During Infinity Ward’s Charity Livestream, Joe Cecot announced that a new Tactical Game Mode is coming to Infinite Warfare next weekend.

Tactical Mode is all boots on the ground, expect wall running is still enabled in the mode.

  • MurkN101

    It’s about fucking time.

    • Kian

      Shut up bitch

      • Juliechyde

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      • Die – Hearts

        Wow aren’t you just being a whiny asshole like everybody else

  • Eric H

    Honestly haven’t played the game yet. 6th prestige on mwr. Might check out IW for this game mode.

    • jt3z

      Dont get how you can play that game that much. It is the definition of aids

      • Sol Malus

        It’s old school. People want old school. They’re sick of the futuristic shit.

        • Logic Chief

          It’s called camp fest. I played cod 4, MWR does not play the same as cod 4 did. Everyone camps for good kd I remember cod 4 with everyone sniping and running around. Not get 3rd story with a m16 and post up. Only good thing part of mwr is S&D. #facts

          • Mario Rivera

            The camping in cod4 has more to do with its campy map design than boots on the ground. In newer boots on the ground cods its not as easy to just spawn right into a cozy camping spot in the back of the map as you will be more exposed.

          • James Birdsong


          • Sol Malus

            I play the same way as I used to and do just as well. It’s not completely different. There’s a reason people want boots on the ground. It’s slower, it’s more tactical, it’s CAMPY.

        • Ronald95

          But back then a few years ago people were getting sick of COD being “same shit, different year” aka old school boots on the ground?

      • And infinite warfare is not? Lol..

        • jt3z

          Never said it wasnt. But the balance in this game is beyond bad. It is AIDS

          • I mean, i think that’s why it’s pretty fun. I always thought the most unbalanced CoDs were the most fun

        • jt3z

          Cant forget about the non stop camping. 3-4 players on the other team every game i play camp in the same fucking spot.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Jetpacker spotted.

        • Ronald95

          Well I touched MWR just to see how it looks! I played enough COD4 back in a day and MWR is nothing new to me. Currently playing original COD4 only for prop hunt server!!

      • Keshav Bhat

        what. MWR is literally the best. im prestige 1; still at lvl 22 in IW lol.

        • Ronald95

          So Keshav you don’t get bored after prestiging numerous times? Guess we are all different then cause I stop playing a COD game after a prestige or two and play something else then sometime a year later return.

      • John Sanderson

        Agreed. People were so eager for a Modern Military COD that they forgot about all the bullshit that was in CoD4. I will throw myself into that pile too. I forgot about M16 Stopping Power, and everyone camping becuase we had Kill Streaks instead of Score Streaks.

    • how are you 6th prestige already gah damn you need to take a break

    • Jon

      You were just prestige 3 two days ago you liar. Keep your lies straight kid.

  • Omg ay

  • NY coroners put a long durag over dead bodies.

    • darren


  • RdJokr

    Watch as how everyone hypes this up, and then the playlist becomes friggin’ empty after a week because everyone and their mother love boost jumping even though they couldn’t openly admit it.

    • physastra

      I really hope this happens. Shut all the whiny fuckwits up about ” boo hoo, boots on the ground”

      • Kathrynjschwartz

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    • Captain_Minxley

      I’ll definitely play it to get the sniper headshot challenges done, though.

    • Ronald95

      I think the reason why people complain about boost jumping and wall running is because they’re not good at it!!

  • Alienade

    I have a very strong feeling that COD2017 will be a 100% boots-on-ground.

    • Kyle Soule

      Let’s hope

  • disable wall running and add grapple hook i’ve been saying this since the reveal at E3

    • holy shit that’s a terrible idea

  • Admittedly, I am interested.

  • Tayler Hammond

    It’s going to be just as bad as AW with it’s non exo mode. None of the IW maps are designed for boots on the ground. People will not enjoy it because without boost jumping, entire map sections will be cut off and people will camp in one area.

  • TrollHead

    “except wall running is still enabled”

    Thank you.

    • Mario Rivera

      Wall run lanes should be edited with bridges that allow us to simply walk across them.

      • Yo mumma.

        Holy shit someone with a well thought out plan to a problem, if I could give you a medal I would.
        Problem + well thought out idea = solutions. Take notes motherfuckers.

  • Cheesesteakwit

    All everyone wants is boots on the ground but in AW there was a BotG mode but no one played it and now they’re bringing it to IW and I bet no one will play that either! WTF I thought all u bitches wanted BotG? What a bunch of fake ass whiners!!!

  • Cheesesteakwit

    MWR sucks just like it did 9 years ago! M16 is overpowered and all everyone does is camp! Keep the new COD’s fast paced like AW and BO3 all the campers want boots on the ground!! And Infinite Shitfare is GARBAGE!!!!

    • Dre

      You mean advanced warfare 2

  • Darrell Hampton
    • James Birdsong

      Nobody cares faggot. You use the nv4 woopty fucking doo.

  • James Birdsong

    I already quit this piece of crap game because of the jetpacking faggots and being spawn killed in the butt before I even have time to pull out my gun. Boots on the ground isn’t going to fix it. You fucked up too hard already.

  • Eddie Tupy

    wont matter for PC, TDM and dom are the only modes people play.