A new patch update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.




  • Fixed an issue with “Loss Stat Prevented” messaging after joining in progress and winning a match
  • [PS4/XBOX ONE] Fixed several issues with overlapping HUD elements when playing split screen
  • Fixed issue with medal text extending beyond its area
  • Re-Enable join game from recent players list
  • [XBOX ONE] Fixed messaging when attempting to join a game session with a user that had been previously blocked
  • After Action Report score display updates
  • [PC] Fixed issues with Party options
  • [PC] Clan support added for Steam
  • [PC] Fixed issues with overlap based on aspect ratio
  • [PC] Added Environmental Kills and Melee Kills to Combat Record


  • Removed footstep audio while aiming down sights
  • Dead Silence Perk scale adjusted to match legacy


  • Added shorter pre-match timers in Private Match
  • Increased smoke grenade speed and volume
  • Switching to a pistol no longer deactivates the firing range lane
  • [XBOX ONE] Fix for frequent crash when selecting a friend from the in-game Friends menu
  • [XBOX ONE] Fix for issue where it was possible to join on a multiplayer part with Party Privacy set to “Closed”
  • [XBOX ONE] Fix for issue where split screen player could not join a party after increasing Party Player Limit
  • [PC] PC virtual lobby VFX optimizations
  • [PC] Adjusted helicopter killstreak hitbox to be more consistent with original Modern Warfare
  • [PC] Disabled communication with blocked users
  • [PC] Fixed bad save version issue in Campaign
  • [PC] Dedicated Server fixes



  • Fixed tunnel grates exploit


  • Fixed stuck spot that prevented players from leaving prone position

SOURCE: Activision Support: PS4 // Xbox One // PC

  • Eddie Tupy

    decent i guess

  • Landon Holp

    Still no fix to error code 32770!!!

    • Yo mumma.

      I got this the other day WTF is it ? I keep getting halfway through games of domination (not even halfway sometimes ) and it’ll kick me out back into the lobby.

  • Blake

    Shipment for hchq! please pass that along. It was in the original.

  • KronicKrona1

    Anyone had an issue where after a round, it would just jump to the screen where you’ve got everyone in a lobby, map votes and create a class etc but get a blinking screen when you press a button? You can’t even quit the lobby because it just blinks constantly..

    • zack

      Yes. Had it happen multiple times. Only fix is to restart the whole game.

      • KronicKrona1

        Yeah same, hopefully they sort it out!

  • Nerf Guy

    I’m gonna miss that Tunnel Exploit 🙁

    • The9tailedgamer

      Yeah, I remember watching a m3rkmus1c myth busters episode on it, and I didn’t have the game, so this patch made me sad. *single tear*

      • AA Watcher

        It was an exploit. it’s a good thing it’s gone.

  • Deadpool

    So no fix to the silent footsteps then? I remember being able to hear enemy footsteps as standard. But audible footsteps seem to have disappeared in CoD since AW.

    • Qwerty123

      Turn your volume up…

      • Deadpool

        Still not loud enough. You can only just hear them when they are right next to you. That’s not how it was back in the original.

        • babydangy

          My ass. You only can’t hear them if they are running dead Silence, which it should be that way. All other times it sounds like elephants running around, you never played the original and it’s obvious by all the comments you post.

          • Deadpool

            Not through a TV you cant, and you could in older CoD’s. And I have played plenty of CoD though out that last 9 years.

          • Aqua

            No shit you can’t hear through a TV, buy a headset

          • Shaun Jones

            lol talking about using footsteps but using a TV…. dude keep trolling xD either buy a headset or stop your childish whining, the footsteps are no different no to how they where before, maybe go get a hearing test or try a headset like a real gamer that actually uses sounds to help their game. clearly never played much MW1 original if you think this is any different.

          • CrypticSilhouette

            …uh, no. You’re the one that’s mistaken. I vividly remember sound whoring people all the frikin time and I never had a headset until Black Ops. He’s right. The sound design in CoD has been terrible for a long time.

            It makes no sense that they screwed with it. They introduced lag compensation to make the game “more fair” to players on a 1 mg internet connection because they don’t want guys like me who pay for fancy 1 gig internet to have an advantage. Then they go around and do the opposite with the sound design and make it so only people who pay for a fancy headset can hear the damn game properly. Fucking bullshit is what it is.

        • ya boi

          It’s just fine for me

  • Mahdi Badran

    The have to nerf the hit detection of M16

    • Qaotik

      Nah, they better make stopping power stronger

      • Topayy

        Hey guys im a fucking retard who thinks m16 needs to be stronger so they should buff stopping power. No.
        M40a3 with Acog and Stopping Power is a 1 shot body to jugg (Acog adds 5% damage to the m40 its a glitch

        • Qaotik

          That was the joke I was making. They say change this or that, yet these are the same people that dont want change and lose their minds over the ladder changing from wood to metal on shipment.

        • AA Watcher

          It really isn’t though. The ACOG scope doesn’t make it a 1 shot kill unless you hit the person with jugg in the head.

        • DEMOLITION12

          thanks for the blog, you’re so smart

    • Nicholas Babiarz

      They need to nerf jug. It is so cancer for snipers

      • G

        Then go play infinite bullshit

      • Elnur Zarroug

        No snipers should just be able to actually kill jug in one bullet, If anything the overall health should be increased in the game

      • Aldo

        That’s the whole point of Jugg though it’s a counter to SP espeially in snipers!

    • babydangy

      Why? It was that way in the original. If you don’t like it don’t play it.

      • ya boi



      you can’t “nerf hit detection” moron

  • Gsaint85

    I can’t hear the bomb on snD.

    • Harrietdpatterson

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  • Jesus Peralta

    Hey guys, I know it’s a little shallow to be doing this, but I really want Infinite Warfare and currently a little tight on money. If you guys could help me out a bit w this link: https://www.gofundme.com/zq-infinite-warfare , that’d be very appreciated!! Thank you for even reading this!!

  • sleezy f

    Need to be able to hear bomb being opened for defusing on SnD. Being ablebto hear the briefcase being opened was part of the game without it, it ruins the advantage of planting

  • Italiano810

    Need to get rid of quick scoping PERIOD! Takes away from what being a sniper is all about. It’s so gay. Pansies do that shit

    • MrViN_

      You just suck at it. Don’t complain kid and go play Black ops if you don’t like it.

      • Italiano810

        Probably older than you with more combat experience to boot. You are probably a camping fag too

        • MrViN_

          I don’t think so. You’re the one who complains about quickscoping. It has always been there, even in the better CoD titles such as CoD2, CoD4, MW2 , MW3, BO2, MWR and you can also quickscope in WaW, BO1, Ghost, AW, BO3, IW. Isn’t it a bit late to complain about quickscoping in December 2016 ? I’m pretty sure that you are the retard here who should start playing another game

          • Italiano810

            Just shut up dude. You are the problem with this and many other COD games. Gotta talk shit online like a keyboard commando that you are. Like many others that feel the need to talk shit to other people for their opinions. Get a life!

          • MrViN_

            You’re the one that needs to share his stupid opinion about something that has always been in the game. Just move on and play Battlefield if you’re here to talk trash about CoD. They finally made a Remaster/Boots on the ground CoD and you’re here to talk trash about it. You’re such an idiot.

          • Italiano810

            I’m complaining about pussies like you that have to talk shit to people like me who express opinions. I’m talking about bitches like you that can’t snipe properly, who have to run around and quick scope. That is not sniping, that’s being a bitch. And it don’t matter that it’s “been around” the point is, play it like it’s supposed to be played. Fuck off douchebag. You ruin cod with your bitch ass quick scope.

          • MrViN_

            Only fucktards believe that Quickscoping is easier than hardscoping, or running around with a M16 with Juggernaut and a Grenade launcher on it that will kill you in one burst at the other side of the map. Every downy out there can hardscope. It requires no skill at all. Your just mad that you can not quickscope because it requires skills and practice. Yes ‘ practice ‘ something where noobs like you know shit about.

          • Italiano810

            Only “fucktard” I see is you. Considering that I never said it was easier. Just said play it like it’s meant. Which means sniping not quick scoping. What a d-bag

          • MrViN_

            If quickscoping wasn’t meant to be in the Call of Duty series then it wouldn’t be in there. Complaining ass bitch with salt in his pussy


    add viewing combat records of other players

  • Colin Cameron

    Would love to see stalker pro added i hate going around the corner at crawling speed totally crap

    • Aqua

      lol you want them to add a perk to a remastered cod? you are truly dumb

  • Aldo

    No fix for the ludicrous spawns? WTF!

    • VAQnotVAG

      spawn points have been my only complaint so far

      • Peewee78368

        Spawn are the same from CoD4 if you dont like it then GTFO here

        • CrypticSilhouette

          You are entirely mistaken sir. Yes. The spawn POINTS are the same. The spawning ALGORITHMS are nowhere near what they were. One of the best parts of CoD4 was that the battles were rarely utter chaos. You always knew exactly where the enemy was coming from because the spawns were difficult to flip unless you were intending to do so. Now you have no idea where the hell the enemies are half the time.

          These are not CoD4 spawns. These are CoD4 spawn points with Ghosts’ spawning algorithms. It’s fucked. It ruins the game.

  • Kamren Zinzow

    No RAW nerf?

  • Jose “10/10/16” Vilmary

    Players still go afk in zombies its really unfair for people to go in a lobby and do nothing but go around in circles and get xp and keys when their team is doing all the work i know its really hard to fix that issue but would it be hard to add a kick player from lobby thing that way the team can vote to kick the person thats taking up a spot doing nothing

  • ovoraul6

    Do you guys know anything about a present/future fresh start option ? Please help

  • Alexer


  • Will

    Jugg please ;-;

  • Sync It ?

    I love MWR

  • Jay

    Please tell me what garbage ass random said sniper rifle shoyldnt kill jug in one bullet. Are you fuckin stupid or dumb? Ill wait for an annswer