With the December Update for Modern Warfare Remastered on PC, users on Reddit have been digging through the files to see if there has been anything new added. And sure enough, they have found some new content that Raven appears to be testing for Modern Warfare Remastered.

Additional Melee Weapons:

The first type of new things found were additional melee weapons. The files contain coding for A Hatchet, Sicle and a Sword.

The December Update brought six melee weapons to the game, and we do expect them to add more variations of melee weapons to Modern Warfare Remastered.

COD4 Variety Map Pack:

For the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward released 1 map pack called the ‘Variety Map Pack’ featuring four maps, Chinatown, Broadcast, Killhouse, and Creek.

In the latest PC update for MWR, coding for these four maps have been found in the files, suggesting Raven could add these maps to the game at some point.

Back at Call of Duty XP, Raven developers mentioned that adding these additional maps would be something they’d look at based upon feedback after launch.


Last month, the first PC data mining found that Raven Software had coding in the game for many additional weapons, including weapons from other Call of Duty titles. Since then, Raven has only added in cosmetic items to the game, and the weapons they were testing have not been added to the title.

In the December update, the files have also shown that Raven is continuing to test two regular weapons, including the Kam 12 and XM-LAR. Both of these two weapons were leaked last month. The weapons still are in early testing phases, as images from the files show very basic concept polygons of the weapons running in game.

Activision has provided no indication of plans to add weapons to the game. Raven Software mentioned to YouTubers at a recent event that they only have plans for cosmetic items for Modern Warfare Remastered. Something similar to this was also said for Black Ops 3 early on in the game’s cycle, however Treyarch did end up adding weapons to Black Ops 3’s supply drops versus having them in DLC Packs.

In a recent Activision blog post, Raven and Activision did emphasis that all content that they have added so far has been added “very carefully as our highest priority is to retain the balance, aesthetics and player silhouettes in the game.” They further went on to say that “Personalization is a big part of Call of Duty and something we’ve done in the series for a while now that fans really enjoy.”

As always, we will update as we learn more.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • First…?

  • I love the whole “Raven said this to the Youtube shells”

    Of course they’re supposedly going to do that. I mean why won’t they go on twitter or they make an official post about it? Oh, i know why. They dont want go on record saying they only have plans for cosmetic items lol. I mean they already pretty much lie once with the whole “we’re gonna stay true to the original game”

    Cosmetic only my ass..lol if it stays cosmetic then cool. Because honestly the supply drop system in Modern Warfare is actually better than Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare but the problem is, it shouldn’t be in there..and two, these cucks hid it under our nose until now. Why else they didn’t say anything about it or the possibility of it being in there? They knew the reaction.

    If the syetem stays the way it is now, then fine. Even though if I just look past the fact it shouldn’t be in MWR, it’s not really bad. But it’s the principal of it.

  • Stefan Lang

    This game is boring bring on MW2 or BO2 ??

    • Nick Marchino

      You forgot waw. The most potential to be the best remake

      • WAW is heavily underrated

        • I just hope they polish those absolutely awful first person animations and fix the terribad matchmaking that raped anyone who doesn’t own DLC.

  • Andrew Venegas

    They desperate lmao ??the only way they can save this company is buy making cod ghosts 2 or a totally new (modern but not futuristic) cod game

    • your joking right

      • Sentinel

        Think about it thoe, it would be the only near future setting to keep them boots on the damn ground!

        • ” god, all these shitty futuristic games are the worst! we need a shitty BOTG game! yeah that’ll fix everything! “

          • Sentinel

            Either way the COD community is stupid and ignorant. They will never be satisfied with anything!

    • Ghosts wasn’t even all that bad. Sure, a few incorrectly balanced guns and large maps, but all in all, the campaign was great. Besides, I still want to know about Logan.

  • cacman93

    That looks a hell of a lot like the ACR…

  • HenryDF

    Whether you like it or not, new weapons being added at some point is inevitable.

  • Disappointing.

  • Let’s not blame Raven for this. They did an amazing job with MWR and their additions while I don’t agree with Supply Drops entirely have been done well. Very interesting and creative cosmetics. I still support Raven and will continue to.

    • Ranno

      I did support Raven before supply drops. I ain’t supporting them now. I just find it hard to believe that Raven’s not in with this just a little bit. COD Online has supply drops too!

      • Iron Fist

        It’s not Ravens choice if they want to add supply drops. It’s Activision’s, and they’re most likely going to keep adding them to future Cod games as long as they get money.

        • Ray

          And how would you know this? Were you sitting in the meeting room when this was discussed?

          • XboxISdead

            We know this because if you go and look what Treyarch has said when they came out with BO3 they did not want no guns in supply drops THEY WANTED TO ADD THEM TO THE GAME BUT Activision told them they are going in supply drops and they had no say over it Treyarch

          • Ray

            How do you know that activision told them? What if it was just treyarch that changed their minds? People need to stop defending companies blindly… They will not do the same for you!

          • I suggest you do more research then. Because wherever you’re getting this info from isn’t credible. Try again.

          • All the Developers for Call of Duty Games. Infinityward, Treyarch, Raven, Sledgehammer Games, etc. are ALL under contract. Therefore, they can’t do anything without Activision’s approval. If Activision wants them to put supply drops in a game NO ONE wants, they can’t say no. Otherwise, the answer might cost them their job. Konami had a similar incident. You’re surprised by this?

      • Because Activision is their publisher. COD Online was a microtransaction game to begin with.

        • Ranno

          Tencent Holdings is the publisher of COD Online. Activision Shanghai and Raven Software are the developers. And why are you 100% sure that supply drops weren’t developers idea? Did you attend to the meeting where supply drops were first discussed?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Only fools would blame Raven. It’s blatantly obvious Activision are pulling the strings.

      • Ranno

        Why are you so sure that Activision is the ONLY one behind supply drops?

        • PandaMan

          Because the devs are usually out and looking for the best for the consumer. They want us to enjoy the game, and they know the distaste the community has with supply drops. Activism on sees it, but they don’t care about the consumer anymore. All they focus on is making a quick buck. Until the supply drop system dies, and it won’t because a good portion of the community buys them because they arent the ‘hardcore’ if that’s what you want to call ourselves. Treyarch said they wanted strictly cosmetics, and Raven has said the same thing. It’s Activision that’s ruining the games, not the devs.

  • ToonToons22

    If anybody wants to know, the XM-LAR is actually the FAL from MW2 and the Kamchatka 12 is an automatic shotgun. I saw leaked footage of them way before this article came out.

    • Schruk

      Oh shit I’m so excited for the FAL.

  • jordanxbrookes

    As King Ross would say, “The end is nigh, the end is nigh, f*cking run away, the end is nigh!”

    • GinsuVictim


      • jordanxbrookes

        Yup πŸ˜›

  • Bonn Bo

    Best case scenario, it’s just MW2 maps and they decide to add in MW2 and MW3 content as map packs. But that’s being super fucking optimistic.

  • Guest

    Surely all of you saw this coming, right? Lol. Activision are at the point of no return they don’t care at all about the customer or even their game all they care about is that dollar. Everyone can come on these forums and whine and complain thinking activision will see this and there is a very small chance they will see the comments or even the tweets to them and the other developers or even YouTube videos but remember actions speak louder than words only way you’ll get a message across is to not play the game, don’t buy supply drops or cod points probably best of to not even by the game until they get it together they will notice the even bigger decline in player base and sales I mean come on they’re killing a REMASTER something only activision can do LOL the next game probably won’t be something we even want some futuristic crap where for once you’ll be on the ground. Franchise is dying supply drops here to stay too many 12 year olds putting money in their pocket. Franchise never going back to golden days that for me was mw2/bo1. Bring on the hate comments

    • Andrew Venegas

      You fail to realize that the more money they make,the more games they make…they dont make money,they cant make games therefore unbalancing the future of COD and screwing up their partners with other gaming companies

      • ???

        And the games they are making are crap all bundled with silly gimmicks and really far fetched stuff. They know the community wants a call of duty based on real even or even events that seem plausible and not over the top something like waw bo1 mw2/3 hell even ghosts seem more like something that would happen than cyborgs in a simulation. We want the goldens day the closest thing we got other than mwr which just got killed was the giant in bo3 zombies that’s something from
        Old school cod. Next game going to be a joke can just tell. No Vietnam boys

        • Andrew Venegas

          Well if u want them to make those games which they will eventually do becuase they cant end ghosts on a story ending like that,then they have to make money to make it…i dont like the idea that they changed mwr but they gotta do what they gotta do for them right now

        • The Korean War is STILL open. Not a single franchise has touched that war. Perhaps, Call of Duty might want to cover that if they want to stay afloat. Besides, Mason, Woods, and Hudson all fought there.

    • Who even said we wanted or expected Activision to see us “whining” on here? It’s blatant they don’t listen but we’re still allowed to vent and discuss and whine about it, we’re the consumers after all.

      • Lilianajbanks

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    • should’ve seen this since MW3 loool

  • Guest

    I hate supply drops as much as the next guy but I’m thankful it’s actually real life weapons they are adding and not silly laser made up futuristic weapons like the last 3 games but quick question do activision have licensing issues for the real names of guns? Like the xm lar is known as the fal in real life also called fal/fn fal in previous game surely with all the ” billions” of dollars they got they could pay the licensing

    • Qaotik

      Yes, because it would be using the names of that the manufacturers gave them. Therefore, it’s considered copyrighting

      • Why would it matter? They used the FAL multiple times in the franchise. (Mw2, Black Ops, Black Ops II, Declassified, Online, etc.)

        • Qaotik

          Who knows, maybe they want to avoid attributing acts of violence like school shootings to video games. Sounds stupid, but no one knows

    • I can’t tell if you are joking or just severely misinformed about what you are talking about.

  • Fegasaruasγ…€

    Variety map pack for free im fine…. no more bs weapons

  • Sentinel

    So I jumped on COD4 today and suddenly it became more interesting with all the new content added to the game…Damn you NRG! I haven’t spent a single penny on it but the urge uhh it’s too fucken strong lol

    • Schruk

      I bought the one with 5000 ish points about half a week ago and spent them, and now they have the 25x drop pack for 2500 points. I’m pretty pissed but with the 5000 I spent I got 4 melee weapons out of it and 3 weapon kits so I’m not that mad. MWR odds are worth it, buy buy buy before they nerf drop rates.

      • Sentinel

        Yeah, they tend to do that a lot! But I will check it out ’cause I’m waiting when they add more weapon variants or new weapons!

  • oXhile

    Can people understand Raven is NOT doing this, this is ACTIVISION

  • LazyElephant

    So will this be the new thing? Activison releases a new COD + a remastered COD and the remastered COD will have supply drops?

  • Guest

    Adding cosmetic items is bad enough. Already destroying the nostalgia and therefore most of the appeal to the game. If they add ranged weapons, this is going to completely alter the dynamic of the game, like we saw in BO3. If this is going to be the case, which it most likely will, then Raven should nerf the all-powerful M16, frag grenades etc. and just rebalance the game in general, it has the potential to be a fun game. After playing a decent amount of MWR in its current state though, its clear that the game has not aged well.
    Lets face it, COD is dying and it has been for years. But it really is sad to see Activi$ion milking every last drop of it.

    • Schruk

      Nostalgia wears off eventually. They have to add new stuff to keep the game fresh.

  • KronicKrona1

    Oh no…. ??

  • Ranno

    As much as I hate this crap that has happened to MWR recently there is no point hating it. Cause if they added supply drops, customization and melee weapons, there WILL be weapons too. At this point I’m not going to be surprised if they add more perks and killstreaks for the sake of keeping this game alive for next few years, even though I don’t play MWR, cause I played a enough COD4 in the past.

    • It’s not about keeping the game alive to them, that’s an excuse.

  • Keeganator

    I am actually kinda excited for this. I have just accepted the fact that there will be added things into Modern Warfare Remastered. I cant wait to use these new guns in game.

  • Unpopular Opinion

    I’m probably going to resort to just playing with bots now, I guess. If bullet weapons do come out you know for sure everyone is gonna be using it and there’s going to be balancing issues.

  • Aaron

    What’s next? Energy assault rifles? Smh Raven & Activision

  • Oh well I’ve given up don’t care anymore do what they want innit

  • Raul Ruiz



    don’t melee weapons encourage bullying though