Activision and Infinity Ward have announced that players who have played Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and own and play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will receive the Hailstorm – Thunder pistol for free as a ‘thank you’ from the developers.

This offer is valid through 11:59pm on 12/31/2016 PST. Content available for use in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Game required; Sold separately. Bonus content valid only for players who own both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops III and have logged into Black Ops III with a live internet connection and played Infinite Warfare during the offer period. Program may vary by region. Loyalty program subject to change. Actual timing of receiving loyalty item may vary.  Internet connection required.

SOURCE: Activision

  • So can we get it now or what? I’m confused

    • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

      i dont have it yet….

    • Brian

      Here’s a hint: The date that it is available is in the article.

      • “This offer is valid through 11:59pm on 12/31/2016 PST.”
        I think that implies when it ends.

      • Brian is a douche

        Yeah, it says now fuckbrain. But it’s not.

  • Just got it and can’t switch to it in public game?

  • ᴀᴅᴀᴍ


    • Dominic

      is that a joke

      • I don’t remember. Has call of duty ever done that?

    • Masterfrizzy Doggenpop

      oh so you can boost hell no

  • Mods #BatMods

    Got it XD

    • How


      • Mods #BatMods

        Go to the Hailstorm on the Create a class menu … it will be there …

  • I probably won’t use it but free is free.

  • time to quickly buy BO3 for XB1 then sell it. :^)

    can anyone confirm if PS4 Pro enhances IW Multiplayer in any way?

  • FoxyTheDankPirate

    So there is a glitch when you are under lvl 48 when you unlock it you unlock it but you can not use it works in zombies though

  • Christian Alexander Kopp

    Does that mean on December 31 you cannot use the gun anymore

    • Austin Michael Titus

      no. means you cant get the gun if you havent got it by then

  • Smith

    Do you have to play BO3 again or can you just launch IW? I deleted BO3 to install IW!

    • You have to play BO3.

      Pissed me off because I unistalled it.

      Seriously though, 6 years ago I could put in a physical copy of a game and play it instantly, except if I had to download a update or something.

      Nowadays I have to wait hours just to be able to play it!

      An even more annoying thing is that after downloading the update, after downloading the physical copy, the game itself still has an update after you try logging onto multiplayer.

      Can we please cut all of this crap? I just want to play the game. Does PS4 deal with this too?

      • Smith

        Ya happens on ps4 too with the digital edition. Damn now I have to delete another game and reinstall which is probably gonna take 6 hours. I guess ill get the bonus COD points at the same time then.

      • Derp

        It does on PS4 to, but it takes like 10 seconds

  • Stormfront0325

    So, I got the weapon, set up a class, then joined a pub game. Went to use it, and when I select that class, it pulls out my fists. I have my perks, lethals, and tacticals, but no gun. I’ve tried switching classes, closing app, but nothing works. Why the hell would they give you a gun that you can’t even use? Anyone know how to fix this issue?

    • Ivan Salcedo

      same hapoened to me !!

      • Stormfront0325

        You have to be high enough level to have the Base Weapon unlocked, so level 48. That’s why we can’t use it, yet. I was wondering why I unlocked it at level 36, then I looked into it more and realized the level thing. Used it in zombies and it’s actually pretty good. Full auto burst pistol. I’m actually excited to use this gun now on my road to solar.

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    All the money these Activision guys make and this is the crap they give us? Buwhahahahaha what a piece of shit. Took them 2 years to come out with this game? And the graphics suck, weapons suck,map are catered to campers so their fucking horrible…the hit detection is stupid. How about for Christmas for give us our money back because this call of duty is crappy. No wonder you guys didn’t get nominated this year for any video game awards buwhahhaahahhah this game blows. And if you support them your a fucking idiot.

    • ccrows


    • Capten ermirica

      If brains were dynamite you wouldn’t have enough to lie your fucking nose you absolute mongoloid cretin? I’ve literally never heard anybody talk so much crap?

      • Khaled Hassan

        He is right game is total shit

      • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

        I don’t talk cap I talk the truth. The game Is garbage. Your stupid for even thinking IW is a good game. If you think the game is good….please point out 10 good things about this game..I want to hear what your retarded mind has to say. Like I said I speak the truth and the game sucks. 2 years it took them to come out with this? Lol 5 assault rifles and 5 SMGs? ….no leader boards yet? Lagg?? Poor hit detection? Horrible maps? Spawns are fucking horrible? Game always boots the lobby for no reason? I can go on and on…and 2 years they had to make this game. If you say I talk so much crap about a game prove me wrong. I ONLY SPEAK THE TRUTH.

        • Capten ermirica

          Listen you fucktarded cretin just because you’re obviously an over inflated braindead virgin who gives it large as a keyboard Rambo just to boost your faggot ego doesn’t mean that you’re right. You want 10 things fine.
          1. Excellent weapons performing for the most part as intended.
          2. Amazing visuals on the maps they all look great.
          3. Ttk and hit detection have been spot on for me unlike black ops3.
          4. Variety of equipment which is all fun but not op.
          5. Ghost acts like ghost should and keeps you off the radar.
          6. The sound in this game is fantastic.
          7. (Recently) well balanced streaks that while causing a lot of damage don’t get anywhere near as annoying as hatr wraith raps. More focus on gunplay (which it sounds you need a lot of practice at)
          8. No fucking stupid melee weapons (yet)
          9. Load times are pretty much instant which is awesome.
          10. We can craft our own variants and not rely completely on rng.

          I could go on i really could. You’re nothing but one of the hater sheep giving it large on the forums to feel like one of the boys. This game isn’t perfect no cod is but it is nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be. You’re one of those dribbling spastics that’ll be on here bigging up this game when the next one comes out. then you’ll suck at that too and the cycle will continue. Go play overwatch that’s for little girls so you’ll fit right in. Fucking connection problems. I guarantee less than 5% of players suffered with it the rest are just sheep who jumped on the bandwagon to cover up the fact they’re shite. That’s you. Bye for now babe. Don’t let the door hit ya❤️

          • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

            The game sucks period. You can’t deny it. Check all the reviews. It ducks plain and simple. Activision is garbage.

          • Capten ermirica

            I can’t even be bothered to go on. You’re a complete and utter moron.

        • Lunar Volt

          1.Variants arnt overpowered
          2. Amazing hit detection
          3. The ghost perk is actually good in this game
          4. They have good spawns
          5. Theres not really any game breaking glitches like in the last couple COD’s yet
          6. The sound is spot on
          7. The scorestreaks are balanced
          8. Theres actually character variety
          9. It has infected which is always a good thing
          10. The daily login bonus is a small thing but theyve been making it better theyre even having what is it like the 12 days of christmas thing where they r bringing exclusive items into the game and all u have to do is login and u get them… This is by far one of the best call of dutys ive played and i think people are just so butthurt about the advanced movement they never even give it a chance and try it out… If u say u hate infinite warfare and youve never played it before i say get off ur lazy ass go to the store buy it and actually give the game a chance u wont regret it. Its a good game

          • Cheesesteakwit

            The Ghosts perk is horrible it makes people camp bo3 did it right

          • Lunar Volt

            Its kinda impossible to camp with such small maps i like small maps because they work for every type of weapon

          • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

            ?? he said amazing hit detection!! Ha! That’s hilarious you must be kidding ….the game is garbage. Everything you mentioned is wrong with the game. The game sucks period. If it’s so good why does it have such a low rating on majority of the gaming reviews? If it’s so good why is there so many YouTube videos made saying the video game is so garbage?. If it’s so good why do the pro players hate it so much and rather play MW2 remastered instead? Lol its so good that everyone hates it .

          • Lunar Volt

            The reason it has such a low rating is because all of the fucktards that judge the game before they get it they were spreading hate and saying this game was gonna b bad before the trailer for campaign came out and thats where all the bs hate started now tell me this if ur not playing IW then wtf r u playing because halo thats way fucking worse gears of war… Stupid AF desriny… Overwatch… I mean COD is the most successful FPS game yet and if ur not playing it then u might as well b like every other little kid and go play minecraft this conversation is done get the fuck out

          • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

            Lol Xbox user can’t get online because of IW crappy as update. Can you please explain that? Buwhahhahh the game is plain and utter trash.

          • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

            Glitches are all over the game wtf are you talking about? That’s why they had to take out 2 of the crappy maps they made. The game is garbage period. Your in denial and you know it. It’s OK little boy the game sucks but you’re gonna learn the truth sooner or later.

          • Lunar Volt

            Hey Fuck boi u didnt answer my question

        • Cheesesteakwit

          They had 3 years! Not 2! This game is GARBAGE and it looks like shit too, the colors are drab I keep giving it a chance and I come to the conclusion that this game is unfixable!! Its like a cheap Chinese knockoff of BO3 with Ghosts mixed in!!

    • Scales

      It definitely has the best graphics especially if you play on PS4 Pro like me. It’s just as good as BO3!!

      • Khaled Hassan

        Ru blind!

      • Andrew Kaplan


    • Batman

      Well, we all knew it would suck and be the worst cod ever, its your fault, you knew the risks and still bought and supported this fuckers, so its your fault, and you support them you fucking idiot

      • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

        I didn’t buy it dumbass. I got it as a gift. Buwhahahahhaa . But I bet you bought the game you dumbasss. Go back to your batcave and jag off to gay porn fagget. Hahaah

    • Kole Loder

      I think IW is a really good game I really enjoy iy

  • Holy shit.

    IW is unironically so incompetent they fucked the gun up. If you unlock it, you can’t use it ingame. You just can’t swap to it or anything.

    • Anita Reitan

      so it wasnt just me. Lol ^^ I can’t swap to it either

      • Emilypbarksdale

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    • Matthew Bladen

      Haha same for me, Here is a gun for you!! But you cannot use it!

      • Error: This bullet requires 30 keys to fire.

    • Thomas Moose King

      I can’t even use any of the hailstorms. I have both epics and neither work

    • W1LL1AM04

      Was able to use it @ level 55 then I prestige and lost ability to swap to it even though it was unlocked

    • Nonya

      Y’all bitch so fucking much

      • They gave us a weapon we couldn’t use and I noted it in the proper topic where it should be.

        Also, you whining about me bringing attention to what was a genuine issue changes nothing.

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    This game is so great. I went to try a match and it kicked me out the first match and when I get in a game I can’t swap to the pistol. Brilliant game, they know what they’re doing!

  • KXA

    When charlie intel help activison talr all the amgry kids

  • Commander Wolfe

    4 X2 XPs and now this, STILL haven’t even touched the multiplayer.

  • Commander Wolfe

    I wonder if this is their attempt to get people to play the multiplayer more. I’ll stick with the Campaign, regardless of how “Meh” it was.

  • mighty mike

    Did some of you who couldn t swap to the hailstorm thunder in the prototype lab cantact the activision support? And WHAT DID THEY DO TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM? I