NPD has released their report for December 2016 and entire 2016 about overall video game sales.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the best selling game overall in 2016 in US at retail and digital, beating out EA’s Battlefield 1. The industry, however, has decreased year over year. 2015 holiday season saw more sales overall versus 2016.

This marks the seventh time in the last eight years that Activision’s on-going hit franchise has been the top-selling console franchise worldwide, and the eighth consecutive year in the U.S. According to NPD, the most recent release, Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare is the #1 top-selling video game on console in the U.S. for 2016 based on total revenue and units sold from physical and digital sales (excluding hardware bundle sales).

“Call of Duty is the #1 console franchise worldwide in 2016,” said Eric Hirshberg, Activision CEO. “We’re thankful to our players for once again putting Call of Duty on top, and we recognize how rare this is – to do year after year. That’s why we push to deliver innovations and incredible gameplay that are worthy of the best fans in the world time and again. And we have an exciting year ahead in 2017.”

Here’s the full charts of the Top 10 Games in 2016:

In addition, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the best selling title in US for the month of December.

For hardware sales, PlayStation 4 continued to dominate the charts in 2016.


  • Pete Harcott

    Find this hard to believe. Can hardly ever find a full match on this game. Must be because of MWR

    • RdJokr

      Player count doesn’t always say everything about sales. For all we know, the entire market could’ve been on a general decline, but COD remains on top because it’s COD.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Again, does not matter. Infinite Warfare shows up on charts, and investors/ATVI sees Call of Duty is #1

      • Element115Will

        You now have to approve comments? Have you gotten so much backlash that now you only approve racist comments and not insult comments? Wow.

        • Keshav Bhat

          All Comments don’t need approval. Only those with one restricted word does. I check context and just approve all. It’s a way to counter spam/some hate.

          • GinsuVictim

            Oh good, you’re using the new filter. Thanks! Maybe we can cut down on the spam finally!

    • BradyAlucard

      Could be playing the Campaign/Zombies. CoD is always decently populated besides AW, which is pretty much dead.

    • Gucci manning

      Or your just gay

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s rare that I don’t find a full lobby. What’s with the lies? Hate the game all you want, but don’t make shit up.

    • BF FAN 213

      Or you can’t find a game because of your internet. I find full lobbies all the time so that seems to be a you problem not the game sales which is at #1 in 2016…

  • BradyAlucard

    Final Fantasy XV topped it on PS4 I heard. That makes me happy that that game is so successful that it outsold CoD on its dominant platform!

    • Bonn Bo

      Yeah that’s pretty cool. Congrats to Square for that.

      • BradyAlucard

        Just amazing!

    • Gucci manning

      Gaaaaaaaay ass nigga ????????

      • Kian


    • M Demon

      You know its a damn good job when you outsell a COD in a console… (I like IW , not hating it.)
      Although we dont know the exact numbers (maybe there is just a little gap between the first three games) but… awesome.

  • Bonn Bo

    Not surprising, but congrats to Infinity Ward.

  • I wonder if they will get that title for 2017 seeing how a Rockstar game is coming out this year.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 hype

    • RdJokr

      You’re assuming Rockstar isn’t gonna delay that shit. RDR2 ain’t seeing the light of day until 2018 at least.

      • >says i’m assuming
        >makes an assumption in the same sentence


        • gh

          but but but hes RdJokr, his intellect is superior to most!!!!!! /s

          • GinsuVictim

            It is. Bow down, you insignificant little worm.

        • RdJokr

          I’m just basing off of past Rockstar releases, which makes sense.

          • You’re still making an assumption. 2017 or 2018, a Rockstar game is coming.

          • RdJokr

            Fair enough. Not saying your assumption is bad/wrong by any means, but Rockstar does have a tendency to never deliver shit within a year or so.

          • I don’t remember GTAV being delayed or did it get delayed? I don’t really remember.

          • RdJokr

            It did. Multiple times. For both gens. Took nearly 2 years between the announcement in 2011 to the initial launch on last gen in 2013, then another 13-14 months for current gen, then a whole 6 more months to get it on PC.

      • Gucci manning

        Punk ass niggaz wit fax n shit stfu gtfoh ??????????????????????

  • ToonToons22

    I’m not surprised, actually. I knew all of that hate on IW was for nothing from the very beginning. I bet most of the people who disliked that first trailer ended up buying the game in the end.

    • Mario Rivera

      That COD trailer dislike drama while liking BF1’s is similar to how guys start flaunting other girls in their girlfriend’s face just so she knows that she can be replaced if she doesn’t get her act together. It doesn’t mean that they are planning to jump ship, they are just sending a stern message to the girl they love lol.

      • Unless you’re a cheating bastard like me who did jump ship, haha

    • Clint Eastwood

      CoD’s sales are down and Battlefield’s are up. That’s a win for EA. Despite CoD being the largest game, it’s smaller than it was. Investors want to see growth, not decline. BF1 ate some of CoD’s market share.

  • Mario Rivera

    The fine print under the 1st photograph is quite suspect when it states that Orgin sales weren’t counted. Who knows if that would have made a difference between 1st and second place

    • Kevin Deng

      PC is smallest contributor to sales anyways.

      • Mario Rivera

        You kidding me? BF1 is one of the hottest new games on PC right now. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference but what if does? Its funny that they would deem EA’s own Orgin service invalid. Obviously that would only negatively affect the EA games on the list, including the second place BF1 that might have just lost out to IW by a pube hair.

        • Gucci manning

          Damn Mexican I hope you get deported

          • Mario Rivera

            I know exactly who you are and its just sad that you are salty enough to make another account just to make a racist rant against me. In any case, I’m even not Mexican LMAO. Think about it kid, If you get IP banned that affects your main username too.

          • Gucci manning

            I’m Dickmissle I’m not serious wet back

          • Element115Will

            Kill yourself.

        • AA Watcher

          Weirdly enough PC does have the smallest player base when comparing to the consoles. I honestly don’t understand as the experience is far superior on PC but I guess it has more to do with availability

          • Mario Rivera

            PC is platform dating back to the 80’s that has seen many console generations come and go. The install base on PC is ridiculously massive even compared to all consoles ever made put together so you really have to be a little more careful before making statements like that lol. Certain games like COD do better on console (at least nowadays) but games like Battlefield have massive followings on PC. Battlefield on console just now started catching up due to finally supporting stuff like 64 player matches but PC has had 128 player support in addition to all the typical enhancements and perks that a PC port of a game has for a while now.

          • Jawbreaker123

            even with the pc sells, bf1 still has less than IW. The sold pc copies of bf are like no more than 6-7% of the total sells.

          • AA Watcher

            If you look on live player charts you can see the consoles beat the PC community by a landslide. I’m not even making any bold statements. Just look here:
            The PS4 has so many players it’s not even funny. Like God damn.

        • Kian


    • Leonard Mag

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  • *insert comment about how it’s number one coz of mwr* at the end of the day it’s still number one which means they did business good. Overwatch should’ve been way higher imo

    • I mean yeah, it’s number one because of the Remaster. More than likely that’s true. If sales are down 50% compare to BO3’s sales last year. Then picture IW with no remaster attached to it, it obviously would have been lower and I can tell you I wouldn’t have bought IW if it weren’t for MWR. So obviously it was smart on Activision’s part to include MWR this year. (Which obviously shows MWR was never remade for the fans or anything. Just something to hold on to the number 1 spot)

      People point that out, because it’s probably true.

      • Well damn you just rekt me lol

        • Nah, I didn’t lol im just saying that statement is probably true lol

          Activision will do ever it takes to stay number one. It’s like when a heel in wrestling will do every it takes to stay champion. Even through the most shady tactics

          • Gucci manning

            I’m fucking back bitches

          • Dickmissle, is that you?

          • Gucci manning

            No this is Gucci manning

          • Where ya been dick missle, hard to recognize ya when you change your damn name boi

          • Gucci manning

            I’ve been beating dead horses

          • I feel ya mate

          • Atleast it’s no longer cows.

          • true that makes sense

      • M Demon

        Wrong. MWR helped IW a little bit. MWR was a full digital download ps4 game. It is NOT in the top *20* downloads of Playstation Store of the 2016 and its not even in top 20 for December downloads.
        im not saying MWR did not help IW at all to get to this position. But there are bunch of other things that makes COD the best selling console game of US for the 8th consecutive time.
        I play BF1-TF2-OW-IW-MWR and i enjoy MWR less than all of them because i played it 10 years ago. And i dont know whats up with the hate for IW.

        • There are two reasons why Infinite Warfare is at top
          1. MWR definitely played a role in them retaining their spot
          2. Simply brand recognition.

          Not really a bunch of other things,it’s literally just one other reason and one other reason alone, brand recognition.

          It’s definitely not because Infinite Warfare is a good game. And the hate is completely understandable for this game.

          Now I and many others can play this “what if” argument all we want, right. But at the end of the day, it’s still number one, right? Sure it is.

          But for really how long though? That’s the question. It’s pretty obvious sales for Call of Duty are going down year in and year out. So eventually, they obviously won’t be at number 1 for too long or for too many years. Especially in the state this franchise is in and if it continues to go this route. While other franchises like Battlefield are pretty healthy I’m sure. I’m pretty positive Battlefield 1 did great in sales considering they are number 2 and hell, that’s a franchise that doesn’t completely design a game around a supply drop system and rely on micro DLC sales wink wink.

          • M Demon

            Infinite warfare is a great game , people dont like it , fine they dont have to. hating is funny IMO , dont people have more things to do in real life than just *hating* sth? Every successful thing or person does have haters which the case for COD has gone a long time and now its ridiculous , 2009 was *same old shit* and 2011 was *same recycled shit* and now its *same futuristic shit* lol.
            CoD sell rates have not dropped *significantly*, IW has sold less than BO3 because Black Ops 3 is the best selling console game for 8th generation so i dont think IW could outsell that thing even if it was a masterpiece. IW has more sells than AW which was a new sub franchise just like itself (Ghosts was basically using MW in branding).
            The next year is gonna be a blow up , if sledgehammer was smart enough to make a Cold / Vietnam / Modern or anything other than future era. THAT gonna be a damn hit and the only thing thats gonna compete with that is RDR2…
            So no… your dream wont come true mate , COD wont go down like this… IW was the worst received game by community and this happened (the game was awesome in SP and Zombie and just good in MP so it did not deserve the hate).
            If you *hate* IW , then please dont waste your time in this site mate.

          • >Infinite warfare is a great game , people dont like it , fine they dont have to. hating is funny IMO , dont people have more things to do in real life than just *hating* sth?

            Depends on which prescriptive you’re looking at and what comments you’re reading. If people want to hate, they have every single right to.

            >Every successful thing or person does have haters which the case for COD has gone a long time and now its ridiculous , 2009 was *same old shit* and 2011 was *same recycled shit* and now its *same futuristic shit* lol.

            2009-2011 was Call of Duty’s peak man. Since then, it’s gone down hill. And it is the same old shit, it seems they can’t learn from their past mistakes, so they have three developers doing the same setting and ideas? Doesn’t take rocket science to understand why people call Infinite Warfare a Black Ops 3 clone.

            >CoD sell rates have not dropped

            Yes they have. This is undeniable.

            >So no… your dream wont come true mate , COD wont go down like this… IW was the worst received game by community and this happened (the game was awesome in SP and Zombie and just good in MP so it did not deserve the hate).

            It’s not a dream of mine, it’s a cold hard fact of life. Things change and it’s obvious Call of Duty wont be the top dog forever especially when this franchise is weak right now. It’s not like I’m cheering it on. I love Call of Duty. I love this franchise. But the fact is, Activision isn’t going to learn anything until something happens, even then, it might be too late. But I’m glad youre really optimistic.

            >If you *hate* IW , then please dont waste your time in this site mate.

            First of all, dont tell me what to do or how to spend my time.

            Second of all, Infinite Warfare isn’t the only Call of Duty game in existence. Charlieintel is a fan site of Call of Duty and I am a fan of Call of Duty. Stop using this logic.

            Not only that, this site reports on Modern Warfare Remasterd, Black Ops 3, and in a few months time Call of Duty 2017. So I will continue to come here and check some things out. And even where I see something about Infinite Warfare, I’ll write down my opinion on whatever happens in the game or whatever they are reporting on.

          • M Demon

            2009 was the COD peak yes , but it was when the hate train came by the start :
            And also , there are not lots of people who love MW2 MP because… it was not much balanced 😀

            Yep i added *significantly* for the sells in my edit.

            Lets see how the next year sells will happen. Activision will learn if people stop buying supply drops (just look at people like TmarTn who bash the game but still buy the shit outta drops) , and also they made one mistake and that was a 3 year dev cycle , that would have been better , because COD17 is the first time that you have the rights to expect something different than future from devs because they started things when community told them to do something different.

            And for the last one , alright.

          • I don’t really care if supply drops go or stay. I think it’s an unrealistic thought at this point to think it won’t come back in a future game. Every game out now has some form of cancer RNG loot system anyway, so obviously Call of Duty was gonna be part of it eventually.

            The only grip I have with Supply Drops is DLC Guns and how they add them. Being supply drop exclusive is just wrong. The two biggest things in CoD MP that have value and the most replay value are guns and maps. So adding guns exclusive to RNG drops is just wrong and cancer.

            And I wouldn’t say a three year dev cycle was a mistake or anything. I’m just saying that having all three development studios put all their eggs in one basket for one setting is just a bad idea and bad planning.

            But yeah, I fully expect Sledgehammer Games to do a classic boots on the ground historic or modern shooter. They have to be doing that.

          • M Demon

            And thats only thing i don like about IW other than not doing their best in MP (IMO) . guns should have been rewarded by XP or something , what a incredible system it was IF by playing we would have earned salvage and by salvage we could have progressed through variants and keys would be just for random drops with everything else in them.

            I really pity infinity ward , they have done so much damn content in IW , more than any COD i remember , BUT they do get bashed because they need to put them in supply drops and it seems like they are not in the game at all.

            Three year dev had its goods and bads , but ATVI thought *oh cool BO2 was future and people loved it! what about a big change and moving to future for 2-3 times then a big come back for normal ones and again the same cycle?!* and it happened… I cant imagine how much the next COD hype will be its going to be modern / cold war game… better be…!

            But all in all… i still cant get the hate for IW , its a good game if OW was the best shooter of the year… hell… then IW is a very good game. at least one of the best SPs of the year…

    • Clint Eastwood

      Nah, CoD’s on top because it has brand recognition, and your nephew’s friend/family member who knows that he likes video games and little else is going to get him the game with the biggest brand presence. As for Overwatch, being a platform-centric game is always going to hamper sales. Overwatch is regarded as being first and foremost a PC game, so despite its good reception, gamers on consoles are going to be skeptical.


    in 2 months?

  • Cabe Kase

    Oh look cods sells are down, No one ever heard that before. 😛 I’m seen like 80 videos talk about this. Charlie should charge for this stuff.

    • Charge for what?

    • MurkN101

      Activision employee an-hour-before-anyone-finds-out information and COD deepthroating tutorials about relaxing the esophagus might actually be worth a yearly $1 subscription.

  • joey

    mcdonalds is number one because they offer the best food…right?

    • Gucci manning

      No you dumb fag

  • Xtreme

    For all we know bf 1 could have more sales than iw, mainly because the orgin sales were not counted, also it stated dollar sales, not exactly how many copies were sold.

  • Jesus IW fucked up even harder than they did with Ghosts, BF1 had the upper hand by far and yet STILL managed to be top. These guys are invincible.

    • MurkN101

      They can literally shit in their hand and give it to people and we’ll buy it for $60.

  • lifelngjazzfan

    I bought IW to get MWR, it was my first COD so I paid $80+ for a remastered COD, I played IW for the first weekend and haven’t played it since. Very disappointing game!!!

  • Just the truth

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction in a few months when the new call of duty trailer drops and it’s not what people want no ww2, Vietnam or modern era shooter just another near futuristic game only this time with boots on the ground. Activision are on the path of no return they do not care about the customer what so ever


    Haha Its only top because its been in the $20 bargin bin since December ! Also a lack of competition (exept BF1, and if you added in the PC sales it might be a different story) helped massivley.

    • M Demon

      When is the competition for COD? just when GTA drops? damn… Then COD is too darn big…!

      BF1 + TF2 deluxe bundle was 67$ in PSN while COD IW was 40 when it was on sale in case you dont know.
      COD IW did not have more than even 50.000 copies sold in PC , so that wont change the gap between BF1 and COD IW .

      PC does not have lots of digital sales , the most played games on steam are free to plays and MMO`s or MOBA`s etc. Shooter genre does not have a big player base in PC. you can easily measure them by , im not saying it has just 20.000 like COD in all games. No. BUT they dont have 1M sells though. and any sells less than 200.000 mate… cant push up the gap between the sells.

      Its funny when you call NPD bullshit of the ATVI you know. Dont do it mate 🙂

      • SPAWNST4R

        You misunderstand the point of the post, if you look into it pc BF1 had reports of 160,000 concurrent of players online at once, meaning it must of sold a hell of a lot more to support these concurrent figures, this list doesn’t include origin, uplay, rockstar etc sales therefore its a manipulated bullshit list of figures that’s bias toward activisions sales.

        Also to claim shooters don’t have big player bases on PC is just plain wrong !

        • M Demon

          The problem is , you dont WANT to accept it. The game has sold more either you like it or not.
          *Also to claim shooters don’t have big player bases on PC is just plain wrong !*

          It does not have , anyone who actually plays online shooters on PC knows this , there are not much active players in PC for shooter genre compared to consoles , except OW – CSGO – TF2 . Heck even the all time record for COD is not even 80.000 .

          • Blackforce

            The all time record for CoD on Steam was a bit over 200k after the release of MW2. I guess the player numbers of CoD4 were also in this ranges, but there are no infos of it as CoD 4 don’t use Steam.

            I play shooters on PC and there are more FPS with a fairly big player base. BF1 has around 70k people online, I can easily find Servers in CoD 4, 30k people in Paladins, 50k in Garys Mod if you want to count it, 25k in Rainbow Six Siege on Steam and around 15k more on uPlay and 40k in Arma 3. I have no Idea why you think nobody would play FPS on PC expect for OW, TF2 and CSGO.

          • M Demon

            Did i say there are just 1.000 people playing games? No.
            Did i say NOBODY plays a shooter in PC? No.
            Did i say they are not a lot? Yes.
            And you just proved to yourself my point . These player bases are very small compared to consoles. even compared to 690K for CSGO or 1.2M for Dota 2 etc.
            Im not saying PC gaming for shooters is *bad* i was talking about sells COMPARED to consoles…
            So you just confirmed me.

          • Blackforce

            So, the 2 Million that Dota 2 and CSGO have is small? I have BO2 on the PS3 and even before the PS4 came out, the player base was never above 400k…

          • M Demon

            Can you read ENG? i said the big player base examples are Dota 2 and CSGO.
            Frankly , 15K for R6S yes. it is small. Wether you like it or not.

          • Blackforce

            Don’t worry, I can speak and read english, but i’m not sure if you can. 15k isn’t the R6 playerbase, it’s just the part of the players who play it over uPlay.

            But let’s talk the other way around. Besides of CoD, BF1 and Fifa, are there any multiplayer games with a big playerbase on consoles? Maybe Halo one X1, but thats really it. OW is played on console, but a big part of the players are on PC and there aren’t many people who play Uncharted or Killzone online. PC has his big franchises and consoles have. And no, just because CoD or R6 is played more on console it dosen’t mean that the playerbase for shooters is small on PC. It’S just more fragmented due to the fact that there are way more games you can pick from.

            And to let me make one thing clear: I’m not trashtalking about consoles. I’m not saying that PCs are better or whatever. But the statement that PCs won’t have influence on the outcome of sale charts is just wrong.

          • M Demon

            *I can speak and read english*
            If you were , you wouldn`t say that i said Dota 2 / CSGO playerbases are small.
            *big playerbase on consoles?*
            Destiny – GTA – R6S – NBA – Bloodborne/Darksouls 3 – Division – Rocket League – Gears of War 4 to name a few.
            *just more fragmented*
            You are saying this yourself 😐

          • Blackforce

            -> PC is much more fractured and branched than consoles.
            -> *just more fragmented* You are saying this yourself 😐
            *breathe in*

            -> Says PC sells less games
            -> Picks CoD as example

            Thats like saying “Console don’t sell as much games. Look at the salenumbers of CSGO on PC and on PS3/360.

          • M Demon

            im talking about fan fav games , R6S – BF – COD – Titanfall – GTA etc. Even doom is much like this.
            PC the whole argument started from the guy said *BF on origin was not counted so this is manipulated* and i said games like BF – R6S – COD dont sell *that* much on pc that could *change* the ranking because COD sells a lot in consoles.
            And also i never said pc sells less games i said those sells are fractured into multiple games instead of just emphasized on AAA games like CoD – BF.
            Good day to you *boi*

          • SPAWNST4R

            You think there are 690k playing any game on any console… HAHAHAHAHA OK

          • M Demon


          • SPAWNST4R

            You are Talking utter shite, I played cod4 pre steam using a program called all seeing eye and there was 100k online, and that was only the cod users who downloaded that app ! And your also just voting “except” ow-cs and tf2…. 2 of which have bigger player bases PC years after they where released than cod has if you add up the last 8 years of cods playerbase… cod online has a massive playerbase, also a pc exclusive.

            Regardless of weather IW sold more or not, that wasn’t he point the point is that they are cooking the figures. They haven’t included origin sales figures (their main competitor) but have included steam (the platform they release on) you can’t fanboi argue plain truth

          • M Demon

            Lol… the time has past , im talking about nowadays mate. thats for 2007 where there was not *much* other games to play MP in it.
            The argue is , you cant really understand ENG , if its your country language then you haven`t learnt it yet.
            Steam sells for IW are less than 400.000 units , that wont change the gap.
            If you dont like COD being the best selling and it hurts you then…LMFAO

          • SPAWNST4R

            ….aaand another fanboi fucktard….

            Steam sales are included in those figures… OK YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ??

            EA and everyone else’s ARE NOT – OK, UNDERSTAND THAT??

            No where did anyone say cod wasn’t the best selling, it’s about the figures being manipulated. I.E.: all of PC BF1 sales are missing, all of PC watchdogs2 etc etc etc.

            Jesus Christ you CI wanktards really do have a hard time with the truth and logic.

            Also, if your going to lead your “argument” with an attack on someone’s autocorrect then yeah, you already lost kid.

          • M Demon

            look who`s calling who a *fanboy* and takes on the lead with an offensive word like *fucktard*
            Looks like you are pretty mad…LOL… im just laughing now… i was talking about *understanding* what i wrote not your auto correction for text in english :))
            And im not saying BF1 origin sells were counted. The whole argument is that if it was counted too there would not have been changed , and it seems like you dont really want to understand this cause it hurts you and you make funny arguments by saying *Oh the list is manipulated by ATVI and NPD!* you know what NPD right? LOL… answering someone who gets mad by cod sells was wrong at first. :))

          • SPAWNST4R

            Projecting your own argument on me and then trying to defend the points you made, not me. Pure fanboi.

            Re read whole thing, it’s about the figures being biased by excluding sales platforms, anything else bring up is all in your head, tit

          • M Demon

            Lol. Alright.

  • Bryan Cyriel Ramo

    Lol. I like both of MWR and IW. Sales are good to know but there’s an awards of the best overwatch game.

  • Johnny

    Well it should say Modern Warfare Remastered, not Infinite Warfare. Inflated number. So they got that wrong.

    • GinsuVictim

      You got it wrong.

  • W1LL1AM04
  • *coughs* Malarkey.