One of the major community feedback surrounding the latest Quartermaster update was the quality of some of the camos that were added to the game. There was over 100 new camos added, and many of the camos were just calling cards or emblems stretched out to fit the gun.

Following the feedback, Infinity Ward’s Director of Communications, Eric Monacelli, has posted on Reddit that they will be updating the quality of the camos in an upcoming update on January 31.

We’ll be updating the camo quality in our January 31 update alongside when the DLC drops.

SOURCE: Reddit

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  • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

    As much as I want to hold some hope for this game, doing shit like this just throws all of my positive hopes under the bus.
    Sorry IW, but what you’ve become after MW3 just isn’t what we want.
    but, I digress,
    The pro of this year of CoD SHOULD BE (emphasis on those two words) is that we should see much less of these space jumpy games, and supply drops loaded with junk.
    I’m just praying that Sledgehammer makes a game in the past.

    • lunator100hd .

      Im pretty positive that the next cod will be set in the past but it will be garbage because SH.

    • GinsuVictim

      “Sorry IW, but what you’ve become after MW3 just isn’t what we want.”

      Who’s we? I loved Ghosts, wanted Ghosts II, but I’m happy with Infinite Warfare.

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        When I was saying “we” I was referring to the people who openly have shown their hate towards ghosts.
        I was on the fence with Ghosts TBH, but it wasn’t enough for me to truly like the game.

        • The people who hated on ghost then are now calling it a great game saying “idk why people hated it”

          • Ranno

            Well IW made a worse COD game now. No one is going to look back and say: “Hey Infinite Warfare was pretty good game. Don’t know why people hated it!”

          • That’s true, but hey they’re getting there

          • GinsuVictim

            The CoD cycle says otherwise.

          • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

            They like it, as it is the latest CoD that was boots on the ground. Simply put, they just didn’t want to exo jump, and ghosts is the latest CoD that can offer that experience.
            I personally would rather be playing BO2 if I wanted a Boots-on-the-ground game.

          • Meh i didn’t like bo2 that much but the only thing ghost did wrong were the maps and ttk when they made the health 150 for like a couple of months it was fun to play

          • GinsuVictim

            I enjoyed Ghosts and the advanced movement after it, so I’m not included in that. I would be happy with boots on the ground or AW2 next.

      • you’re in the minority like me that’s the people who liked ghost since day 1 not those who jumped on the bandwagon later on

      • “Who’s we? I loved Ghosts, wanted Ghosts II, but I’m happy with Infinite Warfare.”

        You and five other people.

    • Ranno

      You may pray that Sledgehammer makes a game in the past and boots on the ground but what’s the point if that game is going to be ruined with supply drops just like AW, BO3 and IW.

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        I already know that whatever comes next WILL have supply drops, as it has become a cash cow for Activi$ion. But all I can ask for is supply drops that aren’t loaded with 600+ COMMON items, clogging up the system, making the stuff we want even harder to get (awesome camos, calling cards, and of course, weapons).
        The only supply drop system that I seemed to like so far is BO3, as the weapons inside of them (well, most of them anyway) were better than the base guns in certain areas (fire rate, mag size, etc.)

        • Ranno

          No. Supply drops should ONLY contain cosmetics or not be in the game at all. Weapons should come with DLC! No supply drop system hasn’t been good!

          • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

            Ah, I missed the days when everyone could’ve gotten a weapon with DLC, or as a $4 purchase (Ghosts and Advanced Warfare)

        • darren

          None of the developers did it right, and I don’t want SD’s in future titles. I know that’s not going to happen, but I’m not gonna praise one developer over another, for a flawed RNG system. They all stink.

          • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

            They may have all stunk, but Treyarch started with good intentions, but, due to the fact nothing was being bought, they (no need to mention the name) needed a way to add an incentive for them.

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  • RdJokr

    More proof that this new update was basically Activision just giving these devs deadlines to push shit out for a quick buck. I can’t say I’m surprised, but really, I am.

    I didn’t think the game was gonna turn out this bad with all the loot stuff, but adding even Prototype images as calling cards? Yo, somebody had better draw the line.

    • darren

      I want a camo of the Type-2 so I can slap it on my Type-2.

      • Ed

        I want a rpr skin for my nv4 so nobody can see that im using it.

  • Ranno

    “One of the major community feedback surrounding the latest Quartermaster update was the quality of some of the camos that were added to the game”
    Seriously? Of all the problems this game has they complain about a quality of some camos?
    WOW just WOW!

    • Keshav Bhat

      Read that sentence one more time.

      “major community feedback surrounding the Quartermaster update”

      “surrounding the Quartermaster update”

      not entire game, just this specific Quartermaster update.

      • Ranno

        Still it’s stupid that Infinity Ward listens to that complaint and starts to fix it right away when there are bigger problems that need more attention. But hey! Camons and money are more important. -_-

        • Ed

          Its not like there is one guy there that works on the game. Some stuff is easy to fix, some not so much.

          • GinsuVictim

            Yeah, I love how people act like if something is being worked on, NOTHING else is getting attention. Like they have a skeleton screw.

          • This is Infinity Ward we’re talking about. You’re really going to give this lazy studio the benefit of the doubt?

          • Ranno

            Yeah but they should focus on fixing the biggest problems first not add new stuff. And ffs add leaderboards. That should have been in the game from the start. But some camos seem to be more important than lag comp.

          • GinsuVictim

            Broken fucking record

        • Keshav Bhat

          i think they’ve heard all the complaints, but only responded to this one since they have a date set for this fix. but who knows. we’re just passing along what they’ve informed

  • ccrows

    How about removing every common camo from the game instead.

    I guarantee that an updated calling card camo is not gonna look that much better, unless you completely redo it from the ground up…

  • darren

    They’re concerned about the quality of CAMOS?!?!?!!!!
    Just goes to show EXACTLY where IW and Activision’s heads are at.

    • pavelus

      It’s an easy fix and something that department can fix quickly. Other departments work on other aspects of the game. It’s not just one shop and everyone works on everything.

  • Valon

    Meanwhile… still no cheaterboards.

  • Johnny

    If Infinity Ward can barely handle 1 quartermaster update, and they have to do 10, I think the team should just quit. Something happened during the development cycle that caused them to lose focus in multiplayer. They can’t be delivering garbage like that. Death is coming soon to Infinity Ward, I really believe that.

    • DanDustEmOff

      The MP lead dev went back to Respawn mid way through development. Treyarch were bought in to sort things out, which is why the game is basically the same.

  • Emre


    • GinsuVictim

      In what way?

      • What’s disgusting is the fact a triple A studio thought releasing shit like that was actually an okay thing to do. It’s undeniable this studio is lazy.

      • Emre

        Hmmm that they add embems as camo’s.

        And that i still get duplicates.

        And more

        • GinsuVictim

          The article is about how they listened and are fixing the problem. The reply? “Disgusting”
          That’s what I was questioning.

  • Dre

    Just put a price on the fucking weapons god damn it are you listening ACTIVISION!!!!
    You want an epic kbar $10 bucks boom. You want an epic RAW $10 bucks boom. So simple its fucking genius but oh well im not the CEO of Activision, or am I hahahahahah

  • Beast Mode

    So they half assed the camos?

    You dont say….

  • snake56

    It would be interesting to know how many people really work at Infinity Ward. Given how awful the latest CoD is, I bet there are only 10 people.

    • pavelus

      There is this small thing called “Credits.” Go to the campaign and you can see how many people were involved in making this game.

      All it takes is a little research and you can find stuff out. Heck, I bet you could have even Google’d it, but you are too lazy for that, huh?

      Try being on a design team and see how not easy it is to make a game perfect at launch. At least IW is fixing all the stupid glitches people spend hours to find so they can exploit the maps and get cheap kills. Look back at other COD’s and see how long those exploits stayed in game.

  • Alex Brogan

    They shouldn’t have been shitty to begin with

  • Sexy Mcgee

    next camo drop includes textures from game assets. Show off your individuality with the ground texture from mission 5 in the campaign, the table texture from mission 12, Nora Salter face camo, and get really meta with the nv4 texture camo that you can put on your nv4!

  • Former

    See..this is the issue. Now all the people bitching about worthless camos prompted them to actually put man power into fixing them when they should be fixing core issues such as missing features and matchmaking balance.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Anthony Mouangkhoua

    They need to fix Black Sky and add more Prestiges… Black Sky has to be updated first! I earned it and it look nothing like I expected it too! Stop making shitty camos for the noobs and make shit better for the people who actually play your game!


    Infinity ward……hhahaha , I think you meant Neversoft, If you wondered why Infinite Warfare looked like a devs half arsed first attempt at a CoD game, its because it is, Should of stuck to making shit knock off skateboarder and pretend toy guitar games.

  • Metrii Maine

    They need to add pro series and championship series back in to make it more competitive. Or Maybe Even Bring back clan wars as a weekly event and your ranked weekly and if you achieve a certain amount of wins Straight you recieve rewards