Following the latest Quartermaster update for Infinite Warfare on January 11, many fans are upset over how much new content was added in terms of chances of earning items in-game now. With so many new customization items, chances are earning some prototype weapons may decrease in drops.

Infinity Ward has posted on Reddit that, even with all of the new customization items, “Players have the same chance to get a weapon out of a supply drop as they did before.” They also stated that the chance to get “a rare, legendary, or epic out of a supply drop” is also the same as it was before this update.

However, another concern raised with all of these new items is that it decreases the chances of getting duplicates, which in turn decreases the amount of Salvage players can earn in Supply Drops. Infinity Ward says that are working to introduce new ways to earn Salvage in the game, although they did not elaborate on that plans.

The addition of all this new content means fewer duplicates from supply drops. We understand that some players are concerned about how this affects their ability to earn salvage. Rest assured, we have plans, and are working on additional plans, to introduce new ways to earn salvage in the future.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • The Gaming Revolution

    Yeah of course they’ll only give us new ways to earn salvage when all the OP mark 2 weapons are only available through supply drops and keys. Not to mention that the salvage earned from duplicates is like 15 salvage and the craftable weapons are in the thousands. But we don’t have to spend money we can just “Grind the game”

    • djml9

      OP? Theyre all the same as the normal ones you can still buy with salvage. Just with a 15% exp boost that doesnt give anyone an avantage.

      • Daniel Hartranft

        No there not u gotta get the mk11 out of supply drops only

        • djml9

          The MK2 variants are all the exact same variants, just with a 15% exp boost. You can still craft the MK1 variants and theres no difference in performance.

    • darren

      You’re right about the weapons to craft are high, and the salvage on them if you get a dupe is laughably low. You should get at least a quarter of what its worth, IMO. (At least.)
      The xp bonus of the Mk II weapons would only be worth it If you’re gonna grind all of the prestiges, and that’s If they release more prestiges, and If they made it worth it by adding more Classic Weapons. And that’s If you’d want to play this game that much. That’s a lot of if’s.

  • And it’s coming soon just like everything else

  • Eric Wyatt

    I’m almost convinced it will be months be they introduce this. I’ve opened 10 rares today and didn’t get not one weapon and my salvage bonus was only over 50 one time

    • Psychomaggot105

      Not one weapon? I find that hard to believe. All I open are commons and have the atomic mk11 and another pistol mk11. Not to mention other duplicate guns.

      • OATH VDK

        “I find that hard to believe”, If he’s not lucky he wont get anyting, it’s only about luck nothing else.

  • Brian

    Let me guess. It is coming “soon”

    Just like the leaderboards
    Just like the ability to create custom emblems
    Just like the PC only thing they teased two month ago.

    • ccrows

      What was the PC only thing?…

      • RdJokr

        Something that they said was coming “very soon” during their first livestream, after apologizing for the late update. My bet’s on a MP starter pack, just like BO3.

      • Brian

        No clue. They just teased something. Didn’t tell us what it is.

    • Cheesesteakwit

      Don’t forget no combat records either

      • Brian

        Oh yeah added

  • Mature Call of Duty fans that don’t whine about how fast opponents move.

    “Coming Soon”

    • The9tailedgamer


    • Vanilla_Gorilla

      Ha ha…. I’m just enjoying the game, not having leaderboards isn’t bothering me at all….. Would be cool to see all the medal counts though….

      • zer

        medal counts coming soon, don’t worry.

      • robin wells

        Leaderboards are only for the ultimate tryhards but medal counts. Pub usage and accuracy etc is so so important. Its half of a cod game in my eyes!

    • I wouldn’t mind getting a short cut, but I just don’t much care for stuff that’s strictly cosmetic. I’d rather have just the weapons, but that’s just me. (That and there’s still 30+ weapons in BOIII that I can’t seem to obtain yet)

  • Us fans are upset over the fact that there priorities are in the wrong place, they are tryna suck our wallets dry instead of fixing and releasing features that we’ve been waiting on!!

    • The9tailedgamer

      So you assuming these new ways are cod point related

      • “assuming” the evidence is right in front of you mate, this is coming from someone who enjoys IW..

        • The9tailedgamer

          I like iw too, believe me, but i dont think their that dumb

          Then again, supply drops were a thing, but it cant be topped tbh

    • GinsuVictim

      I don’t give a shit about leaderboards, medal count, or combat record. I would like an emblem creator, but if it never happens, whatever…no great loss either.

      • ccrows

        I honestly don’t care about leaderboards either, but I need my medal count. FFS even MWR has that…

  • w

    deleting comments now, nice charlieintel. We haven’t forgot the old problems this game has. Hopefully they get this sorted out and then get back to the old problems.

    • Keshav Bhat

      which comments were deleted? I have not deleted anyone’s comments in a while

      • w

        the comment telling you that 2 of my comments were deleted.. was deleted. Guess i’m just being trolled, eh?

      • Fegasaruasㅤ

        my comment saying new weapons were coming to MWR was deleted lol

        • Why the hell would he delete comments about new weapons are coming to MWR when they’ve posted about the fact that new weapons have been found in game files? lmao conspiracy theories against CharlieIntel staff never fail to amuse me.

  • Bonn Bo

    Sweet, that’s actually one of the big problems I have with this game.

  • djml9

    I really think 1 salvage per medal earned would strike a fair balance for salvage gain.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Thats a great idea, surprised i dont see it very often

    • Robin

      Great idea dude
      But they want do it… Remember activision knows they make their money from tweenie noobs

  • Zarky

    It’ll probably be something like BO3 contracts but for salvage instead of keys.

  • Vikerii
  • ccrows

    “They also stated that the chance to get “a rare, legendary, or epic out
    of a supply drop” is also the same as it was before this update.”

    ^ Except that has gone down big time since launch…

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    This coming in 2 years like leaderboards?

  • ccrows

    (IMO) Winning team gets 25 or more salvage pieces. Infected users get 10-15.

    That sounds fair to me…

    • Isnt that what it should have been? When they originally announced it?

      • ccrows

        That for sure was the case for keys, (just like BO3).

        I honestly don’t know if that was for salvage as well…

  • Mick

    Players who play the objective such as planting/defusing bombs, capturing Domination points, picking up tags in Kill Confirmed, etc. should be rewarded BIG time. If you put up scores like 43-12 on Domination as an example and you capped 7 flags, you should get like 100 Salvage and like 20 keys at the end of the game. But nope, you do all that and get like 10 Salvage and 3 keys for doing that good.

  • Former

    Community – “When will we see these features implemented?”
    IW – “Soon”

  • yolarrydabomb

    What is Infinite Warfare? I haven’t play that since last year..

  • Darrell Hampton

    They wont release Leader Boards because It will show how many people are playing the game and lets be serious its not alot, or they have fucked up and have no record of our leaderboard rankings and dont want to upset players even more when u realise u have 0 kills on career no time played and all this time played has been for nothing??

  • GinsuVictim

    I’m just happy to get new camos and whatnot, rather than the constant burning of duplicates. I don’t buy CoD points, so it’s nice to earn keys and actually get new stuff.

  • $60 per 1 salvage coming soon!

  • Johnny

    I can see Infinity Ward abandoning Infinite Warfare early. I doubt they’ll be motivated to fix things. 3/4 of the community don’t like it. The latest patch proves that the team is just copying and pasting for the sake of money desperation.

  • Pirates

    Sledgehammer plz don’t disappoint!

    • robin wells

      Sledgehammer have only made one shitty cod so far… The worst ever in my opinion and by some distance

      • snake56


    • ccrows

      I believe this, and I would be completely shocked if it doesn’t happen by DLC1.

      Infinity Ward is gonna get roasted whenever the leaderboards finally drop, so let’s get a huge supply drop (the largest in COD history) out there first, and then as much time as possible in between for people to buy all that stuff before they finally drop the leaderboards…

  • Guide the comp gamer

    this game is a train wreck.

  • Adam Hannah

    it would also be nice if they could fix the receiving keys in split screen. I play with my son and only primary player received them

  • ccrows

    I’m not the biggest fan of Hollowpoiint, especially since his rage blows out my ear drums, but he made a good video about the current state of Infinity Ward and IW.

    I love the part where he basically said that, “When you put variants in the game, devs tend more to care about SDs than the game itself”, and then he gave good examples why.

    Check out the vid if you haven’t, cuz IMO it’s a good watch, just don’t listen with headphones because he randomly rages in this one as well… (IMO he’d be OK if he didn’t do that stuff)

  • Emre

    I hate quicksand, and the pink camo.

    Everytime i get this.

    • GinsuVictim

      Have you played since the new content? I didn’t get a single dupe yesterday.

      • Emre

        Still duplicates buddy

        • GinsuVictim

          No shit, I just said that I hadn’t run into any at that point compared to the constant problem since the game came out. I’m still seeing less dupes.

  • ccrows

    Ummmm Triggered?

    IDK if you think that I’m Hollowpoiint or not, but OK… lol

  • W1LL1AM04

    Daily challenges and wage matches confirmed!

    • ccrows


    • GinsuVictim

      Learn the meaning of “confirmed”

  • Ed

    They should make a trade in system where you could trade salvage for keys and keys for salvage.

  • Dwain Inman

    How about you fix the lag by using dedicated servers as you promised in the beginning? The peer to peer really sucks. Fix the game instead of adding skins and content that you want people to buy.. people care about how the game plays, not the dlc…

  • Unclecoon

    Nobody wants a black market yet we are trying to find ways to help them make it “better” smdh

  • Danny the Dandelion

    I wish they would introduce us a new way to look at leaderboards because the current way is kinda empty with features

  • Cheesesteakwit

    Infinity Ward is more worried about adding more gun variants than putting in combat records, leaderboards and custom emblems and completing the game that people bought!! The maps and spawns are horrible all u do is get shot in the back and die! The graphics and colors are so bad it’s hard to make out enemies against the background!! IW is a joke and should be dropped from the COD rotation there is no developers left from IW from before MW2 anyways and that’s two IW COD’s that were the worst ever made!!

  • CyberWolf

    It might not have major relevance, but I just noticed something. The most recent weapon variants introduced in the game appeared in the multiplayer overview trailer back in september, which means that these variants were most likely supposed to be in-game already. Infinity Ward are literally adding in the rest of the game.

  • J Dub

    I had to buy cod points to post here

  • Michael Romo

    Kinda like a salvage bonus for completing a match? You should be rewarded for playing the game, you know. Or, since the salvage is used for guns, when you complete challenges and level up your gun, you earn salvage