According to a user post on Reddit, Modern Warfare Remastered currently has many weapons inside of its files that are locked to players.

Some of the weapons found are a melee Shovel, and others are weapons in previous Call of Duty titles.

In addition, users who have been searching through Modern Warfare Remastered files have found references to a ‘dealer’ in game, with similar coding to the Black Ops 3 Black Market. This could suggest possible Supply Drop system for Modern Warfare Remastered, but its unclear if this code is just leftover from testing.

Additional files make reference to loots for customization and weapons. One says ‘mainbody_loot,’ suggesting character customization could come down the line in the title.

Again, all of this could just be testing code and may never been released.

SOURCE: u/Semyel

  • Anton Sandström

    About 50% of the weapons in the pictures are already in the game..

    • Brian


    • killso

      yes, but in the files, these weapons are slightly differents

  • This is most likely leftover. Black Ops 3 beta had the MP7 and one of the shotguns from Black Ops 2 that never made it in game.

    • Brandon Buckley

      Yeah, but why would they add so many weapons that weren’t in the game in the first place.

      This is a remake, It wouldn’t make sense to add 10 inaccessible weapons that got cut from the project.

      • moosebreathman

        Devs do all kinds of weird shit to test stuff out so who really knows why they are in there. They are definitely not weapons that were gonna be in the final version since all of their models are just ripped straight out of MW2. The only one that looks close to final is the shovel which might have just been a cut Easter egg weapon for campaign.

        • Baka Gaijin

          > They are definitely not weapons that were gonna be in the final version


        • Andrei Valdez

          Maybe if you type this message again then the supply drops will go away, lol. How did you honestly not expect this?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Because Activision. Don’t be surprised if Supply Drops are added in too. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Activision.

      • josh101923

        Its a “remaster” not a remake. So they can add more stuff.

        • Nerve Damage

          A remaster IS a remake… you are thinking of a “reloaded” type situation where it’s essentially the same game but with a bunch of new content added to make it more interesting. A remastered game is the same as a remastered album… it’s just improved in the visual and audio categories.

        • F8

          Go look up what the word remaster stands for. Hint: they can’t add more stuff.

          • Andrei Valdez

            Lol, ok.

      • Savagesausage

        Where’s the proof that these guns are even in MWR game files? It’s not exactly lay rocket science to copy the coding from one game and put it into another game’s files

        • Andrei Valdez

          Greetings from the future.

      • Andrei Valdez

        Money from supply drops, lol.

    • Austin Michael Titus

      these guns have nothing to due with this game, and some are fully modeled. The galil for example. and the shovel? these are coming.

      • Captain Whut

        “these guns have nothing to due with this game, and some are fully modeled”


        “these guns have nothing to due with this game” – obviously. Octane154 was making a comparison. You really thought MP7 and a shotgun is coming to MWR? Or you had to type it out to reaffirm it?

        “and some are fully modeled” – that’s not the way to use the word ‘and’.

      • tha_online_gamertz

        The shovel is the only one that left me worried. The galil is just the exact gun model from black ops 1.

        • Batman

          It’s not, this one is smaller, more detailed and full of dirt

          • tha_online_gamertz

            It’s not smaller it just a different perspective. It also has the exact same serial number, markings and scratches.

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      • Ingridncalhoun

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    • killso

      nope buddy …
      some weapons are way more different than what you think … the m40 and r700 looks so fucking different, this is not like the m16 or m4 that has juste some little thing differents … NO, all the fucking weapon is different …
      watch here at the end, I did a comparison : ( not in english, but just watch the pictures )

    • Shaun Jones

      it wouldnt make sense why they would be in there in the first place when it was a straight up remaster….

    • Andrei Valdez

      How’s that “leftover” excuse holding up now?

  • Melee Weapons ruin COD. Please no Shove, Raven 🙁

    • The Flash

      new weapons locked in supply drops is what is BS

      • Shouldn’t you be fucking up the timeline?

        • RdJokr

          He did, that’s why we ended up with all these RNG loot drops.

          • The Flash

            I’ve tried to fix it, at best all I’ve been able to do is keep this stuff away from MWR, but it seems like I’ve only delayed it.

      • Hitman

        True! That was very shady

    • Xoaa Icecold

      Why would it matter in MWR, when melee is insta-kill in any case. It is different in bo3 as melee can be 2 hit if not for melee weapons.

  • Stefan Lang


  • This kinda takes the whole point of a remaster away.

  • Videos are being striked, that’s all i need for confirmation tbh.

    • Brandon Buckley

      Actually that’s proof that it exists in the gamefiles, not really proof that they plan to add It into the game

      • Meh to me it’s proof they plannin it

        • Rager6amer

          I agree they wouldnt bother to take it down if it were false, but it seems they’re trying to keep it hush so that after xmas they can spam us with dlc. I sooo hope this isn’t true

    • killso

      It could also be content that will be re-used in IW, so, that’s why they are striking videos … They don’t want to let the community know their futures supply drops weapons …
      Plus, this content may still be in developpement, under a NDA, so yeah, this is not supposed to go out from the studio, and Activision can’t strike videos for revealed content that are in the game files …
      This would be like, hey, you bought a lamborghini, but you can’t open the engine, that’s not logical at all … these weapons are planned for something, but what ? I gess it’s for IW, because if it’s would be for MWR, they wouldn’t still be able to strike these videos, because this is a part from the actual game, and we bought the game …

  • Guesty guest guest

    This has to be testing.. the Galil was in Black Ops.. why would they add another WWII gun to the game that wasn’t even in the MW series?

  • Eric H

    They. Better. Fucking. Not. If. They. Have. One. Single. Solitary. Brain. Cell. Left.

    • Andrei Valdez

      “Lol. Can’t hear you over the sound of these couple extra bucks people are giving us”- Activision

  • Brandon Buckley

    It seems very possible that there was supposed to be a supply drop system in MWR but it must’ve got cut from the project due to the fact that Raven wanted to keep the game as close to the original as possible and Activision must’ve agreed,

    Having a supply drop system in MWR might have caused more players to play MWR than Infinite Warfare and if we know anything about Activision they would rather have players invest time into Infinite Warfare rather than MWR for some reason.

    • Dre

      Might have caused. Cant find a fucking lobby in IW

    • If the Activision Gods want Supply Drops in MWR, then I’m afraid we nor Raven get a say!

  • Vittorio D’Antuono

    Those MW2 weapons! <3

  • The game is technically bonus content bundled with IW. Surely they’re won’t be additional (paid for) bonus content for bonus content we’ve already paid an extra £30 for!?

    • DarkarDemon

      No, IW is bonus content bundled with MWR.

      • Well, no, it isn’t.

        • Alex

          Are you retarded or just stupid? do you not get what he did there? good lord.

    • Andrei Valdez

      I don’t think you realize how greedy Activision is.

  • Oh man I can already see the pre cum on Activision’s pants just at thought of adding supply drops to MWR

    • Dre

      You FAP

  • Kozzi

    please no I like the game how it is none of this is necessary

  • Tao

    Maybe leftover files… I dont see anything to get all excited about. Save it for when it comes out

  • FeboooH

    Here we go

  • Brad

    They better not add anything like that. Some things they’ve decided to change vs not change is super strange to me. Melee weapons and supply drops ruined COD. Just leave it alone. So far I thought they did excellent with MWR, lets hope they’re not gonna ruin it.

  • Mick

    If they were to add this, then it would go against everything they said about staying as close to the original game as possible. There’s no need for this. Would be cool, but no need at all imo.

  • ACG Yuri

    I would’ve expected the Mac-10

  • CoDforever


  • Aidan


  • Luke

    All they care about is money! Not the community! Make COD great again

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    I see it happening, game didn’t sell so go to what made you $1 billion in BO3 & AW

  • BradyAlucard

    It was only a matter of time.


    Never bring a gun to a shovel fight.

  • Ronald95

    They better not add any new guns to MWR!! I want MWR to stay close to the original COD4! Same goes to the colorful camos. Just gives us rest of the maps and thats it!!

    • What’s wrong with more weapons being added to the game? They add more life into the game, as long as they don’t add supply drops.

      • Ronald95

        More life? It’s a remaster. Adding new guns is just unnecessary. If you want more guns then just hope they remaster MW2 and 3!! I want MWR to be and feel like COD4 but in HD. Sometimes less is enough.

        • Joshwoocool

          Id be fine with the new stuff if they did DLC weapon enabled playlist that is separate from the regular.

          • Zumbuh

            Yeah, new guns from the era that CoD4 is set in is fine. (Better yet, mod support!) just.. no fucking shovels. No mannequin arms. No fucking boxing gloves. and especially no supply drops.

        • Slenderclown

          But sometimes, dead is better.

        • Chocobooo!

          Who are you to say what the devs needed to do with their own game? Don’t be a retard.

          • David Dedeyan

            Stfu and don’t speak up again, retard.

    • Sentinel

      Nein, I have played MW and…I stop playing it for a while. Maybe because it felt slow. Addition of guns should be welcome to the game to bring more fun to it.

      • forrest1985

        Add those new guns into IW then. MW is a remaster and thats it, so all it needs is the missing maps. Personally i reckon these will be added to IW at a later date.

      • MrViN_

        Noone cares about your opinion. Just keep playing your exo, jetpack games that shouldn’t be called Call of Duty, but Call of StarFi

        • Sentinel

          Sore Loser.

  • Ok really unrelated but is anyone else having issues finding games on IW lol

    • lunator100hd .

      5 months from now you wont be able to find anyone.

  • Joshwoocool
    • Alzar

      The fact that there are animations and all for them … is really not a good sign.

  • Alex

    hope they release MWR separately

  • Abdulla Nayssi

    What if they added mw2 and mw3 weapons as reskins of existing weapons. Example The G3 replaced with the FAL. AKs with AKs. Deagle with Magnum…. Similar to the idea of weapon variants but without the stat changes. Also mw2 maps DLC. I WOULD DEFINITLY PAY FOR THOSE TWO FEATURES tho if they put them in supply drops im not spending a cent.

  • keenan123

    maybe these files are there because raven put them there to hint at what call of dutys they might be remastering in the future?

  • W1LL1AM04

    Supply drops confirmed!

    • GinsuVictim

      I don’t think you know what “confirmed” means.

  • Nokuba

    the mp44 is allready in the game? :/

    • forrest1985

      Adds some value to my theory that these will go in to IW. Possibly planned for MW but being left out

  • forrest1985

    Could these be “classic” weapons for IW that are somehow in code for MWR as well? The Kamchaka shotgun could also be a DLC weapon for IW like they did with Ghosts perhaps? I’m just hoping they leave MWR as is and add new stuff to IW. I’d like to go back to the old way of just giving us/earning new guns without the stupid supply drop system, but unless it stops generating cash why would they!

  • Commander Wolfe


  • Zarky

    That shovel looks a hell of lot like the one from BF1… I can see many fanboys being triggered by this.

    • djml9

      Its a generic militry shovel

      • Zarky

        I know that… Wont stop the internet from being stupid

  • ToonToons22

    It may just be cut legacy content, like the Javelin, RPG-7, and Holographic Sight found in the AW game files.

  • Piotr Piter

    Supply drops weapons? Damn thats early

  • GinsuVictim

    So, there was a discussion yesterday on the GameFAQS PS4 IW board about southpaw settings. I’m a southpaw myself but there’s no way I could ever use those settings…

    …so I made video to see just how bad it would go.

    I present to you, terrible gameplay:!Am8drJlbjBI4h3zeP5ZUzXhY3klM

    Think you could manage it? Upload a video of your attempt.

    (Obviously if you are a southpaw then you need to set it to default and try)

  • imBATMAN


  • Andrew Johnson

    and the mp5 and the mp 44 are already in the game arent they?

    • killso

      they are, but this version is slightly different

  • Qaotik

    Yes the game has coding that is found in the supply drop systems, but people have forgotten that this game runs on the engine AW used. So finding this is not even remotely surpring.

    • killso

      but finding a m40a3 that has been completely rebuilt is not normal …
      in the files, there is a m40a3 that looks completely different, and this is not from any other COD …

      • Qaotik

        Having unused assets is nothing out of the ordinary. Hell, games have been doing this for years. It could simply be that they didn’t agree with the design.

        • killso

          this is a remaster, they was not supposed to modify the aspect of the weapon …
          on a usual game, I would agree with you, but not on a remaster, they wasn’t supposed to touch anything on the game …

          • Qaotik

            Then depends how one defines “remaster”. It could be interpreted as a 1-to-1 remake, an updated version, or these could have been unique camos. Halo did very similar things with changing some weapon designs and even adding weapons that were not in the game like the assault rifle. They might actually be some of the content that will come along with the other 6 maps as hinted. Most of them are also missing some textures and don’t even look like the original weapon, so they could be DLC weapons or they might have been experimenting with the game. Especially with assets like the AK missing piece of the actual weapon. There are a lot of possibilities.

          • killso

            no, you don’t understand … you can’t change the design of the m40a3, because the design that was on COD 4 was the real one … the one found on the files looks like a m40 prototype … the m40a6 …
            This is what is strange, in halo, you can change the design, because there are not real weapons, but on COD 4, this another thing …
            and the r700 in the game files doesn’t looks like a r700 at all … ( another thing strange, is, those snipers, doesn’t have any texture, it’s like they are here, but almost forgotten by the devs … )

          • Qaotik

            That’s what I was getting at. The weapons look incomplete, almost like they planned on adding them in at one point as another weapon or even an unlockable skin. There are plenty of possibilities to think of.

          • killso

            the m40a3 : ( which is the one in COD 4 )
            and the m40 found in the files :
            it looks completely different, and remind me this prototype ( m40a6 ? ) :

  • Batman

    Calling it now
    That’s the December surprise
    Supply drops + more maps + more customization
    MWR becoming a separate game

    IW will be dead by February

  • Trevor27473

    This would not be a bad idea, if they don’t add supply drops! Just make every weapon 4.99$

  • Mdrago

    the magnum looks modded it looks like the magnum from bf4

    • Kurisu

      It’s the MW2 magnum

  • Cabe Kase

    Yea, you can pretty much tell which ones are coming to the game. The others may just be mods from the pc version.

  • GrimmR34PER555

    God Damnit.

  • Dano Maximilian

    It could just be the developers having fun during testing phases, none the less you never know…

    • Apolloh

      this isn’t testing phase.. this is way past release. lol

  • SkylineDesigns

    pretty pissed off they are going to add the bullshit from the past 2 cods to ruin a legendary game that had no problems 9 years ago without it.

  • PaulWhaleRon

    This is quite obviously legacy content. All CoD games have this; for example, you could access the M240, PP-2000 and Striker in MW3, too. It’s leftover code that the development team haven’t bothered to remove.

    As for the shovel and the new shotgun, those are unfinished BOIII supply drop weapons. The shovel is an early model for the “Ace of Spades”, a very similar melee weapon that appeared in supply drops, and the Kamchatka-12 was intended to be a throwback to the S-12 from BOII. It was obviously never finished and released, however.

  • TheRealeesR

    I thought treyarch was marking everything down, invlolving this stuff

  • killso

    guys, no, some weapons are way more different than what you think … the m40 and r700 looks so fucking different, this is not like the m16 or m4 that has juste some little thing differents … NO, all the fucking weapon is different …
    watch here at the end, I did a comparison : ( not in english, but just watch the pictures )

  • Ingridncalhoun

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  • Kacper Orpik

    Im okay if they add these weapons normally if its with out supply drops. But if they do add supply drops it would only be good for camos and character customization but supply drop weapons would be a complete waste for the game.

  • Jonathan Devach

    As a game designer myself I can clearly see that most of these weapons where taken out of other games, because of the poly count on some of the weapons and the texture size and quality.
    this is most likely fake.

    • Justin

      Its called placeholders mr game designer.

  • Eddie Tupy

    if they add the shovel its not a big deal since the game already has onehit kill knife, unless they make it have faster speed than pistol. Guns would ruin it for sure though.

    This is all speculation. Why do people always jump to conclusions?
    ‘its definitely coming because ‘x’ is there.’

    • Damien Rudolph

      … I told you so.

  • Gabriel Al-numairi

    The codes is taken from MW2 and other games and got implemented to the game which can make it legit which is not. No I don’t believe this.

  • codplayer1245

    the reason those guns are there is because the game files are messy, i
    always like to go through the files of each new cod to see how much
    previous cod material got left in, like advanced warfare still had
    things eve from cod2 left over in it, a lot of stuff from mw2 like the
    original throwing knife with the IW logo on it and stuff, plus these
    weapon pics are mostly mw2 guns as well.

    The reason this happens is because the dev teams working on these games
    are so big, theres difficulties coordinating them and each dev doesnt
    know what the other dev is doing, and they look at the code and they see all these guns and other stuff and they have no idea if this is supposed to be in the game or not, so they leave it alone cuz their job is to code fish AI or something.

  • Kure Tsuruki

    what a damn shame, these weapons are actually being introduced in mwr. A DAMN FUCKING SHAME…

  • skankhunt42

    Turns out they are not leftovers, the assholes fully intended to put them in the game locked behind the lottery system that gives you worse odds than vegas blackjack.

  • Dameon Starks

    Laughing 3 months later when 4 of these guns have come into the game…guess we can expect the rest in the coming months eh?

  • Agent Orange

    LMAO looks like activision fucked you guys