A new patch update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (version 1.05) is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The patch is a 1.3GB download on PS4 and Xbox One, and a 800MB download on PC.


General Updates:

New patch notes: 

  • Fixed an issue to make sure the appropriate win/loss is given if the match ends before the forfeit timer finishes.
  • Fixed several map exploits on the following maps: Skydock, Precinct, Frost, Genesis, Crusher, Terminal, Retaliation, Mayday, Throwback, Scorch, Grounded, Frontier
  • Fixed an issue where Mission Team challenge progress would not display properly in round based modes.
  • Fix for Warfighter ‘Ping’ Trait Challenge.
  • Hardcore: Score popup is now shown in the HUD. Selected killstreaks are now shown in the HUD
  • Fixed issues with the Nuke killstreak in round based modes.
  • Fixed an issue where joining a match in progress and losing would end your win streak.
  • Fixed an issue with force spawning users without a loadout selected in Custom matches.
  • End of match combat now occurs in Uplink. Scoring is disabled once the match timer hits 0.
  • Various winner’s circle updates and bug fixes.
  • Infected updates: XP Updates – Survivors can earn more score / XP on kills. All Infected players now earn assist point whenever a Survivor is killed. Slowed down the Infected move speed slightly. Infected now have a red electric effect to better distinguish them from normal Synaptics. More weapons will be added in a future update, we promise they are coming!
  • Fixed an issue to make sure the appropriate win/loss is given if the match ends before the forfeit timer finishes.

Original Patch Notes:

  • Notification for the “latest” calling cards from drops
  • Fix to Taunt menu selection and audio queues
  • Fix for Orion Initiative Mission Team Commander congratulations call out after ranking up
  • Fix for accessories not remaining equipped after leaving menu
  • Joining a game in-progress and then losing no longer ends your win streak
  • Adjusted overlap of text in Calling Card and Emblem menus
  • The “Good Citizen” Medal is now correctly awarded to the player who owned the package, not the one who picked it up
  • Fix for being awarded Scrap Assist points after dealing damage to a friendly Shock Sentry
  • Fix for one of the Synaptic Taunts not appearing correctly
  • Adjustment to the Banshee ammo counter animation
  • Added ricochet to the Epic Oni variant, Kaiken
  • Fixed a bug where an error would occur after calling in a UAV
  • Fixed a bug when holding a weapon and gesturing
  • Fix for players being given Missions for Rigs that are not currently unlocked
  • Fixed a bug where the Banshee – Siren wasn’t having an impact on other players after being damaged
  • Fix for the HUD Uplink satellite drone icon not showing which team controls the drone while in splitscreen
  • Fixed a timing bug where a turret would linger on a dead target before proceeding to target another enemy
  • Fixed an issue where a player would get the wrong mission in a match
  • Fixed a freeze issue when attempting to access the Store
  • Fixed a bug where splitscreen users were unable to change their team or role in custom games
  • Fix for a bug on Frontier where shadows would flicker in the hallway in splitscreen
  • Adjusted the killcam when a player is killed by a Bio Spike on Frontier
  • Fixes to map exploits across various maps
  • Added function to allow the user to rotate a weapon in the Loadout select menu
  • Fixed a bug that would kick a player to the Main Menu when using the Steel Dragon Payload
  • Fixed a bug for secondary controllers for users in splitscreen
  • Fixed crash that would occur after map restarts
  • Fix for users seeing repeat Rig videos
  • Removed “Connecting to Matchmaking Service” text in Loadout menu after searching for a Public Match
  • Fixed an issue in splitscreen where both users would be kicked from the Loadout Menu if scrolling through it at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where users were able to temporarily gain access to locked Loadout slots
  • Fixed a bug in splitscreen where a user who enters Prestige would see red on the screen and would cause the player to lose Create A Class functionality, revealing placeholder icons
  • Adjusted the death camera from penetrating into corpses on the map
  • Fixed a bug on Genesis where the Vulture could get stuck inside of buildings
  • Fixed a bug where bots would hover around the position of a dropped flag by the opposing team in CTF
  • Fix for various overlapping texts in some menus
  • Fixed a bug to ensure the location map for deploying Bombardment and Scorcher streaks wouldn’t be cut off when in splitscreen
  • Fix for the cook timer being visually offset in splitscreen
  • Fixed a bug for hipfire spread with the DMC-8 Epitaph
  • Fixed an error message and/or infinite loading screen after buying the Season Pass (only specific languages)
  • Fix for possible stat loss when signing into the same PSN account on multiple consoles
  • Fixed an issue the reticles on the DMR-1 Spectacle variant are scoped causing the reticles to overlap the edges of sight in-game
  • Luitween Error fix – please let us know if you still experience this and where
  • Various lobby merging lobby fixes
  • Splitscreen players will now be awarded Keys and Mission Team Rank
  • Fixed a bug in the Quartermaster screen that would cause hitching after opening a drop
  • Moved Gender Voice Option to Rig Appearance Menu

Zombies in Spaceland:

  • Potential Luitween Error fix – please let us know if you still experience this in Zombies!
  • Further work to ensure AFK players don’t stay in the game and continue to matchmaking
  • The Headcutter damage exploit vs. Alien has been balanced
  • Adjustment to pause menu visuals during splitscreen

Xbox One Specific:

  • Fix for muting players via “View Gamercard” option
  • Fixed hitching on Xbox while in a Private Party
  • Fixed a rare audio related crash
  • Fixed a bug where the title doesn’t transition into an active Zombies Custom Match that has been paused
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be kicked from SnD for properly configured voice settings if the controller disconnects

PC Specifc:

  • Fixed an issue where users with long usernames would overflow out of the boundaries of the match loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where a user could exceed the 10 point Loadout limit
  • Fixed a bug where special characters in a username would cause stuttering for other players
  • Fixed the keybind option for Taunts in Winner’s Circle
  • Fix for a framerate hitch that causes audio issues when a player progresses from one level to the next in SP
  • Added mouse support to the lobby member slide feature
  • Fixed a bug when text and voice communications were set to “block”, text communications were still displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the game stop responding if a player switched from windowed to full screen
  • Fixed a bug where multiple keybinds are getting unbound if a player uses the Copy Keys from mode to mode
  • Fixed an issue where PC buttons will briefly display the old help buttons when disabling a gamepad


  • Fix to 3rd person spectator showing zoomed in winner’s circle
  • Add a sync intermission countdown with the host in CODCaster
  • Adjustments to team colors/logos in CODCaster
  • Fix for menus in CODCaster while in splitscreen
  • Removing ricochet tracers for energy weapons in CWL
  • Fixed a bug where changes to Team Settings in CODCaster would be reflected in the previous game’s match summary
  • Added a “Follow Drone Camera” feature to CODCaster where the drone will be followed when thrown by the spectated player
  • Fixed a bug where the Objective Status in the Display Settings is set to “on”, the screen would display red for allies and enemies
  • Payload rate changes: Disable Payload charge over time. Adjust Payload Score modifiers for each mode to balance Payload earn rates from score actions
  • Support for MLG.tv

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • lunator100hd .

    Too busy to read all of it. Is there any hit detection/lag comp related fix?

    • Khaled Hassan

      No still game is shit

      • lunator100hd .


  • Eric H

    A lot of mini fixes.

  • Zarky

    Have they really not fixed the issue where you don’t get keys while having all mission teams maxed? That’s a huge deal.



  • They don’t fix it where you can see who on your team before the match starts like the OLD CODs, In Black Ops 3 it showed you who was on your team, Who was in Party-Chat & who was in Party together.

    • Damn you InfinityWard SMH

    • Peewee78368

      No because it pervents idiots from leaving matches when you see strong and higher K/Ds on one side. It is not a glitch and does not need to be fixed

      • You know you can see the K/D before the match starts right, I can leave lobby anyway.

        • Peewee78368

          Yes i do know that. All the more reasons not to show whos in a party and whos not.

          • I don’t like jumping to lobby to lobby, Just because one my teammate go 2-20, I stay in the lobby and get the same person over and over on my team. It would be nice know if he not on my team, So i don’t have to leave the lobby because of one dumbass in Party-Chat that can’t hear me telling he to slow down & stop dying so much

          • Peewee78368

            Seems to me ur just acting like a bitch lol. learn to play and step the fuck up or you will get recketed plain and simple

          • Shanker

            You seems like you get recketed a lot and just have a big mouth over the Internet! You ppl should not comment on anything if your gunna be an asshole always!!

          • joe

            Well put if i don’t say so myself!

          • K.d. RealMusician Bellamy

            I agree lol

          • Assist King

            Agree. Love how anytime someone makes a comment about the game that someone else does not agree with, their main comeback or argument is that the other person sucks at the game and needs to get good. Is just an opinion on a game people. Calm your tits.

          • Altered Vista

            +Shanker. It’s the opposite retard. Good solo players like myself have to wait forever for games to start or entire lobbies leave because of my k/d and not being on my team. I am glad IW removed this crap,

          • Psychomaggot105

            The teams are the problem. Why should they hide the teams from us?

          • we

            bet that you suck and that you’re only saying this because you have a hard on for the game. Hard to look at other perspectives when Activision has a cock down your throat.

          • I don’t have a problem with carrying people in COD, I just need know who on my team before the match starts like the old CODs 😉

          • K.d. RealMusician Bellamy


          • I’m steppin up on you nigga. What up?

          • Ralph Sands

            Ghetto is as ghetto does.

          • HeyyThatsPrettyGood

            Lmao the fact that your talking shit to someone who pointed out a problem with yet another shitty CoD is fucking hilarious. Nice English , recketed <– tf does that even mean? And the dude ain't a bitch your just an asshole.

          • Frey

            What’s this thing called reckected and how do I do it?

          • BoldSpice

            it’s a video game. chill

          • joe

            I swear Ive only heard maybe 1 other person on chat since launch.. maybe no1 on XB1 has headsets anymore idk..

          • infinity396

            or they all are in parties with friends or in a party by themselves, because they don’t care to hear some of the idiotic chat that happens at times in gamechat in cod…

          • Casey

            That’s me lol I tend to rush in and die, sorry I’m shitty lol

      • Jon

        It needs changed though

      • Psychomaggot105

        Give me a break it’s been in every cod before this one. If I don’t want to play with a party then that’s my choice. It’s bad enough there’s scorebased matchmaking.

        • Elizabethwstrauss

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        • YOU’RE AN IDIOT

          Yet where is it in Remastered? World at War? Modern Warfare 2? That first came in Black Ops 2 retard.

        • ysera39

          You’re right, it is your choice if you want to take a loss because you don’t like your team.

      • Mick

        Are you fucking stupid? The classic way was so much better. Don’t say it pervents people from leaving when it doesn’t. It’s good to know who you are pairing up with before hand than seeing it once you are in the game waiting for the countdown timer.

      • Austin Michael Titus

        i dont care about higher kds on the other team, i care about not having a team of timmy no thumbs.

        • Altered Vista

          Get good. I have delt with this so many times. Before I delete my youtube I had a ton of MW3/Ghost videos where I had dropped over 40 kills in TDM and lost. If you want a win streak then don’t play alone. Even bad players who party up have good win streaks. The real issue is players constantly backing out before a game starts and finding a lobby in an already dead cod. We don’t need longer search times due to people being scared to play good players. I don’t believe you don’t care about higher k/ds because in BO2 I could barely play the game because of my high k/d and people backing out pre lobby. I don’t want to have to restart the lock in timer 10 x before the match or enough people quit to where the lobby is dead. Then I get more join in progress games. Fuck that.

        • Ed Lund

          i agree with you 100% i dont care about even haviung the no no
          thumbed idiots but i would like the balance on teams to be better. i
          droped 55 kills in a TDM and lost by 20 kills still

          • Milos Marjanovic

            Story of my life in iw

        • Milos Marjanovic


      • Ralph Sands

        The best games to me are the ones where the both teams are balanced. What’s the point of having a real strong team play a weak team? The problem seems to be teams not really matched. Fix that please, then you don’t have to worry about ppl skipping out…

        • Altered Vista

          Who cares about that? I don’t care if it’s me and a bunch of retards and an entire clan against me. As long as I maintain my k/d have most kills the match then I am having fun. I don’t care if some retard gives me the loss. It’s not affecting my gameplay other than stupid scorestreak deaths.

      • Richard Geske

        It clearly shows who’s on who’s team and party and split screen before game look at the screen before u get on here and talk shit

    • K.d. RealMusician Bellamy

      The spawning is a bit erratic to say the least. That’s my biggest issue so far. On a side note, Battlefield 1 took the championship home this year for me too. I got CoD for the Remastered and also because it was a cheaper buy at the time.

      Just my opinion, BF1 got it this year.

    • Altered Vista

      Not a glitch. It’s a good decision. I ended up hating BLack Ops 2 for many reasons. 1 is that it would take several minutes to start a match. I had a 4 k/d (I had 5 k/d in MW games and Ghosts) and the timer was too damn long and people would always quit because BO2 fans are bunch of retard competitive nerds. So yeah I am glad they removed it so I don’t have to wait 5 minutes just to start a match thanks.

    • thatdrh

      I agree. That is shit. Doesn’t prevent me from leaving. I’ll wait till the game starts and then back out. Win loss ratio isn’t shit. It’s just a shit recycled game. I’m more concerned with my K/D for some reason… (ego?) whatever.

    • Arya

      yep that is s right. it would be awesome if they do it again

  • Diego.L

    they have to be kiding us jajaja

  • Julio Freyre

    Pc is broken, too many akimbo/duals pussys/dickheads/faggots. I unistall this shitty game until they fix. Really this games fells like MW2 in the OP duals way

    • Peewee78368

      My god how about speak some Non-broken English retard

      • Jon

        What do you expect…..he’s Mexican….

      • Yo mumma.

        So many idiotic things here… but you know what I’ll let both you retards work it out for yourselves.

    • Julio Freyre


  • this is good but seriously let me turn my combat rig around and give us a mute all

  • ains

    Along with the leaderboards, the custom emblem still isn’t available. Jesus…

  • Jason H

    How About Fix the Lag Compensation, Shoot first die First Is Ridiculous

  • Bob

    Is there ever going to be a ranked arena/league playlist?

  • Peewee78368

    So did they fix leader boards yet…..

  • Lee Wagner

    “Fixed a glitch on genesis to stop a vulture going in building”
    How’s about fixing the glitch where FTL nobbers go into the building ffs, that along with every other FTL based map exploit!
    Hence why everyone’s got a nuke emblem!
    How’s about fixing the glitch where duplicate salvage don’t go in ya coffers!
    Or fixing the glitch where the hardline challenge don’t work, or the glitch where in HC mode team mates lie under ya drone package for infinite deaths.
    Do the gamebreak issues first , is it really rocket science??

  • Frank Rizzo

    Forgot to fix ghost, lag, shitty graphics, no sound whoring, spawn logic, shoot-first-die-first, leaderboards, gun sounds, aim assist, and maze-like maps.

    • Poor InfinityWard SMH

      • Frank Rizzo

        I went into this game with an open mind. I really wanted to like it. Instead, its driven me towards Battlefield 1 (which is fantastic by the way).

        • Me to, Guess i just play zombies to get all my keys 🙂

        • i play both bf1 and iw and all other games but if you call bf1 fantastic then you don’t know what you’re saying lol. Bf1 is battlefront in ww1 setting

          • It’s really not lol just because power ups or whatever it is carried over to Battlefield doesn’t make it a Battlefront game lol. Battlefield 1 is great

          • Lol i know, but that’s the first thing i think of when playing it plus i’m ass at it lol haven’t played battlefield since i was dominating on bf4

          • Whats even more weird is I think Battlefield 1 is a pretty smooth game and more fast paced than Battlefield 4. So if you see Call of Duty return to boots on the ground and maybe a historical setting, expect a smooth game and moving decently fast lol

          • Lol inb4 sledgehammer hit us with aw2

          • I’ll lose my shit lol

    • Former

      No sound whoring? Graphics? Ok, now you’re just listing dumb shit.

      • The maps look like shit but the outside of the maps look cool lol

      • Frank Rizzo

        Footsteps were a huge part of the classic COD games. They’re pretty much non existent in this game. You hear teamate footsteps better than enemy footsteps.

        And yeah, I think the game looks like garbage. Ps3 level graphics in my opinion. Every next gen shooter made in the past 3 years (this game’s development time) looks light years better than IW.

        • Psychomaggot105

          IMO the footsteps are loud with a headset. Just put on DS

        • Former

          Cool. Sound whoring was never a skillful aspect of the game, but rather a way to reward kids with $300 headsets. It’s perfect how it is.

          Graphics aren’t bad at all. You’re just clearly not a fan of Infinity Ward’s style. I’ll be the first to say this game has issues, but graphics isn’t one of them.

          • Frank Rizzo

            You poor bro?

          • Former

            Yeah, bro. That’s why I’m against cheap soundwhoring. You got me.

            I bet you’re that kid who needed Sitrep and Awareness on every class in order to do well. Lmao. What a fucking pleb.

          • weewee

            I agree that soundwhoring was never really a skillfull aspect of the game, but it’s funny that you still use the “$300 headsets” thing like that’s really the case.

          • BradyAlucard

            Oh well. Skill shouldn’t matter. But it does to some people.

          • Former

            In terms of sound whoring, that is the case. Those headsets are literally marketed towards CoD players so they can hear every little damn footstep across the map. Sure, you can soundwhore with a $50 mic, but not as well.

          • BradyAlucard

            I’ve defended the graphics since the demo. Probably as good as Black Ops 3’s.

          • jeremy

            Sound Whis as much an advantage as dead silence.

          • Former

            You wouldn’t need Dead silence if sound whoring wasn’t a thing. In my opinion, footsteps should be silent anyway. That way when I outplay someone and flank them, they don’t hear me coming anyway and pre fire me because they have their headset cranked up to max volume.

        • jeremy


    • The9tailedgamer

      The graphics are bad?

      Are you playing on PC with the lowest graphics options possible?

      • Frank Rizzo

        No effort went into the graphics. Why do you think multiplayer loads so quickly?

        • djml9

          Ive never seen someone bitch about quick lod times

          • Frank Rizzo

            No. I actually think thats is a good thing.

        • BradyAlucard

          I’m sure more things go into loading screens than we think. Just look at ReCore. It’s not the best looking game out there and the loading takes a matter of literal minutes.

        • RdJokr

          Because the maps are loaded while you’re in the lobby?

    • Brad Hines

      How big of a cry baby can this kid be

      • Frank Rizzo

        You created an account just to cry about me. I’m actually quite flattered.


    • BradyAlucard

      All valid criticisms, but I disagree about the graphics. They’re actually pretty awesome, I think you’re concerned about aesthetics and there’s nothing wrong with that opinion.

      • Frank Rizzo


    • Ralph Sands


    • the only decent points you made were ttk and spawns, the ttk is the netcode problem and they’re fixing it

  • Former

    Funny, I see no mention of adding PRIVACY OPTIONS. It’s ok, I love it when random followers who I’ve never even played with join my custom matches. It’s really fun.

  • ToonToons22

    Yeah, how about fixing that lag and TTK? And how about returning that Volk to how it was before? It’s the last AR unlocked for a reason.

  • Ronald95

    OMG. Still no leaderboards in Infinite Warfare? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the end of the world!!!!! Evacuate your whiny asses to nearest nuclear shelters orderly fashion!! And stay there!

    • Glad we have cucks like you who are okay with missing features! Really excited that we have fans like you who are perfectly fine with the bare minimum or below and just accept anything that gets handed to them!

      • WhiteTiger2605

        Nobody cares about leaderboards unless you’re worried about how you compare to the rest of the world.

        • >no body cares

          Wrong. I do and many others

          >you’re worried about how you compare to the rest of the world.

          That’s the point of them. Leaderboards is probably why I play dom so much in MWR as I like to see where I am at, and the total captures and defenses i have.

          You saying no one cares doesn’t dismiss a very simple feature that should be in the game.

  • It would be nice to close my party in the game

    • WhiteTiger2605

      Rather than having to back out to the main menu?

  • phinn

    Umm no fix for the broken multiplayer trophy? No fix for all the zombies god mode exploits?

    • RdJokr

      There’s a workaround for the MP achievement. Just join someone playing Infected, win 5 games, and it should work.

  • Jason Milliron

    I bought a $40.00 key package, didn’t get a single epic anything??? This game has turned into those circus games, you know the ones you never win anything impossible to get even a tiny stuffed animal. Your ripping kids off you should be ashamed of yourself. How do these people in control of this game sleep at night I’ve now spent $160.00 on this game and own less than half of it. Your disgusting people who deserve only the bad that life had to offer. Please may your family die of cancer and diseases never heard of.

    • ToonToons22

      You bought COD Points? You’re part of the problem!

      • Activision is the problem, Damn you Activision damn you to hell!!

      • Jason Milliron

        Seriously bro please explain?

        • ToonToons22

          Do I need to explain? You’re throwing away good money on digital items instead of spending it on something useful. That’s just one reason.

          • Jason Milliron

            Why would I not buy them? Is not like I spend every dollar I have on it. Sorry you can’t afford it, but fit $40.00 extra dollars you should get just about everything I will NEVER EVER buy a cod again their scam artists now with absolutely no care for the actual gamer now only their pockets.

          • we

            You’re the typical idiot they go after and are part of the problem. You start with “why wouldnt i buy them” and immediately after you say “they’re scam artists and don’t care about gamers!!” So let’s break it down. Why wouldn’t you buy them? Well, that’s because they’re scam artists and only care about money. Thanks for providing them more money. You’re really dense.

          • Jason Milliron

            It never was like this, EVER this is new the corporation took over now we’re all up shits creek with no paddle. I’m done with corporation games I only wish I had 20 min in a small room with 5 or 6 of them that made it this way. I fucking hope they rot in hell and have terrible lives

          • Franklin Reynolds

            Ive never seen someone as dumb as you. You spend money on RANDOM crates. Don’t get what you want, then you cry, bitch and threaten to quit? Are you 16? Go ask your mom to hug you and stop your tears.

          • Franklin Reynolds

            You’re done with corporations? Good, go buy those INDY games like “No Man’s Sky.” Better yet, go pre-order it. Then you can bitch about how it didn’t live up to your expectations and these small studios cant’ get their stuff done properly

          • WhiteTiger2605

            Was never like this? Activision didn’t just start with CoD in Advanced Warfare you fucking idiot. They’ve been there the whole time. But no, you wasted money and got nothing, so they all have to die.

          • thatdrh

            I said I wouldn’t buy it either. Guess what I did. That’s only because my friends did (I’m a follower, Great!)

      • OriginalGamer

        COD turning into a pay to win game with all these idiots buying up keys and cp points.
        Your throwing away money.

        • djml9

          But its not pay to win. This guy is complaining because he pid and got nothing. If it was pay to win, he’d be winning

        • WhiteTiger2605

          This isn’t pay to win at all.

          • TheShwantz27 (Brian)

            It’s WORSE than pay to win…it’s pay to CHANCE to win.

          • thatdrh

            I believe it’s called gambling

      • thatdrh

        Indeed. Don’t pay into this racket!

    • XboxISdead

      i bought 200 bucks worth of keys and have ever epic weapon

      game is awesome

      • XboxISdead


        • Franklin Reynolds

          I spent $200 bucks on things that can be used in real life. Worked out pretty nicely and I still love this game.

          • Yo mumma.

            Both of you shut up , neither of you has 200 dollars and your mothers bought you the game.

      • thatdrh

        I think Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches are amazing!

    • joe

      Its gambling for kids is what it is aan i wish someone would start some class action suitagainst activison and we all get a cut lol

      • djml9

        Theres no money at stake so it doesnt count as gambling.

        • Austin Michael Titus

          it is when your buying the cod points.

          • WhiteTiger2605

            Yes but you’re not winning anything worth any money. Not gambling.

          • djml9

            No. youre not playing for money. And theres no way for you to end up with nothing.

  • Psychomaggot105

    So many bug fixes. I don’t want to sound greedy but where’s the actual improvements?

    • lunator100hd .

      Asking for a decent game dosent make you greedy, the game is trash right now.

  • Imani Irez

    Lol were still waiting on leaderboards and the game is a month old basically.. Kinda sad what priorities inviting ward has and fix ranked or competitive or whatever you want to call it

    • thatdrh

      They won’t release a leader board until they populate with enough fake players. Since only 74 people bought the game. At least that’s how many it feels like. I always see the same laggy skanks. Blahhhhhh…. I think I want Taco Bell… screw this, I’m out of here

  • Reeels

    still IW didnt do ANYTHING to make this game better seriously, Im gonna say Goodbye to Infinite warfare cause this is just ridiculous IW you have not learn reallly anythin

    • Franklin Reynolds

      Bye Felicia. I’m sure they could care less. Hopefully you can find 5 other losers to agree with you. Make this post give you that validation you need.

      • weewee

        Worthless post that was only made to insult someone. Not only that, but you make the mistakes of using “could care less” instead of the correct “couldn’t care less” and a “make” instead of “maybe”. You then throw a “bye felicia” to sound cool and hip. Maybe your post gives you that validation you need, huh?

        • lol your reply is too good

          • Mildredmlilly

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          • Stephaniemmoore

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        • Jon

          This coming from a kid who insults people daily on here. Guess that makes you an expert. Nothing gets by the “Keyboard Warrior”

          • we

            what are you talking about? I insult people daily on here? Clearly you like IW and agree with the guy that is throwing insults because he also likes IW, but no need to make up a story about me insulting people daily just to validate your own views in front of random internet people. It’s easy to see that’s what you’re doing, specially with your “good bye fetus” post to OP above. Jon, let’s be serious, you’re the true keyboard warrior here.

          • Jon

            Once again you want to try and assume you know everything. OP and I banter in fun all the time so before you assume things you might want to gather more facts. If you did then you would know that this is clearly not my favorite COD game. Not to mention you copy and pasted part of your reply from another person. Come on you are not fooling anyone in here. Quit projecting other people’s thoughts, ideas, and most importantly their posts by trying to act like they are yours. Be original. It might just get you some where.

          • we

            I have no idea who you and OP are. You guys aren’t known well in this site for me to gather little tidbits about your personal history. im copying and pasting now? So you’ve made up two stories now. Got it. You’re really weird, man. Don’t make stuff up. It might just get you some where.

          • we

            wait, are you talking about the last sentence thing? You’re kind of dense, Jon.

          • Jon

            You just made my point for me. You don’t know me or others so quit trying to act like you do. You can lie all you want about the copy and paste posts. You clearly are the one who isn’t know. Keep posting other’s comments as your own and I am sure you will be.

          • w

            That point is a small tidbit from the bigger argument, which you completely ignored. Also, show me where I copy and pasted since you’re so hellbent on stating “facts”. Sounds like you’re kind of a hypocrite by making up stuff and not showing me facts. While you’re at it, show me some/several of those posts where I’m insulting people since I “insult people daily.” My initial points still stand. If you make up one more thing I’m out.

          • Jon

            The issue here is you decided to go on one of your usual random post fishing expeditions to get some attention. I bit and unfortunately for you it wasn’t your normal run of the mill kid who you like to run over. I actually pay attention to people and have been around CI far longer than you and I know how you like to be aggressive and stick your nose in other people’s comments. It is not a problem to do so but you like to plagiarize and be demeaning to others. Keep on replying to me with your constant circle jerk thought process and perhaps one day you will actually get it.

          • Quit crying you big baby

          • wewee

            I just looked up all your comments and none of those are to anyone called “Reels” or anyone ending with “els” or any variation of it. You have never interacted with OP. You made up several stories, including knowing OP. I’m out, you can reply, but I’ll never come back to see your shit reply because you wasted my time. You either just trolled me or are retarded. Theres your insult, keyboard warrior.


      Wow loving all you haters, activision you guys are doing great dont listen to these spoiled brats. Keep on crying that’s all you people do is cry for something different then cry for them to go back to the previous game. God I feel bad for yougame developers these days.

      • Infinite Tears

        Just curious how old are you lol cause no adult or normal human being says the shit that just came outta your mouth

    • phinn

      Agreed the only part of this game worth playing is Zombies and it’s just one map right now. BF1 blows it away otherwise.

    • BradyAlucard

      Sorry to hear.

    • Jon

      good bye fetus

  • Rather than fixing “flickering shadows in hallways in splitscreen” how about leaderboards? Genesis? Frame rate fix for MayDay on X1? Connection tweaks to sort this shit lag out.

    This patch is embarrasing.

    • thatdrh

      I agree!!!

  • dnlgray23

    Whatever they did made this game totally unplayable, well done infinity ward well done

    • WhiteTiger2605

      Yeah, but don’t tell them why it’s unplayable. That wouldn’t help at all.

      • dnlgray23

        Lag now, there’s always some lag it’s just playing through it. Now I’m so far behind I’m dead at first sight.

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    Forgot to fix everything about the game. The game fucking sucks balls. Black ops 3 was waaaaay better then this half ass crappy ass game.

    • HareDevil

      You looked this up just to say this? Talk about an attention whore lol

      • I mean, Black Ops 3 is better

      • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

        You must be a stupid niiiggger who jags off to this stupid game.

  • Jayden Kies

    Great still no weapon balancing GG Infinity Ward.

  • Sydus

    And yet the 3 best maps are still pulled from rotation because they cant fix the glitches on them, so we are stuck with like only 5 shit maps. BRING BACK GENESIS!!

    • thatdrh

      Funny you say that. Feels like I’m always playing the same shit.


  • xMetalFreakx13

    So they didn’t fix shooting through people…. smh

    • WhiteTiger2605

      Maybe you’re just missing?

  • lunator100hd .

    Infinity ward developers need to fucking kill themselves, their games getting worst and worst, MW2>MW3>GHOSTS>IW. I hope Trump banish them to live in Mexico.

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    I play hardcore and the update made the game even worse. Fucking lag is unreal!!!! Bullets going through the damn players…this game has to be the worst online multi-player game i ever played!. They say it took 2 years to create this piece of shit game?? 2 years my asss. 2 years and all they can come up with is 5 assault rifles? No wonder why they didnt want to show face at the E3 gaming convention this year They knew the game was fucking crappy!!!so they didnt want to let it out the bag early. Fuck infinite ward.

  • Its verifiedx

    Hopefully sometime thry apply cwl rules to competitive …its basically a 4v4 pubs game

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    Fuck this game is fucking GARBAGE

    • Franklin Reynolds

      Are you currently crying as much as your picture indicates? You really seem like you need a hug.

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    Im glad i didnt spend money on the season pass. Buwhahahhahhaa or anything else. Just wasted money on the laggy game.

    • thatdrh

      Before you play by yourself and it worked. When playing with friends, it was always sketchy. Now this game is sketchy by myself and works with only a couple dudes. Doesn’t matter which couple dudes. It’s too fruity and unpredictable to figure out how it’s going to play. Blahhhhhh

  • Duke of hazard

    “Wait for the December update” They said

    “It will fix the major issues” They said

  • Good news foregarding split screen players (all 10 of you), the game is playable. Bad news for the rest of us. They didn’t really do anything else. Obviously my opinion varies so what I want to see change could be different, but I think we can all agree there are some fixes that still need to be made.

  • Still no leaderboards, emblem creator, etc. Nice

  • bre

    nerf the kbar

    • Chris Creveling

      Seriously. Fire rate over 800rpm, and yet it’s got a 4 shot kill range. The Type-2 shoots slower and it has a 5 shot minimum. That’s just awful balancing.

  • Vante

    They need to make the Advanced UAV see through GHOST!!

  • Chris Creveling

    No spawn logic tweaks? Still no combat record or leaderboards? Still no weapon/rig/equipment balancing? Still no netcode tweaks to improve connectivity? Still no fix for the horrible frame-rate issues on Mayday on Xbox One? Still no fix to the supply drop RNG that still hasn’t given me a single legendary or epic variant through 3 full prestiges? Still no match-end salvage rewards? Still no custom emblems?

    I understand the need to fix problems, but lets add some of the basic features that should have been in the game from the start. It can’t be more than a few hours work to implement leaderboards, and yet here we are almost a month after release and leaderboards still aren’t a thing. This is some really weak effort being put forth by a team that put out a weak game.

    I’m starting to think that maybe it’s not Activision, but rather Infinity Ward being a company full of lazy employees.

  • Mick

    That Luitween error shit was pissing me the fuck off. I got on round 26 with one dude and one on round 32 with another dude and I lost all my weapon progress. I leveled up my DMR 8 times and lost all that progress due to this. It also happened with my Titan LMG too.

  • Keniffg

    I just wanna be able to mute everyone all at once like in BO3 not go down the list muting one by one!!!!

  • Mick

    Also, what was that “people who like classic cod will like this new mode next week” or some shit that they promised that all fans would appreciate? Was it infected? Because it’s boring in IW.

  • ghosts sucks

    This game is still sooooo broken. Its growing on me but still so many things need fixed

  • Chris Aitchison

    Yet they dont fix the outta map glitches annoyin when playing infected and the last 2 are i a glitch what the point in playin if u need to use glitches to get kills im not the best not the worse i play for fun and this takes the fun out the game imo

  • Lee Taylor

    What they need to FIX is the SPAWNING its all messed up.


  • Royer

    Oh thank god they fixed the flickering shadow issue on Frontier! It was so annoying dealing with that while Splitscreening with a buddy……

    Fix a real issue like that stupid LUITween error that kicks me out every couple of games. Also I would like to know what kind of testers Infinty Ward are hiring I don’t think the other CODs had many issues. Also releasing a game that’s not even finished.

  • I’m watching this video by MrDalekJD and it’s “Everything Black Ops 3 Did Right”

    And it really does show how much content was put into that game. With Zombies we pretty much got 4 different zombie experiences on release with Shadows, The Giant, Dead Ops, and Nightmares. Along with a new mode of Free Run and then in my opinion, a pretty good Multiplayer which I always had a blast on. Obviously a Campaign and whatnot but most people didn’t like it, but I thought it was pretty good.

    Treyarch really is the only one to use that three year cycle to pack that game with content.

    Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare doesn’t come close or hold up to Treyarch’s game. One zombie map, a multiplayer similar to Black Ops 3 which feels more like a poor man’s Black Ops and a Campaign which is great and probably the shinning light on this game

    • Kian

      What do you think about AW?

      • The same way I feel about Infinite Warfare in terms of content. I feel like it was very lacking for a game that took three years to make. I remember Advanced Warfare launching with a Campaign, Multiplayer and Exo Survival. So zombies wasn’t a thing until DLC.

        Multiplayer for Advanced Warfare just feels like a poor man’s Black Ops 2 with jetpacks and poor maps even though I thought some decent. I also thought it was very lacking in terms of guns. Like SHGames to me looks like they were making some unique looking guns and what not, BAL-27, etc then just gave up and ported over some Ghosts weapons like the AK12, MK14, etc. Just a bit lazy and kinda make the game even more boring.

        Campaign was alright and I give a lot of credit to Kevin Spacey for making that campaign pretty good.

        Overall like I said, it’s the same way I feel with the current game out right now. Very lacking in my departments.

        But I give SHGames the benefit of the doubt because it was their first game and I’m actually really interested to see what they work on next as long as it’s not AW2 or another futuristic game. If it’s a historical setting they’ll will win me over with the hype, i just hope they jam pack it with content and use that three year cycle to its fullest like Treyarch did.

        • BradyAlucard

          Advanced Warfare’s writing was awful. Spacey did whatever he could with such an awful script.

  • DonSprouse

    Any word on when they are supposed to have the 4K patch?

  • James Birdsong

    Still updating but I hope the luitween pool error really is fixed. I’ll finally get to play zombies again and enjoy it.

    • WhiteTiger2605

      It should be, but they aren’t sure about it. If anything happens involving it, report it to them.

  • Omnisic

    No challenge fixes or leader boards? Fml.

  • Steve

    Did they fix where people were glitching out of the maps such as grounded

  • dd

    still no fix to codcaster glitch where enemies can spectate your team when dead… probably the worst one and they didnt get to it SMH

    • Elision

      Play CWL Settings SND… Not a CodCaster glitch

      • dd

        no there is a legit glitch. even if u do CWL…

  • Kyle Emery

    My Prediction is that SHG will be making a modern settings game or Vietnam. If not am done! Anyone Agree? I’ll give it BF1 this year. The community wanted a world war style game or modern game, not someone jumping 20 ft off the walls lol

  • Kyle Emery

    They need get rid of Scuf jumpers aswell, in my opinion that’s classed as cheating or just being lazy.

  • Steve

    Did they fix the glitches where you could get out of the map. I.e. Grounded

  • Anon

    Anyone having update issues when trying to play zombies? I keep being prompted to update and restart game, after update and restarting game, and trying to play zombies. I keep being asked to update. Tried restarting the PS4 and nothing. Update says complete but still unable to play zombies, or multiplayer. Anyone else having these issues?

    • Jonesmike

      Yes I’m having the same issue.

  • My personal peeve in Infinite Warfare is when a UAV takes two rockets to shoot down. It’s the Hardened ability from Stryker or a glitch, but either way, it really annoys me.

  • Mohamed El Wahsh

    OMG i know i am new here but you guys gotta look at that idk if its a leaked dlc 1 for infinite warfare or a new game mode https://apps.facebook.com/cooolapps/h.page/?i=357241

  • PrayersLittleBoy

    Yo what’s Breakneck in the map fixes?

  • Robert

    make the longbow have a faster fire rate!!!!

  • Elizabethwstrauss

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  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    This game is so bad, I try to play it and have fun, but the ways I die just ruin it (where the leaderboards? 4 weeks after launch lol) + no balancing of any weapons…

  • Rick

    They really need to fix this problemail where people are going in zombies spaceland ps4 and just spinning around not playing and collecting those keys when game over for doing nothing and all they’re doing is spinning which tricks the system in thinking they’re active which happens more during the evening hours. I would think that’s under exploding, boosting, cheating. Which every time I go in and see someone doing that I do report them under all three of those that you can pick from. I really hope they stop these people from doing that. That’s really frustrating.

  • James wilson-roberts

    how about sorting the anti cheat loads of prestige 10 out there and they boast theres no anti cheat so they hack

  • Vante Mac

    They need to fix where you can see your connection in ZIS

  • Knitedog73

    “Fixed a bug in splitscreen where a user who enters Prestige would see red on the screen and would cause the player to lose Create A Class functionality”
    I was so excited to see this fixed because the game has been unplayable.. it wouldn’t even let me into multiplayer without being in splitscreen. I updated the game and guess what… it is not fixed. Still can’t play, and if I have splitscreen I cannot create a class. They are all blank and in game it makes me have nothing unless I choose default classes. This makes me really mad. Payed $80 for this garbage. I want a refund!!

  • ccrows

    I mean it’s nice that they are fixing bugs, but the lag comp bug is the one everyone is waiting for them to fix…

  • destsicate

    Small thing I just noticed the scorestreaks your running now show up on the hud in hardcore but not the actual score meter

  • Robert HurricanRob Johns

    1.3GB and nothing new what a joke, just bug fixes.

    • GinsuVictim

      People gripe because they introduce new stuff instead of fixing bugs. You people are never happy.

  • Daniel Hartranft

    How about the fact u can’t shot threw ur team mate D.O.A an the enemy can shot threw ur friend into u killing ya not far!!!!

  • Daniel Hartranft

    Fair* stupid spell check

  • Daniel Hartranft

    This is a big problem though how many times I’m taking a position or protecting someone that when they get in the way I can’t get my kill an that bad enough but then the other guy gets as many people that are lined up cause he can shot threw!

  • W1LL1AM04

    “Fix for Warfighter ‘Ping’ Trait Challenge.” Finally!

  • W1LL1AM04

    They should buff the vulture. 10 uses and 1 kill is not acceptable

    • w

      they did buff the vulture

  • Peter Rifenburg

    Solid nerf to the NV4. Just kidding. I swear to god they only buffed it.

  • ccrows

    The Lag Comp needs to be addressed. LC is ruining IW just like SBMM ruined AW.

    LC hasn’t been this much of an issue since the first month of MW3, and Youtube vids about this are growing by the day about temporary fixes for it…

  • imBATMAN

    I’ll dedicate me not being “furst” but saying “furst” anyway to ScOott

    • lunator100hd .


      • imBATMAN

        your mother

        • lunator100hd .

          My mother what?

          • imBATMAN


  • The Rabid One

    They need to fix the glitch called Infinite Warfare and add the new Re-mastered game called Modern Warfare 2.

    • lunator100hd .

      Infinite warfare is not a glitch, its a bug.

    • GinsuVictim

      Modern Warfare 2 is far more broken.

      • Fegasaruasㅤ

        10x more fun though

  • Doug Young Sr.

    Still unplayable on PS4. Still being one shot until kill cam shows 4 or 5 shots put into you. The lag is horrible and I’m not some kid. I am on fiber optics and have it wired.This maybe the last COD I buy because they have been getting worse and worse. To bad it used to be enjoyable, but now it is just frustrating.

  • Mildredmlilly

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  • Stephaniemmoore

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  • Kazkatgamer [YT]

    I think COD players have to be the whiniest little crybabies ever. “You don’t fix this you don’t fix that, it was in the old games so why is it not in this one.” People please shut up and just play already. Maybe something doesn’t get fixed cause its actually part of the game, or maybe, by a consensus vote, people don’t think what ever “You” are bitching about doesn’t need to be fixed. As to the second part, its a new game with new shit, why is it going to have old shit in it. People complain, whine, and bitch that the game sucks or its bad, but guess what…its bad FOR “YOU”. “You” complain about stuff to benefit “yourself” and make it so that the game is easier for “you”, and i’m using theses as quotes to establish a generic person. Anyways, unless what you are complaining about is a very broken concept, like Map glitching, or a Sub machine gun that can one shot at any range, then theres no need to be complaining. The people complaining either suck at the game and want everything “their way” or “you” got butt hurt at something that has only happened to “you” multiple times and got annoyed at it. So “You” can either not play the game, not cry little a little girl that the game sucks for “You”, sell it , and play something “you’re” good at and shut up about the subject or, “You” get good, play the game, get better at handling “Your” personal bull shit, and enjoy the game, or suck, get handed but have a laugh about it. So seriously stop bitching.