If you bought Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Standard Edition, which just included Infinite Warfare, Activision is adding in the option to allow players to upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Legacy Edition, which grants immediate access to Modern Warfare Remastered for $29.99.

This upgrade offer is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For PS4, the upgrade is available to those who own the digital or retail standard edition of Infinite Warfare. For Xbox One, the upgrade is available for those who own the digital version of standard edition of Infinite Warfare.

This offer expires in March 2017.

SOURCE: Activision Support

  • Person


  • Yo mumma.

    Don’t do it. Best advice I can give anyone at this stage. Play the game and enjoy it but don’t be sucked in by all the “extras”


      you can’t enjoy iw

  • Eriko


  • Aidan

    You’d end up giving Activison more money than if you had just bought the Legacy Edition at launch

    • Altered Vista

      True, but it’s better than forcing me to buy the entire game again. I should have just bought the complete version. Because of zombies I also ended up buying the season pass separate. Can’t cry over spilled milk, but I’m happy this is finally an option. Buying it immediately.

  • hamburghini

    Yeah, they can fuck off

    • Murielrflatt

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  • Ak74u

    Worst cod ever hands down

    • BradyAlucard

      Lolno, not even close.

    • you’re high buddy

    • Jon

      Clearly you haven’t played ALL the COD games to make that opinion.

  • Ed

    Funny thing is… the digital legacy edition was only $80 at launch and is currently $59.19 with ps plus now.

  • Deprece

    Let’s charge $10 more than the combo pack. What a swift kick to the ball sack by Activision

  • Wait isn’t it only $20 more to begin with?

  • Bob Loblaw

    lol GG activision. Your game is terrible.

  • Talia Gomez

    As of right now It shows up on my x1 but it doesnt show a price…. soooooo

  • Hitman

    “which grants immediate access to Modern Warfare Remastered”
    please edit that to Remake.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Why? Cause supply drops? You do realize if you want everything in the game, you don’t have to get drops right?

      • The9tailedgamer

        Plus, remasters will from time to time add things

      • Jon

        Exactly. Plus its all cosmetic items anyway. No advantage to the game play.

      • Russian Otaku

        you clearly havent played it and it plays differently
        so more a remake then a “remastered”

        also gay ass flinching bullshit



  • Could’ve just sold it standalone for $29.99 since anyone that owns IW and gives a shit about COD would’ve already bought the Legacy version anyway.

  • Wait until April when MWR is available to buy standalone.

  • Jester

    I fucking hate this game, c’mon, all the patches come late for PC, promos aren’t for PC users, what else could they do to fuck the game even more?

  • i would recommend but now there’s supply drop in mwr

  • Cheesesteakwit

    So it’s $90 for both if u only bought the standard copy? Infinity Ward is a Mickey Mouse company

    • Jon

      That is why bundling saves you money.

  • Leintiger

    For me, unfortunately, can not buy nothing to do and other is locked and I come from Germany !!

  • Matthew Craven

    Guess I should have known to buy the download instead of the Xbox One Disc. Battlefield 1 is so much better. Way to alienate hardcore CODers.

  • Ben Toon

    hi it doesnt let me on xbox one it just says this offer isnt available help (UK)

    • Seb

      If you have the game on disc, you can’t upgrade

      • CodAdog

        That’s so f***ing stupid, but you can get the hard copy for ps4

  • Brandon

    Hey guys I have a question if I download my infinitewarfare legacy on my dads ps4 but under my name will I be able to play on mine.

  • Jack

    I downloaded the digital standard edition. Paid 40 bucks to upgrade to get MWR and guess what…it says I need the game disc, even though the website says that digital copies qualify and activison live chat rep said it will work. 40 bucks waste, 90 if you include the awful IW game I HAD to buy…The disappointment never ends with this company.

  • Caleb Mundorf

    I previously bought infinite warfare as just the normal disc, and bought this add-on for modern warfare remastered on PS4, but when I go to download it, it says overview and check back later, someone please get back to me.