With the playlist update that went live earlier today to activate Drop Zone in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward also brought some fixes and updates to the game.

They have now posted the full patch notes for the playlist update. The playlist update is live on PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Infected:
    • Fixed an issue where players can respawn looking like Infected after suicide
    • Restored boost values to previous settings based on community feedback
    • Map Vote in lobbies now display the game mode name, to allow players to know what they’re voting on for Infected and Mosh Pits
  • Search and Destroy:
    • Scorch – Adjusted B bombsite to fix an issue where players can plant behind a crate
    • Fix for an exploit when viewing killcams – we now hide the options menu minimap when the player is dead or watching a killcam so they can’t see the bomb carrier
  • Hardpoint: Updated start spawns for Precinct
  • Custom and LAN Options:
    • Adds in Tactical, and CWL tuning options in Custom and LAN games
    • Tactical option will make any mode play with Tactical adjustments
    • CWL tuning option will allow any mode to play with CWL adjustments to Rigs, Traits, Payloads, Energy Weapons, Hybrid Weapons, etc.
  • All or Nothing: Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the boost, slide, and wallrun movement abilities when this mode was toggled
  • Weapon sprint out times have been slightly increased by weapon class. Gung Ho still has fast sprint to fire times.
  • Epic Gun Game has been removed and original Gun Game is now in the Special tab.
  • Added Drop Zone to Featured tab
  • Exploding Drone: Slightly increased move speed. Increased base health from 1 hit to 2 (1 with a sniper or shotgun close up). Increased rugged health from 2 hits to 3 (2 with a sniper or shotgun close up)
  • Fixed an issue where Payloads could be activated on the frame of death
  • Care packages no longer reflect friendly fire damage back at the owner

SOURCE: Reddit

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  • Infinity Ward should update Infected by removing/heavily reducing points earned for simply surviving the longest. One time, I earned 14 kills (5 while infected). However, what sucks is how one guy with only 2 kills gets over double my score because they hid somewhere for 4 minutes. That’s a kick in the balls.

    Source: https://twitter.com/RuggedSavior/status/820383818804822017

    • Peewee78368

      He lived longer then you idiot there for getting more points. Kills mean nothing in Infeted dumbass

      • Mario Rivera

        You are right about the importance of surviving in infected. I think he means to say that it should be more rewarding to be proactive towards keeping the action going vs hiding the entire game and contributing towards stunting the action. I think he has a valid point and theres no need to be so toxic towards him.

        • Peewee78368

          Umm no its been this way all the time. The point is to stay alive as long as you can… LEARN TO PLAY NOOBS

          • Mario Rivera

            So wanting kills to have a bigger impact on the score makes you a noob? Grow up with that pea brain logic. Surviving should be rewarding and no1 is arguing that, so should going out there and keeping the action going.

          • Ed

            Yes, he is arguing against surviving be important, actually. Read his comment: “removing/heavily reducing points earned for simply surviving” pretty much says it all. Infected doesn’t need a bunch of kills for there to be action. Its matches are really quick, anyways

          • Mario Rivera

            Hes not saying that surviving shouldn’t be important specifically, hes saying that he should be rewarded more for being proactive in the game. If hes being proactive that means the other team is constantly engaged instead of being bored for 10 minutes and thats a good thing. The main reason devs implement score is to give us a incentive to go out there and be as proactive/engaging as possible.

          • Ed

            Thats not what he said. And the matches are never longer than 5 mins, anyways. And either way, the point of infected is to survive the longest, not get the most kills. There is no logical reason to reward kills more.

          • Mario Rivera

            Smh, No logical reason huh? Most of my Infected games are time limit games. It sucks when everyone is being passive at the same time. You know, where the non-Infected huddle together in a hard to reach place and the people that are infected quit or just put the controller down and hide for the rest of the game. With the incentive of more score, people would be more willing to be risky and that translates to more action and less boredom for everyone.

          • Ed

            Bottom line, the point of infected is to survive the longest, by all means necessary. The final infected should almost always be at or near the top of the match. Now, the amount of kills do matter if the times not infected are pretty close… so its not like kills dont matter at all.

          • GinsuVictim

            Yeah, they don’t even track k/d in Infected, so I play for the high score and keys.

          • Mario Rivera

            Bottom line, NOBODY EVER specifically said that surviving shouldn’t be the most important/rewarding thing, The OP didn’t complain about the fact that the survivor had more points, he complained about the survivor having SO MUCH MORE POINTS then he did. Go read it again carefully if you have to. I also agree that the score gap shouldn’t be that wide in situations like this. For reasons I already explained, it wouldn’t hurt if they bumped up the score incentive for being proactive and getting kills. Nobody is saying to replace surviving as a primary scoring aspect, just saying that kills should have more of a impact on the scoreboard.

          • Ed

            “Infinity Ward should update Infected by removing/heavily reducing points earned for simply surviving the longest. ”

            Is english your second language?

          • If we’re going to trade insults, I guess I should offer the same.

            You’re upset because you have a 0.33 K/D and nobody wants to play with you. As a result, you call everyone else a noob because it helps you dream about being a decent player–one that will never pass. Plus, you mainly play Infected and hide because it’s the only thing you are capable of doing. Anything else results in you dying faster than Brendan Fraser’s career.

            There–roast complete.

    • Dante

      The whole point of Infected it to survive as long as you can so obviously the person that survived the longest will have the most points.

    • jordanxbrookes

      The point of Infected is to survive for as long as you can.

      • Simply surviving shouldn’t be the reason for high scores. How you survive and play your part as an Infected player is what should determine your score. Otherwise, people will only hide as a survivor because of the benefits given, thus reducing the flow of the mode itself.

    • GinsuVictim

      I enjoy looking for that last one. It’s really satisfying being the person to get that killcam. (Or being well hidden until sudden I have to fight for my life. The longer I make it once spotted, the better.)

    • ” wtf why is this guy getting rewarded for playing the objective? ”

      Come on dude.

      • Former

        Well, when “playing the objective” involves hiding in a corner and eating your hot pocket, it’s a bit frustrating to the player actually defending said person by killing the infected.

        • Than don’t play Infected?
          99% of the time I play infected the last guy doesn’t camp, he’s actually desperatlry fending the infecteds off.

          • Former

            No shit…He hides in a corner until he’s the last guy, then is forced to kill shit when his teammates die. My point is that someone shouldn’t be rewarded for hiding the whole game with 3 kills while someone who had 15-20 died sooner isn’t.

            Mw3 had a much better system that evenly weighted kills and time survived. IW should learn from the past.

  • Deprece

    Some good things here. The sprint out time increases was a needed change to balance the classes out better. The team killing care package in hardcore is a major fix as well. Glad to see you fixing your game IW. Keep it coming. There is a lot more work to do.

  • James Birdsong


    • GinsuVictim

      Good riddance

      • James Birdsong

        It’s okay I still have ways to troll in game.

      • Mario Rivera

        I remember back in BO1 my buddies and I would gang up on randoms getting their care packages like a pack of hyenas and steal them lol. Good times haha… I figured that by now it was widely known that care package is a terrible streak to run in HC but i guess not lol.

        • GinsuVictim

          I rarely ever run care package, but when I do, it ain’t in HC (which I rarely play either).

  • >Care packages no longer reflect friendly fire damage back at the owner

    Took them like 18,000 years to fix it.

  • Michael Romo

    I wish I knew about that bombsite glitch on Scorch smh

    • AFISH117

      we found it on the first day. very useful.

  • ” Care packages no longer reflect friendly fire damage back at the owner ”

    Haha holy shit I can only imagine how funny it would be to see the owner die out of nowhere after it lands on a friendly.

    • Look up weregonnalose on YouTube. The guy would lay under the care package, and it continuously kill the owner until he got off of the package. It was hilarious