A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is live on PS4 and Xbox One. Version is 1.20.




  • Added new CWL logo for 2017.
  • Additional PS4 Pro performance improvements for dynamic 4K.

In-Game Store:

  • Added effects to the scroll bar to inform users if they have Black Market items “below the fold.”



  • Fixed an issue where the DG-4 would not function properly after using a portal.

Shadows of Evil:

  • Fixed an issue that occurred if a player used the Anywhere But Here BGB while on the train.

SOURCE: Activision Support

  • So no new content? 🙁

    • Batman

      Tomorrow 😉

    • Kian

      Tomorrow, like usual

    • The one guy

      they added 2 new guns

    • Pikachu Vengador


  • Marik

    Still no nerf for the scuf suppressor to be heard by awareness. Shit ops 3, Afterburner Warfare.

  • imBATMAN

    so…CoD is dying

    • Pretty much

    • Aidan

      CoD has been dying. I’ve gone back to playing Overwatch.

    • adam pheonix

      slowly but surely as the march of toddlers grows ever so strong

      • imBATMAN


    • jordanxbrookes

      CoD has been dying since MW3/BO2.

      • Element115Will

        Those 2 games were the last great CoD honestly.

      • imBATMAN

        BO2 was the last good CoD though

  • Element115Will
  • TMZ Censored Me

    Just curious, but who actually plays BO3 more than Infinite Warfare? I haven’t touched IW since a couple weeks after launch but still play BO3 several times a week. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of IW because I bought the Legacy edition and I feel like I’d be throwing $50 out the window because of the season pass.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I don’t play either. Apart from MWR and the occasional matches on Ghosts and Black Ops, I don’t tend to play CoD much these days.

  • Boldcyclonus

    They already found m16 and ppsh in the files.

  • Anthony Frize

    I have 22.39 gb space left on my PS4 and I can’t update it what is wrong can someone tell me please for black ops 3

    • SupaFly is 187

      You more than likely have other games/content in Q.. When you start to download something the PS4 reserves the space for however large the item is therfore if you have several not completely downloaded items, your storage space will show you have ample space, ie: 22Gb.. but the PS4 has already filled most of the space with these incomplete “reserved” items.

  • epicpoke

    Ahem, if someone may edit the page to fix the second Revelations (I assume it is meant to be Shadows of Evil), that would be great. Also, what does BGB stand for?

    • adam pheonix

      they probably meant bubble gum or bg but typed too fast

    • cunt

      It should be GG (GobbleGum) or maybe GBG GoBbleGum

  • Pikachu Vengador

    Nerf the Motherfuckign Brecci for god’s sake.

  • Boldcyclonus
    • Mmmm doing what SHGames did by adding in old school weapons. Maybe Treyarch is doing the Vietnam game and SHGames might be doing WW2..

      • Boldcyclonus

        I like this better. Keeping it old school

        • BradyAlucard

          Old school? Treyarch did World War 2 before Vietnam…

    • adam pheonix

      wtf, i thought they were done adding weapons when we didnt get anything new in january

    • cunt

      You didn’t even photoshop it right, since it’s not unlocked it would be a black outline of a ppsh lol

      • RdJokr

        Since the last update, all Black Market items are shown like this. No more black outlines.

    • Batman

      I only care if its added to all zombies maps

  • Brad Faulk

    No fix on Raps on multiplayer?

  • Brendan

    I hope they fixed the black market nerf. I’ve spent well over 100,000 cryptokeys on rare drops and not once have I gotten a 30 cryptokey bonus. Not once. I only get rare items that I don’t have. I’ve gotten the hg40 3 times too. I assumed it is so we spend money on points or something. There is no way my inheritance is being spent on that. My mom would have killed me if even a penny of the 1.6 million was spent on it lol. Hope things improved! Thanks for the info. Appresh.

  • Lotus2313

    Almost a 2gb update for basically nothing… -.- they’ll fix dg4 and gobblegum crap but still haven’t fixed the dogs glitching out on The Giant since day one. Kinda feel the size of the update doesn’t support what was done but sure

  • Jasper

    Mine will not update does anyone know why? If so please tell me

  • That Zombie Guy

    Looks like they’ll never update Gorod Krovi to not freeze or g-spawn error in the 60s. So much for hitting 100 on that map.