Take a first look at Rave in the Redwoods. Sabotage DLC Pack 1 for Infinite Warfare is available January 31 on PS4.

After escaping the terrifying Zombies in Spaceland, our heroes are transported to an abandoned campground… the perfect site for Willard Wyler’s next horror masterpiece. Set in the ‘90s, the four actors find themselves in brand new roles, along with some fresh new threads. Together, they’ll team up to take on endless hordes of raver zombies and the mysterious Slasher, who’s on the prowl to add more “trophies” to his collection. With the help of some brutal new weapons and even director Kevin Smith (!), our heroes just might be able to put an end to the madness in the Redwoods.

  • First

    • Kian

      nobody cares

    • Logic Chief

      I care mooooooooo cooooooooow keep up the good work.

  • GinsuVictim

    I just saw Kevin Smith in the lead image, so now I have to go watch this video.

  • Kian
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  • The voice over dude sounding like one of them dudes which do voiceover work on Fiverr

  • Rob Melchor

    LOL, Kevin Smith at the end.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Won’t buy it, but I liked the trailer. The music actually fit for once.

    • Juses

      Y coment on evry article ef yew desliek cod nao?

  • Only positive I seen is Kevin Smith, but overall still not a fan. And overall just burnt out on zombies

    • i blame bo3 for that they dragged and made zombies too much imo that’s why i didn’t play it, but this is what zombies should be just fun and straight to the point not spending 4+ hours wanting to do an easter egg lol

      • I thought BO3 zombies was solid and pretty fun but it wasn’t as good as Black Ops 2. I thought BO3 met my expectations in every way with Campaign and multiplayer but zombies was kinda disappointing. But i still liked it and it was still solid.

        I’m probably burnt out on zombies because I spent so much time on zombies with Treyarch games and plus i normally never expect Infinity Ward to have zombies. But i played it and tried it plenty of times, i just dont like it. And i dont like Infinity Ward’s style and it’s too similar to Treyarch zombies which was one of my complaints with the Exo Zombies.

        I’ll won’t have any interest in zombies until Treyarch comes back or at least Sledgehammer can do something great with zombies especially if their game is in Vietnam like rumors suggest.

  • imBATMAN

    IW zombies is fun asf, can’t wait to play this fifty years after playstation.

  • Former

    Better atmosphere than Spaceland judging by the trailer.

  • ccrows

    Trailer looks good. Kevin Smith is a nice touch, but (for me) zombies has become “too much” with all the stuff that they added in over the years… *shrugs*

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Yeah same here… it just seems like they are marketing to younger players more over the last few games with shit like gobblegum and clowns etc. My kids dig it though. I bet if we saw the demographics of the player base it would validate what I’m saying

      • James Birdsong

        yea because clown zombies weren’t a thing before call of duty… pff.

        • PDX Guitar Freak

          If I had my way, there wouldn’t be clown zombies or any element in zombies that was goofy or funny… I’d keep it purely gorey and indicative of classic zombie movies like those made by George Romero.

          • James Birdsong

            Some people actually freak out really hard when it comes to clowns and making them zombies probably makes them freak out even harder. I’d guess it’s all about finding the right audience.

      • Former

        Clowns were implemented because they fit the themepark vibe of Zombies in Spaceland. Gobblegum was created simply to allow a less tedious setting-up process and also allow nooby players to have an easier time.

        Neither of those dealt with marketing to children.

        • PDX Guitar Freak

          You and I can disagree then bro, because I feel like those elements appeal to younger players much more than older players… also a kid to me is someone under 18 so I suppose it’s all relative. see ya

          • Former

            Except I just explained why they were added, but OK…lol

          • PDX Guitar Freak

            Well dude, if you haven’t read the latest article on Activision creating a new Consumer Products Division led by a former Mattel and Disney executive to create new products including COD toys, you probably should. To me and others, it is pretty clear that they are increasing their focus on marketing to kids.

          • Former

            I’m not denying that they are. But I did, however, debunk your theory that the clowns and gobblegum were for kids. They could have made the gobblegum system something else, but I think they make sense given how they are dispensed for a fee, just like how they function in-game.

          • PDX Guitar Freak

            How did you debunk my theory? You stated your opinion… that doesn’t make it fact, it just makes it an opinion, just like my statement is an opinion. ?

          • Former

            You said clowns were added to appeal to kids. That’s wrong. They were added because the map is a theme park. If that doesn’t make sense to you, I don’t know what will.

          • PDX Guitar Freak

            Well I was actually a teen in the 80s (yeah I’m old) so I understand the references to the 80s completely. WhiIe I love 80s nostalgia, I simply find the zombies in space land theme to be too goofy and childish. That’s just my opinion. Give me zombies George Romero style and I’ll be happy. ?

          • Former

            They weren’t going to just mimic Treyarch completely and make another dark and serious zombies experience…They said right off the bat they were shooting for a more laid-back and goofy tone.

            I’m glad it’s childish and goofy – that’s the point. It’s a good contrast to the zombies we know and love.

  • W1LL1AM04

    They should of use a Saved by the Bell cast member for the special guest cameo

  • dust&cheese

    this is so diluted and disconnected from COD. It’s actually ridiculous. The devs knew the base game was a complete fail so now they’re focusing all their resources into Dead Rising 2.5. Cringe