Activision has announced an update to the 2017 CWL GameBattles 2K Series. Players interested in competing in the 2017 Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 have a chance to earn CWL Pro Points by playing online GameBattles tournaments.

Starting with February 2K tournaments and on, Activision is adding in Cash Prizes for select 2K events. In addition, they have announced the full schedule of 2017 CWL 2K events.

North America 2K events will feature $3,000 prize, Europe will have $2,500 prize, and APAC region will have $500 prize.

Here’s the full schedule for the 2017 CWL 2K series:

Players interested in competing can visit to learn more!

SOURCE: Activision

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            That makes no sense considering none of those channels are related to eSports. lmao

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      Lmao I’m not dead, it’s IW that’s dead… I have no reason to comment, or argue with anyone about this game because I just don’t care enough anymore haven’t even touched the game… Not even YouTubers are playing it, I’m just chilling waiting for November, when hopefully il make a come back to CoD and C.I

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        Im here cause of bo3.

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            Yh sad that it’s come to this really… Hopefully see u on here for the next CoD, hopefully They get there shit together for the next game..

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