A new patch update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (version 1.07) is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update is around a 1.5GB update (patch size varies by platform and region).

This new update brings all new Quartermaster Content, many bug fixes, updates, and more.


General Fixes

  • Fix for the Mad Hax taunt in the Winners Circle
  • Allow players to change classes up with 5 seconds after prematch is completed
  • Fix for the Diamond, Solar, Slime, and Black Sky camos glowing when using the Type-2 akimbo in the left hand
  • Fix for various camos not applying correctly to the Epic Karma-45
  • Audio adjustments for louder impact sounds when being shot
  • Fix for an issue in MP split screen where one of the two players will load into the match without their Perks being shown
  • Fix for friendly players not appearing on the minimap when manually controlling the R-C8
  • Added a popup for the daily login bonus if you’re signed in while the bonus is given and also adding a sound when the daily login Message of the Day is displayed
  • Private/custom matches are now “invite only”
  • Fixed an issue where disabling the Team Assignment option would still require the player to select a team in a custom game
  • Fixed an issue where rewards for ranking up a Mission Team in MP were appearing as a blank card in the After Action Report
  • When being killed by a De-Atomizer strike, players would see a blank icon in the killcam where they should see the last weapon they were killed by. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where a user would complete a challenge in the Victories Challenge section, but the XP for the challenge wouldn’t be shown in the XP Earned in the After Action Report
  • Fixed a bug where the High Score challenge wasn’t working properly
  • Allow for the loadout menu to scroll to the top when reaching the bottom of the menu
  • Adding popup when trying to equip a streak when all streaks are already full
  • Fixed a bug where the Steel Dragon would penetrate a player using Bull Charge
  • When using the Scarab, friendly names were not appearing. This has been fixed
  • Fixed for a bug where the player in first place would appear cloaked in the Winners Circle
  • Fixed a bug where in MP splitscreen, the health bar of the second player wouldn’t decrease during a killcam. This has been resolved
  • Fixed an issue where the stats of your last match were always followed by a 0 in the Performance tab. This has been fixed to remove the 0.
  • Audio adjustment for audio playing late during a cutscene during the Dark Quarry mission in SP
  • Various map exploit fixes
  • Adjustments to some bomb pickup locations so players don’t have to circle back
  • Fix for the Type-2 Butcher akimbo shotgun mode where the energy projectiles were reflecting
  • Fixed the collision with the clock face and bowling entrance corners for the Uplink drone on Throwback


  • Fix for players being able to receive text communications from another player that has been blocked
  • Fix for keyboard navigation being inverted while scrolling through the player list in public lobbies
  • Various adjustments for mouse sensitivity
  • Fixed a bug where a player would be unable to edit a primary and secondary weapon by using the mouse to click in Create a Class
  • Various security and anticheat updates
  • Fixed for a player not being able to dodge backwards using Rushdown while using a keyboard and mouse with default bindings


  • Moved objective status to top of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where killstreak iconography would overlap with UI
  • Size adjustments to minimap
  • Added the ability for the caster to back out of a CWL draft in-progress
  • Added the boost meter to the in-game HUD when casting
  • Increased character limit for Team Identity to 12
  • Allow for the host to not be set as a caster

Zombies in Spaceland

  • Various bug fixes
  • Select Epic weapons that weren’t working properly in Pack-A-Punch have been fixed

Xbox One/S:

  • Performance improvements while in splitscreen

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • MultiplayerCop

    Still No leaderboards or combat records. Infinity ward is a joke.

    • infinity396

      yep BF1 till the next CoD depending on what direction SHG is going..

    • GinsuVictim

      Keep spinning that broken record.

  • MultiplayerCop

    And first btw

  • Stefan Lang

    Lmao and they’re sd exclusive. Hold the L IW.

    • Hawkzy

      Alright, I’ll admit to it now. The game is now officially pay to win. I’m disappointed


    This is Cancer

  • JeronimoPW

    Two months for this “Private/custom matches are now invite only”

    lol funny huh?

    • infinity396

      well, IMHO it really should be a toggle.. and only need to be invite only if you are doing something like a scrimmage or gamebattle or the like..

  • Akeno Edgyjima

    Still waiting on combat records and leaderboards

    • George Davis

      Who cares about combat records and leaderboards.

      • Definitely not Ininifty Ward.

      • Former

        Combat records are very useful. I could care less about leaderboards, but it comes down to the principle of thousands of other people wanting something that IW is slacking on.

      • GinsuVictim

        I certainly don’t.

      • The9tailedgamer

        No one with the ability to think does, it just causes boosters

  • You mad huh?

    2 months out of 12 month lifespan. thanks for selling us an incomplete game :/

  • Akeno Edgyjima

    “We have time to add more variants with more XP given per kill but can’t take time out of our day to put in leaderboards.” -Infinity Ward 2k17

    • Dre

      Clan wars and leaderboards are old cod bud. Welcome to new cod!

  • You mad huh?

    Still no fix for enemies being silent(without dead silence) but your teammates being loud as fuck sprinting. And no spawn revamping. :/ They had 3 years. 3 f____ years to make a good game and still couldn’t deliver

  • You mad huh?

    2 months out of a 12 month lifespan . thanks IW. you sold us an incomplete game :/

  • The longer it takes them to add in two basic features, the more embarrassing it becomes for Infinity Ward.

    Nice job Infinity Ward.

    You know, had I known this dev team would have gotten worse after MW3 and Ghosts, I would have never shitted on those games, I would have appreciated them more.

    • You know I thought coming out of Ghosts, Infinity Ward had nowhere but to go up and improve. You know, take what Ghosts did right, improve some ideas from Ghosts. Design better maps. But nah, just do what Treyarch did a year before you and completely do everything single thing they did and not only that, LET’S DO A TERRIBLE JOB AT IT. You think these new guys would realize the studio they’re working at, but nah

      • Kazkatgamer [YT]

        Infinity ward didn’t do Mw3 -_-;

        • Yes they did and Sledgehammer Games helped co-develope it. Along with some other studios helping out in such a short time period, like Raven Software.

        • PandaMan

          True fan here guys

          • Sam cobin


        • Uh yeah they did

        • J.Croazz

          Sledgehammer Games were the co-developers of MW3. Infinity Ward were the developers…please use your brain. It was absolutely NOT a “Sledgehammer Product.” That’s the most rediculous statement I’ve heard today.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Please tell me you didn’t just say that.

        • yes they did

        • The-_-Irishman

          Actually Infinity Ward was the lead developer on MW3, with treyarc, sledgehammer, and raven all assisting. Google is free, is it before you say sleeping that makes you look stupid.

      • snake56

        I wish they brought back squad mode. Sadly the only thing that they took from Ghost is the horrible weapon sound effects.

        • Dre

          And voices

          • The-_-Irishman

            Voices sound the way they do because you are hearing them inside a helmet. Or you have a shitty headset.

        • Hitman

          Its like every weapon was put through a tin can.

      • Dre

        All the studios work as a team now under the Activision umbrella. Yes they are different studios but dont be fooled, Activision is their boss and tells them to build upon the last game. Just look at the last cycle. Aw -> BO3 -> I.W. They all share adv movement etc…. IMO they should just let Treyarch loose to do something they want!

        • “All the studios work as a team now under the Activision umbrella.”

          Pretty sure it’s always been like that.

      • I Don’t Read Replies(So Dance)

        Ghost is the best CoD made. boring yes but still the best.

        • No, it’s not.

          • w

            that guy just contradicted the purpose of videogames lol. How can it be the best if it was boring?

          • Yeah, I honestly didn’t quite get that lol

        • Guest2

          Can we stop the Ghosts jokes? It’s getting old.

        • Dre

          I agree Ghosts was the best. God tier perk system required intelligence and made you think

    • I Don’t Read Replies(So Dance)

      Infinity Ward hasn’t made a game as a studio whole since MW2. EVERY GAME AFTER HAS HAD 3 STUDIOS JAMMING EVERYTHING THEY CAN INTO ONE GAME. IW is the the best CoD dev team(Not a fan of
      IW though).

    • grg

      It’s crazy to think when given an extra year to develop a game it comes out even more unfinished.

  • Eric Lin

    They should add options to “mute all players,” because I don’t want name popups distracting my screen. And later, when they release DLC, they should add “Disable DLC” button like they did back in MW3. In the future, it’ll make it a whole lot easier to find lobbies and players to play with.

    • Batman

      “Disable/Enable DLC” option was godly

  • N FORCE 5

    IW should just let another studio do multiplayer and just stick to campaign

  • Former

    They made custom lobbies permanently invite only…as if adding a toggle switch was too challenging for them. Lmao.

    I am curious about the epic weapon fixes in Zombies, though.

  • GT

    I couldn’t care less about leaderboards but I wouldn’t mind a detailed combat record.

  • The one saving grace to the butcher was removed ??? smh

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Have they added grounded back into map rotation? Have they added throwback to FFA yet?

  • Julio Freyre

    I need the medal wall after match…

    • joey

      “CODE BLAND” medal: complete ten full matches without thinking about how mediocre the game is.

      good luck. you’re gonna need it.

  • Tayler Hammond

    Literally all bug fixes. Every single patch has had like 100 bug fixes. IW is by far the buggiest CoD game ever made.

  • Beast Mode

    Leaderboards give you an idea of how many people play. I think its just Tmartn, Ali-a and a couple of people here. 🙂

    • joey

      game gets even more stale when they both keep exiting and reentering the game after every death.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Lol, nope, even Ali-A has said he doesn’t like Infinite Warfare. That’s how you know it’s bad when Activision’s top dog admits the product is bad.

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    This game sucks ass.

    • Dre

      So does your Mom

      • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

        Dre mad because his mom has a bigger dick than him. Its ok dre,go pick some cotton youll feel better in the morning porch monkey.

      • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

        Your mom sucks and swallows. Just like you.

  • Jester

    Dah, we still need leaderboards and paintjobs, so ATVI can reset ’em.

  • Eric Wyatt

    I don’t think I can now defend IW. 100 camos damn ill never get another Epic. What kind of Monkeys fucking footballs are working at that studio. I’m a 36 old man who works 50 hrs a week and when I play I always play COD which is about 20 hrs a week. But after this update I think I’m done with COD. And it absolutely breaks my heart. They truly don’t give a fuck about there die hard fans.

  • imBATMAN

    was hoping for custom emblems or leaderboard, At this point we’ll get them during CoD Black ops 4

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    You can add this much but not simply a combat record or leaderboards LOL

  • Digital_Veil_

    This is not live on PC yet.

  • 7T67t55ghh

    I gave the game a chance. I wanted to enjoy it. Got to prestige 3. Was pretty good at it too. But it’s not a good game. I finally realised it and dropped it for good. Loot crates are pathetic. Now tons of camos and reticules. The epic guns are mostly useless. The maps are mostly awful. People who leave games are not replaced half the time so you get a full team against 2 or 3 players after 5 minutes. Grenades have a awful throwing curve. Uav spam makes ghost essential. Campers are invisible with it. Shotguns are useless on most maps as are sniper rifles. The match commentators suck. Assault rifles are easy mode.The costume unlocks are bad. As are character design’s in multiplayer. To many boxes on each map for people to stand behind waiting to easy kill people. Maps are hard for beginners to learn leading to new players getting wrecked 20-3 every match. Leaving the decent players having to carry half the team or more every game.

    Seriously. I enjoyed Black Ops 3 alot. I got to prestige10. It had great personality in the characters and design for multiplayer. And looked high budget. Felt high budget. Its like this game had half the budget because they knew it wasn’t going to sell as much. Plus it wasn’t even ready at launch. Character menus lacked color. Added in later. No leaderboards. Constant quits to menu for unknown reasons as a game is about to start. BO3 was better in every way. I am done with COD until treyarch next game.



    • Hitman


    • Ed

      To be fair… and not letting them off the hook… but if i was infinity ward, i would maybe have felt a little disrespected and half assed the game the second they told me they wanted cod 4 remastered and put out at the same time.

      i have no idea what is going through either the publisher or developers head, all i know is this game is a hot mess right now and it makes both parties involved look really, really bad.

  • Simpsony

    Plus 700 new crappy copy paste camos in loot crates means you can kiss goodbye to getting anything decent. Not that you would have anyway. Reason they done this. Because people were only bothered with a few items in loot crates. Now by adding all this crap they have a lesser chance of getting it and Activision hoping they spend money. The quality of items in loot crates is garbage tier compared to BO3. And they know this. And it hurts them to know people are not spending enough money on this junk. So they add even more junk to give you less of a chance of getting that one item you are interested in.

    This game has gone from had a small chance of redemption with the right improvements to crack whore bloated smelly corpse infested5with maggots. Its dead and Activision are going to desecrate the corpse in further desperate attempts to salvage some pennies from loot crates. **** em.

    • joey

      yeah, man, there was so much AMAZING stuff in those BO3 crates!!!

      you might not believe this, but i once got three INCREDIBLE rapid fire attachment variants in the same drop. they transformed my gun, my game, my LIFE.

      oh, to feel that rush just one more time – my nips were rock hard, dude, for weeks.

  • Qaotik

    Um.. I know I sold the game one month after launch, but are the leaderboards still missing?

    • jordanxbrookes


  • jgauze

    i hope with zombies they made it where the person ur splitscreening with cant use his/her controller to unpause the game when u have it paused

    • GinsuVictim

      Who cares? You’re in the same room.

      • jgauze

        true but when i pause and leave to go to bathroom and i usually bring my controller so they cant troll me by unpausing and getting me killed i would like that fixed. and sorry it took 8 months to reply.

        • GinsuVictim

          Really didn’t need a reply this much later.

  • Emre

    No shotgun buffs.

    • Former

      They really don’t need them, man. Rack 9 and Banshee are very good if you know how to use them.

  • Dan Arthur

    Still no fix for the broken Campaign gun spawn or leaderboards i see…
    Putting a sack of spuds in charge of Infinity Ward would make more sense at this point, because it’d make less stupid fucking decisions

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    Spending more money on this stupid ass game is retarded. Activision is money hungry nerds who dont give a shit about improving the game. They added content to take more money out of the gamers pocket. Why add so much things but not improve the quality of the game? Activision sounds like they are trying to load up on money because theyre probably going to take a long break on the next call of duty game. Hmmmm??????

    • Dre

      Just like im gonna take a long break on your mom!

      • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

        Stop lying to everyone….you’re GAY. only break your getting is your boyfriend break his NUTTZ off in your MOUTH. OPEN WIDE BIIIIITCH ???

  • #BlackLIVESdontMatter

    If you spend more money on this lame game, you must be really really really stupid. Lmfao

    • ccrows

      Not really*4 stupid?…

  • ccrows

    I get that “Grounded” isn’t the greatest map of all time, but I also find it funny that the community cares more about leaderboards than putting a stock map back in the rotation… 😉

    • GinsuVictim

      It IS a really bad map, though. I don’t care about leaderboards, and if Grounded stays dead, I’m fine with it.

    • lunator100hd .

      The game has so many flows, but the absence of leaderboards shows how mediocre is the effort form iw.

  • wfzg

    get crates all the time from daily login but they’re multiplayer only… i want zombie crates thats the only thing i play

  • phinn

    Here to check if Zombies changes. MP in this game is terrible. Battlefield 1 or Overwatch.