Following Infinity Ward’s live stream earlier today, they just revealed the latest tweaks made to Infinite Warfare, take a look:


  • Infected has been added back to all platforms
  • Hardcore FFA has been added to all platforms
  • Hardcore Kill Confirmed has been added to PS4 and Xbox
  • Hardcore Kill Confirmed replayed Hardcore Defender in the Moshpit on PC
  • Removed Hardcore Defender from PS4 and Xbox
  • Reintroduced SnD into PC Moshpits
  • Scorestreaks now give team score based on where the owner is on the map in Frontline
  • Double XP UI added
  • Volk Tuning
  • Infected: Inactivity kick (Infected will be added back shortly)
  • Infected: always turn initial infected to normal infected if a survivor suicides
  • Frost: spawn additional out of bound trigger to catch dropped bombs by sub wallrun
  • Rigs are now properly unlocked when ANY of their rig packages are unlocked, rather than just the first one.
  • Speculative fix for a crash in the wild
  • Fix for split screen weapon streaming

Zombies in SpacelandΒ 

  • Added a weapon rank upgrade splash when that weapon reaches a new rank.
  • Don’t end the game in solo if The Hoff is active
  • Correctly handle Coupon Clipper FnF card when used to call in The Hoff V3.
  • Fixed an exploit where players can double jump after respawing from dying via a kill trigger.
  • Weapon upgrade powerup fixes.
  • Fixed an exploit where players who played both MP and CP would get drastically increased Weapon XP gains

SOURCE: Infinity Ward Reddit

  • jt3z

    Damnit and i dont even have the Volk unlocked yet πŸ™

    • Joel Macis

      Lol me neither were noobs obviously xD

    • Atlas gaming

      It’s OK in my opinion

  • Tajinder Kainth

    they’re improving it slowly but surely, but main thing is shoot first die first, that’s what i hope they are addressing. i remember i watched a netcode analysis video for iw, that guy explained it really well.

    • Praetorian

      Are you sure it’s not your internet, and that you are initiating a gunfight on your terms (an Assault Rifle won’t usually beat an SMG in close quarters, for instance)?

      • Spectacularity

        Watch the netcode video. There are tweaks that Infinity Ward can make.

      • Tajinder Kainth

        lol i have 50 down 5 up, its not my internet, ive been playing cod for years, and ive learnt when to challenge and when not to. as for ar vs smg close quarters, your theory isnt necessarily true, there have been many instances where i having a ar in cqc have won the gunfights against a sub.

        watch the netcode video if you haven’t buddy πŸ™‚

    • Milos Marjanovic

      there is so many times where i shouldn’t get kills because the enemy player had clear advantage but some how i with this netcode i fluke the kill

    • Khaled Hassan

      Link plz?

  • lunator100hd .

    Shoot first and die babyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    • BradyAlucard

      That happens in all sorts of games. Everyone’s probably being paired up against tryhards. Boy oh boy you guys must be really suffering thanks to SBMM.

      • Tajinder Kainth

        sbmm isn’t the problem lol. its the shitty netcode this game has and how lag comp works in this game. someone link that netcode video, people need to watch it. πŸ™‚

      • lunator100hd .

        I never experienced that shit in ghosts, bo3 had some of it but its not on IW level, this game is literally the most noob friendly cod, even the worst player can kill the best with such a high inconsistency of gunfights. If you are the biggest noob in the world, IW is your best chance to have fun in this game because skill dosent matter this year.

        • Jin

          You suck thats really what happend

        • DEMOLITION12

          bo3 was unplayable cause of it. headglitching in my spawn all game just to go barely positive

        • Gwektro

          “I never experienced that shit in ghosts,” Yes, you did. Everyone did. Whether you either don’t remember or hadn’t noticed it as much in IW, you had it. Its Infinity Ward’s method of “netcode”, which is just as inconsistent as Treyarch’s or SHG’s. Its the same engine, same networking, just done in their own way. The different game balancing, gun values all factor into networking the same way.

        • BradyAlucard

          Well good, because I don’t feel that skill is even remotely important. I’d rather have a fun game. I don’t necessarily want an “easy” experience though.

    • Milos Marjanovic

      so many time i see a person with the claw , then get off about 5 shots off with my smg at close range then bloooooop…. insta death for me. i start shooting first on my screen but when i look at kill cam i didnt get any shots offf

      • Laurabjohnson

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        • Milos Marjanovic


    • Hitman

      I had a good laugh at this! Picture some guy with a cringy moustache and top hat screaming that…

      • Audreyjbuck

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  • I enjoy the game, but I do have a lot of complaints. They’re a bit long so instead I’ll share only one. The Type-2 needs to be nerfed. Whoever thought of bringing the FMG-9’s back, but now into an AR Hybrid, needs to be fired. Holy mother of God.

    • PoonjabMcDaddy

      lol what? In AR mode the gun is pathetic so it’s basically an akimbo gun only, and it shoots around 600rpm with a 5 shot kill even at point blank range. It’s nowhere near the FMG9s, they were 3HK 900rpm.

      • Mario Rivera

        not 900, each gun was actually 1052 rpm lol.

        • BradyAlucard

          Is there frame rounding in this game?

          • Mario Rivera

            We don’t know for sure yet but I’m 99% sure there isn’t. The few stats we seen so far indicate that if there was, this game would really feel like it takes 3 years to kill or die and we all know that isn’t the case lol. On a less subjective note the NV4 was hand tested in game to have a 610 RPM, when the hard stats were pulled from the game, the NV4 was revealed to have a coded RPM of 612. I would say that is a very good indicator that frame rounding isn’t in the game. The 2 RPM difference was most likely margin of error on the hand testing end of things.

          • BradyAlucard

            Oh man if that’s true then that’s fantastic news. I don’t have the game yet but I’m glad that that’s the case.

          • Mario Rivera

            Might as well wait till black friday (next friday) to get IW and MWR at a discounted price

          • BradyAlucard

            I may have to do that. I had it pre-ordered at $5 for the beta.

          • BradyAlucard

            Oh and there better not be SBMM either. Hope that gets removed entirely.

      • Khaled Hassan

        Everything feels melty bcz of their shit netcode

    • Mario Rivera

      Its a 5 to 6 shot Kill, its literally the weakest AR in cod history… No COD gun before this game has ever required a minimum of 5 shots to kill

    • I thought who ever got that idea deserves a raise. Type-2 is the shit

    • RdJokr

      The AR mode is fine, but the akimbo mode is damn easy to use. Just run around and cheese people. In fact, I think this applies to pretty much every akimbo weapon in this game.

  • I hate how combat records are in the game. Viewing combat records in public lobbies makes lobby shopping easier for people. Combat records also change how people play. For example, I love infected, but I don’t want to play it because it kills my K/D ratio.

    • lunator100hd .

      Then dont play infected.

      • Don’t have “infected” count towards stats.

        • BradyAlucard

          They should. It’s a main playlist mode. Plus I’m decent at it and if they removed giving stats it’d affect me.

          • Either it’s easy kills to boost K/D and/or boosting W/L ratios. Either way, it’s a mode to easily bloat stats.

          • BradyAlucard

            IMO that’s a good thing. All game modes are different and some can help with stats and XP, it’s only natural. I just don’t think they should remove the option.

    • Joel Macis

      Why would you want a high kd? It only puts u into pro lobbies

      • Because I like a challenge. I don’t go around wanting noobs to slay just to feel good about myself.

        • BradyAlucard

          I just want to have fun. If I wanted a challenge I’d go back to Bloodborne.

          • Dark Souls with a rock band guitar.

          • Kian

            This is coming from the same guy who wants cross-play of Consoles & PC, which is retarded, and also wants SBMM like AW. Fucking furry.

          • BradyAlucard

            Bloodborne with a Rock Band guitar wouldn’t be any easier lol.

      • BradyAlucard

        It does? So there’s SBMM? It should never have been in any CoD game in the first place…

        • iHost

          They never confirmed that there is SBMM; and it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Lobbies are scrubby af.

          • There always is SBMM. It’s not as potent compared to AW because people hated it. They would rather have a game where they can party up and have the competition consisting of scrubs all day instead of an actual challenge.

            Oh wait, I can hear the excuse now. I don’t have to get better, but I deserve to slay noobs because they have to get better.

          • DEMOLITION12


          • BradyAlucard

            Sledgehammer never confirmed it for AW, even Michael Condrey’s stupid statement about it was vague. We had to find out ourselves.

          • iHost

            Yh I’m aware that SHG never confirmed SBMM; they didn’t need to because we could all tell it was there. With IW (at least from my experience) you don’t get that feeling that you’re necessarily being matched with your skill level. So in absence of explicit confirmation from IW that SBMM is present, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not.

    • BudEagle

      thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever read………….no offense. I dont think that infected should count towards your combat record but the lack of combat records irritated me especially in AW as well. K/D shouldn’t be read as a skill level which most idiots misinterpret it as but it is still a good stat to evaluate. Play style affects K/D a lot like run n gun objective player vs camping, patrolling, or defending. I wish they had more in depth stats too and per game mode where it shows average flag caps per game or something so you can spot tendencies and play styles.

      • Milos Marjanovic

        well TDM and Free for all objectives are to get kills for points and to not to die and give points away, so a high kd in them makes you good a good player at those game modes.

        • BudEagle

          this is true but those are a separate story. FFA is pretty fun and i dont see why combat records would take away from that and TDM is mostly for casuals. Who WOULDNT want to know if their teammates have bad k/ds against a team with good k/ds? I’d pop my overdrive and get out of that lobby as fast as i could but the problem is that Overall k/d, which includes game modes where someone might play objectively and can hurt their k/d, doesnt represent there ability to be good at TDM. There should be TDM specific stats like, k/d, average kills per TDM(or per minute which might be a more efficient stat), average deaths per TDM(or again per minute), W/L, average stats in wins versus losses(excluding games joined in progress), average walking distance(to identify campers), average highest killstreak per game, average percentage of team kills per game, and maybe some other unique play-style and skill identifiers. These unique, game mode specific stats should be recorded and viewable for players to evaluate their lobbies.

      • iHost

        I agree, your performance in infected should not affect overall stats. It is a laid back game mode. I would play it alot more if it didn’t take such a toll on my SPM

    • >I hate how combat records are in the game
      You mean how they AREN’T in the game? Giving me a run down of someone’s W/L and K/D means nothing. I want a full on combat record, even do it like BO1 with a heatmap and all.

      • IMO, a combat record would be OK if they removed K/D, W/L, SPM, total losses, and total deaths. Keep the stats based on total points, days played, average domination captures, heat maps, weapon kills, etc.

        To me, the ratios and negative-based stats (deaths, losses) demotivate people in a lot of ways and I feel it’s an inconvenience that needs to be removed.

  • so where are leaderboards?

  • where is Grind, where is Demolition, where is Reinforce? Why can’t I 100% my Operations folder? why launch an incomplete fucking game?

  • Double XP & Weapon XP is rolling out. It rolls out over time, not instantly for everyone.
    Volk nerf coming this weekend. Range decrease, more hip spread and more recoil. (EDIT: Already out)
    They increased the daily login bonus slightly due to feedback
    Increased the key earn rate very slightly
    More Variants coming soon to the crafting pool
    Removed speed spike exploit
    They are sorry for the delayed PC patch
    Something special is coming to PC soon, can’t talk about it just now
    Adjusting the hardpoint start spawns on Precinct so teams have a even chance of getting to the first hardpoint
    Adjusting the uplink start spawns and the goal near the billboard on Precinct and adjusting the ball reset to make it more friendly for those going for 1 point tosses.
    Bullcharge, Invis cloak, reaper and reactive armour will drain quicker if you’re using it when carrying a objective (defender ball, ctf flag, uplink ball etc) and defusing the bomb
    When you use rewind or teleport when carrying a ball or flag the ball or flag will drop
    Removed ricochet from any esports playlist so energy weapons won’t ricochet
    Removing the hybrid weapons from esports
    They aren’t doing pick ban system for esports their system is called Rig and weapon draft. You draft your rig first then your weapon. Can’t pick the same weapon as a teammate.
    Changing some Search and Destroy bomb sites around.
    Precinct: Bomb site B is being moved.
    Scorch: Bomb site B is being moved.
    Retaliation Bomb site A is being moved to the bridge.
    Breakout: Both bomb sites are being moved.
    Frost: Bomb site A is being moved
    Throwback: Bomb site A is getting a small change and bomb site B is getting a massive change.
    Infected coming back soon
    Hardcore FFA coming soon
    Leaderboards still coming
    More combat record details coming with the leaderboard update
    Next big title update is early December
    More weapons with the nuke variant are being added soon (Type-2 being one)
    Update coming to stop a lot of the split spawns in hardpoint
    Playlists will be rotate in and out. The gametypes you see in customs will make it into the online playlists.
    A new brand new game mode is coming next week. If you like classic call of duty you’ll like this mode (boots on the ground?)
    They are fixing advanced uav so ghost no longer counters it.
    Possibly extending the pre-match countdown on SnD from 5 to 10 seconds.
    Hardcore update soon to show you the score you get when you kill someone and your selected killstreak

    • Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have Ghost counter the Advanced UAV? Seriously?

      • better question is why does the AUAV cost so much when it’s literally the same as a UAV except we get arrows on screen? IW already ripped a shit ton from BO3 — they should rip the Blackbird/VSAT/HATR functionality as well.

    • RdJokr

      Ooh, something special coming to PC? Now IW has me hyped. They are slowly improving their communication.

    • Khaled Hassan

      Any fix to the issues that break the game. The shit netcode?

    • Ak74u

      3 years and all of these fixes, patches and tweaking

      • not three years, 1.5 years at best.
        1 year for brainstorming
        1 year for mocap/voice acting
        1 year for doing the actual coding bits of the game.

    • Jester

      ΒΏSomething special for PC, huh?

  • Schwartz

    Anybody else getting killed from glitch spots in Genisis?

    • Ball of Doody

      Yep, some little fucking punk did that to a lobby I was in yesterday, as he kept calling in Wardens.

      • Schwartz

        Same here man annoying as fuck, + he was getting Nukes

  • Milos Marjanovic

    i honestly am enjoying this game, it surprisingly has good flow to it, but the only good maps are from the beta unfortunately.and they need to extend the target assist(sticky aim) for the smg, i think it is too short. The NV4 is running the lobbies

    • What? I thought the beta had the worst maps available and the full game has better maps. Granted not the greatest maps ever as every single map in this game is uninspiring, but I think most of them are better than the beta maps. Retaliation is honestly the best map in the game in my opinion

      • Milos Marjanovic

        everyone has their opinion. but maybe for me the beta played faster like as in the movement speed, and people didn’t care about rushing stupidly out into the open. so that’s why i like the beta maps. but i still favor “them to this day

        • I hated them because how fast the maps were and how twitchy the gameplay was. Granted its still way too twitchy but there is maps like Retaliation. How are you going to have advanced movement that supposed to make get around maps faster while having small to medium tight maps? It’s way too in your face. If you’re gonna evolve the movement then map design needs to evolve. Either way, map design in COD has really fallen

          • Milos Marjanovic

            Hey when a match doesn’t go to time limit, And even half full lobby doesn’t go to time limit, that makes me happy and that is all I want in this game.

            I believe out of 300 matches I’ve played only 2 have gone to time limit

          • Qaotik

            I find it harder to play on the smaller maps in this game because of the latency. It’s really difficult.

  • Are these cucks really gonna nerf the Volk? The Volk is one of my favorite guns pls dont

    • Ball of Doody

      That sucks… I felt like the Volk was a secret, but apparently not.

      • Milos Marjanovic

        its unlocked last for a reason

    • Nah fuck the volk lol it melts me all the time use the rek the epic rekt is so beautiful i just stare at it

      • The Volk is amazing, it doesn’t need to be touched. And yeah staring ar the Epic variant of the Rek is all I’m going to be able to do because salvage earn rate is ass, and rng is ass too. The entire supply drop system is still ass only the illusion that it’s supposedly gotten better lol

        • Hades

          Are you kidding me? The Volk is OP and plebs like you can get ez kills. It only takes 3 bullets.

          • This entire game is literally easy. Lol it’s not even OP

        • And yet people get 2 epics in a game….It’s fair to say my luck with supply drops have dropped through the years lol. And they should allow us be able to get salvage in game like they first stated that’s a let down

        • Yo mumma.

          Really ? From the guy who said the brecci was broken now you want them to leave the ONLY gun in the game with a ridiculous 3 shot kill range ? Not having a go I’m just really confused by the thought process ( really no hate I also like the volk but that shit needs a Nerf hard)

          • Volk wasn’t broken at all…lol where as the brecci was, it was a bit too ridiculous for the way it was. Volk was no where near game breaking

          • Yo mumma.

            Hmm I suppose I wouldn’t say it’s broken either but I heard they bumped up recoil abit on it and I guess that’s all it really needed

          • Yeah i used it last night, I guess it’s not too bad i suppose. I just had to drop fusion mag for the Grip and combine it with quick draw and stock. So still good, i suppose it was reasonable

          • Yo mumma.

            I been to rocking the suppressor on alot of my guns w/ qdraw and stock (ars mainly ) gotta say I’ve found suppressor way more viable in IW as opposed to other cods thought, just my play style for iw though

  • Are they going to do something to fix the bank in Zombies? Theres really no point if you cant save money across games.

    • Logic Chief

      sharing money with friends?? but I do think it should have sort of like a interest system added where each passed round increases what you have by like 2%. that’s what I would do if I was a sec for iw.

    • RdJokr

      That’s not what it’s meant for. It’s just there so you can stock up points in high rounds and share to your friends later on.

    • Kobrah

      I don’t play much zombies but I don’t think that’s what it’s for

  • Qaotik

    Um… the lag was not mentioned??? Why?

    • Kian

      cos its your internet

      • Qaotik

        I’m hardwired

        • Hitman

          …to self destruct

          • MasterofPuppets

            m/ rock on brother

          • Hitman

            lml -_- lml

      • Duke of hazard

        I’m surprised that people still come to that idiotic conclusion.

      • weewee

        kian… you’re dumb

      • Khaled Hassan

        You have the IQ of a table that was bullied by the other tables bcz it was an idiot

        • Kian

          You people clearly don’t see the sarcasm in my comment. I did what Activision Support does everytime somebody complains about lag.

  • Francisco Lemus

    anyone know how to get ar headshots faster

    • Kobrah

      Use high caliber equivalent. Aim for head. Β―_(ツ)_/Β― hip fire sometimes helps, mostly with SMGs though

    • Aim at the head

  • Dirty Dan

    Anyone know the download size?

  • Ed

    Does anyone know if you are supposed to get a classic weapon unlock token after every prestige? Or is it every other? I just got second prestige and didnt get a classic unlock, just wondering.

    • Kobrah

      I thought it should be every prestige but I’m not 100% sure. I haven’t even reached P1 yet

    • Jon

      every other

  • Frank Rizzo

    Still no adjustment to TTK? Still laggy as fuck on XB1 … and what the hell is the deal with lag comp in this game? Get the beat on someone and you’re dead before you even fire your first round.

    This game is trash … it really is. And I’m the biggest CoD fanboy that has ever lived.

    • Mr Robin Wells

      Ur exactly right. Cod fanboy too and its the lag comp that ruins the game completely. They sort that they sort the game but they won’t cos they like 8 yr Olds buying the game and spanking their parents money on supply drops!

  • Not many updates in this patch then, still p*ssed the leaderboards are still non-existent

  • Just increase health to 150 like the did on ghost for sometime as they keep tweaking netcode, ttk and other stuffs

  • Stewart Thomas

    Since this patch Dead Silence is useless. Is no longer silent! You can hear your own foot steps and boost also team mates have confirmed they can hear you

  • MMMxrshyy

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    I upload infinite warfare videos and had lots of positive feedback lately so if yous can do tht it will amazing

  • Laurabjohnson

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  • Khaled Hassan

    The provoking part is that they’re not even addressing the netcode problem. They can say we’re aware & working on it but no. Here you go cod fans we’re fixing shit that should’ve been in the game after 3 years work!

  • destsicate

    Yaaaay hardcore FFA will make the weapon camo grind abit easier

  • snake56

    It would be nice to be able to view each armor part and weapon camo when they’re still unlocked.

  • Deprece

    Where the hell is the fix for the Genesis out the map glitch using FTL Jump? Tired of these scrubs getting nukes with NV4 while glitching

  • Susanadawkins

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  • Rob Melchor

    Just don’t touch the RAW, it’s perfect right now.

  • Audreyjbuck

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  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    Worst game ever. Stupid niggers created a broken game nobody likes. So much complaints. No wonder why activision didnt want to show this video game at the E3 convention. This fucking stupid ass game is garbarge. Black ops 3 is waaaaaaaay better. Better weapons, better graphics,and better maps. And at least on blops you could hear the enemy footsteps. Fuck this game