In an unexpected playlist update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PS4, Infinity Ward accidentally pushed out a DEV Category of playlist testing for the game to the public.

This DEV Playlist is supposed to be for Infinity Ward / Activision employees to test out the game and features before they go public for launch and not meant for public players.

The Playlists reveals that Infinity Ward is apparently testing out SBMM, which is Skill Based Matchmaking. SBMM was a big issue during Advanced Warfare days, where players thought Skill was being factored into the matchmaking over a good connection. SHGames stated that they had toned it down, but still left players angry.

Again, we cation that these are all testing playlists and none are expected to be made public at this time.

Image source @BautistaLil

  • Mick

    It seems every bit of news for this game ends up getting better and better.

  • sixsevensix

    I personally didn’t experience the problems of SBMM in AW, but I really hope that they don’t implement it because I know that it affected the game experience of other players

    • we

      im really glad for this post. Most of the time when someone didnt experience SBMM in AW they never thought of how it affects other people.

      Also, anyone remember LoveKillerX and guywithbrains? The guys who talked to each and loved SBMM? … and turned out to be the same guy? lol

      • Haha I remember him. I forgot how everyone figured out he was the same guy, though.

        Why did he stop posting?

        • ccrows

          “Why did he stop posting?”

          Supposedly LoveKillerX and GuyWithBrains were the same, and got upset when somebody posted a screenshot of proof or something like that… *shrugs*

  • jordanxbrookes

    HAHAHAHA!! This just keeps getting better.

    • SoulTaker

      Right!? LMFAO but the situation going on with MWR is a bit more hilarious.

      • Because microtransactions in any game is hilarious!!! HAHAHA

        • SoulTaker

          Nah man the hilarious part was that no one thought Activsion would do it ! LMFAO when rumors of weapons and a black market first came out everyone was like “nah bro it’s old code Raven and Activision would never touch a beloved game like MW”. Everyone should have known supply drops were coming day one because they gotta make that $$$$$.

          • Not really. Consirdering they pretty much said the Remaster was going to stay true to the original game. And consirdering that code didn’t come to the public until like 2 or 3 weeks after the game released, so it’s safe to say it was under our nose but yeah! TOTALLY HILARIOUS!XD

          • SoulTaker

            Well of course they are going to say the things you want to hear instead of things that’ll likely piss people off man that’s what’s funny people were lead to believe it. Listen man go to YouTube and look up Shane McMahons theme song and you’ll understand it clearly. Glad you find it hilarious man !!! πŸ˜‰

          • Oh I understand it completely, doesn’t change the fact that’s its a shitty thing to do. Especially lying but I’ll give you some props for referencing Shane a WWE fan?

          • SoulTaker

            I agree with you there man it’s a very shitty thing to do and I hate it, but I was prepared for supply drops since the start when they announced MWR I don’t mean the whole thing in a bad way I just found it funny in a really sad way. Also yeah man been watching WWF/WWE since I was a kid!

          • I see what you mean, and awesome! I have been watching and been a fan my entire life!

    • Duke of hazard

      Im just laughing at this point

  • ccrows

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, weapons variants are ruining COD (besides COD points).

    They keep using SBMM or LC to tilt the table in the background, and games like BO3 and MWR play fine for me.

    F*** Weapon Variants, and F*** SBMM!…

    • BradyAlucard

      I don’t mind weapon variants but making them P2W and putting SBMM in the game is what I’m not okay with.

      • ccrows

        Until I see a COD game with weapon variants that doesn’t use higher SBMM or LC settings, (IMO) it’s just not worth having them in the game if they keep screwing with the gameplay…

      • Dominic

        So you like Weapon variants, but you dont like what you consider as a “P2W” system . You can’t have one and not the other imo .Personally , I don’t mind supply drops and weapon variants , I’ll win a gun fight 9 times outta 10 against someone using a weapon varient of the default weapon in using hence I don’t consider supply drops pay to win .

        • BradyAlucard

          Correction, I like the idea of them, but I don’t like the fact that someone can get an OP weapon and ruin my $120 experience just because they chose to purchase a cancerous microtransaction. Depending on the variants it can be P2W.

    • Dominic

      Weapons variants aren’t ruining COD you idiot .People are turning away from COD because of jet packs.The criticism towards jets pack heavily outweigh the criticism towards variants

      • Jon

        I disagree. The OP variants are the issue. At least this year you can actually play and unlock the majority of them.

        • Dominic

          Same applied to AW? You got an “op variant” every time you prestiged .It annoys me that people think good variants are only obtainable through buying a load of cod points .I had the majority of variants in AW when I reached max prestige.Also, people forget that good variants don’t automatically make people good at COD , shitters will always be shitters not matter what they use , whether it be obsidian steed etc.- this is why I don’t consider supply drops P2W

          • ccrows

            Yeah and you also had to prestige 15 times to get to that.

            However it doesn’t matter and got ruined by SBMM anyway. Yay you got an Obsidian Steed, have fun using it in lobbies with people playing in others countries…

          • Dominic

            your complaining about Playing people in other countries ? Did you play the first day of IW , the matchmaking at the start made it only put players of the same locale in together . It literally took ages to find a game lmao

  • Force Buy Instigator

    Call of duty infinite incompetence.

    • Infinity Ward doesn’t know how to do anything right honestly

    • Sexy Mcgee

      As if it wasn’t enough the game has issues with matchmaking, they’re going to add stricter rules? That’s dumb.

      • Eunicegdillon

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      • Logic Chief

        Man everyone just complains about iw. When I’m sitting here with no problems. No shoot first down stuff. No matchmaking issues. I didn’t have that frame rate issue many where having on xbox one at launch. Only problem was movement and if they add tactical Don I’m 100% good.

        • It’s all based on individual opinion really.

          Just seems like 90+% of that opinion is that it’s complete shite.


    absolute retards. never buy this shit again

  • Stefan Lang

    Lol RIP. Mosh Pit is full of diers rn so go have fun.

  • Jay Evan

    Did you know that bleach has the best momentary nutritional value?

  • Big Guwop #SusGang

    They’re really trying to ruin a game that no one is even playing? Isn’t Activision the best?

    • I love being cucked by Activision

    • Chocobooo!

      What are you talking about? I get to find a match easily on a lobby with full of players.

      • ccrows

        That won’t last long if they raise the SBMM settings…

  • bsktballmsu1

    I thought the game couldn’t get any worse…they keep proving me wrong.

  • Dre

    Well we cation it better not be!

  • LMAO! If you play in a 6 man you would have known this 2 weeks ago. The game would rather halt finding a game so that it could locate another 4 man to 6 man team. Annoying

  • ccrows

    “SHGames stated that they had toned it down,”

    ^ Yeah right, that never happened… <_<

  • ToonToons22

    It almost seems like they are deliberately trying to kill the Call of Duty franchise. The number of bad decisions made by the developers of the game cannot be explained by pure stupidity or simple mistakes. The only thing “infinite” about Infinite Warfare is the number of problems going on with the game that the devs can’t be bothered to fix. Infinity Ward should never be allowed to make another game ever again.

  • Hellmetal

    will this game ever have good news ?

    • Element115Will

      Its garbage. Thats the good news.

  • Duke of hazard

    So they are taking everything people hated about AW and putting it in this game. Amazing how anyone defends this.

  • Fegasaruasγ…€

    Error, last paragraph, “cation” needs to be “caution”… yw

  • Darrell Hampton

    • ToonToons22

      Here’s a dislike for all your troubles.

    • Element115Will

      Ill dislike your vids as well.

    • Disliked.

  • Khaled Hassan

    Hahahha! I mean.. god it seems they are mentally not fine

  • BradyAlucard

    This will ruin the game if it follows through.

    • Khaled Hassan

      It’s not already ruined?

      • BradyAlucard

        Nope, because at least it’s playable. This will make it UNplayable. If I get this game anytime soon then I’ll get over the hit detection nonsense by playing Tactical TDM if they keep it, especially since BO3’s is just as bad if not worse.

  • RebornAngel666

    This is sad. I think I know for sure that MWR has SBMM. It may or may not be true, but every time I play, I go against a hella good team 24/7 and my team is complete shit. I think it balances teams based on skill for sure. I cannot win or do good anymore. I used to be able to when the game came out and all. I am really good, but now it’s just complete bs. Anyway my point is , I think there is SBMM on MWR, but I’m hoping there isn’t

  • They literally can’t go an UPDATE without creating more problems for themselves, this is far beyond a joke now.
    I know this won’t happen but IW’s time is up, they need to GO.

    • Jon

      You still here puking useless crap with your nuts in your mouth again. Go away kid.

  • Peter Griffin

    To be honest, I have no problem with lag on Infinite Warfare. I mean, not more than any other Call of Duty (or Matchmaking multiplayer game) for that matter. It works well almost always, and sometimes (I said SOMETIMES), I end on a laggy gamelobby. It’s not that bad if you ask me. It’s actually very good.
    Hit detection and lag compensation (the game overall) feels very good at the moment. Much better than lets say…Black Ops series who always have one of the worst of all, comparatively. Ghost was the best (that’s one of the only one things he did right).

    Lag Compensation and Skill for matchmaking will always be there. Without Lag Compensation we would probably not be able to play online (the only way we could get rid of it is in LAN if I’m not mistaken). And for skill based match making…well I DO HOPE skill is a criteria somewhere in the algorithm of the matchmaking. Maybe not the main criteria but at least somewhere in the priority list.
    What if I end against much better player than me (I mean, players who beats me constantly, you know, like skill waaay higher), and the game says “meh your connection is the best, so it doesn’t matter”. It’s not fun either in that way. Thing is to find the balance between a (very) good ping and players from approximative skill level so you are not getting chain stomped.

  • scrotesmd

    Will be the games funeral if they implement sbmm

  • I honestly really wish I never bought this fucking game brand new.

  • Tommy Ledge

    IW is hands down my favorite Cod, I don’t play it as much as others because I’m just bored of the simplicity of Call of Duty in general. SBMM removes some of the boredom, but unless they bump up the skillgap, the game is pretty pointless to buy every year. Nothing new to learn or do.. yawn.

    • I agree nothing beats jumping from side to side and shooting first dying first (not that i’ve experienced that)

  • Batman

    WTF? They still test it even though no one is playing this shit

    • Jon

      There are plenty of players playing this game. You idiot. Don’t make me put you on the list.

  • PeterG

    If you suck as bad as I do, skill based matchmaking isn’t all that bad. LOL

  • James Birdsong

    Game is garbage lucky for them I like to play shitty games.

  • Dominic

    Only shitters complain about Skill based matchmaking . Even in the COD where SBMM had the most influence, i.e AW , the connection was fine , and the majority of players in lobbies were shit.

    • lunator100hd .

      My lobbies were full of gamma labs faggts, also the negative effect of SBMM on connection is proven so STFU dumbass.

      • Dominic

        SBMM in AW (where it was most prevalent)didn’t hinder the connection of lobbies i.e everyone was 4 barring and good hit reg . And if you think lobbies were fuel of “gamma labs” faggots , you are obviously shit at COD .

        • lunator100hd .

          Hahahahahaha it was the only cod i had constantly 3 bars. I could never find players from my country because i had 2,45 kd and the game was tring to match me up against tryhards from all over the Europe. The game was nightmare for me but still idiots like you defend SBMM.

          • Dominic

            I dont get why your lying ? I had above a 3kd kd in AW , and the games matchmaking was fine for me i.e rarely went under a 4 bar . Even if I played on German host from Ireland , I’ll have a 4 bar no problem . What country you from , just outta curiosity ,TBH wouldn’t be surprised if you were an arab since they are the only ones I ever see 3 barring .

          • wha

            i don’t believe you had above a 3 KD.. it feels like you’re lying to back up your point.

          • Dominic

            whats your psn?

          • Dominic
          • wha

            ok, i was just going by what you said earlier. Take a pic of your AW K/D, and I’ll take a pic of my 3.8 K/D in AW.. and in the end the connections still suffered on my end. My point is, just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen for others.. no matter what your K/D was

          • Dominic

            you really think i still have AW on my playstation lol

          • wha

            lol why not? you shoulda kept it since the connections and matchmaking were good

          • Dominic

            I dont get why people like you use connection as an excuse for being shit at COD

          • Jon

            Excuses. Someone calls you out to prove your statement and you can’t back it up. LOL.

          • Dominic

            I showed him my iw kd and I’ll show my bo3 kd in a bit when it’s finished downloading again. My memory on PS4 is low so I had to delete aw off my PS4 to compensate for iw . So don’t ever accuse me of a liar , you ignorant cunt . Your probably one of those idiots who think having a 3kd is a result of being a hacker lmao

          • Jon

            You are a fraud plain and simple.

          • Dominic

            How am I a “fraud” ? Please enlighten me . Are you thaaaat stupid , that you cannot comprehend that it is easy to maintain above a 3kd

          • Jon

            I am smart enough to recognize a liar and a fraud when i see one. You kid fit the mold. You tell so many lies you can’t keep your stories straight. It is OK though. We still accept and love you. Even if you are a habitual liar. Merry Christmas kid.

          • Dominic

            But I still cant comprehend the reasoning behind you accusing me of lying

          • Dominic

            You claim you are smart , yet you spelt “mould” and “recognise ” wrong

          • Jon

            A liar and an idiot too. There may not be hope for you after all. Maybe Santa will bring you a dictionary.

          • Dominic

            It’s not me that needs the dictionary mate .Learn to spell before replying to me again.

          • Dominic

            And btw , your point made no sense

          • wha

            what about it made no sense?

            > someone said that if you had a good stats that matchmaking and connections suffered

            > you said no, I have good stats and my matchmaking and connections didn’t suffer. You told us your K/D to prove it

            > I said I also have good stats (better than yours), and my matchmaking and connection suffered… Meaning that you’re only using your own experiences and not taking other people’s experiences into consideration.

            TL;DR – Out stats are similar. You’re saying your connection and matchmaking didn’t suffer. I said my connection and matchmaking DID suffer. I can understand that your connection and matchmaking didn’t suffer, but why can’t you understand that MY connection and matchmaking DID?

          • Dominic

            Like I said , its an excuse cause you are shit . Im also very skeptical of you even having over a 1.5 kd lol

          • wha

            fine, i’ll take a pic of my AW KD – it’s 3.8

            and then I’ll take my K/D in IW – it’s 4.5

            and connection and matchmaking in AW sucked – for me.

          • Jon

            LOL. You are such a liar.

          • lunator100hd .

            Im from South Europe lol, im not lying, the connection was terrible, i also wasnt able to find any lobbies even in TDM after 2 months BO3 was out. You probably play only with party of tryhards, then i get why the game was easy for you.

          • Dominic

            I cant remember the last i played in a full party , i usually play solo or with two of my mates

          • dirtybastardsword

            the fact that u were grouped only with tryhards was because u are a tryhard urself, thats how sbmm works, just cause u cant farm noobs ur just mad

  • Dokaxi

    If that’s the case, i’m quitting

  • Gamerazor247

    Just remember… some people thought this shit was necessary, being sick of teammates getting 4 kills, to 17 deaths… but I’m just sayin’…

  • Qaotik

    Whatever is going on over at IW is obviously fucked up to think that this will work, especially with a game with a delay of 120ms.

  • Mario Rivera

    You guys just had to keep bitching about team balancing right? I warned you guys that if you didn’t STFU about that they were gonna “solve” it with SBMM. Ugly Truth: This loudmouth brain dead community that doesn’t know how to consider the consequences of their requests is honestly the biggest reason why COD is on life support right now. Oh well, I jumped ship a long ass time ago so I’m just laughing from the lifeboats right now lol.

  • dirtybastardsword

    regardless of the connection issues, its funny when people complain about having to vs ‘sweats’ or ‘tryhards’ but the fact that they were grouped with them proves that they themselves are the tryhards they are crying about, just that they can’t get their precious high kd so easily anymore from farming people who are lower skilled. they may as well remove w/l and k/d stats overall if the whiners really aren’t a tryhard

  • ccrows

    It’s the mentality of getting everyone at a 1.0 KD happy place… <_<

  • Well you can thank the people complaining about it being too easy (seriously, some people are).