According to posts by /u/MrEarthboundFan on Reddit, there is more hidden content that has now been discovered in the Modern Warfare Remastered files on PC.

Previously, these individuals leaked originally the codes for a supply drop system and possible new melee and ranged weapons.

In today’s leak, they have revealed that the previously rumored KAM 12 and XMLAR weapons now have Weapon Kits associated with them, meaning development of these weapons have progressed. Alongside this, they posted images of the two new weapons in a certain Kit.

In addition to the weapons, they have also found references to possible new attachments that could be coming to Modern Warfare Remastered. Some of these attachments appear to be from Modern Warfare 2, including “akimbo” and “heart beat” sensor.

  • akimbomwr
  • heartbeatmwr
  • holosightmwr
  • longbarrelmwr
  • reflexvarmwr
  • tacknifemwr
  • thermalmwr
  • varzoommwr
  • xmagmwr

Lastly, they also found new references to dual wielding pistols in the files, including left and right hand separate animations for Deagle, M9, and USP.

As always, these are all unconfirmed, and some of these items can be in the files just for testing with no release.

Raven Software’s Amos Hodge has stated that a “big update” is planned to come soon to Modern Warfare Remastered with bug fixes, which could possibly include new content, but there’s no confirmation as of now.

We will update as we learn more.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • RIP

  • Alienade

    Remember when COD games were good and Activision didn’t give much shit about money? And yes, I’m here before all the other popular DISQUS members. Yes!

    • GinsuVictim

      There was never a point when they didn’t care about money, they were just less greedy about it. Now they are money-hungry cunts.

      • Ranno

        And only way to stop this crap is to stop feeding them money-hungry cunts. But who am I to tell how people should spend their money.

        • Alienade

          Exactly. Many of them youtubers spend shit ton of money for virtual weapons. Activision gets so much that they now only make new weapons instead of the much needed leaderboards and stuff.

    • regna

      They always were. Even the pre-cod 4 days they were pushing expansion pack left and right with just setting changes and barely any graphical improvement. It just they werent popular enough to get enough hate for people to notice it.

  • Mitch
    • The9tailedgamer


  • Malva

    if they are going to do these things i think the best way to please fans is to add a pole on twitter debating on which fan favorite gun (smg) (sniper) etc should be added every few months or so? not the best way i could explain! hope someone understands where im getting at.

  • RdJokr

    And yet balancing for the M16 stays untouched, while we get akimbos and MW2 shit added…

    MWR is definitely going beyond the “remastered” part now.

    • Mick

      I barely touch this game anymore. I’m level 55 not even prestiged yet. I lost my interest in this game. I checked my stats yesterday and only managed to get 17 hours on the game so far while all my friends have over 3 days played. Didn’t even finish the campaign yet lol.

      • RdJokr

        I’ll be honest, the only value MWR had for me was replaying the campaign. It was really a nice moment to see Captain Price and the SAS crew in high-quality graphics.

        • Mick

          Yeah I get you. The campaign was the only thing I was extremely hyped for to see the graphical improvements on the missions. How the characters looked, the ascetics, etc. ‘All Ghillied Up’ was the mission I was mostly hyped to see improved upon because of its setting.

      • Tomas™

        Lol I platinumed that game before it released. Litteraly took me 4 days to do it and I check my trophies, it was 4 days.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Ever since they added in melee weapons and Supply Drops, I’ve just stopped playing MWR because I knew it was the beginning of the end.

      • RdJokr

        I didn’t even touch MWR after a couple of games because I couldn’t stand the M16. Now they’re adding akimbo? Might as well throw in the G18 and call it MW2R.

        • Batman

          ADD a 25 Nuke killstreak & noobtubes

          • EraZe Vanpa

            there is noobtubes noob

        • KING_BORICUA24_

          For the first time in forever, a three round burst weapon (the best in any cod tbh) is actually powerful and useful. And yet people complain. Dude get over the M16 already. You get beat from a distance? Use a Sniper Rifle. Or here’s an idea, use the damn M16. Scratch that, try the G3. Red Dot. Go ahead. And Akimbos wont be an issue. This isnt MW2 (best cod ever) where you had Auto Machine pistols akimbo’ed. Dont sweat it.

      • Batman

        ARE YOU CRAZY? Play it as much as you can before this become MWReimagined

        • jordanxbrookes

          It’s already there lol.

      • Elvin menie

        Lmao COD fans are a joke complaining about every fucking thing. this game is boring and stale af. New content keeps the game fresh.

        • ccrows

          Then don’t play it.

          Play IW instead if MWR too stale for you…

        • jordanxbrookes

          If it’s boring then don’t fucking play it. Just like the other guy, go play Jetpack Warfare instead.

        • Man, playing video games back in 2008-2012 must have sucked for people like you.

        • EpicosityProductions

          For real, they don’t understand that we NEED more content, because otherwise the game gets pretty dull pretty quickly.

          • The Vision

            That was the whole point of the legacy edition. Buy iw for the new stuff & get mwr for a nostalgia trip. Literally that was the whole selling point. How does nobody get this.

    • Ranno

      At this point I don’t want them to remaster any classic COD games before Ghosts because of the shit they did to MWR.

    • Tomas™

      M16 hasn’t been touched in nearly 10 years. I dont see why change it now, it was always OP back then and it is now. Not gonna change

    • wjf

      i didnt agree with this statement before because then it wouldnt be a remaster.. but if they ARE going to change the game up by adding new guns and thus voiding the remaster part, then they might as well balance the old guns as well.

  • MultiplayerCop

    This isn’t a remaster. It’s turning into call of duty online.

    • Abyss1992

      And whats wrong with that?

      • tr

        It’s called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare REMASTER? People bought it for that reason.

        • Abyss1992

          I bought it to add another game to my collection.

          • [R]

            @LoliconAnon:disqus then you’re totally dumb and wrong, cuz it’s a cod4 remaster.

          • Abyss1992

            Care to elaborate on why I’m dumb and wrong?

        • Hawkzy

          To my knowledge, it’s called Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition since this isn’t even a standalone game. They are changing the remastered game a lot, I know. But if you want the same game as before, COD 4, Xbox 360 and PS3 still exists.

          • ccrows

            Please stop, and no you can’t play COD4 on prev gen due to hackers.

            It’s not even out of map hacks, it’s the fact that you can be completely deranked to a pistol and nothing else.

            Enough with the whole herr derr “just play it on prev gen bro” BS…

      • ccrows

        Serious question. Were you playing COD4 during it’s peak in 2007-2008?…

        • Abyss1992

          Didn’t get into COD until MW2.

          • ccrows

            & that’s why you don’t get the hate for this.

            Every major COD Youtuber has pretty much made a video that “the one game that you don’t mess with is COD4”.

            Their videos pretty much sum up why the community fought so hard to get the OG announcer voices, headshot kill feeds, and gun sounds the same as the OG.

            ^ All that work is now down the toilet…

          • Lebs

            It’s what activision do best. Mess everything up. Couldn’t even do a remaster without messing it up why even label it a remaster

          • Abyss1992

            Just sounds like nostalgia tripping to me.

          • PandaMan

            That’s the whole point. This was supposed to be an updated version of CoD 4, one of the most influential games of our time. To relive the experience once more, not get a Cod 4.5…

          • ccrows

            No, because COD4 with updated graphics this is what we paid for.

            You started with MW2. How would you like a MW2 remastered to have Riley and AW exo-suits added later on into that game?…

          • Abyss1992

            I would love it would give the game new life to me.

          • EpicosityProductions

            You are a fucking idiot. This game was never supposed to be the same thing. It was meant to be anupdated version, with newer features. If you want ” just cod4 with better graphics” go play the campaign you salty, ungrateful prick.

    • Ranno

      Raven and Activison were too lazy to give COD Online to the rest of the world. SO they decided to turn Modern Warfare Remastered into it.

      • ccrows

        Yeah no. It’s because they knew that they could make more money with MWR… (especially forcing an IW bundle with it)

    • AA Watcher

      Remember that it’s called Modern Warfare Remastered, not CoD 4 Remastered. They’re probably going to keep adding stuff from MW2 and 3 (I know the KAM 12 isn’t in these games. I don’t know what’s up with that either). If I had to be honest I wouldn’t mind this if they wouldn’t put the weapons in the supply drops, but we all know Activision will make them put guns in supply drops. Just wait until they actually start putting maps in there too. The memes will become reality. DLC maps in supply drops. Amazing. Don’t do this Activision…

  • Mick

    So much for a remaster smh

  • Ima so curious

    Are these even guns what actually exists today but with different names or the made up silly looking futuristic toy guns we saw in aw, bo3 and iw

    • Guest

      Maybe they have licensing issues now days who knows?

      • MultiplayerCop

        It costs a lot of $$$ to use actual real weapons. You know activision don’t wanna lose that hard earned money they make.

        • Lebs

          Nah of course they don’t, they are past the point of no return they don’t give a crap about the customers they just wanna make that dollar lol if they cared the cods now days would be on par or better than the old ones they know we don’t want future cods but they make them so they can make silly camos and silly looking futuristic toy laser guns to give out as dlc cos lets face it we don’t know what weapons will look like 50 years from now. Also with these licensing issue why did they ever stop I mean they include classic guns in infinite warfare and can’t give them the actual names closest I’ve seen it the m1 in iw that’s the only one with real name

    • no they aren’t real

      • Guest

        You’d think with the so called billions they make of these micro dlcs they would pay for the licensing to use real guns and have the real guns name along with it like they use to back in the so called glory days of cod, battlefield don’t make as much money as activision/cod but at least they have the licenses to use real guns

        • it honestly doesn’t matter, half the fanbase can barley tell the difference between a pistol and a rifle.

    • Andrey Martim

      They are all real.

      The XM-LAR is the FN FAL, and the Kamchatka is a Saiga-12 or Vepr Shotgun, based on the AK platform.

      • Guest

        Why don’t they have their real names like they do in previous games and modern times since they’re modern guns lol

        • Pyromaani

          Activision is most likely too greed to get renew license for those guns.

      • asdas

        That’s blatantly wrong.

  • ccrows

    Activision logic:

    “IW is already messed up this year, so let’s start ruining MWR now”.

    FFS BO3 will only be the only good COD left on this entire gen… 🙁

    • Nope not anytime soon

      Remember when call of duty was based on real life scenarios and had real life vehicles and weapons? Boy I’d love those days back, doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon!

      • ccrows

        With the exception of tanks from WAW, you can have all of that with BF… (in the post COD4 era)

        • Nope not anytime soon

          Yeah i know but I meant in cod, all these made up vehicles and weapons started to show up around ” the new era of call of duty ” I.e aw and onwards from there, I bet even if cod goes back this year we still get weapons with made up names lol

      • Abyss1992

        Only so much you can do with real life shit.

        • Less content but still fucking better.

          • Abyss1992

            LULZ no.

        • Nope not anytime soon

          Yeah that’s true but they did well with the modern warfare stories I know none of them were exactly real life scenarios or things that happened but they were very plausible even ghosts was a more plausible story than what we get no days. I remember when ghosts was launching mark rubin stated that ghosts was actually gonna be mw4 with the world being nuke straight after the events of mw3. Hopefully iw continue ghosts or give us this mw4 story next time they come around

          • RdJokr

            Exo suits and cybernetic augmentation are already under way, and there’s already talks of space warfare. The three most recent games are very, very plausible.

          • Really

            Yeah because a soldier can really teleport (glitch) in real life ?

          • ccrows

            Or phase shift into a different dimension… <_<

          • Abyss1992

            Well we are getting places with quantum entanglement.

          • RdJokr

            Also being worked on as we speak.

          • nigus

            all of that stuff is only theoretical and exo shit isn’t practical because there needs to be a large power supply.

          • RdJokr

            Well of course it’s not gonna be practical from day 1. Nothing is. Point is, all the tech we see in COD is plausible to a certain degree. It’s only a matter of time before we see them applied in real life in a similar fashion.

          • nigus

            well first off, do you want to bet that, and second i don’t like call of duty with exosuites. I prefer that in titan fall. They took a great franchise and made it unenjoyable. And third, exo shit is really expensive and there is no technology that is even close to teleportation, i don’t know were you got that idea.

        • Yeah, so turn it into Halo. Okay.

          • sdad

            It’s not halo at all.

          • Kinda is. All these futuristic games is barrow ideas Halo, Titanfall and Destiny. It’s undeniable.

    • EpicosityProductions

      Bo3 is shit, MWR hasn’t gone to shit, and it won’t. People will eventually realize it isn’t pay2win. The m16 dominates all. It’s just the way it is

  • ccrows

    Activision literally had ONE JOB!

    Upgrade COD4’s graphics without F**king anything else up!…


  • jordanxbrookes

    Remember when this was Modern Warfare Remastered and not Modern Warfare Reimagined?

    • Ranno

      Slowly turning into COD Online.

      • Duke of hazard

        Idk if that was an insult or not because people actually enjoy cod online.

        • omar_soft

          Yeah COD Online is actually really fun (aside from the ping, obviously).

          • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

            when i play it i barely even lag though. its really fun

          • Sharonjstoker

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      • Thomas the Tankswag

        Cod online is free to play so it’s ok in that.

      • CrotaAnimuPrince

        thats exactly what i feel raven is trying to do and yes please

    • Mikey9835

      Yeah I member. Seriously though it has come to the point where it dosent matter when and where SHG’s next game will take place, because as long as activi$Ion are around, this supply drop cancer will continue to ruin this franchise. #BoycottActivision

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’ve been saying the same thing. Either the game will be terrible to begin with, or the game will be good, but Activision will ruin it to the ground. It’s a sad reality.

        • Black Six

          Just do what I do. Dont buy it. Dont buy the game. Dont give activision support. Dont do shit for them until they realize if they keep going down this path they’re fucked. activision wants money but this is not how you get money, theyre killing the franchise with shit games+bad business practices

          • EpicosityProductions

            The games are great, it’s just that the good weapons are stored in supply drops, if everyone got the guns it’d be fine.

      • EpicosityProductions

        The supply drops are fine, and I fully support them, as long as the weapons in the drops aren’t better than the ones already in the game

  • hahahaha this game is fucked

    • ccrows


  • Dallas Phillips

    Was waiting for the “babies” to complain about how they’re runing the game we are in the year 2017 not 2007.. that stale, boring cod 4 gameplay is not going to fly nowadays. As long as their are no “variants” this is the proper supply system etc. this ashy game needed some lotion, just saying..

    • ccrows

      Then FFS play IW if COD4 is boring to you…

      • zack

        I genuinely feel like they should give me my money back. This is not what I paid for. All I can do is never buy Call of Duty again.

    • jordanxbrookes

      If you find COD4 stale, go play Jetpack Warfare instead.

      • Abyss1992

        Someone has alot of NaCI

        • zebra

          all your comments are shit

          • Abyss1992

            Is that right?

          • sffs

            Quite so, actually.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Not salty, just sick of these newcomers or “jetpackers” saying how MWR is boring because COD4 was a simple game and are embracing these stupid micro items. If they want to play Supply Drop Warfare, they can go play that and leave MWR to us old school folk.

          • Abyss1992

            Simple games get repetitive.

  • Andrey Martim

    Came here for the cringe, not disappointed.

  • wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve gotten used to this type of shit from ACTVI. But seriously tho, come at me if you think this is acceptable.

  • djml9

    Sounds cool. They should add a Bling perk in. I hate that you can only have 1 attachment.

    • [R]

      xd xd xd Yeah, they should also add exo suits and stuff … yeah.. just because it’s cod4 remaster

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah bro, maybe add One Man Army and Danger Close too, or maybe add exo suits and clown costumes also, heck why not add laser weapons and black hole grenades to top it off, cos you know, it’s not like this is Modern Warfare Remastered or anything.

      • djml9

        Theyre already adding new (and better) stuff, so why not add some mw2 stuff. Its a pretty big jump from bling to exo suits.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Because Bling wasn’t in COD4.

          • djml9

            Neither is any of this other stuff. If theyre adding that, might as well add in Bling so we can actually make use if it.

      • The9tailedgamer

        Welp, looks like someones salt shaker broke

        • jordanxbrookes

          Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know about you, but I paid for Modern Warfare REMASTERED, clue’s in the name, REMASTERED, not REIMAGINED.

          • EpicosityProductions

            Dude shut up, it was never going to be original. So what if. Weapons are thrown in? They won’t be better than the ones in the game. GET OVER IT

  • Nerf Guy

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind the Tac Knife in MWR.

  • Gabriel Al-numairi

    These weapons are going to make nonsense because the TKK is already fast and all weapons are almost “equally”. Add more bullshit is just great for Actvision meanwhile Blizzard are making a great job with Overwatch that is has no P2W bullshit inside.

  • Bottles up boy

    Guys be happy that the weapons and cosmetics they adding actually fit the era even if they don’t have real names like I’ve seen someone bring up in the comment section only thing I don’t get is a beer bottle but I guess the men in military like a beer like us men so CHEERS 😀

    • Jester

      The beer bottle is just…stupid, there isn’t other way to define it.

  • SSR

    I understand why people are angry at this. I should be too, but i don’t see new guns and attachments (and cuztomisation) as a bad thing (Unlesss they add an automatic shotgun) Many guns in this game already kill me in 1-2 hits.

    • Sure let’s say new content isn’t a bad thing.

      But, it’s quite obvious the way you get the new content is not going to happen when you have a system that is designed for players to buy CoD points. Because grinding it out, takes way too long. Extremely long.

      • EpicosityProductions

        Then don’t get the fucking content. It’s not hard. The weapons aren’t going to be as broken as some of the weapons that are already in the game. Get over it. That’s like complaining you don’t have a Lamborghini because you can’t afford it. It not like you will get made fun of jut because you don’t have a Lamborghini, you arent going to get made fun of if you don’t have the weapons. The weapons are just nice little features that were added. They aren’t game-changing. Get over it.

        • >Then don’t get the fucking content.

          Lol really? I wouldn’t get it anyway if it’s RNG exclusive anyway you moron.

          >The weapons aren’t going to be as broken as some of the weapons that are already in the game. Get over it.

          That’s literally irrelevant and doesn’t justify anything. If new content gets added to the game. I WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT. regardless if it’s weak or not. Get that through your stupid thick skull

          >That’s like complaining you don’t have a Lamborghini because you can’t afford it. It not like you will get made fun of jut because you don’t have a Lamborghini,

          Please stop, youre just being stupid at this point.

          >The weapons are just nice little features that were added. They aren’t game-changing.

          You couldn’t be more wrong even if you tried. You’re legitimately retarded.

          • EpicosityProductions

            Dude, you say you don’t want it, but you can’t complain about the content if you don’t want it. It not game-changing. And if you think it is game changing, please explain how

          • Mate, adding a new gun is pretty game changing. How is it not? Are you unintelligent?
            >Dude, you say you don’t want it, but you can’t complain about the content if you don’t want it.
            What? I can complain whatever I want especially when this game was advertised as A REMASTER. And if they want to add new content or guns, fine. Whatever. But if you add guns in which i can only get them via supply drops only. That’s my problem. Do you not understand that?

    • ccrows

      None of this was communicated before the game was sold.

      There should have been a disclaimer that:

      1 – SDs were going to be used (since that wasn’t in the OG)

      2 – More stuff was gonna be added into the game, that was gonna go past cosmetic.

      This is complete “Bait and switch BS”. It’s bad enough that we were forced to buy IW to get MWR, and now they’re trying to change what we paid the extra money to buy…

      • Abyss1992

        A bait and switch is where you show a product and when it releases you don’t get the one shown and that did not happen all changes came after the game was released.

        • ccrows

          If you played the OG back in the day, and then play what they are trying to turn this game into. Yes, it is indeed “Bait and switch”…

          • Abyss1992

            Not by the definition of the word as the game would have had to be this way at launch.

  • Ranno

    Why are my comments waiting for approval? Am I the only one? Did I say something wrong? Were my past opinions about COD so negative and rude that I somewhat got prohibited?

    • Alienade

      I think this one’s approved.

      • Ranno

        One comment that I posted like 20 minutes ago was pending and then disappeared. Guess you can’t be that negative against COD nor Activision or the developers in here.

        • Apparently these guys dont like it when you swear anymore. Shame CI is turning into that now pretty much the only place I thought didn’t care if you swore or not.

  • Gamerazor247

    I hope all future Remasters get as much love as this title!!

  • FoxyTheDankPirate

    So its turning into mw2…
    Why not put mw2 campaign and maps with it

  • Hey remember when the Activision dick riders kept trying to damage control by saying shit like “but guys it’s gonna be cosmetic only, chill out xD”

    Delusional. You had to be delusional if you genuinely believe that.

    • RedditIsStupid

      You should see the COD4R subreddit. People are actually happy about this.

      • Yeah I been going up there. I honestly hate reddit. I never seen a site full of cucks willing to defend every stupid decision this publisher or studio makes.

        • Abyss1992


          Ok /pol/ get back to your cage.

          • How are you going to tell me to go back to 4chan but you’re literally going to start out your comment with a greentext…which is from 4chan.

            Talk about being a grade a retard, huh

  • guest

    Finally there will be some actual attachements

  • clercq1983

    Battelfield 1 for the win. Seriously, loved COD since COD4. But this is turning into a joke. MWR and IW are bouth been given the middle finger from EA. This is my first BF game and I love it. I try to look for an explanation. But as long Activision doesn’t change their mindset towards the games and fans… This is gonna be the shit we have to deal with…

  • Ak74u

    I don’t know how I feel about about new things being added. I feel like this game kind of needs it because it was pretty barebones back then but I don’t want the gameplay to change too much from the original cod 4. Guess I wouldn’t mind a few more attachments like a holographic sight but I think akimbo will definetly change the gameplay of the original cod 4

    • ccrows

      OK, and what if “longbarrelmwr” means “extended range”.

      That would greatly change how ALL WEAPONS are currently used…

      • Ak74u

        Yeah I know the only attachments I would be okay with is probably just sights I don’t want long barel or even extended mags because that would change the weapon stats from the original

    • Altered Vista

      Let’s be honest. We knew it was going to happen. It’s terrible and I oppose it, but we have to face reality. There was no real reason for Activision to not do it because any sort of hypothetical black market boycott never happened.

  • Johnny

    They’re doing it because Infinite Warfare isn’t bringing the money they needed. The casualty is MWR 🙁

  • zack

    I shan’t be playing this rubbish from hence forth. Good day.

  • To be honest I really don’t care anymore, we’ll all forget about it within a few weeks of release and adapt to the changes.

    • Altered Vista

      Honestly, I would prefer these things not come to MWR, but I can adapt to it. I played the crap out of COD 4 original so I really don’t feel as salty as others. We will always have COD 4 on PC for original classic play.

  • RogueMURICAN

    Do you faggots ever stop bitching about everything?

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    This is EXACTLY the reason ive been saving all of my depot credits. I didn’t even spend the 50 they gave us originally. You’d have to be a fool to think they wouldn’t add weapons (and apparently attachments) BO3 style

  • MahOpinionSir

    Holo sight, reflex, tac knife, extended mags i see no problem with, and variable zoom and thermal might be ok but heart beat sensor akimbo and long barrel ehh no. Long barrel plus m16 smh. Attachments and more content is a plus but i like mwr because it plays like cod 4, some attachments will be ok but the moment they add heart beat sensor etc and more weapons it wont play like cod4. If supply drops are cosmetic only, we all can earn attachments and guns i see no problem especially if it plays the same but we all know activi$ion will want money and throw everything good and op in supply drops so once that happens im going to stick with battlefield 1, im prestige 3 in mwr 3 days played and i want to keep enjoying it how it is. Not what it will be in a few months.

  • Alex Brogan

    They probably won’t come to the game.

  • zack

    If they add thermal and heartbeat sensor they would need to add a perk to counter it. Keep the perks, attachments, and weapons out. Make more weapon kits, camos and add the dlc maps. They could also make cosmetic variants of attachments that are already in the game like in bo3.

    • Altered Vista

      I think complete weapon kits are fine, but cosmetic attachment variants are pointless especially with how few attachments there are in the game to begin with.

      • zack

        I agree cosmetic attachment variants are trash, but they are going to money whore one way or the other. I’d simply rather it be on something that doesn’t change the way the game plays.

        • Altered Vista

          That would never happen though. We already have ridicules. The game has grip, suppressor, grenade launcher. That’s it. How many variants of a grip do you expect them to make? I agree about keeping the game cosmetic only, but I think you see the issue here.

  • Tayler Hammond

    Adding attachments to the depot would break the game. It would create a HUGE disadvantage for players who don’t have the money to throw around at supply drops. A player who got lucky and got an extended mag or heartbeat sensor out of a supply drop will have a big advantage over someone who didn’t get so lucky. Keep it cosmetic. It’s the only way it will work.

    • The attachments won’t be in the crates. Thats basically a given

  • Altered Vista

    I have already changed my mind on this. All it did was for me to load up the IW update and see how supply drops have killed the game overnight.

  • Cheesesteakwit

    I’ll stick with Black Ops 3 and a real developer like Treyarch!! MWR is the same unbalanced game it was 9 years ago now there gonna make it even worse and Infinite Warfare is the most unfinished and unpolished COD ever made, it is worse than Ghosts it’s like a cheap Chinese knockoff of BO3 with Ghost added in!!

    • snake56

      “MWR is the same unbalanced game it was 9 years ago”
      You can thank the people who bitched about ever single thing that looked a bit different from MW1. TBH I’m surprised that no one asked the studio to bring back the old textures and 3D models

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    If anyone defends this I’m going to kms

  • nigus

    Don’t you love it when companies bait you out of $80

    • Jamessync

      I only paid $50 where the hell did you buy it

  • Dan

    Modern warfare remade more like

  • nammion

    I don’t mind as long as they give us mw2 maps also

  • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

    God, Activi$ion is doing some serious work this year, across all the galaxies.

  • DS

    For games made by independent devs, you have a point. But . . .

    Activision wholly owns Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven and all the other devs that work on CoD. Whichever a dev works for, the checks are signed by Activision. All final decisions are made by Activision.

    So yes, Activision is the one behind it. Raven does what they’re told.

  • forrest1985

    Still feel that Activision needs to release Cod online for all territories and provide regular updates, even a zombie mode. Give the studios some time to discover what the fans truly want and regroup. Leave MWR as a remaster ffs and stop adding “new” stuff.

  • Jamessync

    People are giving raven shit for “ruining” the legacy that CoD4 left, but its not even CoD4, just Modern Warfare remastered. This could apply to any of the modern warfare games, and I feel like the first stage of the game was focused around CoD4, now raven is starting to introduce attachments, (and I think eventually, remade MW2 maps will be added) from other Modern Warfare games such as the Heartbeat Sensor from MW2, XMags, TacKnife, and even Reflex Sights, Indicating that the game is starting to go into the “Second stage”, where MW2 items and perks will be added in updates. I also believe there will be a “Third stage” down the line, Introducing MW3 Perks and maybe even guns (Please god no MW3 maps). I think raven is trying to make one big Modern Warfare game because Modern Warfare is undoubtedly one of the most successful CoD series to date, all the way from CoD4 to MW3, and because it is only a game you get from buying Infinite Warfare, they are trying to make the most out of it. I personally, think this change is for the better and it will put a ton of replayability into the game and boost the nostalgia through the roof. One downside however, is how far they will take supply drops in these updates, whether it be adding guns and perks to them, or keeping them strictly cosmetic (and melee weapons of course). I personally think raven will uphold their promise to keep the supply drops cosmetic, as they have given us more transparency and community response than any other CoD game studio in years. But, In the end, Activision has final say in EVERYTHING, so none of this may actually happen, and this is all just a wild dream that will never come true. (Sorry if this is a bit unorganized, I wrote it up on the spot.)

  • Ghost

    I’m 43 and have played every COD game since the day they were invented, so call me Grandpa if you wish!! I’m not amazing, but I can hold my own. I am in the top 1% and have about 3 days worth of play .The supply drops that I have seen are just cosmetic and haven’t given me any advantage whatsoever. I just enjoy or rather love the FPS type games. If you don’t enjoy don’t play. 30 years of gaming I’m still not bored
    Personally I look forward every year to whats on offer. I enjoyed COD4 and I’m enjoying MWR. Just adapt and overcome, that’s the fun.
    I just can’t understand the hate 🙂

  • Brandon Lee Miller

    Dont understand how this is ruining the game i played the orginal cod4 when itreleased and loved it, but more attachments and guns from the modern erra such as MW2 will be good in the long run, people need to get cod4 out their heads

  • Luke Knott

    I don’t have a problem of them adding new stuff into MWR, as long as they are official weapons used in today’s world by today’s military forces of the regions featured in the game. I think what people are upset about is that:
    1: There was no mention of supply drops and/or new content upon mentioning of the remaster.

    2: Remaster means updating the quality of a media product only in aesthetics/graphics, it does not mean adding new content, that is the goal/purpose of a remake and/or reboot hence why remaster and remake are two different things.

    So, if you are remastering a video game, you only update the quality, not the content, a remake is where you re-imagine the original by making it different to a certain extent, this applies not just to video games but all media. Look at Halo 2, it has had a massive improvement in quality and has Pre-rendered cinematics but it plays entirely the same as the original and there is no one complaining about that. That is a true remaster. This game however has moved beyond the term remaster and more into remake/reboot/retelling.

    No problems with changing its content but they should not have called it a remaster if they were not going to keep it to its original.