Over the past several weeks, many voice actors working on many different games across the industry have gone on strikes after not adept compensation for their work. Many of them are going after developers and causing some delays for certain games.

The organization, SAG-AFTRA strike, has released on their site a list of publishers and games that the actors are currently working on.

That list states a new Call of Duty game that has not been revealed before: “COD Stronghold”, and it elaborates saying “also known as Call of Duty: Stronghold & Lethal Combat.” None of these games currently exist.

Stronghold does not seem to be a finalized name, as Activision has never stuck to one word sub titles for Call of Duty (other than Call of Duty: Ghosts), but it could be an internal code name for the title. Lethal Combat could be the sub-title for the new game but seems early for Activision to finalize a name or confirm a name to voice actors so soon.

The title is currently in development by Sledgehammer Games, expected to release in November 2017. Activision has not announced any details on what Sledgehammer is working on, and there is no indication yet as to what their next title could be.


  • James Kent

    Never stuck with one word sub titles? You seem to be forgetting Ghosts.

    • Keshav Bhat

      i corrected that, thanks!

    • That’s one COD everyone wished they could forget.

      • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

        no,ghosts has the most fun dlc maps in history

        • Element115Will

          That must have been your very first CoD then. Wow.

          • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

            nope ive played mw1 mw2mw3 bo1 bo2 bo3 aw ghosts mwr and infinite trashfare

          • BradyAlucard

            No CoD will ever be worse than Ghosts and AW. Unless Sledgehammer screws up again.

          • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

            Thats subjective

          • BradyAlucard

            If it has good reasoning and evidence it’s more objective than subjective, but nice try.

          • I’m a guest, yo!

            AW had an amazing Campaign.. the exo suits in multiplayer were.. okay…

          • BradyAlucard

            I thought the Campaign was just okay. I didn’t like how linear it was, but there were a few decent levels.

          • Milos Marjanovic

            it dont think sledge hammer will fuck up this time, because treyarch will help them as treyarch is helping infinity ward this year preventing them from “completely” fucking up.

          • diehy

            Buddy. Infinite Warfare is worse than AW and Ghosts combined.

          • Don’t you dare talk about my Infinite Warfare like that. Most epic game in the whole COD history.

          • Negan

            When you assume, you make an?

            What do you make?

        • BradyAlucard

          That’s subjective.

          • Guest

            The only thing that I would take from Ghosts is the perk system they used (based on points).. it is SO much better than three tiers.. I cannot believe they got rid of it.. so disappointing..

          • BradyAlucard

            That’s what happens when you’re influenced by Treyarch and your game gets piled on by the community. I don’t really miss it but with better execution I think it could be alright. It was just too much for some players.

          • Hello, my name is ______

            Innovation is almost always too much for the casual gamer.. which is unfortunate for the smaller innovations (like the perk system). Yes it needed some work (except the gambler perk, that one was awesome starting with a random perk) but it was headed in the right direction and they just scrapped it from Infinite Warfare.

            The exo suits were too much for some people (on the larger side of innovation) but Treyarch modified it and made it better which was more suitable for casual gamers and IW just rolled with it.. I highly doubt the next Sledgehammer game will have exo suits because of this..

          • BradyAlucard

            Real innovation > fake innovation. I feel Ghosts innovated way more than Sledgehammer’s silly Exo approach.

            Exos in AW are the least of our worries… I’m just worried about Sledgehammer killing off the casual environment because of how stupid they are in supporting the competitive minority community, no matter what era it’s in. Let’s hope they get their priorities straight.

          • joey

            a lot of people were upset by their catering to the competitive scene. can you help me understand what the specific issues were?

          • BradyAlucard

            I can give you the Reddit link to prove that competitive was their main focus, but I first noticed it when Reisdorf said in an IGN First video that if the public game isn’t balanced then it’s not competitive and that’s when I knew that they had their priorities completely wrong.

          • joey

            i in no way, shape, or form agree that the movement system in BO3 was better than AW’s, but i can’t deny that your point about BO’s being more accessible to the casual gamer makes a lot of sense. that’s probably why i hated it.

            AW’s system rewarded quickness and ingenuity. you could boost sideways, which was HUGE. you could run with your gun barrel raised, which was ENORMOUS. there were specialist (or specialized exo) abilities but no specialist weapons. did i mention you could run with your gun barrel raised?

          • joey

            weapon balance in core wasn’t perfect, admittedly (though i wonder why folks are always referring to the ob. steed and speakeasy. it was the loophole, baby).

          • joey

            also, they never fixed the mastery pants f-up. homely as they may be, i earned them and i wants muh pants.

          • BudEagle

            pick 10 makes three tiers more flexible. ghosts perk system was flawed with crutch perks and such. Off the top of my head, the game would have played much better if ready up and toughness were built in. They did a very lazy job and should have kept certain perks as attachments on weapons or balance point values based on primary weapons or something.

        • Blops 2 had the best dlc maps by far

      • Jhonatan Orlando Ferro

        im not everyone, i liked so much ghosts… much better than AW, BO3 and IW.

        • BradyAlucard

          How does one prefer the heavily flawed and boring Ghosts to BO3 and IW? Meh I respect your opinion though, I’m sure you have a good reason lol.

          • Kyle Evans

            i agree with Jhonatan Orlando Ferro, i preffered ghosts to AW, IW and BO3
            probably because i really dislike this jetpack exo suit style to boots on the ground

          • BradyAlucard

            I’ll always prefer action to boredom personally.

          • Jhonatan Orlando Ferro

            I prefer ghosts because he is a COD game not a titanfall copy do you know what I mean? I know, ghosts are not perfect far from it, but is COD style.

          • BradyAlucard

            Yeah, I understand. Good point. I don’t mind BO3 and Infinite Warfare because they both have more of an emphasis on boots-on-the-ground than AW (especially since it’s optional unlike AW’s).

          • I do, over BO3, but IW is a different game entirely

          • BradyAlucard

            BO3 had its own fair share of bad moments but I completely prefer it and IW over Ghosts any day. Ghosts had the worst maps in CoD history.

          • I’m sorry, are we forgetting the Advanced Warfare maps?

          • BradyAlucard

            No. Advanced Warfare’s maps had good layouts but what made them bad was the lazy verticality. They’re not as bad as Ghosts’s were, where Stonehaven and Chasm exist. I’d rather have action than boredom.

          • You mean two of my favourite maps on that game? Yeah, ok then.

          • BradyAlucard

            To each their own I guess? I don’t see how anyone could like them, maybe they’d be good with the jetpack nonsense.

          • Shane Lee O’shea

            Debatable; Infinite Warfare’s maps are, although OK in terms of layout, are bland to play.

          • BradyAlucard

            Nothing can be more bland than Ghosts’s launch maps. Frontier is probably as bad but I don’t mind the rest, they’re just chaotic. Oh well, chaos beats boredom.

        • CoDforever

          With a fanbase as large as CoD theres bound to be some people that would still like an actual steaming pile of shit

          • AA Watcher

            Disrespecting ones opinion much?

        • Rorke File

          I didn’t like the past COD games their map-design, I want the old map-design philosophy back that COD4 till BO had. And may some better streaks again.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’m not everyone. Ghosts was the last Call of Duty I had fun with.

      • XxxSnipzKINGxxX

        Ahaha I loved that so much ahaha

    • DeeJayy Skittlez

      If you can read it simply says “other then call of duty ghosts” smh

      • BradyAlucard

        That’s only because the article was updated after he posted his comment.

    • Lucipurr

      Thats what he said in the article XD

    • Lucipurr

      Scratch that, I saw he updated

    • The9tailedgamer

      Maybe you should learn to read

    • Garrett Dean Whitt Jr.

      You seem to be forgetting they mentioned Ghosts…..

    • Bob

      You sir are retarded… it clearly says (other than call of duty ghost)

  • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

    this doesnt sound futuristic by any way ,good start….

    • BradyAlucard

      If they focus on competitive again we might as well call it [DOA].

      • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

        100% agree

        • BradyAlucard

          I got destroyed on the cancerous and biased AW Reddit because I didn’t agree with their idiotic notion that competitive should have an influence in public matches lol. One guy was shocked when I said that I didn’t want to play against players of equal skill and I didn’t want to play in their cancerous environment. Just awful.

          • Gucci manning

            i barely played aw it didn’t have anything imo zombies was unplayable because every lobby was full of glitchers

          • BradyAlucard

            Was Zombies glitched? I don’t remember. I did find it decent though.

          • Gucci manning

            You could just sit on the computers for months then they fixed but infection is just full of glitchers

  • Subaru


  • BradyAlucard

    It begins. Let’s hope Sledgehammer gets their priorities straight and listen to the community this time because I’m not playing a World War II game with SBMM and competitive rulesets.

    • w

      i have a feeling that with the elimination of exos and unlimited boost, there won’t be SBMM as there won’t be a huge skillgap. Unless of course they add exos to a WWII game lol.

      • BradyAlucard

        They do sound as if they’d be that stupid to be honest. Condrey and Reisdorf have a fetish for e-Sports for some reason, they’d block you on Twitter and ban you on their sub-Reddit just for even remotely criticizing the cancerous crap that they like.

        • Namdu

          AW esports was trash. They didn’t REALLY give the comp community any say. Don’t get it twisted

          • BradyAlucard

            Yes, yes they did. Prove they didn’t, because I read the Reddit posts and I heard Reisdorf say “if it’s not balanced it’s not competitive” in an IGN First video. The public matches had a huge e-Sports influence and that’s all they cared about, whether the actual e-Sports was “trash” or not.

      • XboxISdead

        its amazing all these kids r so bad at using exos and rather sit in a fucking corner

        • BradyAlucard

          Is that seriously why you think players didn’t like AW? Because of their skill level? You have the same mindset as the ignorant Sledgehammer devs, which was why that game was considered bad in the first place.

    • djml9

      They actually had a chance to listen this time around. People still dont seem to understand that these games were YEARS into development before people started bitching and moaning about hating futuristoc cod

      • BradyAlucard

        Doesn’t mean that the game won’t have a huge focus on competitive again. If it’s WWII with that emphasis then it’s DOA.

  • JeronimoPW

    Activision needs to remove all this futuristic and bullshit from COD. Destiny, Overwatch and now COD, all this s:::: looks the same. To be honest, I’m sick about this futurism aspect in video games, even more in COD, where it has nothing to do. It’s totally possible to be creative without appealing to futurism. Please, STOP!

    • BradyAlucard

      This seems like a World War II game if the name were an indication of anything. But if Sledgehammer has their priorities wrong again and only care about competitive then I don’t care what era it’s in, it’s DOA.

  • Stefan Lang

    What if CoD went the Battlefield Hardline route and did a game based on Cops vs Crooks warfare? ? That’d be something pretty interesting. It opens up for some great new game modes.

    • BradyAlucard

      That seems like it’d only be good as a spin-off. I think everyone would prefer a good WWII game with no SBMM.

      • Stefan Lang

        Yeah that’s more of what they want next year but I kind of want a Modern setting.

        • BradyAlucard

          I’d rather keep MWR for the Modern setting and have the other studios do other things, and Sledgehammer should be replaced with Raven and have the actual good developers from that studio join Raven.

    • CoDforever

      That would actually fit cod much more than it fits battlefield.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Hardline was terrible imo. I’d probably not like the theme as a Call of Duty title either.

  • Camerooony

    Vietnamese “VIETCONG” Strongholds…
    “Lethal Combat” Guerrilla tactics, spiked bambo traps, sabotage etc
    Could this be Call of Duty: Fog of War?

    • Patrick STAR

      This plays perfectly into their previous third person action/shooter Vietnam game.. or maybe that’s exactly what you were trying to lead us to instead of making a connection between the names LOL

      • BradyAlucard

        Yeah, that’d be nice. I’ll take that or a WWII game. We desperately need a good game that focuses entirely on Vietnam (I won’t accept that we Americans lost that war by the way LOL).

        • Gucci manning

          that was probably the most pointless war in American history

          • BradyAlucard

            We were obsessed with getting rid of Communism. To this day nobody knows why it started.

    • BradyAlucard

      German “Nazi” Strongholds…
      “Lethal Combat” Blitzkrieg, bouncing betties, tanks, etc.

      Could be anything.

  • Please be Vietnam. Please be Vietnam. Please be VIETNAM!!!

    • Frag Wall

      And no stereotypical, SHG!

  • ToonToons22

    Both “Stronghold” and “Lethal Combat” are pretty non-specific names. No doubt there’ll be lots of speculation in the days to come. I’m still hoping it’s that boots on the ground WWII/Vietnam game we’ve been waiting for.

  • Guest 601

    Lethal Combat sounds like it might be a mobile game.

  • Subaru

    Well will be good to have a COD that doesn’t end in “Warfare” or “Ops” again

    • Frag Wall

      Bloodlines sounds good.

  • Gamerazor247

    Leaking games a whole year ahead? Okay Ubisoft lookin’ head ass… I get a feeling it could be another shitty mobile game, but eh…

  • jacopo

    Vietnam era or cold war

  • Kameron Fisher

    lethal combat sounds nice.. sounds very boots on the ground too me

  • brutedawg

    Whatever it is will probably be better than IW =X

  • Frag Wall

    How about Bloodlines?

    • this kid is a fucking idiot

      You act like you fucking came up with the name. Nice job finding videos from like march about the name

      • Frag Wall

        Who’s acting? I’m suggesting they should named 2017’s title Bloodlines. In fact, the fucking name is not official, genius!

  • diehy

    Here’s what we need: A new Call of Duty game that is set in WW1 Or WW2.