Infinity Ward has finally activated Leaderboards for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The leaderboards in Infinite Warfare allow players to see where they rank in the top 10,000 in overall and in each mode. You can see your stats against friends or against all, with only top 10,000 shown. In addition, there’s the option to filter leaderboards by All Time, Monthly, and Weekly.

All stats since game launch are reflected on the Leaderboards. Players can see how the rank up in each mode or overall. On PC (leaderboards are not live yet on PC), players need at least 150 kills in each mode before their stats will show up on the individual game mode leaderboards.

Players can checkout the Leaderboards under the Barracks section in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare MP.

SOURCE:Β Infinity WardΒ (Thanks @RATandNOOB for tip!)

  • Fifteenth

  • About damn time!

  • James Birdsong

    Loserboards are now available so people can quit crying like little pussies on every post they make.

    • ccrows

      OK everyone, let’s move to custom emblems now!… πŸ˜‰

      • James Birdsong

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        • ccrows

          lol @this guy, I even put in the smiley face (to show you that I was kidding) and you still blocked me. LOL, all I can say is…

          • lunator100hd .

            Do you know whats the problem about this kind of ppl? they complain all the time about other ppl complaining, lol Get it?

          • That’s something I’ll never understand. Some people dont like it when people complain and act like it’s something you shouldn’t do, yet they turn around and do it just to complain about your complaining.

            I don’t get it really. Everyone complains, we all complain about something. It’s human nature, we just do it lol. Hell, I feel better most of the time after I’m complaining because that’s frustration and venting getting out. I think some people just often look at it as “oh this person has a different opinion or perspective than I do, so stop doing it lol”

            Hell, I’m not even against these people complaining about people complaining either. If you disagree or don’t like it, that’s fine. Complain about it. But i dont get why they want them to stop or anything. Like lol

          • BradyAlucard

            I don’t see eye-to-eye on a few of your IW claims but I do with hypocrisy about complaining. If people want to have “haters” stop complaining then IW should be a better game to the “haters” first because people can’t control your personal opinion. I disagree that IW is a bad, icomplete game but I won’t insult you because of it.

          • James Birdsong

            Don’t hate me for being a hater just cause you don’t get it.

          • BradyAlucard

            I get it just fine actually, I just think your claims are dumb.

          • James Birdsong

            That’s cause you’re a hater hater.

      • jordanxbrookes

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  • It only took almost 4 months. I think if this happens again in future CoDs, these dev teams really need to be transparent about why simple core features wont be available at release.

    • Qaotik

      Maybe so they can find out a way to not show the number of the total people who’ve touched the multiplayer? Just guessing

    • Ed

      Not even 3. They are quick like that.
      And i doubt they are going to come out and say that, you know, we screwed some stuff up, and activision was more on them to get people to buy supply drops, anyways.

      • Speculation at the end of the day. Whether it was pushing supply drops or Infinity Ward and them being incompetent (which i lean more to), we don’t know why it wasn’t there and why it took so long which is the problem.

        So to prevent any backlash really or for the sake of being transparent because people do spend money on this game (i feel like i got less content in Infinite Warfare compare to how stacked Black Ops 3 was last year) we should know basic features are going to be delayed or not.

  • “On PC, players need at least 150 kills in each mode before their stats will show up on the individual game mode leaderboards.” Ok

    • RdJokr

      I really don’t know why this is even a thing.

    • Kurisu

      We still don’t have leaderboards on pc xD

  • MultiplayerCop

    Joe Cecot claimed these leaderboards were going to be “Perfect”. His own words. These leaderboards are far from perfect. They are a generic leaderboard built into every cod. The only thing is that u have no idea of the player count.

    • Wilmatford

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    • The Gaming Revolution

      This is funny. I get you don’t like the leader boards, but every single comment section on charlie intels website has said “Where are leaderboards?” since the release. The literal day they come out, everyone sort of switches to hating on the leaderboards. I swear it’s like everyone is just a complaining robot, the second the company meets their complaint they just move on to another thing to complain about. People need to realize that this is a shit game, not because of some petty detail such as leaderboards, but because of the fact that it is straight up not fun to play. People want to keep COD alive because they’ve been having fun with the previous games, but in reality everyone turns to small features like leaderboards. People should just realize that this game is bad and pray that later this year there is a better COD because the fix to infinite warfare is nothing that can be downloaded in a patch, but rather the root of the game from the beginning.

      • MultiplayerCop

        I’m complaining about how they are a generic leaderboard That has shipped with every other game. The devs claimed these would be better than every other leaderboard. I don’t see any difference in these. All I see is a incomplete game at time of release and they are withholding player count.

        • If anything these leaderboards are more simple. Less extensive. Basic design. Offer nothing new vs. Every other leaderboard we’ve seen before.

          Can someone please explain to me why they took almost a third of the games life cycle to be released!?

      • joey

        i’ve been extremely critical of the game in large part because of how absolutely frustratingly poor the quality of my experience has been (“netcode” issues). i played for a while yesterday. to be honest, things seemed much improved. i was able to enjoy myself, zapping folks with that epic erad proton pack.

        however, when it comes to the anger – seething or smoldering – this game seems to draw no matter what, i’ll say this: that’s what they get for gouging their loyal customers – for locking stuff behind a pay wall to the extreme detriment of both the players and the game.

        take. your. medicine, COD. every nasty sip is well deserved.

  • Pyromaani

    I see what they did there. If i understood right only top 10,000 shows on leaderboards. Way to go around not showing total players who have played.

    • MurkN101

      It probably only shows the top 10,000 because that’s all there is to show.

      • idoPRO


      • PDX Guitar Freak

        I’m actually someone that enjoys this game (despite it’s imperfections), but I agree completely. The lack of transparency is fucked up, albeit laughable.

      • Pyromaani

        Was thinking that too but. What pisses me off most is the fact that they really do everything to hide the player count. I mean come on. If they are low then they are. But since they try hide it so much makes them look so pathetic.

        • Pamelawaustin

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    • Pyromaani

      Also as side note. I have played quite much MWR in my today’s standards. My career rank is 45k. I dont mind leaderboards that much but it’s time to times fun to see where u are going. Way the IW does it it feels like. Am i close to 10k? Am i? I could be somewhere around 11k or 100k players and i wouldnt have any fakin clue where im positioned at that moment. Corporate bullsh*t at it finest. 1st happened Ghost which was not liked that much. Activision removes player count cause they didnt have so many players anymore like back in the day. Now happened IW and it was liked even less. SO LETS REMOVE LEADERBOARDS BABEEEE!

    • This post gave me a damn good laugh

  • MurkN101

    Why can you only see the top 15 people on your friends list on the leaderboards? Infinity Ward is so incompetent.

  • Stefan Lang

    Lol they’re really afraid to show off how many people have logged in to play this game smh. I dont even know how those idiots came to work everyday working on that shitty game going home every night feeling like they’ve done something special.

    • BradyAlucard

      I think it’s completely Activision’s fault. If IW wanted to show player count they probably would. The issue with Activision’s PR logic is that all 3 CoD’s have sold less since BO2/Ghosts. Black Ops 3 did very well at launch yet Activision still hid the numbers. It makes no sense.

  • You Guys Suck

    “We want leaderboards!” – you guys

    “They’re coming” – IW

    “Where are the leaderboards?!? – you guys

    “Here they are.” – IW

    “What the hell is this? These are just leaderboards!” – you guys

    • Elite Predator

      Dude people like you are absolutely a trend it’s such a joke!. The fact that you think these are a qualified, standard leaderboards. They are half-assed after have been asked and ignored by the community over and over again. So please, don’t show this like we are ungrateful. I stopped playing this game and for the first time in years. Supply drops all over. This game is not finished not because leaderboards, it’s because we spent $60 to play a game with microtransactions with its weapon variants locked behind a random loot pay wall. The grinding is incredibly slow! So please don’t act like it’s not a scam. A 5 year old with a brain can see right through this

      • GinsuVictim

        They are just as shitty as the leaderboards in the other games. Seeing the top names shows just how useless they are.

        • Elite Predator

          I think the other leaderboards are just fine. They’re straightforward with your “total” ranking in the world. Like, they’re so pathetic to go out this far to hide numbers. They so deserve to get criticized for it it’s so funny.

          • GinsuVictim

            What a ridiculous thing to get so worked up over…

    • Khaled Hassan

      Cod cocksucker? Hello there tastes good?

    • Duke of hazard

      You should change your name to “I Suck Activision Cock”

  • Top 10,000 only? Everything ranked by SPM?

    I’m 5000th on HCKC and because I’ve put so much time on that game mode it’s almost impossible to move up the ranks.

    Thousands of kills on it with about a 1.5 KD, but some fucktard with less than 200 kills is ranked top of the world?

    Uhh. What’s the point.

    • MVParalyse

      Playing a certain game mode a lot doesn’t prove any skill , where as maintaining a high spm does .

      • Former

        They should weigh in both play time AND spm. That way, someone who played a few great games of SnD won’t be in the top 20 when he doesn’t even play the gamemode anymore.

      • ccrows

        IMO, SPM if a flawed variable.

        I mostly play Dom, but I’m sure there are SnD guys that deserve to be higher than me…

    • Kill Confirmed for instance.

      I’m sure they could work something out like tags collected vs. Games played – someone with a high SPM in KC may not necessarily collect tags and therefore shouldn’t be at the top of the leaderboard.

      • I’m 5500 in HCKC.

        On average, I have collected 0.91 tags for every kill.

        The guy at position one has collected 0.88 tags for every one of his kill.

        But based on something else other than thay respective game modes objective – he is better than me

  • ToonToons22

    They should have given this to us months ago. And they’re nowhere near “perfect” as that Infinity Ward guy said they’d be. Not trying to hate on them or anything, but come on. They need to do better than that.

  • imBATMAN

    We waited this long for this?

  • Mymedicalis420

    One of the biggest problems is if u go to hardcore kc right now and look at the top 10 players one guy only has like 270 kills and he’s up there cause his spm is in the high 800s. It’s a really shitty way to rank a leader board since it doesn’t accurately rank guys that have put in time vs the leader board try hards who play genesis over and over to get their 150 kills real quick then stop playing.


      leaderboards should always be ranked by total score in the gamemode. spm is completely meaningless

      • GinsuVictim

        Total score doesn’t mean the best, it’s just who plays more and who play way more. There’s really no good way to rank everyone.

        • DEMOLITION12

          spm means someone made a new account and played 1 game. what kind of leaderboard is that. total score makes more sense than spm

          • GinsuVictim

            I agree that SPM is a terrible way to judge as well. I never said otherwise.

  • Mario Rivera

    Now we can all sleep better knowing that IW has leaderboards…


    so it’s literally normal leaderboards but worse? what was the wait for lmfao

  • Eddie Tupy

    uncap fps and add server browser and mod tools.

  • The9tailedgamer

    There, now stop complaing and take what you all get

  • FirewatchHughes

    Lmao Im in the top 10,000 so idgaf

  • Aaron Bush

    the KD is weird. i have a a kd of over 1.30 on every rig but my overall is only 1.20. adding my KD’d up and deviding to 6 doesnt make 1.20 it should make 1.31