Activision has announced that a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial is coming starting December 15 at 10AM PT and ending on December 20 at 10AM PT. The trial is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The free trial will allow players to play all three modes of the game — campaign, MP, and zombies. You can try out the first two levels of the campaign, rank up to level 15 in MP, and rank up to level 3 in Zombies.

Activision has confirmed that all progress you make in the Free Trial will carry over to the full game, if you do buy it.

Since the trial is the full game, you will need around 60GB of space to download it. On PS4, players will need PlayStation Plus to play MP and Zombies. On Xbox One, players need Xbox Live Gold to access all modes of the trial.

SOURCE: Activision and FAQ

  • Element115Will


  • Diego Diniz

    Step 1: Play infinite warfare
    Step 2: Close The App
    Step 3: Play Black Ops 3 and say: “Thats what im talking about!!!”

  • regna

    This is where CoD has come to. From never dropping over 50% on sales price until next installment came to already doing it after just a month plus offering free trail on consoles. This is really sad. When your game is this bad you should just dig a hole and drop it in hoping people forget about it like AW instead of further ruin the franchise reputation by offering it free to everyone.

    • Face4

      I fully agree. I assume that most people who pre-ordered this game, or bought it early, feel ripped off cause they could have bought the game a few weeks later and paid 30-50% less. This probably means that next year, these people won’t buy the new COD early and sales will go down even further.

      • Dre

        Thats exactly right. I dropped a c note to get mwr & I dont even play it. Too slow!

  • * On PC – screw you. The game did so bad we don’t even want to offer it to you to try because we don’t want your money.

    • Face4

      Probably has to do with the hackers on PC.

      • aaa187

        how bad is it with hackers?

  • Virus

    I remember when COD used to hold it’s $60 price until the next game come out now this garbage is half price after 2 weeks and now they’re pratley giving it away

  • Diego Diniz

    Dont Know why infinite ward is being so bad!
    COD 4 and MW2 were so good Games! Ghosts DLC maps were Good! I use to enjoy infinity ward COD Games but treyarch is doing better.
    I think this Game need BETTER MAPS! Map design is HORRIBLE…

    • lol “treyarch is doing better” when they fix their hit detection then yes but right now not even

      • Diego Diniz

        Dude, Nerds are “hard to please”. (period)
        But Black Ops 3 is a good game…its THE BEST Call of duty Game since MW2…

        • i am not a “nerd” and mw3 was the best after mw2 lol calm down

          • aaa187

            Opinions and all, not that you are wrong.

            But out of the new games, Black Ops 3 is definitely the most loved one and undoubtedly, Treyarch is the most popular developer.

  • Batman

    Yup, sales are down, I predicted it

    Well, atleast I can try it a bit

  • Diego Diniz

    Where is The Headshot hitmarker sound???

  • Gamerazor247

    Lmfao, why thanks Activision, I was planning on renting it, but you saved me like $6 from a RedBox…MVP MVP MVP.

  • BradyAlucard

    This is awesome, and not the place to clown the game, we could do that in other articles. I really never saw this coming.

  • Any of you “hopeful” niggas still think this game is doing great and that we’re bitching? Where ya at now?

    • Dre

      You just suck at it because its fast and smooth!

      • Lmao I have a 2.4 KD 2nd prestige. I stopped playing to not support this bullshit of a game. I just can’t support this anymore by buying their games and spending my time on it.

  • Bob Loblaw

    hahah, this game’s total shite. Activision/IW can suck it.

  • ben wills

    No PC?

  • RdJokr

    Let’s just forget that other games also had free trials then, amirite guys?

  • Drank Bleach

    You know sales are really down and the player count abysmal for them to have a free trial.

  • Max

    The best franchise ever created gets a free trial? Let’s hope many people see the high quality and buy it afterwards.

  • christmas noobs coming 10 days early time to put on my try hard pants lol jk

  • Kurisu

    All 3 gamemodes on PC are TDM, DOM and Zombies xD RIP ;(

  • lost

    atleast people can now play before they buy the game

  • this is fucking desperation.

  • Alex

    no thanks it’s a waste of HDD space. I’d buy MWR separately tho..