PlayStation UK has posted new gameplay of three of the new MP maps, coming with Sabotage on Jan 31 on PS4.




  • don’t waste your money

    • lunator100hd .

      We already have.

      • Element115Will

        And what did you learn?

        • lunator100hd .

          What you mean? I thought the game will be good like bo3 at least but that wasnt the case at all.

          • Element115Will

            Thats what I am saying. You learned that it wasnt good. Sucks though, they make the game look great but when it comes to release and gameplay, its horrible, BO3 was decent, but the last great CoD IMO will be CoD Bo2 and the previous ones of course.

          • This is going to get me a lot of hate but I still prefer IW over BO3, I didn’t enjoy BO3 and although IW has been quite a failure in terms of acceptance in the community n shit, I feel the movement system is better over BO3 and there are a few features that i prefer as opposed to BO3. Again, just my opinion.

          • Marc Grierson

            Yeah I prefer IW to BO3, didn’t really rate BO3 in any department. I like IW’s maps, zombies is good and the campaign is my favourite COD campaign to date. Not disappointed in my purchase at all.

          • BradyAlucard

            I thought it was pretty close.

    • EraZe Vanpa

      already wasted it buying the game..

      • Element115Will

        Sell that garbage!

        • lunator100hd .

          I did to get 60% of my noney back but the rest 40% are still missing.

          • jordanxbrookes

            That 40% is only available in Supply Drops (Terrible joke, I know)

    • Brian

      Don’t tell others what to do with their money.

      • Giving people advice, if you were smart you would take it. Do what you want with your money though, I couldn’t care less

        • Ryan Gorman

          How would I be wasting my money (if you’re going to say IW sucks then explain)

    • destsicate

      I actually enjoy the game and looking forward to dlc1 so suck it up buttercup

  • JeronimoPW

    New halo game? Oh no It’s Destiny 2…. wow o.o

    • lunator100hd .

      Its name is Infinite Warfare and it sucks.

      • BradyAlucard

        That’s just like… your opinion man.

        • lunator100hd .

          I play cod since cod 4, so i see myself as a veteran player, when it comes to judging cod games, i have a very concrete opinion, im not a whining kid who complain because he can get his killstreak.

          • Ryan Gorman

            I have been playing COD from COD 3. So
            1.Terrible joke made by Jeronimo
            2.This game does not suck, you want to play a bad game go to The Division

          • lunator100hd .

            1.Who the hell is Jeronimo?
            2. IW is very bad compared to previous cods, but if i had to chose among other games like Division, Destiny or overwatch then yes, i would prefer IW.

          • Ryan Gorman

            1.The guy who said “New halo game? Oh no It’s Destiny 2…. wow o.o”
            2. I agree IW is bad compared to other CODS before. So people should say that instead of “IW is the worst game ever” because it really is not

          • Marc Grierson

            Oh my word this is straight up embarrassing.

          • BradyAlucard

            I’ve played since CoD 4 as well, but everyone’s acting like their opinions are fact on here. IW doesn’t factually suck, Battlefield 1 isn’t factually better, and it’s not like it factually deserves to have a Ghosts-like reputation. People seem to forget that… IMO.

  • nope

    lol i aint buyin this

  • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

    looks great, its a shame they took away the snipers point wit that new ramp, but i love remakes.

  • Sponsoring

    When you already bought the season pass but dont even care -.-

  • Gonna sell worse than BO3 DLC1

  • GinsuVictim

    Looks good. Can’t wait. I’m not even a fan of Afghan, but I like what I see.

  • Kevin Deng

    Sucks to be me for having the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game that has the Season Pass included.

  • I’ve been waiting for an afghan remake for a while

  • Arron Dubbystep Cooper

    as a YouTuber I look forward to DLC 1 I’m already nearly 8th Prestige in Multiplayer and I look forward to playing some new maps especially “Dominion” with it being a remake of my favourite map from MW2 people may hate on this game but ive been a fan of this franchise since day 1 since cod 1 and I cant really pick much fault with this game campaign storyline is great, zombies is awesome and as for multiplayer its fast paced and fun but a lot of you used to moan when cod was slow and just boots on the ground and now its different people still moan so then they gave you futuristic boost jumping a lot side a remaster of boots on the ground cod and people still moan from what I see theres no pleasing people these days as no matter what the developers do people are only going moan either way sledgehammer games are going back to boots on the ground in their next game along side another Remastered call of duty game and bet many people will still moan when they return to the old cod ways all I can say if you think you can do better than developers and make a game franchise that’s as big as call of duty and not get negative feedback from the community then be my guest haha