It looks like Treyarch has shuffled around their management team after the conclusion of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s post launch season.

On their official website, they have updated jobs for certain individuals to reflect that Mark Lamia, former Studio Head, is now the Chairman of Treyarch. Jason Blundell, Mark Gordon, and Dan Bunting have taken over that formal role as ‘Co-Studio Heads.’

Previously, Treyarch’s About page said the following for each of those individuals:


Now, the page has been updated to claim Lamia is the Chairman, and those three are Studio Heads.


It’s unclear why this change was made as of now.

SOURCE: Treyarch via MrRoflWaffles

  • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor


  • CoDforever

    Treyarch are the best CoD developers

  • Breaking: Vahn has been traded to Infinity Ward to make a playable game.

  • Kian

    Fuck Infinity Ward πŸ™‚

    • Dre

      Fuck IW!

    • jordanxbrookes

      Nah, fuck Infinite Warfare. I liked Ghosts and MW3 so I’m not counting Infinity Ward out just yet. I’m also giving Sledgehammer another chance since AW was their first Call of Duty title that they made solo.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        Fuck MW3 and Ghosts, IW is fun.

  • w

    so whos the face of Treyarch now? Still Vonderhaar?

    • I think black ops 3 was Vonderhaar’s last game.

      • RdJokr

        Nah, Vahn is still with Treyarch. He’s not going anywhere. He’s just gonna be less active with the community from now on.

  • Ronald95

    I wonder what will be next for Treyarch? A new series maybe? A COD game entirely about zombies would be great!

    • yes new series and for the love of god a good fun zombies not some complicated sit

      • Zombies in Treyarch games aren’t very complicated. Did you also not play Gorod Krovi and Revelations? Lol

        • I didn’t play bo3 zombies at all. Well i did but it was too much for me yes i’m dumb i know

          • I dont think you’re dumb or anything lol. But Gorod Krovi and Revelations were like the most straight forward and simple maps in the game. Zetsubo I agree is complicated tho

          • Lol i didn’t play revelations after i saw the jumping from one side to another but i’ll admit it’s badass with mini pars from other zombies map plus i wasn’t going to stop playing overwatch for that

      • BradyAlucard

        BO3 Zombies was fun…

    • Hopefully a World War 2 game or a Modern shooter. Treyarch has yet to do a Modern type game so I’ll be interested to see their flavor of it. 2018 is gonna be a long wait before my bois at Treyarch release a new hot fire CoD!

      • BradyAlucard

        I probably wouldn’t buy a Modern Treyarch CoD. It’d be boring no matter which developer would do it though. I’d rather have Vietnam.

        • The modern setting is not boring. I like it. And I bet Treyarch would kill it if they went Modern. It’s the only setting they haven’t touched with.

          • Sol Malus

            I’d rather WW1.

            And don’t fucking start with Trench Warfare, Battlefield did it, BO2 Zombies did it. Stop telling me it wouldn’t work.

          • Lol, you do realize you’re replying to a guy that has been begging for the past setting to return to Call of Duty, right? I have no problem with a World War 1 Call of Duty. However, I would like to see a Vietnam title first. Which I hope SHGames is working on. Whatever Treyarch is working, I’m sure it’s gonna be good. So whether it’s WW2, WW1, Vietnam, or Modern I’ll like it. However I do think Treyarch going Modern would be very interesting

          • BradyAlucard

            Modern isn’t their thing so I don’t know if I’d like its Campaign/Multiplayer, I find it boring.

          • Well we really wouldn’t know if Modern isn’t their thing until they done it lol I’m sure they can pull it off. Modern setting with Treyarch seasoning sounds pretty good tbh

          • BradyAlucard

            Lol I don’t know, I just don’t think an entire game should be wasted on it again, especially since we’re experiencing the era right now. I’m not sure how fun it’d be. Vietnam is a great balance.

          • Modern Warfare was ten years ago and I’m sure Treyarch’s style would drastically be much more different than Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare.

          • BradyAlucard

            I’d prefer Vietnam tbh. Quite a few modern weapons were used back then. It just wouldn’t feel new to have another boring modern game, I’ve had enough of that with BF4.

    • Zombies won’t be a seperate title, Activision won’t allow that seeing as it’s practically what makes most COD titles sell nowadays (although most of us may be better fans of multi/campaign). If they made a separate zombie title, why would anyone buy the next COD unless its another Zombie game?

    • RdJokr

      New series is definitely confirmed, since I believe they stated in an interview BO3 is the last Black Ops game to close out the trilogy. So, new series, new campaign, and a new Zombies story entirely. A lot of possibilities.

    • Jack Warhammer

      I look very forward to the next 3arc CoD since they always brought some refreshing ideea to the table and have always had the best post launch content, barring BLOPS 3.

  • What about vondy?

    • jt3z

      Who cares he’s only a public face

    • RdJokr

      Vahn is still Studio Design Director. Though I think he’ll leave the community interaction stuff to other peeps for their next game.

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      • Ingridncalhoun

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  • Vondy still the goat

  • If Jason B is no longer in control of Zombies then YES! Still love Jason B and much love to Mark Lamia becoming chairman

    • BradyAlucard

      I prefer Blundell to Zielinski.

      • I like Zielinski way better

        • BradyAlucard

          Everything’s been done to death. I prefer how Blundell’s going with Lovecraft, but I’m sure that’s where Zielinski was going too.

          • Blundell relied too much on what made Mob of the Dead and Origins good. Meanwhile Gorod Krovi is the only map that really stands out since those maps and is truly an instant classic. Zielinski style was just better

          • BradyAlucard

            In my opinion his maps feel boring to me and Blundell’s feel more fun because there are more things to do, plus the guns are more fun. If people want to talk about “complicated” they need to play Moon lol. I can still play his maps but I just prefer BO2’s and 3’s. But to be fair to Zielinski I really can’t decide which map is my overall favorite and Blundell’s work relies a lot of work on his. Most of Blundell’s maps prove that future maps have potential, he just needs to find the right balance of new and old ideas. I simply don’t know how any of Zielinski’s maps are more fun than Blundell’s.

          • I mean Buried, Die Rise, Shangri-La, Moon, Ascension, etc I find much more fun than in most of BO3’s Blundell maps.

          • BradyAlucard

            But I thought Buried was a Blundell map? I wish I could prefer the BO1 maps but maps like Mob of the Dead spoiled me. And Die Rise? I found that map way more boring than BO3’s maps, heck I don’t know why people didn’t like Zetsubou, I liked it just fine.

          • Buried was most definitely Zielinski’s map. And I think Origins had Zielinski and Blundell on it. Im not sure tho

          • BradyAlucard

            I completely forgot the fact that Zielinski didn’t leave Treyarch until 2014 I believe.

    • Dre

      Now having played through an entire cod cycle ghosts^ aw^ and bo3 i could not agree more. Fuck the other studios and let them develop every year, just sayin!

      • Just get rid of Infinity Ward and maybe SHGames and just have Treyarch come out with a Call of Duty every three years. That would be the perfect world. But Actvision would most likely never allow that

  • Ryry

    Remaster World At War ?

  • Alienade

    Next treyach cod. zombies dedicated?

  • BradyAlucard


  • RdJokr

    That is a huge shift. I thought Blundell was the only one who got promoted, but Bunting and Gordon too?

    This could very well mean new people to take over as Directors of Campaign, MP and Zombies, which in turn will heavily affect the direction of Treyarch’s next game. Definitely excited to see how this goes.

  • Element115Will

    TOLD YOU!!

    I know I said he left, that was the rumor, but it turns out changed positions.

    • Glad Mark Lamia didn’t leave. I really love the current Treyarch team. 2018 couldnt get here any faster.

      • Element115Will

        Hell yea! I will always be a fan of Treyarch πŸ™‚

  • imBATMAN

    Why does Dan Bunting look like negan?

  • Ak74u

    I’m glad they’re still all there they make a great team