Raven Software is working on bringing a new HUD element to Search and Destroy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered which will show how many players are still alive in each round.

This feature was introduced in Black Ops 3 and is also in Search and Destroy in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

  • I actually like little changes like that. I especially like the medals in the game. Really does make the game feel like a newer Call of Duty. Just imagine a boots on the ground Vietnan Call of Duty with all the elements that COD has now. Scorestreaks, medals, pick 10, etc

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    • I 2nd that

    • Batman

      Just no scorestreaks, only pointstreaks

      • If pointstreaks mean strike packages from MW3 come back then im all for it.

      • Dominic

        There are no benefits to pointstreaks over scorestreaks

  • Good, played S&D the other day and it was annoying nearly dying checking the scoreboards fam.

    • Marchellejbaker

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  • Kozzi

    I like this a lot, even though there’s definitely going to be some old school faggots screaming that it’s not gonna be like the original and that they are ruining a legendary game smh

  • Batman

    This feature exist since BO1(Maybe even earlier) and its been there ever since

    • ya boi


  • Sexy Mcgee

    Oh wowwie that’s a game changer!!! Jee golly, you sure do spoil us Raven.

    How about fixing the worst fucking netcode since black ops 1!

    • Markdg23

      Ppl still complain about net code on these games lol man seriously upgrade your internet it’s not the game companies fault your interwebs are stolen from a wifi hotspot. Plus some of you idiots buy netduma routers and still complain, you know why bc when you cloak a turd, it’s still a turd. If your internet is ass and not from a major cable provider it doesn’t matter what kind of router you have bc your internet is still trash. There is nothing wrong with the connections of these games everyone I play with has good internet and we have zero issues. The Sheeple around here just are not used to dying in 3-4 actual hits bc these games do not have treyarchs built in “gun play mechanics” where in public match making you never kill each other in the proper amount of bullets, don’t believe me go watch David Vonderturds videos leading up to BO2. IW doesn’t use this BS so you naturally die faster.

      • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

        you’re rambling about bullshit nobody was talking about and none of us even know what a (netduma) router is so you must be the one who has it. Upgrade your internet, buddy

        • Markdg23

          My internet is great you never see me on here complaining about lag comp this lag comp that when the reality is that most ppl just don’t do very well in cod so they blaim everything else besides themselves lol.

    • Markdg23

      Forgot to mention there was nothing wrong with net code in BO1 at all lol, you have to stop playing on a 56k win modem my man.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        I was the first person to have FIos on my block when BO1 launched and I still have Fios. So don’t talk shit if you don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

        BO1 had the shittiest netcode on release and MWR rivals it. In fact I wish I had a 56k because when I upgraded from a horrible local dsl provider that’s when I started noticing bad lag comp. I was probably the first person to complain about horrible lag comp on consoles. In fact I get an advantage when I screw my connection up. And why is it that Overwatch, BF1, Battlefront, Titanfall don’t give me problems but MWR does. Yeah, it’s the game company.

        • Markdg23

          Then you need to open your ports, because you shouldn’t have issues with fios. Still MWR is completely fine just because ppl made videos about its net code being ass doesn’t mean the game plays like shit. Stopping power makes you insta die and that’s probably what your not used to.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            um… my ports are open and that has next to zero impact on netcode. The original game plays fine. In fact, I kept playing COD4 and MW2 until this gen launched because those were the last two CODs of the last gen that had good netcode.

            Stop making excuses. MWR plays like shit unless you have a bad connection to hostserver.

          • Markdg23

            Lol you just confirmed that your trash at cod and that’s the reason you come here to complain bc you need a vent haha. You don’t even understand what ur talking about man really just accept the fact ur trash at cod and it’s just a game so that’s ok chief. You don’t have fios and you don’t have ur ports open bc of you did you wouldn’t have issues you whiny little brat.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            What are you fucking retarded? In the original COD4 my KDR was above 3, in MW2 it was around 2.75, after they fixed AW’s netcode I had an average of over 3 kdr, now that they’ve improved black ops 3’s netcode my weekly kdr floats above 2.75. now that your moronic assumptions about what my connection is, if my ports are set up, and what my skill level turned out to be complete syphilitic brained bullshit what will your next excuse be for why MWR has pure garbage netcode?

          • Markdg23

            Wow do you want a cookie, before you get any more enraged let me let you in on the secret. Ready….your being trolled settle down and change ur diaper.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            bitch got owned now it’s trying to spin it to not look like it ate a bowl of it’s own turds. next time, you don’t know the fuck you’re talking about shut your mouth before you make yourself look retarded again.

          • Markdg23

            And how did u own me you stated your fabricated stats that suck anyways. Then u try to convince urself that the games net code is bad bc your bad at the game. LoLz this can go on as long as u want internet tough guy, “you don’t know who ur talking to” hahaha that gave me the best laugh I’ve had on this site in years bc ur a no one on here just a big mouth that thinks they know shit about a game bc they watched a few YouTube morons that don’t know shit either. Yea the game CoD has become stale and it’s not in a good place but these excuses you have for cods having bad net code are beyond delusional. If you just play the game instead of crying about it you could enjoy it for what it’s worth. Look at ur screen name sexy McGee hahaha this is how ik your a joke. But hey it was fun harassing you, have fun making more lies up in ur head so that you can sleep good at night. “BO1 had bad net code” hahahahahaha you sorry Ass derelict I feel bad for you.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Read the first sentence the rest TL:DR. Will post screenshots with stats later.

          • Markdg23

            404-error code. This user no longer accepts messages from butt hurt nerds. Please get a new forum name and try again. *Note- no one cares about your stats, only virgins and degenerates care about video game stats.


    won’t that demoralise the losing team and encourage bullying though

    • The Gaming Revolution

      lol it’s a mechanic in the game used to know how many teammates are dead and how many enemies are alive. Back in the day we had to open up the leaderboard and count the deaths to see who’s still alive, but now we don’t have to, really don’t think that COD is the best place for sjw’s

      • DEMOLITION12

        you tell that to head cuck hodge

        • The Gaming Revolution

          This article literally proves that they already know and are working on it

  • zack

    Give us the rest of the maps. Raven better be working on remastering them dlc maps too! For free.

  • Yo mama


  • Sam

    Is it just me or does MWR play really different compared to cod4?