A new patch update, version 1.06, is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Infinity Ward has shared on Reddit the patch notes for the update. Infinity Ward states that there will be a few more notes added tomorrow. We will update as they are shared.

General Fixes:

  • Fixed exploits on various maps
  • Adjustments to the Message Of The Day
  • Fix for a bug where players would experience a crash after loading into Frontier from a custom game
  • Fix for a freeze that can occur during Single Player
  • Fixed a bug for camos in the Create a Class menu
  • Audio adjustments in the Emblems menu
  • Fix for weapon accessories not appearing on the left Akimbo weapon
  • Fix for the pre-match camera causing streaming issues when loading into Throwback
  • Fix for users being unable to change teams, making the player unable to access spectate or CODCaster options in custom FFA games
  • Created a fix for players not earning Keys after reaching max rank with Mission Teams (you can earn keys with a level 50 team!)
  • Fix for an infinite loop that could occur if opening the game in an already running state
  • Various visual adjustments to MP splitscreen when loading into certain maps
  • Fix for the MP scoreboard briefly displaying a player’s score as the team score if the user has their scoreboard open during a round transition
  • Allow for the rank meter animation to play again once a user confirms they would like to redeem a 2XP token
  • Fixed a bug where the 3rd person player character did not face the correct way when airborne and shooting another player
  • Fixed a bug in splitscreen where neither player could view the weapon models on occasion
  • Hardpoint adjustments: Throwback – Removed “Lime” Hardpoint from rotation. Hardpoints 1-4 go in the same order: Train Platform > Barn > Bike Path > Baseball Field > repeat. The Hardpoint for Bike Path was slightly adjusted to not allow captures while wallrunning on the side of the bridge.
  • Hardpoint adjustments: Breakout – Moved Visitor Room Hardpoint on top of the Visitor building (Central Rooftop)

Xbox One Specific:

  • Fix for a rare occurrence where a black flicker would occur after a match when in the post-game lobby
  • Fixed a bug where select weapons would not auto reload when a player sprints
  • Adjusted audio issues for users without headsets on and in correlation to whatever settings they have set up in Display and Sound
  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to unmute players

PC Specific: 

  • Fix for a bug in the advanced video option menus
  • Fixed an issue where after a player removes their controller in the Create a Class menu in MP, it can cause the gamepad icons and buttons to still appear on screen
  • Fix for the Enter Key when being used for keybinding
  • Various performance and UI fixes
  • Fix for an error message users might see after changing texture resolution options
  • Fix for the personalization weapon kits button disappearing in Zombies in Spaceland
  • Fix for exiting the game via the Main Menu that can sometimes cause the game to freeze


  • Fix for a bug where if the caster rapidly changes from display to loadout settings or vice versa using keyboard shortcuts, the previous menu would reopen
  • Ability to hide team logo and team name and in the scoreboard MP HUD when toggling off Team Identity
  • Fix for game rules no locking when selecting CWL rules.
  • Allow for CWL rules to be edited but once an edit is made, the CWL tag will disappear
  • Allow players to see the team colors of other players while in pregame lobby besides their own
  • Fix for XRAY customizations not being displayed once the game loads
  • Fix for a bug where that match would not end while casting Gun Game or FFA matches with custom rules set to limited lives
  • Fix for Uplink goal color while in “follow drone” spectating and performance fixes for the follow drone feature
  • Allow Rig draft in private match
  • Fix for minimap sizes in CODCaster
  • Disabled the white UAV sweep that would occur on the minimap when in CODCaster
  • Fixed a bug where players are able to use Payloads/Traits with the wrong character
  • Added audio timer to Draft

SOURCE: Infinity Ward


  • Tayler Hammond

    Still no leaderboards huh? The’ve patched more bugs in a month in IW than BO3 had in a year.

    • Cabe Kase

      True but to be fair bo3 was unfinished.

    • Mike

      But who actually gives a [email protected]#k about leaderboards its just something people can complain about, even once they do manage to bring it, people will find something else to complain about,,,,,so pathetic

      • ZxSpeccy76

        What’s pathetic about wanting a completed game? I’ve paid my money and if I’ve got an incomplete, buggy product I’m entitled to complain. If no one complained problems would never get fixed.

    • Ed

      Leaderboards? is that a real thing a majority of the player base cares about? Maybe combat record to see your own medal counts and weapon kills, but i didnt think leaderboards mattered to many but the top 1%.

      • Altered Vista

        I want black ops style combat record more than leaderboards. Besides I can see my 4 k/d and that’s all that matters:)

    • James Birdsong

      Who the actual fuck cares? Leaderboards are a fucking joke. Most the time the top players on them are hackers, and when they aren’t it’s just some fat no life who spends all day on call of duty. Do you care so much for people to know you are a fat piece of shit?

      • DEMOLITION12

        you’re shit

        • James Birdsong

          And you’re a little bitch who sucks dicks for dollars.

    • who honestly cares about leaderboards

    • DanDustEmOff

      I think that it is intentional to stop people digging down into the numbers to see how many people are playing. I mean leaderboards have been in CoD since it started. I refuse to believe that they are so complex that they could not get them to work after 3 years and a month and a half. They are working fine they just don’t want them in the game right now.

      • Kazkatgamer [YT]

        i think they don’t do leader boards cause of the same reason you don’t see you teams just as the match starts. it prevents people from leaving the lobbies when they get matched with the majority of the low ended of the leader board, making it near impossible for games to start with people leaving and joining.

  • Former

    So that’s like 4 patches now without adding privacy options? This is actually getting pathetic. It should be a no brainer to add such a basic feature, but they’d rather work on making a snowy Genesis.

  • Brian

    That patch isn’t out on PC.

    • RdJokr

      Yet, but IW’s got the notes ready, so I guess the patch’s gonna be out in about a day or two.

      • SPAWNST4R

        they could personally email the patch to the entire PC playerbase in a couple of minutes.. Joke of a game.

  • Kurupt

    ‘Adjustments to the Message Of The Day’


    • About time. Game was literally unplayable because of that

      • joey

        we here in west palm are so grateful that we’re hiring casey anthony to come photograph our big ol’ goofy grins.

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    • Former

      What was wrong with it?

    • Mystical Gamer


  • beamer

    2xp token?

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Still nothing on your useless laggy servers Infinity Idoits!!!???

    • Murielrflatt

      Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !se716c:
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      • James Birdsong

        Your mom is getting payed by black people to suck infinite dicks up in her ass.

    • Lhaza

      Servers aren’t laggy it’s your connection

      • Helldriver Phoenix

        No it’s not you Idoit. Don’t just say something for the sake of commenting. Go to the CoD Forums where 1000’s of players complains about the same this this year.

        • 1000s of kiddies with 1mbpsdown 0.5kbps up lmao

          • ZxSpeccy76

            If you knew anything you’d realise bandwidth has nothing to do with Lag, it’s ping that affects the connection. Really, don’t comment on things you know nothing about!!!

          • and guess how you get pinged…

          • ZxSpeccy76

            Ping won’t be affected unless a connection is being heavily saturated. By the way, I think you meant to say 0.5Mbps, no one is running on 0.5Kbps upload, that would be ridiculous and a 0.5Mbps upload is perfecting capable of handling the ping packets sent and received in this game. Please stop, you’re just making yourself look silly.

        • Kazkatgamer [YT]

          also you’d understand that when you start a game the first thing that it says is “testing connection, Matching Game with connection” or something like that, so if its laggy its cause “you” have a poor connection, and its going to pair you with other people with poor connections.

          • Helldriver Phoenix

            I’m on a 40mbps Fibre connection with a 6ms local ping. Aaah no, sh1tty ActiVision servers full stop.

      • Khaled Hassan

        You’re oblivious

    • i haven’t experienced any lag so maybe it’s your connection idk

    • Kazkatgamer [YT]

      thats your connect derp

  • Priime

    When come arena mode in iw ?

  • Dan Block

    No leaderboards?

  • Brooky

    I’ve done the update but every time I go on the game it says update failed and exits it what can I do

    • Ed

      Just give up. There’s no hope.

    • reset console mate

      • GinsuVictim

        Nope. It might work for some people, but I’ve tried every so-called “fix” out there and nothing works. I’m not alone in being unable to correct this issue.

        • which p[latform you on?

          • GinsuVictim

            Xbox One

          • RW

            You need to do the xbox one system update first

          • GinsuVictim

            No, I just had to wait for them to fix the issue that night.

          • Kazkatgamer [YT]

            thats not a “them” problem, thats an Xbox box one problem sir. this same thing happens on just about any Xbox one online game. It being fixed just means your Xbox Finally fixed the problem itself. XC

          • GinsuVictim

            You’re talking shit without a clue….and way after the fact.

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s bullshit. I haven’t been able to play online the last two days. FIX YOUR SHIT!

  • Jerrick

    Hey I’m on Xbox one, and when I load it up I see two pictures (the main guy then two other guys behind him) then it just black screens for an INFINITE amount of time (literally I left it for 8 hours). Anybody know of things I can do? I’ve re downloaded after uninstalling everything already still no luck.

  • BoldSpice

    why is the daily login bonus not working?

  • Dan Arthur

    So i see there is nothing on fixing the Banshee spawn in Campaign or fix to the Dominion trophy…guess i’m not getting that platinum trophy anytime soon then

  • Nelson Griffiths

    Should’ve just called the game “Infinite Error Codes”, cos that seems to be the only thing I get from these updates.

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    Forgot to fix the lagg. And don’t forget to add more better weapons. The variants are garbage. All the epic guns suck!!! They don’t do what they say the only epic gun that’s worth getting is the epic raw. The rest of the epic guns are total crap.

  • DanDustEmOff

    Karma 45 Phobos is a beast mate, don’t know what game you have been playing but you are not describing the Infinite Warfare that I have been playing.

  • Ed

    How about letting us permanently letting us unlock perk greed slots or primary expert slots with our unlock tokens.. Kinda ridiculous to me that i cant.

  • Jessica

    Stupid shit version dosn’t even download so idk wtf this download is supposed to fix if it don’t even work itself

  • Kazkatgamer [YT]

    You’re fucking stupid!! Treyarch?!?! WHAT!? im sorry but obviously haven’t been following this game and only jumped the bandwagon. Like what you had said made me have to scroll up just to make sure i was on the right game XD.
    Good job for looking stupid.

  • Kazkatgamer [YT]

    So like i want to ask, why the hell is everyone concerned about leaderboards? like wtf. If you understand anything about leader boards, the only way to maintain any kind of status on a Leader board is to play NON-STOP. Seriously, the one day you decide to not play COD, your spot of, idk, 1000 will drop to 3458, and thats for not playing in a day. The only thing you gain from leader board stats is a superiority complex to try to tell others “Im better than all of you” rather than playing the game for fun. If thats your version of fun you might need to reevaluate yourself. Im glad theres no leader board less try hards who want to move up for no reason, and more people playing for fun *except Xbox players, sorry you guys got the dick end of gaming this time, Way too many problems XC*
    Yea forget the leader board thing and just enjoy the game, stop trying to show off….thats what youtube is for.

  • Brandon Cutshall

    Im just here for the comments lol

  • Deepesh

    Won’t you think an offine world tournament mode must be included