With the latest patch update, version 1.07, brand new content is now live in Quartermaster in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This update includes a brand new Mark II Collection weapons. These Mark II weapons give 15% XP Bonus for each kill. Players can find the Mark 2 Collection in the Quartermaster. All of these weapons can be unlocked via Supply Drops or Zombies Crates. Alongside the Mark II Weapons, there are 9 new variants of current weapons now live in the Quartermaster.

There are also over 600 new customization items in this Quartermasrer update, including 100 new camos, — including country flag camos, animal camos, and more — accessories, calling cards, and more.


Images via @GilJayy + other sources.

  • Ben

    Still can’t fix things for competitive though smh

  • Ed

    Same guns, extra 15% xp. Good thing im almost max prestige so i dont care about the xtra xp.

    • Anthony Mitchell

      what game types you play? ive had the game roughly 3 weeks and not even on prestige 4 yet.

      • Ed

        Right now i just play tactical tdm… but normally i play dom and kill confirmed in core… hc kc, and on double xp weekends i just grind out dom and kc.

    • Ab3Th3Mud0k0n12

      yes because IW are only going to think about you when adding and making changes to the game

      • Ed

        Yes, Because somewhere in my comment i said they should only think of me. The reading comprehension these days is appalling.

        • Ab3Th3Mud0k0n12

          “Good thing im almost max prestige so i dont care about the xtra xp.” You don’t need to directly say it with the way you worded that sentence. It is already implied.

          And while I understand that you didn’t imply it, the majority of the chalieintel comments section is cancer and I quite often reply to comments in the knowledge that I will most likely cause an argument, because I find fun in seeing how salty all the little spoilt kids are.

    • RdJokr


      • weewee

        i wish they would already

      • Ed

        You’re probably right. I was thinking that is the only reason that would make sense… but then, who knows with this game.

  • james Decker

    So when does create an emblem become unlocked

    • jordanxbrookes

      It doesn’t.

    • snake56

      “Never”, I guess.

    • Ed

      When you spend $1000 on cod points, probably.

  • takedatLnigga

    im done prestiging ….got a nuke with nv4, kbar, kbar christmas, the pistol , the mauler …. i am fucking bored with this game. im currently trying to get the nuke with the dmc8 shotgun. i already know i can get it with the type 2 but i hate that gun

    • The9tailedgamer




    Hello, The Epic Department, I’d like to file a claim.

    • The9tailedgamer


    • PDX Guitar Freak

      They added weed cammos? Yeah I suppose I would have been excited when I was a teenager. I guess I’m just not the target demographic anymore… but at least I’m still gaming πŸ™‚

      • Did the sarcasm go over your head with my comment or are you just talking generally?

        • PDX Guitar Freak

          No offense meant, as I assumed you were being sarcastic, and was just adding my thoughts. I suppose on a positive note, at least we don’t have the ridiculous gear sets like we had in AW, such as the deep sea diver, luchador, etc LOL. I hope Sledgehammer doesn’t bring that shit back.

          • Oh okay i just confused when i originally read your reply lol

  • takedatLnigga

    when does leaderboards become unlocked …. give me a purpose to keep collecting tags

    • jordanxbrookes


    • Thanasishim

      Hahaha you actually expected something useful in this game? HAHAH WE ARE ACTIVISION AND WE ARE HERE TO RELEASE UNFINISHED GAMES FOR YOUR WALLET’S $$$

      • takedatLnigga

        they better bring leaderboard back. i dont and will not use any money to buy supply drop.

    • RdJokr

      PTFO? That not good enough for you?

      • takedatLnigga

        nope. i want to see were i am on the leaderboard. i use to be 12 in the world in cod ghost. which was the last cod i put 35+ days in.. i know for a fact i will be up there.

  • Frimsky

    can you not buy these weapons with salvage? only supply drops?

    • The9tailedgamer

      No, sadly

      I mean, their really easy for the common and rare ones though

  • “Country Flag Camos” What if I get a country flag camo that ain’t my country? πŸ™ I don’t wanna be runnin around in game with Nigeria’s flag on me gun

    • Bitch please

      Shove it up your ass???

      • Might shove it up urs instead if ur lucky xo

  • N FORCE 5

    Holy crap IW sucks

    • Tomasβ„’

      The new gamemode Tactical TDM is fun. No bullshit double jumps so it makes if bearable and fun

      • se7en

        lmao no double jumps doesn’t change the fact that all the maps are pure garbage.

        • Mr. Nerve Damage

          The maps, the ridiculous weapons, the connections… lol, yeah the movement system isn’t even on my list of concerns with so many other issues plaguing IW. The fact that there is now a Ghostbuster Erad variant makes me want to play the game even less, lol.

          • Klif Smith

            So why are you on this page crybaby

          • Mr. Nerve Damage

            Hmm… well seeing as how this comment was 6 months ago, let’s take a look. Ok, so it would appear I got a notification from Charlie Intel which brought me to this article. I saw what it was that IW had done, then scrolled down and saw Tomas’ comment, thus, I replied. 1+1=2. Question is, why the fuck are you an idiot?

          • Klif Smith

            Well hmm I just ran across the article! Idiot! My point is if you are going to complain why waste your time talking about something you don’t like nerd

          • Mr. Nerve Damage

            “My point is if you are going to complain why waste your time talking about something you don’t like nerd”. You mean, like complaining about comments that you don’t like… “nerd”? You are a special sort of stupid. The reason I mentioned how long ago it was that I made that comment, wasn’t to insinuate that “people aren’t allowed to reply”, but that I had to go back and figure out what you were even crying about. IW is actually better than Bo3 in some ways, but my point was simply that “adding a bunch of unnecessary bullshit to a game that still has other blaring concerns” shouldn’t have been a priority.

        • BradyAlucard

          Sure it does. The movement is what made them chaotic in the first place… they’re actually decently well-made maps. Destroys Ghosts’s.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Well I guarantee you that when the next COD comes out, if they make it “boots on the ground” you will have the same bullshit as this

      • Johtoboy

        I don’t even care what Sledgehammer is making anymore because even if it is boots on the ground Activision will find a way to ruin it.

        • PDX Guitar Freak


  • Yang

    Someone please tell me they at least give you the MKII versions if you have the base versions. I’d rather not have to try and get all the weapons I currently have a second time. Nearing 4k salvage for my third Epic gun and this is just making me cringe.

    • Ed

      I could tell you did, but i’d be lying. Those weapons are locked into supply drop/zombie crate only category. But if you think about it… the 15% xp isnt really worth the hassle of paying salvage for, anyways.

      • Yang

        The thing is it’s annoying have two sets of weapon kits to get now that I want them to give people the MKII version if you have the base. I have EVERY COMMON currently out on PC. With this MKII thing coming out, it’s going to make it impossible for me to get salvage for a good 2 weeks to 2 months with how much clutter is now in the game. Practically going to be getting every common that is a MKII all over again.

  • ghosts sucks

    Really! This is funny

  • Drasadex

    Leaderboard and Custom Emblems are gonna be like Black Ops 3’s Music Tracks app. Available 6 months from now.

    If even that lol

    • The9tailedgamer

      Oh yeah, forgot about music tracks

      Also, dont exect leaderboards anytime soon tbh

      • Drasadex

        I’m not.

  • Benji

    I know what they’re doing… they’ve added 100+ Mk 2 variants. And over 100+ camos. Watch them release the ACR or Ameli DLC weapon around the end of Jan (Of course only in supply drops) This way they get people paying more money for the actual weapon people want. Starting to get real sick of this shit!

    • joey

      second installment of titanfall 2’s free dlc is just around the corner. brace yourself, however – you’ll have to put up with a largely thoughtful, enthusiastic community of gamers.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Keep adding them ugly camos so you stand no chance of unlocking the stuff you’re actually interested in.

    • Sharonjstoker

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  • se7en

    Game is garbage, they should NEVER let Infinity Ward make a game again.

  • Alex Brogan

    I’d rather have custom emblems, a firing range, leaderboards, maybe a mute all players feature, theater mode would be nice, overall more communication with the player when things are unlocked.

    You know, the little things.

    • joey

      firing range = fantastic. loved it in AW.

      • PDX Guitar Freak

        Yes, me too! The firing range seems like a simple addition, relatively speaking, to add in the game.

  • Those animal camos looks sick

  • Cheesesteakwit

    The maps in Infinite Shitfare are horrible there is no flow and no 3 lane maps they should rename this game to Call of Duty Infinitely Shot in the Back!! I didn’t get shot in the back this much in Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 combined!! IW is AIDS!!!

    • zoner1yo

      Shot in the back way too much, but this is still better than AW. That and Ghosts were garbage fires.

    • mike lopez

      They seem to think there are three lane maps

    • MVParalyse

      You clearly have no idea how to use a mini-map

  • imBATMAN

    So add a crap ton of stupid shit then add maybe 1 or 2 things that are kinda cool that are supply drops only so people spend money on supply drops.

  • Fegasaruasγ…€

    This game is pay to win and its trash so delete it now

    • Former

      Pay to win? No. Trash? Debatable.

      • Astraxis

        They made the ERAD a laser, I’m pretty sure that lines up with pay to win. Not even F2P games change up their guns that badly.

      • Fegasaruasγ…€

        there’s literally a laser beam gun… wake up…

    • Michael Martin

      Reason why i haven’t deleted it is because of mwr and if they add shit to mwr i’m gonna be done

  • Why so much hate guys? This game is still playable, which is like a whole month longer than Black Ops 3 Multiplayer and Infinite Warfare Multiplayer was combined.
    IMO, This is the best advanced movement cod ever created.
    Not a bad cod at all, at least in the top 5 of all the cods ever made.

    • joey

      rhymes with “thrill”, but starts with an “s”.


      • joey

        i do!

      • mike lopez

        Cod has its problems but most are baked into the series. I have played this one longer than the last few though. I do wish they could could incorporate older maps more often even if it was just for a weekend with limited rules.

      • nobody.

      • Did you mean skill because if so I have no idea what you’re talking about. As long as you play the game at the right time of day when all the massively OP players are online it’s actually quite fun. And no, I’m not the most skilled player of all time, far from it. I play to have fun. Difficult at times, but I don’t only play COD lol.

  • The9tailedgamer

    What would be cool is a sort of upgrade system, where, if you have the normal variant, you can use salvage to upgrade to mk ll

    • h. g. pennypacker, activision

      now, son, how does that make us MONEY?! stop being absurd and go grab mommy’s credit card. that’s a good boy.

      • robin wood

        “h. g. pennypacker, activision” lol nice

  • The9tailedgamer

    Wait, what if you have a mk ll version of the volk corruption, do the perk and 15% boost stack?

    New idea: use the mk ll volk corruption on 2x xp

  • Weed camos. Fucking christ Infinity Ward. Keep enforcing that COD player stereotype!


    • Aidan

      IW is the only company that’s implemented drug-related customization items into their game. Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that their games suck more and more every year…

      • mike lopez

        I am going to say no relation.

  • Emre

    In the past we unlock items and content for playing and winning now we must pay to get it and pay alot of money for @@@@.

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    Didn’t notice until yesterday (haven’t been playing enough apparently) that these stupid MKII variants are exactly like others, only adding in extra 15% xp for kills. That’s fucking ridiculous. It’s basically a way of allowing Activision to give people relatively the same gun twice, and slows down our ability to get salvage for duplicates. They need to bring back that feature of Advanced Warfare that allowed you to sell your weapons back (so for example, if I didn’t want to keep some lame variant, I could just swap it for salvage). That would be a small consolation…..

  • Eddie Tupy

    i really dont get the hate other than connection issues and fps lock