A new patch update (version 1.08) for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch is around a 2GB update. Size may wary by platform.


Mission Team Ranks:

  • Each Mission Team now goes up to Rank 100! Once you hit that level 50 rank, you’ll go on to chase after a Commander rank until you reach Mission Team Commander Rank 100!
  • New ranks better rewards, so Commander Ranks will reward you MKII versions of Mission Team-only Prototype weapons once achieved. You can also craft more! Commander Ranks reward salvage every level you rank up as long as that level isn’t giving you a MKII Prototype reward.

Features Update:

  • Leaderboards – Before 1/31
  • Combat Record – Late February
  • Emblem Editor – Late February

Featured Content and What’s New:

General Fixes:

  • Added ability for both splitscreen players to change their own Missions in the lobby before a match starts
  • Safeguard against jitter mod exploits
  • Defender: Fix for exploit that could occur if a player using Rewind spawns on a newly spawned Defender drone, allowing the player to carry their gun as they carry the drone
  • Adjusted Taunt menu to wrap to the bottom of the list
  • During the final killcam, the team emblem shown was the emblem of the user who died rather than the player who got the kill. This has been fixed.
  • Hardcore Search and Destroy: Fix for “Friendly Fire is not Tolerated” displaying after every round for the remainder of the game
  • Added ability to equip Calling Card and emblem after acquiring them from a Supply Drop
  • Camo challenges involving Direct Impact kills with the Howitzer were not tracking. This has been fixed.
  • Various updates to weapon camos
  • Fix for players SPM not being calculated correctly in some instances
  • Camo adjustment for the MK2 R3k not covering the right side of the weapon
  • Allow players to skip Mission Team videos even if it’s their first time seeing them
  • Fix for the KBS Harbinger reload animation playing twice while holding down both triggers
  • Fixed an issue where the Jammer Grenade was not damaging scorestreaks correctly
  • Fixed an error a player would receive when attempting to edit a class with the OSA
  • Fix for an issue where players with akimbo weapons were immune to the Steel Dragon


  • Fix for team colors not appearing the proper shade
  • Added CWL specific game mode icons
  • Fix for Cold Blooded not affecting Thermal Scope for Casters (Xbox)
  • Adjusted the position of the gamemode icon so the Uplink image does not stretch
  • Removing the required number of players for CWL matches
  • Allow for multiple casters in the same lobby

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • ghosts sucks

    Getting closer

  • I wish they just did mission teams where you can continue to earn salvage or keys or both after the mission team is maxed out. Like doing one of the three missions would give you salvage if you completed them in game

    • raymond clarence lowman

      You can know go to 100 on each mission terms to get commander a day get mark 11 weapon

      • I know. I’m talking about once mission teams are maxed out. There still should be a way to get salvage even after the end

        • djml9

          Theyll probably add more levels/mission teams later on

          • That’s not a solution or what I’m talking about. Mission teams and more levels just equal an end. Meaning you can’t earn more salvage once you max it all out. I’m specifically talking the little missions you do in game to help level up your mission team. Because once your team is maxed out, those challenges are pretty useless. So if you max out your mission team, those missions you select in lobby, should reward you a little bit of salvage if you complete them or whatever.

            That’s what I’m talking about.

          • Cheezburgerhaid

            That would be a great idea. Each tier should give a slightly higher amount.
            An example I just thought of would be: complete the mission and get 5 salvage, complete bronze and get 10, complete silver and get 15, and complete gold and get 20.

          • Elite Predator

            Complete the mission- 10 salvage
            Bronze- 25
            Silver- 50 salvage
            Gold- 100 salvage.
            Of course Activision wouldn’t let this happen till they have two players in their lobbies left. Because they’re slithering snakes. They said we’d earn salvage as we play. Just like they said, MWR will be cosmetics only, to consist balance. Yet now, the mac 10 is the best SMG, the pkm, is the best LMG and that’s a fact. The new sniper is even nice. It’s good to have all these weapons new and keep the game fresh flow, but it’s always good to acknowledge that there’s a problem and hopefully, they’ll change the system around for Call Of Duty WW II with no variants, and weapons unlockable outside supply drops, and no pink camos. I don’t wanna see that in my WW II shooter baby

        • ccrows

          They basically need BO3’s daily and weekly contracts for BOTH keys and salvage…

  • Make salvage like CODPoints (black ops) and an ingame shop. Keep the actual codpoints so acti keeps getting money but

  • riszqhd

    Now fix the mwr spawns, collats and spawns!!??

    • Kian

      They’re going to be in the new update imbecile

      • ccrows


      • riszqhd

        I see the comments you make on this forum and i think you are the only imbecile here.

  • Shadowstrike

    Shame it took them so long would’ve liked be ranked 1st in Hc dom again but I’ve lost interest waiting. Still like watching pros play and praying we get BO2 remaster

    • Kian

      If you think BO2 remaster will ever happen you’re a fucking idiot.

      • MVParalyse

        Why wouldn’t it happen ‘idiot’

      • Shadowstrike

        Never said they would all I can do is hope they decide to one day.

      • ccrows

        Why is it so hard for you to be nice to people?

        Does your older sister beat you up?

        Seriously though, what happened in your life that makes you want to attck others over the internet?…

        • Kian

          kill yourself fgt i fked your mum and she bit my dik thats why

    • oAstig

      If you watch this video, Glitching Queen got confirmation that BO2 will be backwards compatibility in mid February.

      • ccrows

        Never heard of this person before.

        Serious question, is this some “clickbait Youtuber”?…

        • oAstig

          Considering she was livestreaming this whole conversation pretty sure this is real and not clickbait.

          • ccrows

            TBH I didn’t bother watching it, but I appreciate ya looking out… 🙂

        • This has happened various times in the past with support agents apparently confirming the release dates and people have tried doing this live in the past before and release dates were given, do not take support agents words for release dates when they haven’t been officially announced already. Check this tweet also https://twitter.com/GhisPerrier/status/825064337609994240

          • ccrows

            Yeah I thought I already posted a “I’ll believe it when I see it” (during a MWR intermission break), but apparently I didn’t… *shrugs*

        • Batman

          No, she is a major zombies YT

      • Literally who

      • Shadowstrike

        Looked into it after the video seems they are teasing BO2. Thanks for this info will be fun to play again.

        • ccrows

          I’m sure Major Nelson is just “thrilled” with her ATM… lol

          • Everyone is pestering him still about BO being released on backwards compat but he’s already stated how much he wants it himself, it’s down to the fucking publisher and it’s been stated so many times but everyone still pesters him, I kinda feel sorry for him lmao

        • Batman

          She blocked me as well when I said there is no way to know that

          BTW her conversation was legit tho, starts at 30 min

      • Batman

        Starts at 30min

  • djml9

    Gotta get in on summa dat zombies 2xp

  • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

    cool update, though that kinda sucks that they would add mission team levels as i was trying to get them all to 40, now 100? god damn thats gonna be a work.

  • ccrows

    TBF, all of this is a step in the right direction, and (IMO) Infinity Ward deserves credit for at least “trying”.

    However, if they bring in that rumored extra Scorestreak BS, then all of this just went into the garbage…

  • Mario Porfírio Souza

    Its a shame that infinity ward delivered a incomplete game, combat record, leaderboards and emblem editor should be availabe when the game launched.

    • Wilmatford

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  • Finn Air

    I still dont get why Black Ops had an Emblem Editor and Combat Record from the start and CoD in 2016 cant do it. And in my opinion the Combat Record was also perfect in that game.
    Good times back then

    • Brian Mysko

      because the game came out in 2016 where everyone needed participation medals and they were special little snowflakes

      • fiendish

        I hate to break this to you but the whole CoD metagame IS participation trophies. You unlock “content” by playing. You don’t have to win, and you don’t even have to do well. Ever since CoD 4 you got rewards by playing at all.

  • Adam Nitkin

    REALLY!!!! They finally fixed the glitch with the Howitzer right after I finally got diamond launchers.
    I mean it’s a good thing that they fixed it, but I just finished doing the Howitzer and now I feel cheated.

    EDIT: When are they going to fix the issue with Dead Silence while running Tracker?

  • Sgc_silverhaze

    God mode glitch in zombies with the rewind grenade and the the trap in journey in to space not fixed?

  • Dan Guinn

    Can anyone else play as Hasselhoff on zombies? I input the code and his pic pops up but when i start the game, im one of the main 4 characters

    • Pamelawaustin

      Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !so4c:
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    • Nick Erika Gianni

      Im having the same issue did you find out if theres a fix?

  • When did IW start showing XP till next level on the option screen during game?

  • Now that they’re adding leaderboards, combat records, and emblem editor people will still find something else to complain about like they always do

  • Dre

    only suckers play this shit game. Lol

    • jt3z

      No people who like the game play it.

  • beamer

    Once you reach level 50 in all teams, the first level 51 is 20,000 pts

  • xFIVExOx

    I have not been able to play I.W. ALL WEEKEND on xbox one, mwr plays just fine but call of duty infinite warfare will not load as of 1/30/17 Monday