Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial event is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Fans on PS4 and Xbox One who want to try out Infinite Warfare can visit their console’s store now to download and play all three modes of Infinite Warfare for free.

On PS4, visit the PlayStation Store and search ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial.’ On Xbox One, visit the Infinite Warfare Game page on the Xbox One Store and click the Trial Button to start the download.

The Infinite Warfare Free Trial features 2 campaign missions, allows players to level up to 15 in MP, and up to 3 in Zombies.

If you do plan on buying the full game after the trial, all of your progress will transfer over.

The trial is a full game download, so it requires 60GB of space. For PS4, PlayStation Plus is required for MP and Zombies; for Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is required for all modes.

The trial ends on December 20 at 10AM PT.

  • hungryandrew

    Barely a month after release, multiple price drops, and now free trails, desperate measures.

  • hungryandrew

    First BEECH!!!

  • ToonToons22

    Newton’s Cookbook: Allows you to make your own GobbleGums!

    • Seeing how they’re gonna add new content for the game next year. Grief mode should return

  • Its definitely not live on the ps4 yet. Im trying to search it right now & I cant find nothing but the ps plus discount thats it.

  • Beast Mode

    Patiently waiting on the announcement of new guns in supply drops on MWR…that train is coming….


    • Marik

      What’s everyone’s problem if they add more modern weapons such as Scar L, ACR, Galil, Spas 12 etc into the game? All these guns are real and they would have been added in the original game as well if there were not the hardware limitations of last gen consoles. There are many mods on pc that include many newer guns and people love and play them all the time. As long as they keep the reality factor intact I have no problem with new guns at all, even if I never be lucky enough to get them. M16 will still be the best gun and dominate almost every single situation. But a little variety would make the game more interesting giving it a breath of fresh air. If you want to try hard just keep using your M16 stopping power, Frags X 3 and let other people have some fun with the new guns.

      • Beast Mode

        i aint reading all that

      • Ranno

        “Yeah, let’s add more guns. It’s for making the game feel fresh and alive. How about add more kill streaks too? AC-130 was in the campaign! Why not add that? Maybe dogs too. Then more perks. Then more attachments. Then name it into Modern Warfare Reimaged! All to make this game more interesting cause COD4 was soooooo boring!”

        • Strategist

          The AC-130 was originally going to be in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, however, it was cut from the final release. Several files can be found (ac130_25mm_mp, ac130_40mm_mp, ac130_105mm_mp).

          You can google it to find the full code if you are interested in. The original file is located in maps/mp/_ac130.gsc and this was not a mod. It was the original game file.

          As for the maps:
          Favela and Invasion were originally CoD4 maps. Night versions of Ambush, District, Overgrown and Strike are also in game files.

      • ToonToons22

        It’s only going to get worse.

        First they add melee weapons. Then they add guns from MW2 and BO. Then they add perks, scorestreaks, hell, maybe even maps! Still not interested? Let’s add drivable vehicles and a WWII PPSh-41 that has reduced recoil and does 50 damage per shot WITHOUT Stopping Power.

      • Except it’s not a remaster anymore at that point. It’s reimagined. Remade. Its already almost to that point with the supply drops but itll break the glass with different guns

        Not only that guns in supply drops is just cancer. If there is no direct way to earn them *in a reasonable fashion* then no. Especially a big no for this game. It’s already gone too far,

    • jordanxbrookes

      We all know it’s coming, it’s only a matter of when.

    • Fegasaruasㅤ

      I’m just saving my keys or whatever scummy name they have. Probably won’t get shit while idiots who spent $99.99 get all the new weapons first try.

  • LazyElephant

    That’s cool and all but when is Bo2 gonna be made backwards compatible for Xbox one?

    • Smayo

      Not going to happen anytime soon now IW isn’t barely played. It would be the death sentence for IW on xbox one…

      • LazyElephant

        Why would that matter? Activsion would make a lot of money just like they did for Bo1.

        • Smayo

          Activision wants IW and MWR playerbase to stay as high as possible to milk as many players possible with their supply drops and DLC.

          A Bo2 BC release would kill off any playerbase left on xbox one, and thus missing out on potential SD sales.

          Don’t get me wrong, I would welcome Bo2 with open arms, but activision doesn’t see it like we do…

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    Wow, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    What a way to say “please play our shit game because we have a low player % and we’re too embarrassed to even put a % played for each game mode because 9/10 modes are at 0%.”

  • Fegasaruasㅤ
    • Are you psychic?

      • Lilianajbanks

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  • Johnny

    This confirms that Activision and Infinity Ward are now desperate. Well they have to suck it up and move on. Infinite Warfare was not the game people wanted and it is selling at a loss. They might have to kill the game early.

    • how? you acting like other games don’t have free trial. Overwatch had 2 free trial in the 7 months since it was released and it’s the best game this year.

  • Luke Berg
    • LB

      You must have reached the level cap of 3 in Zombies, you can’t play it anymore unless you buy it.

      • Angel Gonzalez

        im pretty sure there is no level cap even though they said it was 3 just could only play one game because i got to level 5 in my one game

  • Element115Will

    Even if its free. It doesnt convince me to download this pieace of garbage. Its ridiculous how many idiots love this “futuristic” setting when literally it got a bit pathetic after BO2 (Last Great CoD IMO)

  • lol, i had prestiged in IW a while back on a shared version on ps4. just downloaded the free version and it tells me i reached my trial limit and i can;t playmultiplayer… well played iactivision, stupid me i guess of expecting anything less

  • James Birdsong

    Funny how they didn’t do this before the game to warn people into not getting this crapfest.

  • I’ve been really against IW since the start but I decided to try it out since it’s free and keep an open mind.

    Honestly, it’s like Infinity Ward took Black Ops 3 and removed everything good about it. What a confusing and frustrating mess of a game! It controls and plays horribly, the guns are confusing and weird, and the lag was painful. I tried Gun Game and couldn’t make sense out of it at all.

    I really thought since it’s so similar to BO3 it’d be something I might be able to get into, but I hated it