According to new data files found in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward is reportedly testing out adding variants of Scorestreaks to Infinite Warfare, which (unsurprisingly) will be in Supply Drops. 

The data files reveal Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants of current scorestreaks in Infinite Warfare. 

Here are some of the variants of some scorestreaks found in the files. Note, the data mine was not able to find variants for other scorestreaks as of now, which suggests that this is still in testing:


  • Rare: Increased Duration, Decreased Health
  • Legendary: Increased Armor, Decreased Duration
  • Epic: Extra Assist Points, Increased Cost


  • Rare: Increased Debuff, Less Damage
  • Legendary: Increased Speed, Decreased Duration
  • Epic: Stealth, Decreased Speed


  • Rare: Precision Strike, One Plane
  • Legendary: Increased Speed, Increased Cost
  • Epic: Split Strike, One Plane


  • Rare: Extra Flare, Decreased Duration
  • Legendary: High Beam, No Cannon
  • Epic: Moving Fortress, No Turret

According to current information available (which is not 100% confirmed), it appears to be coming into Supply Drops, which is probably the worst way to implement this. Putting game-altering items in Supply Drops only makes the game pay to win, and with how many items Infinity Ward has put in the Quartermaster, many players will never be able to get these variants. 

We should note, however, the data files do not confirm or deny if there will be alternative ways — like crafting with Salvage — for these variants. If they do make crafting the items an option, then it would be a more suitable solution to adding these items. 

As always, this is not confirmed. Activision and Infinity Ward have not announced any details regarding the possibility of variants of streaks. 

We will update as we learn more. 

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Activision Shareholder

    Soon we can grab legendary walk animations. Be prepared.

  • Drasadex

    Yeah that’s seriously bad.

    Don’t even wanna know how much shit SHG will lock behind Supply Drops in COD 2017.

  • They really dont want us to play the game do they

    • Sexy Mcgee

      I dropped all CODs thanks to supply drops. What they did with supply drops was change the player mentality from playing because it’s fun to playing for the grind. When you grind and grind and grind only to keep getting garbage in the supply drops eventually the negative reinforcement makes you hate the game.

      I keep checking Charlie Intel in the hope that they do something radical like make cryptardsalvage earn rate or epic chance 4x greater but they only seem to be getting balls deeper into this supply drop bull shit.

      Which is fine by me because I’m discovering a lot of other great games I’ve been missing out on.

      • True dat!

      • Hitman

        True! I’ve done the same thing as the quality over quantity on the recent COD games have become appalling from netcode, supply drops to bait and switch tactics. I myself have traded in IW and haven’t regretted it at all. I still go on Charlieintel for news but COD in general is dead for me.
        I guess its Activi$ion being Activi$ion.

      • Eddie Tupy

        COD was always about the grind. Its just the rewards have gotten more valuable. Theres nothing wrong with what theyre doing. As long as everything is balanced it will be ok. [payloads are a bit op but still.]

        • Sexy Mcgee

          Except you played to unlock things directly not for a fraction of a chance to unlock something. Balancing is a big part of it, when it takes a month of nonstop playing to unlock one epic weapon there is something wrong with the way they balanced the supply drop system. Also, they actually nerfed the amount of salvage you can get from a rare supply drop since launch.

          • Eddie Tupy

            um i got like 2 epics and ive only played for like 10 hours. one random drop and one buying with salvage.

            The main problem is people arent in it for the long run, they only play a cod for a year and go to the next one. If this was the last cod ever this whole one epic per month would actually be a blessing in disguise.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Congrats on getting that many epics in such a short amount of time. That was some good luck, though.

            I don’t think it’s a “problem” that people move on in a year. That’s pretty much how it’s been over a decade now. We’ve been conditioned to expect a new game every year and when the game is good we’re happy to receive a new one every year.

            Knowing this Treyarch, IW, Sledgehammer should make it possible that people can earn or win all epics within that time frame without having to quit their job or spend all their earnings on COD points. However, they want to milk that cow and for a lot of people it’s drying up.

          • Eddie Tupy

            i really hope cod just does something like what csgo did. Just one main game wiht updates here and there. It wont happen anytime soon but i think itll have to eventually even just to save the reputation.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        This is so true. The reason I used to love COD was for some unknown reason. I literally just was able to play for hours on end, but now I have trouble even having fun on the games for less than 1 hour. I feel like Black ops 3 was fun but only because I was able to grind for unique challenges and weapons that were desirable, but infinite warfare just doesn’t have that factor. Not only does the game have supply drop weapons but they aren’t even worth grinding for, thats why its such a bad game. It’s not fun and it doesn’t have any reason to play in terms of unlockables

  • Former

    Next they’ll have map variants. “Bro, you gotta get Epic Terminal! The plane is Airforce One and can get Trump as a killstreak!”

    • Lol that was a good one have my like 🙂

    • I think reload animation variants would be fun, they would just look different but the actual time for the gun to be loaded would stay the same.

  • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

    i think this is cool new thing for the game, cant wait to see them in game.

    • ccrows

      OH look a new account, and you’re even upvoting this comment.

      Do you work for Infinity Ward, or are you higher up on the Activision food chain?… <_<

      • MurkN101

        At least we know why he wears glasses now. Hard to see with Activision cock shooting loads in your eyes.

      • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

        because i enjoy this game.

    • Jester

      Dude, eemm, I’ll respect it if you want ’em, but most of us consider that this is already an abuse of Supply Drops, I mean, what’s next? Reloading animations variations? Of course, only available in Supply Drops 😛

      • Eddie Tupy

        thing is you wouldnt need to get them. Its just fluff. You would still have the normal animation.

  • Sponsoring

    Im still trying to figure out why they dont let us buy the weapons they drop. I still am on the hunt to get the MP40 that was released in Advanced Warfare LMAOOOOO.


  • Beast Mode

    i have roughly 100 friends online at any given time on my account and no one is on infinite warfare..i do see modern warfare occasionally. look at yours and tell me what you see

    • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

      i dont ususally have friends, they’ll all my younger brothers friends but i usually get into a game all the time when playing.

    • Logic Chief

      Opposite for me i have like 170 friends and will see 5plus people on iw all the time. With no one playing MWR ever I still didn’t even finish the update that added in the new maps. MWR is just total camp fest and I can’t do it. I’m just waiting for bo2 backward compatible and I’ll be good.

  • Mick

    They gotta make money off a dead game somehow eh? This will be game changing if confirmed.

  • Duke of hazard

    They’re genuinely putting more effort into making the game worse.

  • Qaotik

    This is Mark Rubin, and this is jackass

    • TheShwantz27 (Brian)

      You do realize that he’s not even with Infinity Ward anymore right? He left long before Infinite Warfare was even revealed to the public at E3 last year…

      • Qaotik

        I already knew that. But because I was too lazy to look up who’s in charge, I just used Mark Rubin.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah because Mark Rubin is to blame and not the heads at Activision.

      • Qaotik

        I don’t think you got the joke

        • jordanxbrookes

          Way to edit your comment tho.

          • Qaotik

            Ikr it makes faze jealous

        • The joke doesn’t work when it’s not the right person.

  • What a fucking joke, absolute joke.

  • ccrows

    This was a base game feature in AW, and now they want to lock it behind SDs.

    This is literally one step away from putting bullets in SDs… <_<

  • Aidan
  • ccrows

    I’ve gotten to the point where I just feel sorry for Infinity Ward.

    I still play IW when my friends are on, because they like playing the latest CODs every year. When I play solo, it’s strictly BO3 and MWR.

    BO3 doesn’t have any of this garbage, and it plays much better. Even in year 2, BO3 still plays better than IW in year 1…

  • joey

    was my comment really not approved?! what, because of the tony soprano quote? i’m sorry! i didn’t realize we were supposed to be guarding against four year olds learning the “f” word for the first time!

  • Alex Brogan

    In what world is this a good idea?

  • The Impeccable Pedo

    In other words “GIVE US YOUR MONEY”

  • A basic feature like this was available to any one in AW, now the rumor is they want to for it again but put it behind a locked rng wall?

    How are you this stupid? This is just trying to be stupid.

  • It’s just more shit ontop of a big pile of shit. You just give up and stop caring.

  • This is one of the best ideas man. IW is getting such cool updates. HYYYPE!!!

    Can’t wait!

  • i’lll like to blame sledgehammer for giving us supply drops and i’m sure it’s never going to go

  • W1LL1AM04

    I’m sure the community misses Advance Warfare now. GG Sledgehammer GG

  • James Birdsong

    That’s just straight up retarded. Glad I changed from this to titanfall 2.

  • Remember this

    I hope you people enjoy this also hope you enjoy futuristic call of dutys because that cod from here on out activision just do not care about the customer. Can’t wait to see the faces of everyone when the next call of duty trailer drops and you see once again activision just did not listen. It’s simple don’t moan and cry about the game just don’t play it they’ll soon realise although it’s probably too late now

    • Jester

      I’m sure they wouldn’t make such an idiotic movement like bringing another futuristic CoD. I mean, da franchise is already pretty fucked up, and they should know that another game like this one would be a shoot in the feet.

  • pulseimpact

    I like when only retards prestiged and we weren’t penalized for having a life.

  • Tested

    Every update for this games just makes me feel so happy i never bought it. They should focus on making there games better instead of adding pay to win crap every update, its like they want the game to fail.

  • Dre

    Why is this in the b03 section. I don’t t care about this trash game.