Disclaimer: Josh Olin is not involved in the Call of Duty franchise, and hasn’t been since 2011.

We caught up with former Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin – more commonly known as “JD_2020” within the Call of Duty Community. (You might remember the #BlameJD hashtag and so on – it’s common for a CM of any franchise to receive an element of blame).

Josh Olin became the Community Manager for Treyarch during the launch year of World At War back in 2008, and continued his role into the release of Black Ops in 2010 before then moving on to other projects outside of the franchise.

As someone who was involved in the franchise during it’s peak growth period, we thought we’d get a different perspective on the direction of Call of Duty to this day from Josh in the form of an interview.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  • Corey

    Remember when Charlie Intel posted actual articles and didn’t try to make that sweet YouTube monay?

    • Kian

      unfunny, shut up

      • Corey

        I wasn’t trying to be funny?

    • Smayo

      Although I partly agree, I have to say I like these types of articles/video’s where they interview a (former) key person in the CoD franchise…

    • Logan

      So they can’t post a video without it being called “YouTube money”? Just shut up

      • Corey

        It’s all they have done recently. What happened to all the long form stories? This should at the very least be posted in Q&A form in this article. What if someone is deaf?

        • ccrows

          You do realize that YT has an option for CC right?…

        • Evil_Bliss

          20k Views gave me less than $5. He has a job, he does YouTube for fun…

    • Ak74u

      They still don’t.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    COD has an accessibility problem? WTF!? IW is the most watered down, low amounts of bullshit (netcode notwithstanding) COD ever and BO3 isn’t far behind on that account. Don’t get me wrong I actually like those games but they are the most noob friendly games of this generation. Boot up MWR if you want a game with accessibility problems.

    • Tommy Ledge

      I like the mass delusion shared by many longer term players that the older Cods were in some way more difficult or contained a higher skillgap or learning curve than say IW or AW. I’ve played them all and can tell you two facts.. One, no Cod has ever been hard compared to other games. And two, there is not one player that is worse at the older Cods than they are at the new one, but there a TON of players that could dominate the older Cods but suck ass at the newer ones.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        Thank you for that example of fictional writing. A+

        • Tommy Ledge

          How about ANY points or facts that support that older Cods where less accessible?? There are none. Here’s another fact: Most teens are insecure, and because of this, anything they are good at they deem an accomplishment even its a subpar performance. Do me a favor.. Go play Unreal tournament or Quake for two years and after that if you can even damage me at all.. I’ll agree with you. Thats skillgap. Cod on the other hand takes minutes to learn for an experienced gamer.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Except we’re not talking about Unreal Tournament or Quake or arena shooters in general. Which, btw, for the very limited amount of time I played those games I was actually very solid at. Either way, I was a Counter-Strike/Battlefield guy at the time.

            The reality is IW and BO3 both boil down to aim and reflexes. Which, again, I actually prefer. Those maps, however, you will know exactly how they’re played and most of their spawns within 10 minutes of playing them.

            COD 4 maps, unless you watch a youtube video, you could play for a dozen hours and still not know every little headglitching spot, every little secret area, every hidden path. Mind you, again, I actually don’t like the rat mazes that COD4 maps are with so many areas in one spot where you only know if an enemy is there or not by committing to memory if that pixel is supposed to be there and if it’s about to shoot you.

            On top of that you have longer ADS times, which you can’t do anything about, which means you HAVE to learn to pre-aim every corner. Which also means, there’s more camping, which means you HAVE to learn all the camping spots and to check EVERY corner. Plus, sniper ADS times aren’t proportionally longer so they are more effective.

            There’s nade spam, flash spam, claymore spam, martyrdom, invisibility frames on last stand, easy killstreaks going off non-stop. Things that were probably designed to give noobs cheap easy kills but actually make the game a pain in the ass to play and less accessible.

            So, bottom line, is COD4 and [email protected] are irrefutably objectivity less accessible games for newer players. In the face of all those facts the only reason you’d argue that point is because you think that’s an insult to the newer games and your precious little ego can’t handle it.

          • Jon

            The mic has been dropped boys. Very well stated Sexy Mcgee

          • Tommy Ledge

            I agree with your points made about COD4 and [email protected] having a lot to deal with as a new player. However, the biggest difficultly variables in any shooter are awareness and the ability to aim and shoot. New players (and bad ones) have zero awareness and have horrible accuracy. These two factors are amplified exponentially in direct correlation to game dimensionality and game pace. Where more dimensional the game is, the more awareness it takes to not be overwhelmed; and the faster the movement the more skill it takes to aim accurately. The only way that slower can ever need higher skill is if other factors come into play.. for example: Gun recoil control used in CS, where the bullets do not go where you are aiming, or if team work is needed to succeed 95% of the time, or if there are different strengths and weaknesses of different character models. Cod, does not contain or require either of these.
            I think the biggest issue here comes down to the fact that almost all Call of Duty players are not gamers.. they are Call of Duty players. They may have played some other games at some point, but due to taste and lack of good competition on console, most have only played Call of Duty. They know they are good at Call of Duty and they assume that Cod is comparable to other games in terms of skill-gap and learning curve. The truth is, that Cod is entirely designed to target as many players as it can. It’s all about selling as many copies as possible. Other games, such as Arena Shooters and Tactical Shooters; target a much smaller audience due to there focus on skillgap and learning curve instead of gross sales. And this is the exact point made in this interview above, by someone (like myself) who has worked directly in the industry. Cod needs to be accessible first and foremost. It needs to be easy to learn and easy to play. If its not, then they are no longer making the game for the masses, and therefore will not have as big of an audience, resulting in fewer sales.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Yeah, and BO3 and IW aren’t really that dimensional. I guess you’re talking about boost jumping but that doesn’t compare to the verticality of of the maps in COD4, [email protected], and MW2 where you had to keep track of multiple levels. As for awareness, IW and BO maps are so simple if you aren’t capable of figuring them out then you’re probably in a coma. As for aiming, it’s a first person shooter, that’s the most fundamental thing of it. How much more accessible does it need to be than the ridiculous amount of aim assist that, especially Treyarch games, COD has. Next step is literally the game playing itself.
            The funny part is you yourself seem to be confused about what your point is. Because Lamia was saying that CODs aren’t as accessible as they used to be. My point is that that is self-evident BS. You then say I am wrong and yet go on to say that COD requires no skill especially compared to games that, if anything, prove Lamia’s point that if games aren’t accessible enough they will die off. Even though, not only is that not entirely true but is clearly not COD’s issue, as you yourself say.

          • Tommy Ledge

            If you are trying to compare the awareness needed to handle a static elevated map position compared to the awareness needed to handle a potential threat from multiple levels of attack at any moment in time, then your confusing learning curve with awareness. Awareness has zero to do with the map. Awareness is being able to know what your opponent is thinking and their likely next move so that you are better prepared as well as knowing everything that has just happened in the game at every moment. Things like: who died, from where, teammates position and line of sight. That is awareness. Learning curve encompasses everything to do with map locations, spawns and power positions (as well as many other things). So, because maps don’t change, they play zero role in the amount of awareness needed to play them. Meaning, having a three story building on the map takes zero awareness to know that there maybe an enemy in it, it takes a level of learning curve that is obtained by playing the map a few times.
            And while I agree that aiming in Cod Is over simplified, I have never played a single match in which at least half the lobby didn’t have potato aim (with the exception of AW due to sbmm). And since its impossible to argue that a slower moving target isn’t easier to hit, then saying aim is irrelevant when its in fact not ‘too easy’ for at least half the population, is just idiotic.
            Lastly, I understand and agree with the point made in the video 100%.. where Cod has become less accessible and therefore has a smaller core market leading to a slightly dwindling population. HOWEVER, Cod even in its current state is hugely more accessible than some other games- even ones in its same genre. And because of this, the game is still bought and played by more players than any other console shooter. Devs would have to add a bunch of skillgap and learning curve before it loses that mass appeal.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Actually, awareness does have to do a lot with map design. Your next statements pretty much supports that point. Enemy and friendly positioning, the flow of combat, where cover and camping spots are and how to counter them. In both cases there’s a learning curve. How the map is played and what enemy movements is like, what players are capable of, and how they can use their capabilities.

            Actually, the aiming in COD isn’t oversimplified or even if the mechanics are simple that is in fact what you do want in a first person shooter. Adding weird curves, acceleration, deadzone sizes and shapes adds unpredictability to aiming that no one benefits from. This is actually the one thing that COD has on every other console shooter and why it’s head and shoulders above the rest.

            As for movement speed messing with aiming, well no. The aim assist in COD is so strong to the point that it completely negates movements effect on breaking free from an enemies grip on you. So your solution of making soldiers slower is ridiculous as there were players with “potato” aim even in the boots on the ground CODs. There’s players with potato aim in Battlefield games where the soldier is super slow, the aim assist is even stronger than COD’s, and it actually has SNAP TO TARGET!

            So you agree with Lamia that COD has become inaccessible and faces sales loss because of that yet you say it’s more accessible than other franchises. Well he’s talking shit and based on everything you’ve said so far it makes sense that you would agree with him.

            Bottom line is, COD is more accessible than ever. They have disposed of almost any learning curve, and they’ve gotten rid of a lot of annoyances too. The next step you’re suggesting is to get rid of any requirement of skill to be able to hit a target… in a first person shooter. You don’t see how stupid that is?

            Any game will require skill to do well. The more skill you have the better you will do. The worst games are the ones that try to circumvent this concept because the developer assumes that players who have bad matches aren’t having fun. So they create an environment where the good players are tethered and the bad players have the game play for them.

            Actually, THIS is the problem games are facing. They’re trying to cater to every Johnny no thumbs to the point that there is no room to grow. They are stale and get old quick because there’s nothing to learn and no room to improve.

            COD does have an accessibility problem in that it has become too accessible. The thing Lamia doesn’t realize is that new players LOVE COD. I have nieces and nephews and friends’ kids who are starting to become that age where they can play shooters. BO3 and IW are now in their minds starting to take over Minecraft as the best thing ever. It’s the old players who are getting fed up with COD’s because it’s more or less the same game every year except it’s more and more watered down. In fact, BF is starting to have the same problem.

            The thing is CODs started selling more and more after games like COD4, [email protected], and MW2. Games that were more complicated and less accessible than COD2. They started going down in sales after Ghosts and AW. Those games weren’t less or more accessible, they were just bad. Most people praised the innovation of AW at the time but they also condemned it for not being actually well designed around its innovation and trying too hard too level the skillgap.

            BO3 is generally considered a good game so why is it that IW which is more or less the same game but with simpler maps and easier to control recoil, ie. more accessible, so reviled?

            For me, one of the most fun times I’ve had gaming was when I got Battlefield 2. It was unlike anything I’ve played before. A massive battlefield with so many toys, options, and playing styles all in one space. I was horrible at the game. For the first 500 hours I played it I had a .6 KDR. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun playing it if I spent 500 hours on.

            However, around the 500 hour mark something clicked. The game mechanics and all the tools started to gel with my subconscious. Nuances of the gameplay started to seep in and I started improving on a round to round basis. The game was one of the most fun things I’ve ever played before and now it started to get even better and better. At around the 2500 hour mark I would on average get a 3 KDR.

            At that point, something had changed. I was no longer having as much fun. Yes, playing any game for almost 3000 hours will sap it of all the sweet nectar it has to offer but it wasn’t even that. It was that I hit my capability ceiling. I was as good as I was going to get and there was nothing else for me to learn and I didn’t feel like I could or wasn’t even interested in improving any further.

            BF 2142 came out. A new game, new mechanics to learn and master. However, it was more or less a similar game. I was already on a better foot than I was with BF2. So I took to it a lot quicker, there was less to learn. I hit my max capability ceiling quicker. That game lasted me about 500. And each consecutive BF has been the same story. It’s not as new of an experience, I start of on a better foot, I sap it of what it has to offer sooner and the game lasts less.

            This is the problem older gamers are facing. This is the reason a lot of older COD players are getting fed up with these games faster. This is why a lot of older players are moving on to R6 Siege and Battlefield. They don’t move on to those games because they are more accessible but because they offer something different and new to challenge and learn.

        • i’m not taking sides here but he counter argued your point and you had nothing to say so you resorted to that lol

          • Sexy Mcgee

            He didn’t counter argue my point. He basically said I was wrong with too many conjectures and subjectives and indirectly attempted to insult me. After a reply like that I couldn’t take him seriously and reply in that manner. Especially when he is so clearly wrong on the subject.

          • Lol damn i’m sorry for saying that then

      • Jon

        What do you mean when you say ” No Cod has ever been hard compared to other games”? I strongly disagree when you say there isn’t one player that is worse at the older Cods than they are at the new ones. I know plenty of players who were beasts at the older COD games and are just average with the last few installments. I also know several players who were just average if not below average players at the older COD games and are far better players with the newer COD games.

  • Nour Hassoun

    Holy shit I’ve almost forgotten he existed. Good days, those were.

    • brutedawg

      Hells yeah… we need him back on twitter talking out of his ass again.

  • Ak74u

    What is annoying about the new cods is there is too much going on. like the guy said the newer cods feel more overwhelming. The new movement system is too much, the game has become very fast paced and overwhelming. He has a good point that if cod has a great boots on the ground with a great fluid movement system cod can be as successful as it used to be that’s all I wanted from innovation tbh and great maps that aren’t designed for wallrunning or boost jumping

    • its like they want to make it as complicated as possible. when i play iw i always ask myself WTF IS GOING ON

      • Haha yeah. I loved BO3 and I’m pretty good at dealing with the chaos but some times when you join a game in the middle of 2 cerberus, sentries and a butt load of RAPS all over the place you just think “why the hell am I still playing this game”

  • I fully agree with everything JD said. I also agree that if we were going back to boots on the ground, it wouldn’t really hurt because we would still have some up to date movements like sliding, going over certain objects with your gun out. It definitely wouldn’t hurt. I mss JD2020 tho. Taking me back the OG Treyarch days. I miss those days.

    • Ak74u

      Exactly I think a boots on the ground with a fluid system would work really well. I think ghosts almost had it right sliding is a great movement mechanic and they missed out on the outo mantle they said it was supposed to have. That would of been perfect and remove leaning add limited sprint and bring back unlimited marathon

      • If SHGames is doing that Vietnam game as rumors suggests, all of those features would work fine in that game and I’m sure boots on the ground game in 2017 which would obviously feel more updated and smooth than the last boots on the ground game in 2013. So it definitely would not hurt at all and on top of that Call of Duty would be going back to its roots! And hopefully map design is similar to games like Black Ops or MW2, hell i thought MW3 and BO2 had great maps. I just want variety of sizes in my maps. Not just small and medium. You gotta have some large maps too. I love large maps.

        Also, I would actually be interested in Zombies next year if SHGames made a Vietnam game. Imagine a fucking horrifying Vietnam setting with zombies. I’d dig it.

        • Ak74u

          I’d still like a modern cod game as much as a Vietnam game sounds good and yeah with a good fluid system boots on ground although vietmam zombies sounds sick

          • I’d totally dig a modern Call of Duty from Treyarch. I feel like their style with a Modern setting would be amazing

        • BradyAlucard

          Large maps suck.

          • s u b j e c t i v e

          • BradyAlucard

            Treyarch games are great, really. World at War was also before our community acted cancerous. I considered Black Ops 1 to have mainly medium maps, so I think there should be emphasis on ‘large-er’. I hope we don’t get a boots-on-the-ground game where the map is nice, fun, and large but then a fat slob will find a creative way to camp in a small corner. But that’s one thing I got out of Infinite Warfare, was that the game was just too chaotic because the maps were too much of a cluster. Some like that action because it’s Quake-like and they’re technically going back to their roots in that respect but some others just don’t like getting shot in the back all the time. If developers can make good large maps again then I’ll reconsider. But Ghosts didn’t do it right, not even close.

          • I mean Ghosts is the only game really to make terrible large maps. When games before that were good. I really miss the depth and the size of a large map. I miss large maps like Jungle and whatnot. If we get that Vietnam game, I’d just like variety in sizes of maps. Not just one size mostly because that’s pretty boring

          • jordanxbrookes

            Not all large maps are bad. Array, Cracked, Karachi, Quarry, District, Overlord and many more are great large maps to play on imo.

          • BradyAlucard

            All fun maps (except I don’t know if Cracked could be considered large instead of medium – if it is then sign me up), I’m just worried that our community will ruin any large map with their creative camping spots.

          • RdJokr

            Large maps don’t necessarily suck, unless they don’t have objects and covers set up properly. Stonehaven is an example of a large map done wrong, but maps like Pipeline (and the AW remake Atlas Gorge) can work.

            Thing is, we’ll need to raise the player lobby count standard from 6 to 9 if we want large maps to be a big focus though.

          • BradyAlucard

            The thing is is that Titanfall does it just fine, it’s just that that game is naturally fast and it doesn’t have something completely and utterly broken. I should have been more specific; large maps in a boots-on-the-ground game sucks most of the time. It works in Battlefield because there are vehicles, more players, and other modes with cut-out parts of the maps. I think that it could work in these futuristic jetpack games if done right, but if any past CoD game has told us anything it’s that our community will completely ruin everything. I’m sure Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare don’t really suck, I’ve always been in favor of the opinion that it was mainly the players that were the problem.

          • RdJokr

            Now that last statement is something I can agree with. Devs can’t account for player behaviors all the time. It’s in our nature to always find a way to fuck up the design from how it was intended to be.

          • I personally really enjoy large maps, but I think because of the fast paced gameplay style of COD it works better with games like Battlefield. I’d love to have some huge maps that need vehicles to travel across but when you reach the objective, die in 1-2 shots, hit an explosive or get blown to shit by a sentry or something then have to spawn miles back at the start again it would drive me fucking nuts

        • Yo mumma.

          Now we are fucking talking ! Anyone ready to petition this shit ?

          • If they do that next year,I’m sure Call of Duty would win a lot of people back.

        • jordanxbrookes

          If Sledgehammer are making a Vietnam game and they include Zombies, I want it to scare the shit of me like with Black Ops Zombies and Nazi Zombies. Terrifying the fuck out of me is what made me love Zombies in Call of Duty.

          • Exactly that’s what I loved about the OG Treyarch Zombies. Hell even the settings in Black Ops 2 and 3 were pretty neat. Granted not really scary but when I picture a Zombie setting i picture an edgy, bloody, bodies, mystery, etc. Just those factors and I felt Treyarch always achieved that. So if SHGames does a Vietnam setting, the zombies mode could do wonders. If they can’t really make it scary at least make it mysterious or something. Just something like that.

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      • Carriefpryor

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    • I’m all for that.

      If the next COD is boots on ground with movement tweaks like you said, less scorestreaks, modern or historical setting, varied map sizes and vehicles then I’d be all over it. I doubt it’ll happen, but I can dream.

      Hell I wouldn’t even care if they scrapped zombies if they just made the multiplayer more in-depth

      • SHGames is the wild card in this, I’m really putting a lot of faith that they’ll do a Vietnam or historic setting. I’m dying to know what they’re working on and May couldn’t get here any faster. Just hope im not disappointed lol probably will be, but i hope for the best

        • Me too. Glad I’m not the only one that totally wrote off SHG after AW haha. I’m looking at it as AW was a very unique experience whether you like it or not and hopefully they’ll bring another one next year (another unique experience, not another AW :P)

          • I feel like many people should give them another chance, after all Advanced Warfare was their first solo game. Granted, I thought the game was pretty bad, but they did try something different for the franchise which I credit them for. But, I think after three games of this advanced movement and whatnot, and people are still not liking it, it’s time to go back. We tried it and that’s all that matters in the end lol. It would be really funny that SHGames is the one that started this advanced movement stuff, and if their next game is a historical setting, they’re gonna be the ones to bring us out lol.

            Like I said, I think people should give them the benefit of doubt. They only did one game and I think they have potential to do something great. If next year is a historical setting that I’m gonna be just excited as I would be for a Treyarch game lol

          • I did enjoy AW (I was pretty much done with COD at that point so it was a bit of a fresh change) but I agree, I’m glad they had the balls to try something new. Like the video said I think them being the underdog developers helps because they don’t have the reputation that IW and Treyarch have to live up to. Honestly I think they will take us back and out of the advanced movement era, or atleast I hope so… whether they do or not people will still hate it probably though lol

  • Name

    I saw this guy on the top of the MW:R leadcerboards for the F.N.G. time trials


    If anyone wants to party up before 2X ends on MWR (SHIPMENT 24/7 full squad) add me on PSN xEVIL_PROSPERING (Im 8th prestige) Must be good

    • Fegasaruasㅤ

      i hate shipment with full squads lol nades and camp behind dumpsters with LMGS!

    • Nigger


      • Evil_BLiss

        Nice name….(FAG) But still if anyone does want to add me

        • jt3z

          Your name isnt much better and yea im gonna go with Nigger on this and call this douche bag GAY!!!!!!!!!

          • Jon

            I second this

  • Former

    CoD needs to slowly ween off of advanced movement. Don’t go right back to CoD4 style movement, but rather Bo2/Ghosts. Sliding, mantling, Stock/quickdraw attachments – these all need to stay. Jetpacks and Specialists need to go.

    • lets be honest what you said is nice but we would even be happy with a ww2 setting

      • Former

        I said nothing about the setting, just the movement mechanics.

        • i know but i dont think they will have quickdraw and sliding when they make a ww2 game

          • Former

            Why not? Those two things have nothing to do with the time period. They even mentioned sliding in the video.

          • I don’t know, it just would not feel right for some reason. But hey, they can try it, sometimes they got to take risks and they did with cod 4 in 2007

          • Former

            They could just make the slide shorter and the quickdraw/stock effects less mobile.

          • jt3z

            Doesnt matter if they feel right or not they are not leaving COD as they have been in a majority of the COD games. And that slow ADS and MS speed feels terrible in MWR

          • I mean they can always bring back Quickdraw and Stock back in a form of perks like they were in MW3. I don’t know if there is actual attachments in real life that allow you to aim down quicker or move quicker with a stock. I’m not really that educated when it comes to that stuff. But like i said if they were going to go back to WW2 or the past just put those attachments back in a form of perks like they use to be lol problem solved

  • imBATMAN


    • lunator100hd .


      • imBATMAN


  • BradyAlucard

    I wish he’d come back.

    • Bryan Castano

      Yeah, me too.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Bloody hell, it’s been some time since I heard “Josh Olin” and “Call of Duty” together. Brings me right back to the Black Ops and World At War days.

  • ccrows

    I’d like to see an interview with Bowling.

    Outside of Twitter account, we really haven’t heard much from him since he dropped the mic right before DLC2 came out in MW3… 🙁

    • Guest

      Robotoki failed.. since then I have no idea what he’s doing.. his game Human Element is probably canceled indefinitely..

      • ccrows

        I meant that as more about Bowling talking “COD”.

        Extra bonus would be “Why he decided to leave mid-cycle?”

        ^ Maybe things just got too awkward (between him and Activision) after he fought to give us free maps, and as a result we did get Terminal for free in MW3…

  • Sam cobin

    I kinda wish they would just make the next cod game take place in 2017. There is some rly cool technology right now that wouldn’t ruin the game. It would be boots on the ground with sliding and no energy weapons. There could be some cool drones and modern looks but not space themed

  • Sentinel

    Next COD should not have; boost jump/wallrun, energy weapons, unrealistic specialist. Take the following out of the game and I think any of the 3 studios can still make a great fucken game. They can even use a near-future setting with a lot more relate-able items, weapons, ect to the Modern World.

  • Qaotik

    I wish there was a TL;DR because I don’t want to watch both videos at the moment

  • Unclecoon

    Black ops 3 advanced movement was fun ….iw advanced movement is terrible… you don’t always catch the wallrun, your shot is super sloppy unless you have a variant, and you die from 2-3 shots from any gun (except shotguns for some reason), specialist were over done in iw, and all the weapons feel the same

    • jt3z

      Dont lie to yourself. IW is a carbon copy of Bo3 outside of the Target assist and Hit detection.

  • Tommy Ledge

    Cod should go back to being more accessible. It needs to slow down and allow slow players to keep up..flying through the air is too overwhelming for 99.9% of console players.

    • jt3z

      99.9% of statistics are made up. 😉

      • “Don’t trust quotes from the internet” – Martin Luther King Jr

  • dust&cheese

    everyone already agrees that future crap is dead. the only people that enjoy IW are the same people who will blindly buy a game with COD slapped on the cover.

    • Marc Grierson

      Or people who enjoy the game. Shocking isn’t it that people actually enjoy the game . . . Generalising makes you seem like a goon man grow up, if you don’t like it fair play but plenty do.

  • Group_935

    Treyarch makes the best Call of Duty to date. It sucks that we have to wait so long for another Treyarch game. Plus, I heard Vonderhaar is leaving which makes me sad and worried. Waw, Bo1 and Bo2 were all really fun and unique.

  • Add tl;dr