With the latest playlist update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward has removed Terminal 24/7 playlist and have added Terminal map into the map rotation for all playlists.

Terminal Bonus Map was available for those who pre-ordered and got a launch copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. In addition, starting today, Activision has made the Terminal map for all players for free in Infinite Warfare.

The playlist update also removed Reinforce mode.

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          • Yo mumma.

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          • warlord

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          Aw because I dedicate my life on fucking CoD to get to the top of the leaderboards lmao stfu kiddo.

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    • Kian

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  • Aidan

    When I input the code to download Terminal & the bullet hawk pack, an error message popped up saying it didn’t work, I tried again, then it said the code had already been used. I checked about a week later, and I had the bullet hawk pack for some reason, but I didn’t have Terminal.

    • OATH VDK

      If you are on XOne you have to manually download the map, after you reedemed the code you’ll find the map on the shop or somewhere else saying download for free (or it say already paid, I don’t remember)

      • Aidan

        I already checked, nothing pops up

    • You should be good now because everyone should have Terminal

      • Aidan

        Huh. Talk about timing.

  • Cheesesteakwit

    Infinite Warfare is horrible! I keep giving it a chance and I keep coming to the same conclusion, the maps are bad, the spawns are bad, the hit detection is bad and the game overall is just bad I would rather play AW or BO3!!

    • jordanxbrookes

      I gave up during the Demo lol.

    • It just pains me so hard that the maps are so bad in this game. They really could have been so much better.

      • What you looking at?

        this and the time to kill what ruins the game for me.. i can deal with the supply drops,but the maps and ttk !!:(

      • maps are better than bo3, only good map on bo3 is haunted

        • The maps are definitely not better than the base maps in Black Ops 3. Hell they aren’t even better than the DLC maps from Black Ops 3

          • Batman

            Any map is better than BO3’s maps, they were all the same ffs

            No interaction, just re skinned the same layout over and over again

          • No. They’re really not. Also the base maps in BO3 were more cater to the movement system as well. The maps made sense and I find myself loving almost all the base maps. Same cannot be said for Infinite Warfare. They’re bad. There is only like one map that really caters to the movement system which is like Mayday there might be another one in there. Not to forget this game feels more twitchy than the last two games. Definitely not better than BO3 by any means.

          • Bmeowmix

            Lol, the whole reason they didn’t center maps around the movement was because the community didn’t want them to. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

          • If you’re going to do a futuristic movement with a futuristic setting, then you design maps to fit that movement design. Map design isn’t going to change people’s opinions on futuristic setting being overdone.

    • I think the hit detection is great. The netcode is a little wonky, but honestly it’s been like this for how many call of duty’s now?

      • And if netcode is still wonky after all this time and still no actual fix, then that’s embarrassing.

    • Sam cobin

      Hit detection is amazing but I agree it is very stale already. This is coming from a hardcore jet packer too

    • AW…………sure thing buddy hahahaha

    • Hitman

      Agreed! I played BO3 again and was surprised how much better it is. Like I said previously, the frame rate dropping and the lag is just plain terrible at times.

  • ccrows

    Cool, now let’s tone down the lag comp, so we can actually have consistent gunfights already…

    • XboxisDead

      And that is why I own a netduma I throttle my Internet to help with that lag comp

    • SSR

      Whats lag comp? ( i have not had any unfair lag that wasn’t made by me)

      • shoot first die first. it’s basically net code issues that haven’t be resolved it’s gonna take a while to fix

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    • Hitman

      True! I stopped playing IW for a few days because of the frame rate issues and lag comp. Played last night and it was iffy.

    • Logic Chief

      I don’t have any lag comp problems. The game is great I also have like super super shit internet so Idk if that helps me. But if this does help me that fair imo because I’m always at a disadvantage playing on a 200 ping

      • W1LL1AM04

        The lag comp works in favor of people with shitty internet connections

  • Beast Mode

    If you use your phones hotspot instead of your own home more powerful internet your hit detection fixes lol..its stupid but true.. try it

    • lunator100hd .

      It dosent matter the source of your internet connection if the game itself is broken.

    • Brian

      The hit detection isn’t the problem with the game


      you also get more radiation, it wouldn’t be worth it


    • Yo mumma.

      Agreed . Honestly not my favourite game mode but in bo3 was so good to rack up 60+ kills for shits and giggles

  • Yo mumma.

    Not normally one to complain but Yeh I love spending money on shit that will be free 1 month later .. thanks guys fucking stellar effort. Wankers.

  • FoxyTheDankPirate

    Watch them sell the special camo’s when christmas hits



  • zack

    I come here everyday in hopes of seeing an article saying the rest of the mwr maps have been added ;( as for infinite warfare, you’d have to give me 100 free supply drops and a free season pass for me to think about playing it. Just absolute trash.

  • rw

    is crashed in infected mode

  • pls stop doing this

  • M0987

    New maps for mwr when?

    The game is getting kinda stale with ones that we have.

  • Leaderboards
    good maps
    salvage earnrate
    framerate on x1

    come on IW

  • King Zilla

    I have been waiting for terminal to be added to the ground war playlist FOREVER. this game just got 2x better. it still isn’t good tho.

  • Ethan

    In a weird way, this kind of pisses me off. I pre-ordered this game and terminal was one of the reasons along with the beta. The 2nd week the beta was free to everybody and now the map is free. So what is the incentive to pre-order?

  • Rob Melchor

    Terminal is campy af! :/