With the new patch update that went live in Black Ops 3 yesterday on PS4, it appears new weapons could be coming soon to the game.

Players spotted three new weapons, 1 AR, 1 SMG, and 1 Melee Weapons, in the menus following yesterday’s update.

It is not clear when these new weapons will become available in-game.


  • Brian


  • at least they don’t look as goofy as the last ones

    • missing_trigger

      Still don’t understand why they didn’t add the “classics” like they did with famas and mp40

      • ccrows

        My guess, SH is serious about doing a WWII game, and they don’t want early community burnout… *shrugs*

      • people would call them lazy or uncreative which,…. I wouldnt care I just want guns that are fun to use

  • CyberWolf

    Wow. Didn’t think they’d still add weapons. Also, is it just me, or do these new guns look like they belong in a different game?

    • missing_trigger

      AR looks like from warhammer

      • CyberWolf

        Yeah. The blade looks like the grandfather of the covenant energy sword from Halo, and the smg…well…that fucker looks just weird… I’m not complaining. It’s just that they don’t seem to match the style of the other weapons.

  • FATHEAD661

    People give IW so much shit about weapons in SD’s. At least in IW you can EARN weapons, and not just shitty ones either, actual good weapons. Even if the grind is real, it’s fun working your “Team” level up and getting stuff in between. Please, feed me your IW hate replies.

    • ccrows

      Except that stock weapons in BO3 are actually better than the DLC guns up to this point. (sans duals)

      Also what you’re forgetting is the “quartermaster collection” in IW. Activision sadly can put future OP guns in there, and there’s no way to use salvage on those.

      Assuming that these new weapons aren’t OP, I’d rather take Vahn’s system since DLC guns *knock on wood* are just for fun, but stock are still better…

      • FATHEAD661

        I’d agree with your comment about stock guns being better, if I hadn’t experienced the first 2 batches of DLC guns myself. The Marshall 16’s, MX Garand and Crossbow were BEASTS!

        As for the Quartermaster collection in IW, there’s nothing in there that’s really worth wanting. The new EBR-800 sniper is an absolute beast and you can earn it.

        • ccrows

          “The Marshall 16’s, MX Garand and Crossbow were BEASTS!”

          Like I said, the duals IMO are the only exception. The Garand is basically the Shieva, except that I’d rather have the reload option on the Shieva. The Crossbow is spam fun, but too many times I said “If I had a regular gun, I would have gotten that kill”.

          Quartermaster collection is fine for now, but it’s still there. Why?

          If it wasn’t there I’d be more inclined to agree that IW has the better system, but it’s there and I just don’t trust Infinity Ward/Activision down the road with it…

    • zack

      IW does have a much better system. It’s just not fun to play lol in my opinion black ops 3 played a lot better.

      • FATHEAD661

        To each their own. I actually REALLY like IW, it plays like OG CoD with the toned down boosting (which was a clusterfuck) of AW and BO3.

      • ccrows

        “It’s just not fun to play lol in my opinion black ops 3 played a lot better.”

        ^ I’m putting the blame on variants.

        AW – variants, and an extremely high SBMM.
        BO3 – No variants and no BS.

        IW – Variants again and a noticeable LC (plus a lot more host migrations lately)
        MWR – No variants, and IMO plays smoother than IW.

        I mean maybe it’s a coincidence that SH and IW are tilting the tables, but I’m blaming the variants until we finally see a COD (with variants) without the background BS…

    • lunator100hd .

      BO3 is averall a much better game than IW. Even if IW didnt have RNG at all i would still prefer BO3.

  • ccrows

    Might need to start working on weekly contracts again soon… πŸ˜‰

  • Drank Bleach

    Definitely be prepared for weapons not just melee ones in MWR.

    • ccrows

      Activision has a good thing going with remasters.

      ^ If they just sell them separately (or at a lower bundle price with the Nov release) in the spring/summer without weapons being added of any kind, it would be a win/win for both sides.

      The IW/MWR low sales memo should have been enough of a warning sign, but if Activision screws with these remasters, then (IMO) all they have left is Vahn… πŸ™

  • Duke of hazard

    Not like i care. Throughout the entire year of playing BO3, I have unlocked one weapon from supply drops and that was brass knuckles. Piece of shit, money grabbing system.

    • ccrows

      75 win contract would have gotten you a 2nd…

      • Duke of hazard

        Oh that’s right. I got 3 more melee weapons including the prize fighters. That’s it. Not a single gun.

        • AC

          Life must be so hard for you.

          • Duke of hazard

            Oh it was. Then I hopped off that Activision dick and saw the bullshit. But it seems you have no problem riding it.

        • Murielrflatt

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      • Batman

        I did……L4 Siege and a mace

  • Lol i stopped playing this game the day overwatch came out and i’m happy i only got 1 weapon and it was the fury song from the contracts. I just went back to play it and see how it is and all the bs guns i got killed by i left the game

  • Boldcyclonus

    That AR look like the black ops 2 Semi-automatic SMR. My chance getting this through supply drop is 1% .

    • The9tailedgamer

      The smr or fal?

      • Boldcyclonus

        More like the SMR

  • Zombies

    Black ops 3 is over and we never even got moon? MOON WAS TEASED BY TREYARCH themselves. The only reason I still got this game is for zombies because that’s the only thing which is still like classic cod to me mostly the giant and I can look past all the silly characters they put in zombies like a brain dead zombie able to control a mech suit or a zombified tree or even a freaking dragon but don’t tease something and not give it to us, they teased giant loading screen and we got it they then teased moon loading screen a nothing? Damn cod sucks now


      they could have put the danger sign from moon on the cliff outside nacht but of course not. and remember the ending? LOL

    • darren

      People ASSUME that it was a tease. Anyone can say, “I think _ _ _ is going to happen,” doesn’t mean you gotta believe it every time. That’s the problem these days. YouTuber’s THEORIZE what THEY think or believe, then millions of idiots take that as gospel.

      Besides, Treyarch have “teased” all kinds of things that never came to fruition. Case in point, doesn’t Blundell owe Dalek or ROFL a definitive, actual piece of info about Zombies, or did I miss the reveal of it? If so, it must not have been anything relevant.

      Oh, and no article about Treyarch doing a livestream Wednesday @ noon (depending on time zone.)? There may be something besides those 3 weapons being announced. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out during the livestream.

  • InfectedJello

    Hoping they activate double xp or double cryptokeys when these hit the game.

  • Ak74u

    It would be great if they could add all these new weapons into zombies as well and maybe even that mini chainsaw and disk thrower as well

  • yay more clutter in BO3’s system XD

  • Ak74u

    The assault rifle is an SMR from bo2 I’m pretty sure and the smg idk what it is

  • Infinite Tears

    The funny thing is, I hated the BO3 supply drop system but sadly it’s actually so much better than the variants system in IW and AW