YouTubers have posted new gameplay footage from Winter Crash, which is coming to Modern Warfare Remastered on December 13.

The map features a few Easter Eggs including enemies exploding into gifts when killed, airstrike updated to drop present bombs, and the helicopter is decorated with Christmas lights.

SOURCE: Drift0r

  • Element115Will


    • youretard

  • tuby


    • Element115Will

      Nope! 🙂

      • tuby

        A good secund place then lol

        • petter


  • Mick

    This is going to be a lit Christmas ?

  • Fifth


  • Mike

    This stuff was on the trailer…

  • Can I just say, some of us already knew that. Look at the trailer. (@1:33)

    • ccrows

      Where does it show the airstrike dropping off presents in the trailer?…

      • [R]

        If U only played that winter crash @COD4… ccrows.

      • wtf I Don’t even understand you right now. I never mentioned the trailer showed that, and neither does the post. PLEASE READ.

        • KronicKrona1

          Well considering this post talks about “a few Easter eggs” and one affecting the airstrike to IW drop presents, one (also including myself) would assume that the video you just posted to us would show that. You didn’t need to specifically say “this video shows this and that” but if this page talks about it and you then post a video and say ” some of us already knew” we’d then think the video shows that. Understand?

          • Haha so funny. Read the title of the post.

          • KronicKrona1

            What’s your point?

          • Post Title: “Players explode into gifts when killed in Winter Crash”
            My Comment: “Can I just say, some of us already knew that. Look at the trailer”

            ^ my point

      • Joshwoocool

        Airstrikes dropped presents while playing winter crash in COD4.So that isn’t new information.

  • Thanasishim

    IF they don’t release that other melee shit oh the cum I’ll have with the Christmas noobs

  • Darrell Hampton
  • Looking forward to see why PC users like this map so much.

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