Treyarch has now shared the full patch notes from the new patch update, version 1.19, that went live for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PlayStation 4 on December 12. The update was 1.3GB.



  • Updated visual presentation of Black Market items:
    • Not-yet-obtained Black Market items (weapons, specialist heads/bodies) will be visible in menus with no shader overlay.
    • Items will appear with a new Black Market Lock Icon.
    • Updated User Interface will be present wherever Black Market items are available (Create-a-Class, Specialist menu, Gunsmith, Paintshop, Weapon Showcase, Combat Record).
  • PS4 Pro:
    • Supports enhanced dynamic 4k gaming


  • The stats widget in the Showcase will display the correct name for all Black Market weapons.

Media Manager:

  • Fixed a number of User Interface issues that occurred within the media manager.


Shadows of Evil:

  • Resolved an exploit during the Totem Ritual part of the main EE.

Zetsubou no Shima:

  • Fixed a potential exploit with the Fan and Plane traps.


  • Fixed an issue with Apothicon Mask that occurred at high rounds.
  • Summoning Key will no longer disappear after teleporting out of the Arena.
  • Added an animation to alert the player when a Mech Z spawns.
  • Addressed a fatal error that occurred when using the Apothicon Servant at high rounds.
  • Players are no longer able to use the Anywhere But Here GobbleGum during the Dark Arena Challenge, as it was causing issues.
  • Fixed a progression break that sometimes occurred when players picked up the Summoning Key.
  • Fixed high round exploits.

SOURCE: Activision Support

  • Yeah same

  • Kian

    Looks beautiful

  • The9tailedgamer

    What is the “mech Z”? Is that the Panzer?

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    • rusty

      Yea its the panzer


    still didn’t clear zombies leaderboards of glitchers with round 255 lmao

    • ImMaac

      Who cares people will still use round robin to get to those rounds

  • phinn

    wtf 16 gigs and this is it? How about a new Zombies map. Would be nice to go back to Blops 3 since it’s vastly superior to Infinite Warfare. Until then it’s BF1.

  • This game came with my new ps4 (I know I’m late) and even though I already have it for ps3, I decided to play on ps4…But I am 30 minutes and 382 MB into the download and have “23 hours left.” 🙁