In the newest patch update for Infinite Warfare, version 1.06, Infinity Ward appears to have broken Private Matches for CWL.

Enabling CWL Rules causes the match to be unable to start unless there’s a host that has CODCaster enabled.

Infinity Ward has confirmed that they are aware and working on a fix. In addition, this update also appears to have made Uplink portal smaller and changed Hardpoint rotation on Throwback. It’s unclear if this is intentional. All of this comes right before this weekend’s big MLG Vegas event.

We are awaiting full patch notes and details. Stay tuned.

  • Can they honestly not do one thing right with this game when it comes to updates?
    I like IW but seriously, wtf is going on with limited features and these broken updates?

  • Just goes to show how little of a shit they give about the am community.

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  • Trevor H. Mai

    Add the ability to change the amount of custom class points up to 17 like BO3 and AW

    • 17? What, and have everything you want? Might as well use the old system which didn’t need points and you could have pretty much everything. Although, I do agree there needs to be more, like 12 max or something.

      • Nick Spihlmann

        I use the 17 for warm up custom bot games. Use a sniper and smg or ar with the attachments I normally use. Glad its finally here. Thornbush: this is for CUSTOM GAMES only, not MP

  • Mathijs Boonstra

    there are some weird annoying icons on the left of my screen

  • ccrows

    Still downloading the MWR 27GB update on XB1.

    Probably doesn’t help that XBL has been (and is still) jacked up all day… 🙁

    • Don’t worry. You’re not missing anything special. Just the youtubers making supply drop videos.

      • MemeMaster

        Too true

    • What’s wrong with Xbox Live? It’s pretty shit right now, but I’m just asking for specific details

  • lmfao I remember in the beginning of the year the idiots who said infinity ward will make a good game. This team is so shit they break their game with patches. Fucking PATCHES! Is this a fucking joke?

  • Khaled Hassan

    Weird icons on the left of the screen and reactive armor needs a Nerf. At least shouldn’t protect the head.

  • CodGod

    Do they seriously not have a way to thoroughly test these updates before implementing them?? They seem to never work, this just makes them look worse and worse :/

  • AM49

    Please add weapon restriction in Custom Games.