Raven Software has announced that they will be updating the Sniper Collateral Damage in Modern Warfare Remastered in the next patch update.

Players have been asking for this update since launch, as many users have claimed the collat damage does not match the original Call of Duty 4 game. Back in December, Raven released a comparison video which was met with skepticism. However, fans have shared new videos to the developers, which has resulted in them finding a fix for the issue.

There is still not set ETA for this next update. The new update for Modern Warfare Remastered is set to bring spawn updates, kill cam fixes, and more.

  • Kyler Blanco

    It’s about time they fixed this.

    • Kian

      look at your picture
      i mean, LOOK AT YOUR PICTURE

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  • ccrows

    Just keep that rumored hidden garbage found in the PC files out, and we’re good…

    • They’re tryna sweeten it up with little things the community want such as this collat damage update before rollin out the sh*t the community don’t want or need

      • Qaotik

        This is the only community that doesn’t want free shit

        • you are an idiot

          • Qaotik

            Well you got that right, it takes one to know one

          • ccrows

            Cow is right, you really are clueless on this issue.

            WE PAID FOR COD4! FFS we even paid extra for IW just to get a working non-hacked copy of COD4.

            & When we paid for COD4, no where was it ever mentioned or advertised that they would try to turn this into “COD Online!”

            If the game is boring to you, then DON’T PLAY IT! Play IW, and quit worrying about COD4…

          • Qaotik

            Here’s the problem with the “we paid for cod4” bullshit.

            You know the ToS screen in which you quickly press “I agree” or the, I don’t know, labels on the box itself and the descriptions of the game in the market store? You accepted the fact that you achknowledge that the developers have the right to update or alter the game as they wish, whether it’s patching a bug or taking down servers. You paid for the game knowing that they will do this anyway. Speaking of paying, the game was technically priced 20 dollars extra for the legacy edition instead of 60, if anything, you are getting a great deal. Especially that they are adding free content, when they could have easily did nothing to the game at all. Let alone, make the game.

            And who are you to decide what constitutes as “remaster”? The developers made the game, so they can decide what counts as a remaster. Hell, it was already hinted months ago that when they were adding the last of the maps, there was going to be an surprised. You were already warned. If you’ve noticed, not everyone thinks that “remaster” means upscaling the game. Halo 2 gets a remaster with guns and gear that weren’t even featured in the original, yet no one complained about that. If anything, people loved the extra content. So what gives? Supply drops?

            Also, when did I say that the game was boring? I have said that I sold the game in another article, but I like to see what’s happening because I still like the franchise, just not the current game at the moment. You don’t tell me what to look at, what I am or not supposed to buy, what I am supposed to complain about. If I want see what’s going on with a game franchise I like, then that’s my own business.

          • ccrows

            It’s still a “bait and switch” tactic…

          • Qaotik

            It isn’t bait and switch when games are required to say “footage is not the final game play” or that they never talk about post launch content, there’s a reason why they have those. Unless a developer says that the “promise” to not put in a particular feature, you cannot hold them accountable because games are constantly changing and ideas are shifted around. If this were true, then every single development company that has ever existed would be at a lawsuit.

          • ccrows

            Raven has stated before launch that MWR was going to be COD4 with updated graphics, and they kept marketing the game over and over and over in such fashion.

            To completely change the gameplay just for the sake of selling extra supply drops is a bait and switch. (I guarantee there will be outrage if this does end up happening)

            “As for the lawsuit part of it”, nobody is going to sue Activision for this because it’s not cost effective.

            Let’s just say you win the case. Activision is going to appeal, and appeal, and appeal, and appeal, until they get a judgement in their favor. Activision has the deep pockets to do such a thing. Nobody in their right mind is going to spend an INSANE amount of money in legal costs over a video game, and that’s why Activision can get away with doing this…

          • Qaotik

            So you’re telling me that EA can get sued for 60 million dollars, but people aren’t willing to sue Activision? Not only did you think that I’m telling people to sue a company, when I’m implying that you can’t anyway, but you haven’t ventured outside of the world of Activision.

            And like I’ve said, there’s a reason why game trailers say “gameplay subject to change”. It’s because games always change and developers often move from one idea to another. Raven did indeed hint about a “surprise” for the December update. The article about it is still on this website and it’s not going anywhere. So you can’t sit here and blame the developers and Activision for everything when it’s public knowledge that games can and will change.

            If you believe that adding free content through RNG is going to ruin the game for you, then you can still buy the original game for a few dollars. There’s no need to worry about supply drops, all the maps are there, and you can host your own lobby and play with some friends!

          • ccrows

            “If you believe that adding free content through RNG is going to ruin the game for you, then you can still buy the original game for a few dollars.”

            Oh FFS just stop, that game is hacked to death. You can get locked out to just a pistol FOREVER in just one match thanks to all the mod menus.

            & are you serious about the playing the NCAA Ed Obannon card on this? That’s a huge apples to oranges argument.

            Listen, it’s obvious that you’re scrambling and throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks at this point…

          • Qaotik

            Um, was I the one that was oblivious to the world around me and thought that the developers weren’t being transparent and tried to be deceptive? Did I ever put words into other people’s mouths? No, you’ve thrown so many points that don’t even hold water. You’ve said that it’s improbable that anyone would sue Activision, when I didn’t even suggest that. Then when I gave you a real life example, you just turn around and say that’s it’s basically trying to argue apples to oranges rather than giving me a legitimate reason why it doesn’t work. Either it’s probable or not, pick one. If it isn’t, then no one would have ever done it in the first place.

            And yes, you can still play the original game. Don’t play the “it’s hacked” card because there’s one thing that no one ever talks about: private matches. If Destiny players can find people to do raids and melee players to host tournaments with, then why is it hard to find people to play a game of call of duty? It’s because people are too lazy to do anything about it, no one has bothered to do an LFG site or just ask people to play a normal game. The game is really cheap, it doesn’t require a high end PC, and it is available for last gen consoles. If other communities can do it, then this one can too.

          • ccrows

            “And yes, you can still play the original game. Don’t play the “it’s
            hacked” card because there’s one thing that no one ever talks about: private matches.”

            ^ Really?

            How do you expect people to take you seriously and not write you off as a troll when you post stuff like that?

            & that first paragraph, a judge is gonna understand the Obannon case a whole lot easier than what’s (potentially) gonna happen with MWR. Judges got stressed over the Apple vs Samsung patent wars, this would be worse. BTW Apple & Samsung have a BOATLOAD of money to make such a move, we don’t…

          • Qaotik

            No one asks me that question, because I’m not dishonest and throw shade when things don’t go my way. I’ve given a practical solution that few have ever brought up and then you write it off as impractical. Actually you didn’t, you just asked me a stupid question that’s not even about the topic itself.

            We are not even talking about supply drops anymore since you’ve brought us far away from that topic. Now, we are here talking about the practicality of suing a company that I’ve never suggested to do and criticizing an example that shares the same principle. If a Russian guy can sue Bethesda for 5,000 USD over Fallout 4 and an old woman can sue McDonald’s over lacking a warning label on a cup of hot coffee, then it is possible.

            All I’ve said was that this is the only community that doesn’t want free content, that’s all. And apparently people don’t, they just want oppression points so they can be in a state of victimhood and not take responsibility for their actions and just blame the developers and publishers for just about everything. Don’t like supply drops? Don’t buy them. Don’t like the direction of the game? Don’t play it. There’s a reason why we say “don’t like it, don’t play it”.

          • AA Watcher

            I don’t have any nostalgia towards the original CoD 4 because I didn’t even play online games yet. Used to play Halo 3 with my brothers and friends. But that’s not what this is about. I don’t have that nostalgia so to me it’s a great idea to add more stuff. My problem would be if they make them supply drop exclusives. So far we’ve been able to earn anything which is great and I really hope this will be the case for the weapons too. Heck, I wouldn’t mind paying for some new shiny toys. If this is the case then I have no problem with them adding new content. My problem with the RNG from AW and BO III was that there are a ton of weapons I never got to use because I didn’t want to spend like 800 bucks on supply drops (not talking about BO III’s latest ‘no duplicates event’. That was great). Even if it takes a long time and even if the challenges are hard I can still earn everything. Not just that but I can choose whatever I want first too. That’s what we need. I feel like the supply drops should just function as a shortcut, or rather the change to get a shortcut. It’s way faster and if you have the money but not the time (some people don’t have much time for video games) you can just simply pay to get them so that you have the chance to use them because you’d never get to otherwise. Or you could do this if you’re just an impatient 12 year old and have access to your father’s credit card :p

            I’m pro content, but also pro fair content.

          • Eddie Tupy

            if you want to play cod4 play on pc wtf are you doing trying to play on console

          • ccrows

            Cuz I hate K+M, and you’re at a disadvantage with a controller…

          • Speak the truth!

          • J Dub

            You sir just got ROASTED. Hard.

          • ccrows

            Oh look a new alt account… <_<

  • KronicKrona1

    Saying collateral damage don’t work.. What about when I’m shooting through a wall with deep impact and S.P on and constantly get hit markers until say.. the 4th bullet?


    supply drops…

  • The9tailedgamer

    Can they fix the new item glitch? I have 5 weapons where it says i have new items for them, but i dont, and its SOOOOOO ANNOYING

  • RebornAngel666

    For the faggot snipers. Enjoy you scared little bitches pulling out your pistols if you can’t get a kill :^) #bringthehate

    • AA Watcher

      But pistols aren’t more powerful than any primary, so if the sniper has time to pull out a pistol and kill you that means you were just not good enough to drop them first. Simple as that. The deagle 2 shot kills? So does the M16, AK-47, MP5, AK-74u, RPD and a ton of other weapons. Just naming the most popular. Not only that but they’re also easier to use. Yes, pistols are faster than AR’s. Then use an SMG. AR’s are supposed to be better at long range and SMG’s at close range. Pistols are supposed to be good up close. If I know I have a good chance I’m going to run into someone at close range then who’s there to tell me I can’t? I’m using my pistol what it’s intended for, but I guess you’ll still be pissed off about that. Why not complain about the M16 basically being a sniper as well? The M16 is better than a sniper rifle in almost any situation, which means a sniper is putting himself at an disadvantage and you’re still bitching about pulling out a pistol? Nothing wrong with using your sniper for long range, what’s it intended for, and using a pistol for up close.