions of people who buy and play the game on day one? Why care about the minority (well as far as video games go of course)?

        • Former

          He asked who gives a crap about CoD eSports title, and I answered him. It’s as simple as that. Please don’t turn this into another excuse to rant to me, kid. I don’t have the time.

          • BradyAlucard

            You shouldn’t call me a kid Mr. I-like-to-watch-competitive. If you don’t have the time then you shouldn’t post your ignorant comments on a public forum.

          • Former

            Oh boy. It seems I’ve offended the kid. Also, nothing was ignorant about what I posted. In fact, it was a statistical statement, not an emotional outburst against competitive like you have on a weekly basis, kid.

          • BradyAlucard

            You can’t possibly offend me lol nobody can, if I were you’d be able to tell.

            ” Also, nothing was ignorant about what I posted”

            The reason why I said your comments were ignorant was for obvious reasons. Seems like you’re the one who’s offended and spewing emotional outbursts? You’re very much overreacting, how are my criticisms against something that ruins the game as much as competitive factually does an “emotional outburst”? Am I swearing up a storm and calling you names? The worst I’ve called you is ignorant and that wasn’t even a personal attack, I was attacking the comments, not you specifically.

            “In fact, it was a statistical statement, not an emotional outburst against competitive like you have on a weekly basis, kid”

            For someone who is so adamant to attempt to insult me (in an emotional manner by the way) it’s pretty ironic that you call me the kid, especially since I’m older than you (since you like competitive /s).

          • Former

            As long as grown men enjoy racecars going in circles (Nascar), judging someone’s age based on what they enjoy is probably the most ignorant thing imaginable. Yet, coming from you, it’s no surprise.

          • BradyAlucard

            “Pretty confident that the average age for a competitive CoD fan is way older than the age for a CoD fan in general”

            It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, but cite your sources because that’s bogus. Last time I checked, they have a “kid”/teenage demographic and most of the people who play it are teenagers.

            “So my comment, stating how many people watch and care about competitive, is ignorant for “obvious reasons”?”

            No? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I called your other comment “ignorant” (not stupid so I don’t know why you feel so insulted) because you think tens of thousands of players in a AAA game are a large number and somehow have some sort of validation, even though it’s an afterthought (or at least should be and always should be).

            “The only reason you have is seeing the word “competitive” in the sentence. My lord, you are thick”

            Lolwut?! That’s what you got from all that? Wow, maybe I’m not the “thick” one. That’s another reason why I called you ignorant; jumping to conclusions with claims like I only reply to these sort of comments because you only mentioned one word. You just can’t accept the fact that I disagree with an outlook that I find to be fallacious? I’m not just going by this article’s comments, I’m talking about our entire exchanges as a whole and factoring it all into account. Your support of competitive clouds your judgment of how you perceive Call of Duty as a whole, that’s my problem. We’re naturally going to clash with this topic because we have two completely opposite outlooks.

            “I don’t care about your thoughts on competitive. We’ve been through that and its a lost cause arguing about it”

            I have my own set of principles. Why’d you even reply in the first place? That’s pretty childish and hypocritical, don’t you think?

            ” However, when you start up one little tantrum after another under one of my comments just because it’s related to competitive, you are then being a child”

            LOL yeah alright I’m the child throwing the tantrum, even though you’re overreacting just because someone disagrees with you even though I’ve been nothing but tame. Totally not hypocritical. With that reaction you should be *expecting* these kind of replies. I mean… seriously?

            “It’s actually pathetic watching you go out of your way to remark on it. I’m actually starting to think you have a thing for me or something. It’s creepy, kid”

            Yeah okay, “kid” (I mean that’s just a silly ‘insult’). It’s totally not childish to overreact like this and just because I stick to my principles doesn’t mean that I “have a thing” for you. Why does it matter? If you don’t “have the time”, then you shouldn’t have replied to me in the first place.

            I mean really, we (you, me, and the site) don’t need this negativity since it exists already and this is really the only topic that’s sensitive as far as our engagements go. I don’t mind respectful disagreements and as you stated it’s not worth arguing or insult each other about.

          • Former

            So you find an irrelevant comment of mine just to use as a method of rehashing an old discussion? Yep, it’s confirmed. You truly have a thing for me. Never thought I’d be stalked on Charlie Intel, but it’s happening.

          • BradyAlucard

            “Yep, it’s confirmed. You truly have a thing for me. Never thought I’d be stalked on Charlie Intel, but it’s happening”

            Yeah okay, keep overrreacting and adding unto the negativity. You obviously didn’t get the point. You’re nothing special in this regard and I’m not “stalking” you. Seriously, grow up.

          • Former

            Lol. Nope. You for sure are. You look for me in the comments just to bring up old discussions. You’re creepy as fuck, dude.

          • BradyAlucard

            Lol yeah okay, seriously stop being ignorant. You’re twisting my words…

          • BradyAlucard

            Look, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, there’s nothing “creepy” about what I said so that’s very insulting. What I meant is that I use previous conversations/arguments to stay ahead of the person I’m arguing with, not that I do it to “stalk” people. If I were “stalking” you, your entire notifications would be spammed to an extreme manner. That’s not what I intended at all.

    • Eric H

      eSports is what made CoD best. Look at the best games in CoD history they are equally the best eSports CoDs. eSports players want the most balanced CoD. So in other words, you’re an idiot.

  • ToonToons22

    Why not? CoD4 is a way more tactical game than any of the last three CODs. It’ll surely provide a challenge to those esports players used to boost jumps and wall running.

    • armyk

      Every COD is tactical, the difference is you have limited possibilities since you cannot jump and suprise others + huge amount of time so you can play very slow.

      • Smayo

        Jumping around and over things isn’t nowhere near tactical, it isn’t even arcadish… it’s just chaos and hectic, not to mention not fun at all…

        • armyk

          It is tactical, since you can gain line of sight or moment of suprise, it just add so much more to your possibilities than boots on the ground. Since you have to be aware of it, you have to adjust your playstyle to that aka be tactical…

      • jordanxbrookes

        Double Jumping, Wallrunning and Flying around is not tactical gameplay lmao, that’s chaotic gameplay.

        • armyk

          man, gameplay is how you make it, if you randomly jump of course it is chaotic. If you think about a movement and how to use it so you can advantage then it is tactical.

  • Qaotik

    Infinite warfare having the most problems at launch? Um no. Advanced warfare had only 1 truly viable weapon, many map exploits that kept popping up with each patch, broken came challenges that require 500 headshots, the skill based matchmaking that they never changed, don’t even get me started on how pressing the reload button once would sometimes do the faster reload.

    • The reload thing I believe wasn’t a problem or a glitch. It was actually a feature they added. Press x twice and you reload faster but you lose every bullet in your clip. You just press x once, it reloads normally and you know, just a regular reload

      • Qaotik

        That I knew, but at launch, you could press it once and it would still do the faster reload. And don’t forget the horrendously large and misplaced gamertags that popped up on team speak.

        • Oh okay I see what you mean now. Now that I think of it, I kinda of remember that being a problem at launch with the reload thing. But yeah overall AW was a mess when it first launched

          • Qaotik

            I still remember the 500 headshot requirements. It would take as long to get the royalty came as sledgehammer did to make their game

          • Mick

            Especially with all the jumping going around. Was nearly impossible. They even had a problem where it wasn’t even tracking the challenge progress lol.

          • Royalty on the launchers and the crossbow was just plain hell.

    • Gamerazor247

      I remember people wanted to be match with people of their skill level for years, lol…

      • BradyAlucard


        • Gamerazor247

          Yea, yea, yea, let that “amnesia” do its work mang, lol

          • Nancygcantu

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          • BradyAlucard

            We should have learned after BO2 that SBMM doesn’t work.

      • imBATMAN

        Are those “people” your imaginary friends?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yeah ok sure buddy.

      • w

        yea, all 20 people were heard loud and clear

    • Yay, more pointless bashing on AW to avoid the fact that Infinite Warfare is a flawed game.

      Ok so I agree that there was a big and very annoying issue in AW with map exploits, especially the “go through a wall and can snipe everyone but noone can shoot you” glitches, but I didn’t experience any other game breaking issues. The challenges were overkill, even after they made them “easier”, but that made me want to keep playing more. It took me forever to get the Weapon Master exo because of those goddamn Paladin challenges on the launchers, but when I finally got it it felt amazing.

    • Jack

      But AW was an enjoyable game for the competitive side of things, and would happily go back to that than play IW

  • Beast Mode

    the real talent left with Mark West and Vince….thats the main problem..

    • I mean, you aren’t wrong

      • BradyAlucard

        The Infinite Warfare team are a talented group of people too though.

        • Singleplayer team wise I agree. Multiplayer and zombies? Lolno

          • ScOott

            Zombies they defo know what they are doing… If u don’t like gay shit, u don’t have to look at gay shit, I haven’t seen dancing zombies on a dance floor once in any of my zombie playthroughs..

            I actually don’t mind looking at a bit of gay shit from time to time, so the dancing zombies doesn’t actually bother me, glad it’s not been taken seriously and it’s finally fun again.. after all these years, it took IW to do something Treyarch has failed to do since bo1, make zombies fun n interesting again..

          • No they don’t. When I think of Zombies in Spaceland, I do not think fun and interesting. The game is so boring and easy. I dont know how anyone actually think it’s challenging (judging from comments I seen), when in reality this mode makes Black Ops 3 look hard. It’s so easy i can jerk off in one hand and blind fold me and I’ll still get to the 30s/40s. That’s how far I’m willing to go.

            It’s another Exo Zombies, just without the exo suits.

            And I dont know how you can think Treyarch hasn’t made anything interesting in zombies since BO1 when BO2 had Origins and Mob of the Dead and Buried. BO3 had the likes of Shadows of Evil, Gorod Krovi, and DE. Those maps and settings, story strike me as wayyyy more interesting in fun. Way more appealing to me. But hey different strokes for different folks i suppose.

          • ScOott

            What makes it so simple compared to Treyarch? Im having fun with it n haven’t even built any of extra stuff yet or pack a punched, admittedly by the sound of it ur better than me, so our experiences differ, I don’t think I could get to wave 40..

          • The Zombie AI seem a lot more slower and less aggressive than Treyarch’s Zombies. They also seem a bit more clunky as well. The map design in Zombies in Spaceland is very open and I can literally train anywhere. Like the chances of me getting trapped are slim to none. So you take the two I just mentioned, it’s way too easy. The only thing I have noticed are guns are weaker in this game so fair enough.

            When I look at Treyarch Zombies, it’s a bit more tough. Zombies are a lot more aggressive, they are fast, and some parts in the map can be open but if you ever noticed a training spot or area in a Treyarch map there is always a potential of getting trapped. So like whatever you do in Treyarch Zombies, there is like always a risk.

          • ScOott

            I’m glad I’m a noob then man.. I reach level 12 and die lol… I haven’t even got pack a punch yet lol..

          • It’s not that hard honestly, connecting the portals are like linking the teleporters in The Giant and whatnot lol

          • ScOott

            I got to level 22.. I could of carried on it, I see what u mean when u get a good team it’s easy to train.. It’s the first game I haven’t had to revive the whole team every 5 mins..

          • Former

            You seem to be forgetting about Widow’s wine, Shields, Special weapons, OP gobblegums, and even more OP wonder weapons that allow you to sit in a corner and get to round 50+ (Lightning bow, Apothicon Servant, etc.) Treyarch zombies is undoubtedly easier than ZiS. You’re honestly clueless if you think other wise.

          • Never said certain maps are easier and whatnot and that there are things that make the game a lot easier. My point is, is that Treyarch’s maps are designed for you to fail eventually. However, I think Zombies in Spaceland is a hell of a lot easier just because of the AI and how open it is. I don’t see the challenge. Either way, I think both games are easy and IW zombies imo is not good at all.

          • Former

            All I know is after around round 40 on ZiS, nothing but traps will kill consistently. In Bo3 however, WWs paired with gumballs like Alchemical Antithesis allow you to sit in a corner well past round 40 without ever needing ammo. Maybe you don’t realize just how easy Bo3 is because you haven’t abused the gumballs. To say ZiS is a “hell of a lot easier” is pretty naive, dude.

          • That’s not naive, that’s called a different opinion there sir. Nothing naive about that consirdering I spent hours and tons of hours and playing many different games to form my opinion. So no.

            I find the setup, the gameplay, the design, everything about it easier. I have also stated the one thing I find difficult in the game is guns are weaker in the game, so fair enough because that should balance out all the other easy crap. And using traps in the 40s isn’t challenging either lol like what lol. I can literally sit there and run zombies to the alligator trap and I don’t have to shoot anything? Easy. This mode is way easier than Treyarch’s Zombies .

            Not necessarily a good or bad thing depending on whatever perspective you want to look at it. But overall the game mode is just another Exo Zombies and just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s just dont find any fun or enjoyment in that game mode

          • Former

            There’s no room for opinion when objectively, everything in Bo3 is stronger, and there are more utilities at your disposal. How, in any way, would that make it harder? Lmao. Logic, man. Use it.

          • I am using logic? And since when am I being objective? It’s completely subjective. You obviously don’t understand or get anything in what i am saying which is no shock. I don’t disagree for one second that BO3 is easy. I think it’s the easiest zombies that Treyarch has created imo. I’m not trying to argue that with you and I don’t get why you’re trying to turn into an argument lol. I find Spaceland really easy, easier than BO3, that’s just my opinion. I don’t see any challenge? And I already explained in every reason I can as to why I find it easier.

          • Former

            I never said ZiS was a challenge. But when you compare Bo3 to ZiS, it’s quite obvious to any seasoned zombies player which is simpler for a noob to play and survive in. You literally have a damn shield that protects your ass 24/7…Lmao. I can accept someone’s opinion when there’s some valid reasoning behind it, but I honestly cannot accept bullshit like “ZiS is easier cuz AI”…and disregarding all of the shit in Bo3 that helps combat the more advanced AI.

          • Lol if you actually learn how to read, I gave more than one reason than just the AI. Obviously nothing new from you.

          • Former

            “I find the setup and design easier”….Set up has nothing to do with survival, which is what I’m arguing about. Also, the map design is just like Treyarch in the sense that there are a few good training spots. Not to mention Treyarch has WWs that negate any reason to train, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Why train when you have a Lightning bow?

            So your two other reasons are irrelevant, which is why I skipped over them, not because I need to “learn how to read.” I swear, that’s the only insult that can enter that thick head of yours. Lmao. Priceless.

          • That wasn’t an insult actually. That me was saying, hey I mentioned more than one thing as to why I think it’s easy. But hey, you proved to me that youre even more stupid than I thought so that’s awesome lol.

            As far as the map goes, I beg to differ that it’s similar to Treyarch’s map design. I think the entire map is open, you can literally train anywhere without worrying about any risks at all. You combine that with slow clunky AI, pretty easy experience in my book. That’s why I find it easier to survive than your typical Treyarch map. I’m not saying that there arent any super easy Treyarch maps because there definitely is. I’m not disagreeing in any sense with you that Treyarch Zombies is easy. Only part I disagree with is, is which is easier and harder. And Zombies in Infinite Warfare for the most part, I find easier to play, survive in, etc. Like the fact that you’re too thick headed and stubborn to realize that blows my mind. But hey, you have to be a stupid asshole, right? My opinion bothers you that much right? I mean typically when I make a comment saging I don’t like ZiS, youre the first one to respond to me lol.

          • Former

            I could care less about your worthless opinion. Like I already said (learn how to read hurr durr), it’s the idiotic reasoning behind your opinions that makes me giggle. 12 year olds who can’t train for shit can get to round 100 on Revelations just by spamming an Apothicon Servant and Thunder Gun, yet you think ZiS is easier…It just blows my mind how ignorant you are when it comes to understanding zombies.

          • You could care less about my worthless opinion yet anytime I said anything regarding ZiS, you’re the first one to reply. You argue with me aggressively, and you go full defense mode? You sure you don’t care? Lol okay, child.

            >”12 year olds who can’t train for shit can get to round 100 on Revelations just by spamming an Apothicon Servant and Thunder Gun, yet you think ZiS is easier..”

            Lol what. I’m not repeating myself for ignorant cunt like you again.

            >”It just blows my mind how ignorant you are when it comes to understanding zombies.”
            Except I’m not ignorant. I gave my reasons as to why I think it’s easier than most Treyarch maps. I think they’re pretty vaild. I even went on and said I dont think ZiS being easy makes it bad or good. It’s just my observation and my own personal experience from playing it. I give credit where credit is due. I think ZiS has some pretty cool gameplay ideas, but overall to me, it’s nothing impressive, it’s nothing special to me..and overall, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I would have rather have Extinction honestly. If you love it, fantastic, I’m happy for you. I hope you’re having lots of fun with it.

          • Former

            You argue just as aggressively, bud. So don’t even start with that victim bullshit lol. Your reasoning is faulty, that’s my only gripe. You can spout “it’s just my opinion” all you want. Doesn’t change the fact that your explanation of it is idiotic. The only way ZiS would be easier than Bo3 is if you never grabbed a shield, perks, or pack a punched your weapon. Then I’ll agree ZiS is easier

          • You’re absolutely right I argue aggressively. But the last few times or so I have had an discussion or argument with you, i kept it respectful and keeping a good, light hearted discusion. Even tried to do it with this one until you wanted to get smart with me saying “lol use some logic, bud” you know, basically being cunt, just not directly. I got no problem being aggressive or you being aggressive. I just think it was uncalled for in this particular discussion, so if you get insulted, you deserve it. For the most part, I try to be fair and keep cool and respectful.

            “Your reasoning is faulty, that’s my only gripe. You can spout “it’s just my opinion” all you want. Doesn’t change the fact that your explanation of it is idiotic”

            you don’t have to think they’re vaild, but they are MY reasons based off MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. And if that’s what I experienced and that’s what I played, then that’s my judgment. And my judgment, Zombies In Spaceland is pretty damn easy and easier than most Treyarch maps. Not saying my opinion is end all be all, but after 8 years of playing Call of Duty Zombies, I think I have
            the knowledge and the judgment to think that. Again, you dont have to like it or agree with you and saying “hurr durr it’s not valid enough for me”. It’s not a fact that my reasons arent vaild, that’s just your opinion lol apparently it’s not enough for you, and oh well lol

          • Former

            Oh boy, that logic comment must have really rustled your berries. Lmao. Cmon dude. We both know you love to call people stupid. Whether or not someone keeps it respectful, that’s always where you end up: resorting to simplistic insults.

            It’s almost a game at this point to see how long it takes for you to fall back on your crutch responses such as “lern 2 reed” even though you, yourself, have misread dozens of my replies. At least my insults aren’t hypocritical and generic.

            (But don’t let me stop you from pretending to be a nice person; I’ll let you live that fantasy, bud)

          • I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I do like insulting people. But, but, whenever I do it, I do it with reason and when you know, I do it when someone deserves it. I’m not just gonna do it for no reason or you know be indirect. But for the most part, I try to keep it cool with you mostly because I honestly have nothing against you despite all the nasty arguments and I see no reason to act like your opinion is not vaild where as you try to do mine in this conversation. Simplistic insults or not, you act like a cunt, you get insulted that is all.

            “It’s almost a game at this point to see how long it takes for you to fall back on your crutch responses such as “lern 2 reed” even though you, yourself, have misread dozens of my replies. At least my insults aren’t hypocritical and generic.”

            You literally replied to me acting like I only had one reason to call ZiS easy. Then once I told you to learn how to read because I actually gave multiple, you just said “oh hurr i ignored them becus they not vaild enough for mehhh xD”and in this conversation I have mostly agreed with what you said about Black Ops 3 being easy and never argued against that. When you still try to argue it and still try to undermine my opinon.

            You know I never said I was nice guy. I don’t wear a white hat around here or anywhere that says “nicccee guy” but maybe you should really look in the mirror when someone insults you or calls you stupid. Because most of the time you act like a complete cunt.
            And your insults not being hypocritical or generic? Lol are serious? Your insults is basically “lol imso smart lol use some logic kid hey im smarter than u hey look im smart”

            You must have some superiority complex. Do you have any friends by any chance?

    • Rorke File

      I really mis the old people that were responsible for the map-design of COD4 and MW2.

    • jordanxbrookes

      And pretty much everyone at Respawn. Those guys are the real talent.

  • Behold Mercy

    of course everyone is going to say this about a game that has had been a full game for 9 years, this game a has been a full game for 9 days…chill out guys

  • Eric H

    yes 100%

  • Element115Will

    In other news, Mark Lamia has left Treyarch and Jason Blundell takes his position as Co founder of Treyarch, overseeing the games development. Who knows how the next treyarch game will be and what this all means. (Esports is garbage to me)

    • Did Mark Lamia actually leave or change positions? And thank god Jason B won’t be directing zombies next time around if that’s true.

      • Element115Will

        Mrroflwaffles uploaded a vid yesterday saying he tweeted something to Mark Lamia or Jason Blundell, forgot who exactly, and got a tweet back claiming Mark isnt studio head anymore anf left treyarch and Jason B took his position.

    • Keshav Bhat


      • Element115Will

        I said, Mark Lamia has left Treyarch and Jason Blundell took his position as Co Founder of Treyarch. Where have you been? Even Mrroflwaffles uploaded a video about it yesterday. Could be rumors as no resources have come out though.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Do you have a link?

  • Kozzi

    As much as I wish they would, they’ve put a lot of work into Infinite Warfare, competitive-wise. They went as far as to pay for pros to come and give their opinions and thoughts. But, if I was in their place, I would scrap all of that and just have MWR be the competitive title this season, just because a lot of people are asking for it. So I could see them doing this but also I could see them not.

  • imBATMAN

    I’d love to see CoD M16 Warfare be the new competitive this year lmao

  • jt3z

    NTY the game has not aged well since 2007. Sure back in the day this game was great but today its slow and the balance is down right bad.

    • Nothing wrong with the pace of the game. Just because the game is not design for you to find a kill in under 5 seconds doesn’t mean it’s bad. As far as the balance goes, yeah it’s pretty unbalanced but I’ll always thought the most unbalanced CoDs were the most fun

      • jt3z

        For Esports it has to be faster thats what people pay to see. Fast paced skilled gameplay. MWR is nothing but a campfest non stop. And this game is beyond unbalanced lol Nothing but M16’s, but hey at least you wont run out of ammo ever right?

        • Ohhh talking about esports. Totally forgot that’s what the article was about lol

          • jt3z

            Haha yes. I mean as a bse game MWR will always be good but for esports its just wont work imo

  • ScOott

    Where was all this in the advert u wrote up. I mean the the reveiw.. Sorry… The many bugs the spawns, the stragetgy has been removed for chaos…

    I think this sums up my point from the reveiw article, thank-you…

    • Smayo

      I consider CI for a few years now not as the number 1 source of CoD news/leaks anymore, but more as an extension of activisions PR team.

      A shame if you ask me…

      • MurkN101

        Yep, seems like they’ve been sipping on the Activision cum fountain for a couple years now.

    • Khaled Hassan


    • jordanxbrookes

      Exactly. It’s only because eSports players have come out saying IW is crap for competitive so CharlieINTEL tag along too since they love eSports.

  • Partyin’ Pete

    Please yes. Hardpoint in CoD4 would be a little crazy with Frag and Stun x3, though.

    • Aceshigh87

      Pretty sure those are, or would be, banned in Comp. That’s kinda the issue, a lot of stuff that made CoD 4 what it is is broken as hell as competitive players would ban it all.

      • zack

        There was game battles back in cod4 days. Bandolier was the only perk allowed in the first perk class.


    stop acting like mwr is the best game out there … its not 1 burst m16’s, 2 shot ak’s, 3 shot aku , nade / tac spam … have fun at least u can do something against such crap in iw !!! mwr sucks ass

  • now IW is half broken and has a lot of flaws. that sounded different in your review…

  • Sentinel
  • Waxy

    Will do but make it availible for everyone.

    • GinsuVictim

      It is.

  • Praetorian

    I do NOT think Modern Warfare Remastered should be the next Esports title for the following reasons:
    – Everyone will just be using M16s and MP5s with Stopping Power and Juggernaut.
    – Gameplay will be really slow-paced and campy, with likely too much emphasis on the Search and Destroy game mode (Hardpoint and Uplink do not exist in MWR, not sure if CTF is in the game either). Might as well watch CS:GO Esports instead.
    – I feel like the fact that you need the Infinite Warfare disc and also MWR linked to an account will cause practical problems.

    • zack

      Name a Call of Duty title in which more than just a few guns were used. U can’t. Bo3-m8,vmp. Advanced warfare-bal, asm1. Ghosts- Remington, mtar. Black ops 2- m8,fal, msmc. And search and destroy is the only thing people like to watch. There’s a reason they play search and destroy twice.

      • Praetorian

        Like I said, if people just want Search and Destroy, they might as well watch CS:GO Esports because that’s entirely what it is.

  • Who the hell listens to these morons? Fix the goddamn game before you worry about muh esports.

  • Khaled Hassan

    Wow wow what happened to the 8/10 solid MP review! Is this a fake article!!

  • jordanxbrookes

    What’s this? CharlieINTEL complaining about Infinite Warfare? Is this a fake article?

  • Rob Melchor

    Nadeshot is a failure as a jet packer, no wonder. Smh

  • Ben Derbbin

    I got a better idea get rid of E-Sports or make it the 4th playlist option for the game (so there’d be Campaign, Zombies/Survival, Multiplayer, E-sports). For E-sports is the main reason the game looks like it does today, everything feels the same in the last 3 games from the maps to the weapons to the same chaotic no flow gameplay, its just all one brightly colored mess with the ever present headless chicken style of play.
    It’s really kinda funny how the community begged for a faster game with brighter and more florescent colors and the very predictable tri-lane maps, and now their gunna say they want no part of it.
    Truth is if this game wants to be anything like the old ones it needs to SLOW THE F*** DOWN (Because SLOW is SMOOTH and SMOOTH is FAST), open up the maps a good bit (such as removing useless clutter on maps and overall size of the maps),
    heavily tone down the colors especially on soldiers they wear camo to blend in and not look like I’m at a rave if i want to wear very florescent colors there are many other games that do it better and ill play them instead(If you can’t see your enemy without bright colors you might want to sit a bit further away from your screen and get your eyes checked). The game needs to get rid of class breaking attachments like stock/stalker because why take an smg when i can get the same ads movement speed with an ar/lmg with stock and do more damage. Weapon variants and rigs/specialists need to go they don’t belong in COD. Overall COD is what it is today because of E-SPORTS and the current generation of everybody gets a trophy or someones feelings might get hurt mentality.

  • TD Ross

    COD is dead, bought my last series on Ghosts. Between hacker infested and the total failure in Ghosts I quit. Have friends that have bought everything since, watched the online streams. Looks cartoonish and still plagued with hackers. COD IS DEAD……