With the latest patch update (version 1.08) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Raven Software has added in brand new content to the Depot.

The new content includes new ranged weapons, new weapon kits, new customization items, and more.

A full break down of the new content:

Ranged Weapon Collections:

  • KAMCHATKA-12 – This is a fully-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun of Russian origin, and features an 8-round detachable box magazine.
  • XM-LAR – This fully automatic assault rifle comes from the European theater, and utilizes 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges in a 30-round detachable box.
  • .44 MAGNUM – This is the classic .44 Magnum six-round revolver, featuring a stylized military grip and signature long barrel.

Weapon Kits:

  • HUNTSMAN – This Sniper Class Weapon Kit gives your sniper rifles the field-ready look of a working class weapon. For example, your sniper rifle can look camouflaged like a ghillie suit or covered in duct tape.
  • LAWMAN -Bring a bit of the Old West to Modern Warfare with this Shotgun Class Weapon Kit. You’ll feel like a gunslinger when your shotguns have the look and feel of high-class weapons from Western Americana, complete with filigreed details and wood stocks.
  • BATTLE-SCARRED -If you like to get up close and personal, then the SMG is probably one of your workhorse weapons. The Battle-Scarred Weapon Kit will make your weapons look like they have been through many a firefight, scars and all.
  • CZAR – The Czar Weapon Kit provides the look of pure gold to your LMGs, putting the bling in your loadout and onto the field of battle. These golden guns are over the top, flashy, and deadly as ever.

Melee Weapon Kits:

  • GLADIATOR – Stride into battle with the might of a gladiator when you equip this contemporary recreation of the historical Gladius sword, used as the weapon of choice by Roman foot soldiers.
  • HATCHETMAN – Strap on some deadly curves when you add the Military Axe to your loadout. This updated take on the classic hatchet looks fearsome in the field and is ready to do your dirty work.

Customization Items:

  • WEAPON CAMO SETS – Four new weapon camo sets each bring new camos to the field, with 39 new weapon camos total.
  • CALLING CARD SETS – Customize your calling card with 31 new options for you to wear with pride.
  • EMBLEM SETS -With 39 new emblems to pair with your calling card, variety is now your middle name.
  • RETICLE SETS – Set your sights with new looks with 39 different new reticles to choose from.

On Activision’s blog, Raven Software said the following about today’s new Depot update for Modern Warfare Remastered:

Today, we’re excited to support Modern Warfare Remastered with more content, and introduce even more customization items into Modern Warfare Remastered. Personalization continues to be enjoyed by the community, and we’ve all seen how much players enjoy building the gameplay experience that they want, which is something that wasn’t really possible during the original release. So we are stoked to deliver to fans plenty of options to customize, personalize and continue the fun with these new items.

We also looked very closely at gameplay balance as well. Like everyone, we absolutely love the weapons currently in the game, but wanted to add even more variety into the arsenal. Today we are adding three modern era guns: the Kamchatka-12 (automatic shotgun), XM-LAR (assault rifle) and .44 Magnum (pistol). Like every other weapon, they each have strengths and weaknesses to ensure proper game balance, and through extensive testing we know players will have a blast.

As a studio, balance remains our #1 priority. And just like many of the new items we’ve brought in, you can obtain them by completing a collection of items you acquire with your Parts, or through Supply Drops.

SOURCE: Activision (image via @Burko__)

  • Kyle Emery

    First! Cool

  • Doesn’t sound too bad, could’ve left out those Melee kits tho

  • Batman


    -CoD cocksuckers

    • Who said cosmetic only? Source of the developers saying so?

      • Source Reserve

        He literally just said the CoD cocksuckers said it.

        • Qaotik

          I think he was referring to what they told him

          • so they lied or mislead us into believing they were not going to add any supply drop weapons. Also, they stated on multiple occasions they wanted to stay true to the game which is now no longer the case.

        • This isn’t a developer source, nor it is proper evidence. Word of mouth from actual developers via an official statement, audio recording, or video is what is needed here. It doesn’t matter how many Youtubers claim the developers said such words, they still need to cough up completely solid evidence as described earlier.

          • Clint Eastwood

            “CoD Cocksucker” refers to Youtubers who are always positive about CoD even when they know it’s going in a bad direction. By the way, neither Activision nor Raven came out saying that there were plans to put weapons in supply drops. It’s pretty crappy to have these CoD news Youtubers telling people something won’t be in a game, but do nothing to correct them.

        • >unironically listening to fagt0r


          • why shouldn’t i take him serious?

          • paid shill that neither plays the game nor actually knows what he is talking about.

            you want someone that you should take seriously? try XClusiveAce, or even Tabor Hill. you want someone that PLAYS THE GAME, not shit that is controlled for like competitive but the core game, that can give you proper advice that has true applicability.

          • all he said was that they told him they weren’t going to do it, i don’t know why that would make him untrustworhty

  • HenryDF

    “these are earned as bounties, by assembling the required items in each collection by either crafting them with Parts or by receiving the items in Supply Drops.”

    Just let me buy the weapons straight up. I’m so, so fucking tired of Supply Drops now. I get they make ATVI good money, I get that they’re not going anywhere, but if I can buy 10 Supply Drops and only get three weapons out of the thirty items I get from those supply drops, the system is broken.

    • Qaotik

      At least they gave you a direct way of earning this time as you quoted

  • Pirates
  • Qaotik

    I remember awhile ago, I said to sxegreatness that the possibility of weapons being introduced into MWR was unlikely. Now that it happened, I’ll have to eat my own words now

  • Brian

    Remember when people said it would be cosmetic only?

    • JeronimoPW

      That’s what I said months ago, “people still believe in Activision”. They no longer hear the COD community. This is why this franchise is being increasingly hated, even by their own community.

      • Brian

        The proof was right in front of you all along. It was obviously not going to be cosmetic only.

        • Donnacgarner

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        • Bettylmiller

          Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours & have longer with friends and family! !sc265c:
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      • Mr.Blobby

        Increasingly hated, 4 and a half million accounts on leaderboards….hmmmmmmmmmmmm. And that’s just on PS4.

    • Remember when developers said it would be cosmetic only? Nope. They never said it nor confirmed anything.

      • took n l

        ^ inane comment, as always

        • Qaotik

          ^another person who doesn’t bother finding the supposed tweet, as always

          • took n l

            nobody was talking about the developers. that guy just always barges in thinking he has a point.

          • Qaotik

            At least back up the point instead of calling it something

          • took an l

            can you rewrite that sentence so it has the structure of a sentence we can understand?

          • Qaotik

            I was just saying that instead of saying that comment is insane, give a reason why.

    • Mario Rivera

      Too bad that cosmetic only doesn’t sell.

      • Duke of hazard

        CSGO says hi

        • CSGo literally sells to other little kids who are stupid enough to pay for a fucken set of pixels. if you couldn’t buy OTHER PEOPLES CAMOS, then CSGO’s boxes would never sell.

        • RdJokr

          A game that uses Valve’s own market system so that you can buy/sell knife reskins for ridiculous prices… Can’t really compare that to COD.

    • Randy Marsh

      Oh i member..

      Oh do you remember Chewbacca? I love Chewbacca

  • zack

    I got 450 depot credits saved up for this.

  • Jeff

    Not nearly as bad as what everyone is making this. If 3 weapons ruin the game for you then you have other issues. I love the original COD4, adding a few weapons won’t end the world. HOWEVER, 9 months into the future and there’s now more than a handful of new weapons, I’ll be upset.

    • Carpe D

      If three weapons ruin the game for you? I’m pretty sure every person who has played CoD since the original Modern Warfare could name three guns that if removed would have made each game that much better. Imagine Modern Warfare 3 without the mp7, pp90m1 and the striker. Imagine Black Ops 1 without the famas, ak74u and aug/galil. Imagine Black Ops 2 without the pdw, msmc, etc. A lot of these games you could remove a single gun or two and it would balance things a lot more. So to say three guns cannot ruin a game is a bit silly. Especially when you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for them.

      • Qaotik

        The problem is that those games had more fundamental flaws that ruined the experience, not just a handful of guns. Black ops 1 had ghost, MW3 was just a mess, black ops 2 was lag infested, and don’t even get me started with Ghosts. At least weapons can be tweaked like almost every other title. It’s also hard to say that when MW still has the most unbalanced set of weapons in the series like the M16. And if it does turn out bothersome, there’s still the original game that people can put in and play. Just find some friends and have at it.

      • joey

        games might be more “balanced” by removing OP weapons, but wouldn’t it be better if they merely adjusted (balanced) the weapons themselves?

        i like variety. more guns available to choose from, the better. it is reasonable to expect them not to grant any advantages over other weapons that aren’t at least balanced by deficiencies.

        • Clint Eastwood

          Your reasoning is kind of flawed. The more guns there are in a game, the harder it is to make guns balanced while also distinct. Very few games are perfectly balanced. The only two I can think of are Starcraft: Brood War and CS 1.6, and those had years of tweaking.

  • Lol

    Remember when everyone use to call out for weapon dlc well bet this isn’t what you expected when you got it I wanted weapon dlc as much as the next person but not this way but at least mwr gives you a chance to unlock them instead of buying them which I guess isn’t to bad also at least they ain’t silly futuristic made up toy guns they’re era specific expect that gladiator thing just really don’t understand why the shot gun (Kam 12) and the rifle (xm lar) do not have their real names I.e the FAL at least bo3 gave they’re new guns the correct name sorry I prefer the realism lol

    • Methane Sensei

      Ever heard of punctuation?

      • Yeah buddy

        Every heard of a girlfriend? No? Maybe you need to find one instead of sitting on the internet all day pointing out people’s spelling mistakes

  • Oh wow look at all this content which I most likely will never get because I spend my credits, and the rate at which you get these credits are slow as crap.

  • ToonToons22

    The only thing worse than weapons in supply drops are the idiots who defend them. There are people who spend thousands on this garbage just to get digital items that are absolutely worthless! This really needs to be illegal.

    I’m going to avoid BO3 multiplayer altogether. If the PPSH can cut down trains of zombies on round 15 without PaP, I can only imagine what it can do in multiplayer.

    • Qaotik

      I’m sorry, but how is saying that people who don’t buy content for a game with a year long life cycle now get a chance to get the content a nad argument?

    • XBOne Vanilla Tears

      Yes, but gaming has actually been dead for a while. The last good cods were ghosts and titanfall. these garbage story timelines and mechanics are not cod to me. now you guys have to deal with pay to win. suck it up or boycott. you aren’t doing anything if you keep giving activison your money. personally since the games are crap now i enjoy making the community miserable. bf1, titanfall 2, halo 5, all garbage games…i’m done playing around. now my mission is to nuke nerds in the modern way. pay to win baby!

      • I would rather have IW than Ghosts, honestly. Supply drops included. Ghosts was just so bad, man.

      • Clint Eastwood

        The CoD subgenre of FPS isn’t all of gaming. There are still plenty of good games around. The horror genre is making a comeback. The RPG and action adventure “cinematic” genres are practically going through a golden age with games like Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, FFXV, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4 and the Tomb Raider reboot series.

        Not to mention we have Doom 2016 and Overwatch.

        For Strategy you’ve got XCOM 2, CIV VI, and Total War: Warhammer.

  • Jake

    Remember how this game is called “Modern Warfare REMASTERED” not reimagined? It’s so terrible what Activision is doing.

    • Ryan

      But the game is better than the original people just refuse to enjoy it because of the past few games ruining the franchise I think they are doing MWR right and obviously it’s not pay to win because I melt people all day with a stock AK or M16

      • Blake

        totally agree with you

        • Shane renq

          Stop complaining. It’s not bad. Just get better. Get on there rn. And get better

      • Raptor

        Not true, MWR altered sounds, TTK & looks on certain guns. Its not the original nor is it better.

    • Qaotik

      Who said that it didn’t mean reimagined?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Well the fact it says “Remastered” on the box and not “Reimagined” should be a clear indicator.

        • Qaotik

          The box also tells you that they have the right to alter the game like online service. Yeah, that tiny text on the back. That’s what it is. So ye

          • Brian

            I don’t see that at all.

          • Qaotik

            Grab your box, turn it around, and read the small text that’s buried within all of the companies involved in the game. If that says nothing, then try reading the terms of service.

          • Jake

            Who cares. All we wanted was a copy and paste. These guns are pay. to. win. Anyone that doesn’t have money to waste on these supply drops is s.o.l. this wasn’t in the original game. Shouldn’t be here. That’s Activision for you

          • Qaotik

            It isn’t pay to win when every other gun in this game kills in 2 bullets. This isn’t advanced warfare here

          • Jake

            Look up videos. It’s extremely op. It’s sad your defending a company who doesn’t care about their fans and straight up lies when they say “ONLY COSMETIC” this is why the series is dying and your not helping

          • Qaotik

            Do me several favors:

            1. Go into the game files and find me the exact stats of those weapons and tell me they overpower the M16.
            2. Then explain to me why what I say somehow affects the quality of the game when I don’t buy content for a year long game, you know, the thing people like you suggest?
            3. Read in between the lines. It said cosmetic only, they never said anything about weapons in future updates. It could mean cosmetic as of the December update you silly goose

          • Shane renq

            It’s not dying. It’s stronger than ever. COdfather for lyfe boi

          • Shane renq

            Yeah get wealthier then. Focus on your interpersonal development in the work place and increase your own scare liquidable assets to use in the marketplace. An increase in your buying power will get you all the good guns. Run your wallet now your mouth. Ok? Ok

        • Shane renq

          It’s a relative world. These are relative times. Get over it

  • Kian

    Finally 🙂

    • XBOne Vanilla Tears

      ikr 🙂

  • Guest

    Can someone please tell me what the heck is a xm lar and a Kamchatka 12? Like what are they in real life or are they just making guns up now? Because these look nothing like the fal or saiga 12 like some people said I’m surprised the magnum even looks like it’s real life counter part

    • Abyss1992

      You do realize they make different models of these guns right?

      • Plz

        Yes but what models do these guns resemble they don’t look like any real guns. Any weapon freaks in this comment section feel free to tell me what guns these are and why the names are not correct

        • Baka Gaijin

          Look at an SDM AK-12s kid

          • Plz

            Sdm? What is that and I asked what these guns were in real life I know the xm lar is meant to be the fal with a different name for some unknown reason just don’t know what the Kam 12 is in real life

  • Actvi suck

    Activision are on the path of no return they really don’t care at all about the customers just taking money from them and there is not a single thing anyone can do except stop playing the damn game instead of tweeting about it getting no where

  • Ivan

    Whaaaaat aboouuut cheateeers?????

    • XBOne Vanilla Tears

      rule #1: if you want to cheat without any possibility of ban get on world at war or MW3. Both have various invisibility god mode cheats and you can stat pad your k/d without any penalty. most people seem to still take MW3 seriously so i recommend going there first since it’s been exploitable for about 5 years.

  • Bob Whackett

    “As a studio, balance remains our #1 priority.” Ever heard of a gun called the M16???!!!

  • ccrows

    @Jay B & Tu Padre

    This is what “AND MORE” means… <_<

    • Jay B

      Dammit! lmaoo

  • Michael Root

    Goodluck getting me back on that game

    • Blake

      shut the hell up. go play something else then

  • ccrows

    I can’t wait to see all the Youtubers reactions that were told by Raven, “Don’t worry, this is gonna be cosmetic only”.

    Seriously Raven and Activision couldn’t just stick to camos and weapon kits?…

    • jordanxbrookes

      Told ya what “and more” meant lol.

      • ccrows


  • ccrows

    At this point I’d rather see BO2 become BC, then a remaster… 🙁

    • XBOne Vanilla Tears

      i’d rather BO2 commit suicide and reincarnate to have decent netcode. cancerous game that was only playable on league play dedicated servers. even then…smh to treyarch fans

      • ccrows

        Just remember that BO2 is the #1 requested BC in the ENTIRE 360 library…

      • get out

        you should be banned

  • Ciaran

    Do you need the new weapons to get the exclusion camo after patch or do you just need the base weapons. I hope the patch didn’t affect that.

    • ccrows

      It’s always been base for other COD games, I’m sure it’s the same here…

      • XBOne Vanilla Tears

        If it were any different it would be a bug, which i’m sure would get fixed…in like 8 months.

  • Ranno

    Slowly turning into COD Online! Screw you Raven and screw you Activision. Learn what remaster is! Or bring COD Online to the rest of the world! Thank the Lord I pirated MWR and IW to play campaigns. At this point should I even care and hope?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Sledgehammer aren’t going to save CoD and you’re a fool if you think they will. As long as Activision are here, all this tomfoolery remains here too.

      • Slegdehammer was the best developer and changed Call of Duty for the better via AW. The only thing that wasn’t better were the scrubs who play it because all they did was complain about exo movements and reverse boosted like cowards.

        • Source Reserve

          Stopped reading after “Sledgehammer was the best developer.”

          • They proved how terrible the community really is. “The game is too fast” or “the game is too sweaty” is precisely what they complained about. There is a fix for that–two teaspoons of “git gud” medicine.

          • Funny you make fun of their complaints about being too fast yet you criticize the older games for “being too slow”

            There is a fix for that–two teaspoons of “git gud” medicine

          • So moving at a slower pace is somehow improving? I guess we should all just crouch walk so it’s easier to shoot each other? Nope.

          • Except the older games are actually tactical. Not a game full of mindless jumping.

            Again I’ll use your same shitty logic on you.

            There is a fix for that–two teaspoons of “git gud” medicine

          • So you’re telling me it’s better to adapt to slower moving targets? I assumed the point was to increase the tempo in order to adapt. I never heard of a game where it tries to decrease the difficulty over time just to make someone feel good about themselves. That requires little to no “git gud’ medicine.

          • Except these games with boost jumping do not increase difficulty. If anything, these games are easier. I’m sorry you have the attention span of a 5 year old and think if you don’t find in a kill in 30 seconds the game is deemed “boring” or “slow”

            These newer games require little to no “git gud” medicine.

          • Older games: You only have to look left and right and sometimes up and down (rarely). Most of the time, people just sit around.

            Newer games: You have to look left and right, expect fast sliders, high jumpers, wall runners, and even out-pace an opponent with the ADS speed the newer games have. More goes on in these scenarios and requires an extremely adaptive mind.

          • And looking more in different directions doesn’t increase difficulty, sorry. The only thing that has been increased is random shit. There is no requirements or an “extremely adaptive mind” the fact you think these newer games are more difficult or you think it takes more thinking to do makes me laugh. I can normally predict when a guy is going to boost jump, slide, etc.

            AW, BO3 and IW are all extremely easy compare to the boots on the ground games. Nothing changed for the better. Boost jumping, etc doesn’t work well for Call of Duty at all.

          • So if AW was easier compared to boots on the ground, explain why nearly everyone (GreenGoblinHD, Ali-A, etc.) started reverse boosting and using God Accounts? Why was it that in AW alone, the amount of DNA bomb streams soared to extreme levels during that time period? I assumed an easier game meant they didn’t have to cheat in order to kill noob opponents, but apparently I was wrong.

            If you ask me, earlier iterations of COD were much easier. Remember when you could sit in one spot and noobtube from across the map with inifnite ammo? Remember when you could lunge 15ft via commando, rely on Stopping Power as a crutch, call in a few streaks that guarantee 15+ kills or more? There was little skill in regards to those features because the game essentially played for you, especially in MW2.

          • >So if AW was easier compared to boots on the ground, explain why nearly everyone (GreenGoblinHD, Ali-A, NerosCinema, etc.) started reverse boosting and using God Accounts?

            Because skill based match making? This doesn’t prove AW is a skilled game. I never reserved boost and I even thought this game was easy with the SBMM. This is an irrelevant point.

            >Why was it that in AW alone, the amount of DNA bomb streams soared to extreme levels during that time period? I assumed an easier game meant they didn’t have to cheat in order to kill noob opponents, but apparently I was wrong.

            Cheating always happens you dumbass. According to that logic MW2 must be the most difficult game of our time.

            >If you ask me, earlier iterations of COD were much easier. Remember when you could sit in one spot and noobtube from across the map with inifnite ammo?

            And now I can teleport and jump, rewind, gravity spike, use a war machine. You act as these newer games have no BS. You literally get a free over powdered weapon without doing anything. This just shits all over what you said.

            >Remember when you could lunge 15ft via commando, rely on Stopping Power as a crutch, call in a few streaks that guarantee 15+ kills or more? There was little skill in regards to those features because the game essentially played for you, especially in MW2.

            Again, I read my last point before this.

          • Specifically in AW, it was a newer game that had more difficulty, whether it be SBMM and/or exo movement. When the going was tough, it caused an uproar. Then people decided to cheat a lot more often i.e. hosting DNA streams on Twitch with their god accounts. Have you also seen the number of complaints people had in AW when their “K/D ratios” weren’t as high as they used to be? That’s how pathetic people adapted to the new difficulty, so they attempted to make every effort to blame SBMM instead of themselves. And for what? To have it removed? By blaming SBMM for lag, despite the evidence contradicting it? And despite that, people were still stubborn to not believe the proof–all because they wanted noobs to slay in order to “have fun”.

            As for the abilties given i.e. teleport jumps and war machines, they are temporary abilities that are not often earned, along with being shutdown quickly if not properly used. It’s not as constant as something like Stopping Power and Juggernaut, yet not as annoying compared to commando and Dead Man’s Hand (deathstreak). Infinite Warfare’s Rig abilities are more acceptable compared to Black Ops III (IMO) and I would rather take rig payloads over people abusing One Man Army and Stopping Power any day.

          • >Specifically in AW, it was a newer game that had more difficulty, whether it be SBMM and/or exo movement. When the going was tough, it caused an uproar.

            Except the game was criticized for being difficult. The game is from my difficult. Adding the exo movement just made things easier. You’re ao delusional in thinking people not liking AW means it’s a difficult game. That’s far from reality.

            >Then people decided to cheat a lot more often i.e. hosting DNA streams on Twitch with their god accounts.

            Again, you’re so delusional. People cheating doesn’t equal a game being difficult. Again by your own stupid idiotic logic, MW2 was the most difficult game of our time. Tactical insert boosting in Free for all? Head shots? Nukes? 10 prestige lobbies? Your argument is shit.

            >That’s how pathetic people adapted to the new difficulty, so they attempted to make every effort to blame SBMM instead of themselves. And for what? To have it removed? By blaming SBMM for lag, despite the evidence contradicting it?

            I’m sure there are plenty of people that can prove you wrong in this area that SBMM wasn’t good. Again, there was no new difficulty as you part. Delusional I swear.

            >As for the abilties given i.e. teleport jumps and war machines, they are temporary abilities that are not often earned, along with being shutdown quickly if not properly used.

            This doesn’t changed the fact that they are free kills. You get them free and they are easy to use. Of course they can be shutdown but that does neglect the fact that they make the game easier.

            The rest of your points are just your preferences which is fine. But to say these games are harder and take more skill is the most delusional thing I have ever read.

          • doodoo

            SBMM would have caused an uproar in ANY COD Game. What a shit argument that guy is using.

          • Exactly.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Same lol.

        • Cabe Kase

          Agreed…. AW and IW would be better off not being called call of duty.

      • Ranno

        Well I can agree that COD will not be the same as long as Activision pushes microtransactions into every title. But why not have a little hope that Sledgehammer might bring a great game after the 3-4 years of mess. Think WW or Vietnam is the next era. I don’t hate Sledgehammer for making AW, unlike most people.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I lost hope long ago. Some may call me a pessimist, but I call myself a realist because at the end of the day, I just don’t see the newer Call of Duty games being fun and exciting to play again. Sledgehammer could make one of the best Call of Duty games this year, but Activision will soon crush the fun. I hated AW personally since it gave me quite a few aneurysms and a mental breakdown lol but I don’t hate Sledgehammer for bringing something new.

  • Aidan
  • Sayo

    I fear for the future of MW2R

  • Mick

    I haven’t touched MWR since December and I don’t think I’m ever going to touch it again. No longer a remaster if they are adding in new shit that wasn’t in the original game.

    • Hitman

      I jumped ship on COD some time back after the bait and switch tactic of Modern Warfare Reimagined. Its just a cash grab now and I haven not regretted it at all

      • Mick

        Same man. Sometimes I actually want to play MWR, but what pulls me back is all the supply drop loot and now adding in new weapons that weren’t in the original? That’s a big no no. You can’t do that to a remaster. Money is never enough in Activi$ions eyes so they just milk the shit out of all this RNG bullshit.

  • ElyJah JacKson

    lol i don’t understand the upset fans. I played COD 4 when it first came out and loved it. When MWR came out, it was essentially something i was playing almost 10 years ago with updated graphics and best believe if i spent near 100 dollars to just play a remaster, it better keep me entertained for a long time. MWR definitely did not do that after a whole day played in game time. It became stale, boring and i for one am glad they are updating the game with brand new weapons, skins, hopefully new maps! Gives me the motivation to play for hours on end and all these whiny babies, you know damn well this doesn’t affect the game itself.

    • GregJG

      Only non skilled players put out these long post. No one forced you to buy or play. There is a community for quick satisfaction hacks like yourself.

      • ElyJah JacKson

        Lol and only crybabies like yourself jump to asinine conclusions and insults such as the remarks above. You can continue your whinining keyboard warrior.

    • ccrows

      We paid for COD4 remastered. We even paid for IW just to get to COD4R.

      If they wanna put all this boat BS in IW, fine. However DON’T ADVERTISE MWR TO BE AN UPDATED GRAPHIC PORT OF THE ORIGINAL if you’re gonna change the gameplay. FFS be transparent with us about this up front before you sell the game!

      This my friend was bait and switch tactic, which you are defending…

      • ElyJah JacKson

        I am defending it for myself, what? I can’t have a different opinion on an issue? I feel as if i was lied to, sure, am i going to whine and cry about a damn video game which i thought was growing stale? Which i thought i could have just gone back to COD 4? No im not defending this decision, but i sure as hell am going to enjoy it instead of going on my keyboard and whine about the decisions of video game company, who, at the end of the day, their objective is to make money.

        • ccrows

          If the game was becoming boring and stale, then go play a different game.

          & yes you can have an opinion, but reading across the board on different sites what the community feels about this, you are in the minority big time on this…

          • ElyJah JacKson

            I definitely went to play several different games and since this update i feel as if its no longer boring and if the community feels so strongly about this, then why do they continue to play the game lol and support it? Everyone needs something to complain about, i guess a video game is one of them. Priveleged bastards we are to be able to get upset and complain, about a video game!

          • ccrows

            “if the community feels so strongly about this, then why do they continue to play the game lol and support it?”

            MWR actually did fall down on the list of XB1 active games being played after added the OG melee weapons. That right there showed proof of a dropoff of people not supporting this game anymore because of this bait and switch tactic.

            Seriously you need to do some homework and get a clue my friend before you keep digging that hole even deeper for yourself… <_<

          • ElyJah JacKson

            Lol show me the stats? It’s the 11th most played game on the store right now as opposed to when it was even behind Destiny at number 15 in December. Even with the sale for Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition for the sale new years sale. So go ahead and continue crying about a video game…lol.

          • ccrows

            Exactly, it fell in the store after the OG melee weapons…

          • ElyJah JacKson

            Lol so why is it back on the rise after the melee weapons? From 15 to 11, maybe because keyboard warriors figured out that whiny about a video game does nothing and theyll still end up playing it…

          • ccrows

            New people coming in from sales (and this game was on sale for a while), but it still drove away all the people that OG bought this game.

            BTW if this game ever gets the Heartbeat sensor, akimbos, and other COD Online BS, this game is done…

          • ElyJah JacKson

            And that i do agree with, seeing as BO3 is more played than IW AND MWR combined, supply drops will further kill COD out and make it obsolete or free to play but as of right now some of the people here who whine about do nothing, if you dont like, just dont support the game.


      if it didn’t keep you entertained then go play a different game you fucking untermensch

      • ElyJah JacKson

        Lol im pretty sure i did, Rainbow Six Siege, Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2. Now since this update is out, ill gladly return to play again.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Remember Modern Warfare “Remastered”? I member.

  • Ak74u

    No cod is ever going to be fun again as long as they add weapons in supply drops. Ive tried playing more to get dlc weapons in bo3 and iw and nope it just pisses me off because when I get a supply drop I expect what and I dont get it. I dont have time to grind for hours and days

    • joey

      i don’t mind weapons in supply drops. i just REALLY mind abusively-slow drop rates and exorbitant prices. $1.99 is WAY too much for a MINUTE chance of acquiring a virtual weapon from a game that comes out every year.

  • The KISS Army

    Fantastic! Even though I’ll never use any of the new guns (just not my style), I’m glad they’re adding new elements to the game as it was really beginning to get boring due to the lack of variety available. Was really hoping for some new attachments, but anything is better than the few choices available previously. ?

  • GregJG

    You pieces of trash. Leave the game alone and leave your trash for IW crap. We dont want your extras. This game was suppose to be pure to the original.

    • XBOne Vanilla Tears

      if this were 2007 they would release the map pack instead of supply drops. which would you rather have? i know which i prefer, but alas i have deep wallet so paying to destroy cod community is half the battle. the community and games are shit now. i haven’t liked cod since ghosts and titanfall which most people hated because they don’t know quality. now you eat your just deserts for complaining 🙂

      • Kamaru


      • ccrows

        I’m confused “You hate COD, AND you’re buying SDs”?

        ^ Or did I read that wrong?…

    • Mitch

      “This game was suppose to be pure to the original.”
      I hate to bring it to you, but if you seriously thought this wasn’t gonna happen you’re a fucking idiot.

      • Duke of hazard

        I mean it’s called Modern Warfare Remastered for a reason. When you remaster a game, it’s supposed to be just like the fucking original with updated graphics. How they fucked that up is beyond me.


    I get more and more depressed. RIP. This is the end. I really hope activision gets what they deserve

  • XBOne Vanilla Tears

    About time I can pay to win. Nothing better than using weapons most of the community won’t have for a while and maintaining my 3.5 k/d…versus all these nerds that played the original and can’t afford the supply drops. Thanks activision <3 🙂 xD 😛


    Thank God they addes these now i can watch you butthurt babies squirm as they “ruin” your already shit game. ?

    • Silent Sinister

      It is true that mwr was already shit. Bo3 is the only CoD thats enjoyable… (dlc weapons aside.) I don’t get why people are so suprised… You knew damn well activision wouldn’t hold off.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Gr8 b8 m8.

  • Phantaminium

    You know, to be fair at the time it was cosmetic only.

  • Okay. The people who defend this crap make me laugh. So I’m going to blow through this.

    >its cosmetic only!! Said by YouTubers and fanboys back in December.

    Lol well look at you now. This new update is the whole reason why people got upset to begin with. We all its going to start out innocent “hey look you can put a dick on your red dot sight!” then to “hey look new weapons!!”

    >This game needs updates and supply drops and cosmetic items! It’s a ten year old game!

    This argument is funny to me, actually. This all comes down to personal opinion and whats boring and fun to you. This isn’t some fact that this game needs supply drops in order for it to be “fun” and if youre looking for “fresh” or “new” with today’s stuff. Go play Infinite Warfare.

    Maybe to some people they need something more to go after in a Remastered, because it is the same game. But for me and other people? This game was fine before the first big update. It just needed the other six maps. This game was meant to be a throwback to the past. Without all the BS of today. And I was perfectly fine with playing the same exact game, just a Remastered version of it. I didn’t need supply drops to make it fun.

    The whole point I’m making with this part, is saying this game needs supply drops isn’t an objective thing. Or some fact.

    But at the end of the day, this supply drop system is here. So it doesn’t matter anymore, now my whole grip now with supply drops is guns. This article didn’t mention it, but can you craft these guns with the salvage in this game?

    Activision can have their way with this game now, it’s pretty much not a Remastered anymore. I just want to know if new weapons can only be obtained by RNG.

    • XBOne Vanilla Tears

      tl;dr 🙂

    • Mr.Blobby

      You can buy the 6 different items needed to unlock the guns with Parts(Salvage) so it’s not so bad, but I got on for the first time in ages today and could not believe how slow I was earning ‘Depot Credits’, literally 1 a game, max. of 2. I suppose the slow earn rate is there to make you go ‘[email protected] it I’ll just buy some’. During BO3 I waited for special bundle deals to get as much for my cash as possible, think that’s only happened once so far for MWR, at Xmas.

      • Well as long as guns can be crafted and RNG isn’t the only to go then that’s the right step in the right direction. But yeah the grind is horrible. You literally get 3 credits for playing a full game of Dom. It’s bad.

        • RdJokr

          It’s been that way since a patch in BO3 now. You don’t get keys/parts by your performance any more. Now it’s all about times played. And 10 minutes can only get you like 3 keys/parts or so, with a slight boost for winning the match.

          • Pretty stupid. For some reason it feels slower earning credits in MWR compared to BO3 and IW

    • I’m genuinely saddened by this because it’s likely a BO2 remastering will happen and would end up being just as fucked as this remaster.

      • Yeah this is why I’m fully against any remastered Call of Duty games in the future.


    joke of a game

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    As of today COD is officially dead to me. I held out as long as I could because I love the game at it’s core, but Activision have finally pushed me past my limit. It’s not good enough for them to sink their cancer into IW, they also have to do it to MWR and BO3 so that all 3 games being played right now are poisoned with this shit. I’m sure SHG’s next game will look great and it will be really tempting, but I just cannot do it anymore. Business ethics are completely gone and the bad part of capitalism has ruined COD and is creeping into other good games too.

    I have played COD since the original COD4, been a die hard fan for so long. It’s been a great ride, I’ve loved the community (well, most of it lol) and it’s given me a lot of great memories. But this is the end.

  • zack

    At least we are able to craft the things we want. I had 430 depot credits saved and opened all rare drops and got enough unlock tokens to craft the new assault rifle. So I got the one thing I wanted for free on the first day it came out.

  • Step Daddy

    Where’s all the dumbshit COD fanboys that said it would be “comsetic only” and actually believed it would stay that way.

    I’ve said it many times before and I’ll gladly say it again, but I told you so.

    • Mitch

      People who seriously thought this wasn’t gonna happen are sooo dumb lmao, it’s fucking funny tbh.

      • Step Daddy

        The worst part is that even some youtubers I follow tried to defend it *cough* *cough* “Im Jahova” and I actually unsubbed to his channel because of his ignorance.

        • Qaotik

          If you have the ability to complain about free content that you can actually get direct access to this time, you are delusional.

          • DEMOLITION12

            aids for free wow i’m so lucky

          • Qaotik

            Do you want a side of cancer with that?

  • CynderTheDragon

    All i see is people whining about Pay 2 Win, assuming these will be as good as the base guns, or better. Which they wont. Keep complaining, i’ll just continue dominating with my M4 Carbine and M1911.

  • Here come the “but the devs said cosmetic only” rants, despite not having any evidence.

    • ccrows

      Every Youtuber that went to Raven studios back in December was sat down and told this was gonna stay cosmetic only before they were shown the OG SD and remaining 6 maps.

      They even explained it in their videos in detail what went down to keep Raven in check…

      • Yeah, that’s not enough evidence. The word of the developers themselves is what I would like–not the word of some Youtubers who don’t have evidence either.

        Again, source these claims.

        • ccrows

          It was the word of the Devs to each one of these Youtubers. Why would they all sit down and make a video of what exactly went down. Every one of their stories matches up too BTW.

          If Raven didn’t say that, they would have denied it by now. Seriously, what’s wrong with you?…

          • What’s wrong with me? Nothing. I could have easily said I was a Youtuber who met the developers and made up a story on my channel. If I wanted to prove something true, I would have set up a camera or recorded audio. Otherwise, saying and proving are two different things.

          • ccrows

            If you were big enough to get invited to Raven, then Raven would have denied the lies of what you stated.

            Yet they haven’t denied any of they Youtubers claims. Sure they probably regret that they said “cosmetic only” but there’s multiple people claiming the same story of what what down, and Raven isn’t denying any of it…

    • Step Daddy

      Why are you trying to defend something that is going to ruin a game we enjoy playing?

      You know this is bullshit and a pathetic attempt to steal money from a fanbase that still plays a dying game

      • CynderTheDragon

        Please explain how its gonna ruin the game. None of these guns will perform better than whats already in the game. If people wanna spend money, fine. But i dont see these as a threat. Also, no one is forced to spend money. And no, im not defending it, im saying its not worth bitching.

        • Step Daddy

          If your idea of completing a game is unlocking every item and these statistically varying weapons are hidden behind an RNG supply drop system that require you to purchase COD points (or play the game for an unrealistic amount of time) then it is safe to assume you’re going to need to spend money. Also, the fact that it’s an RNG based lottery system is even more bullshit. Also, there is no proof these guns are balanced, that’s just word of mouth.

          • CynderTheDragon

            I actually am a completionist, but only for items i can actually earn from playing. Im in the process of doing 100% on Kingdom Hearts 0.2 and DDD HD, And Resident Evil 7. If i need to buy something to complete my game, its not worth completing. But again, still no need to buy shit. The RNG i agree is ridiculous, but, years later, it isnt worth it anymore. I used to bitch too, but every supply drop weapon really isnt worth it, because base guns will always be better. I understand completing shit, but NEEDING to spend money on a game to complete it, when they have an option to earn it, but itll take alot of time? I dont follow you there. People grind on games alot, CoD is no exception. You arent being forced. You dont NEED to. But people will do it anyways. I earned all my weapons and i dont play much anymore. This isnt forcing anyone to do anything. People will spend money if they cant wait. Thats how it is. No ones had an issue grinding leadorboard rank, or prestiges. This is no different.

        • ccrows

          We paid for COD4R.

          When you add in consent that especially isn’t cosmetic, then it’s not really “COD4″R anymore…

          • CynderTheDragon

            You mean content, not consent, right? Also, its remastered, so they still are within their rights. Adding new contents part of a remaster sometimes. You dont have to buy it. Or earn it. They wont be as good as the base weapons.

          • ccrows

            They advertised it as a “COD4 Preorder bonus” with updated graphics.

            Once you stray from cosmetics, you start messing with gameplay.

            & Once you start messing with gameplay, it’s definitely not COD4 anymore with updated graphics…

      • Steal money? We’re giving our money to them on our own free will. And how is adding new weapons to something boring going to ruin it? Yikes.

        • Step Daddy

          RNG based supply drops in a game with a life cycle of 1 year is nothing short of robbery.

          • That’s why I save my keys and don’t rely on digital content that has no real value in the world. If I wanted a new weapon, that’s why I have 3500+ keys in IW. Otherwise, I don’t treat supply drops like they’re rip-offs because I didn’t get that sweet decal I wanted.

            In other words, you knew the risks of supply drops. Therefore, you accepted the risks, but not the consequences. The same deal applies to casinos. It’s our fault to take the risk and you cannot blame anyone else for the bad luck.

        • Source Reserve

          “Remaster (also digital remastering and digitally remastered) refers to enhancing the quality of the sound or of the image, or both, of previously created recordings, either audiophonic, cinematic, or video graphic.” – Wikipedia




          1. make (something) again or differently.

          Tell me, is it Modern Warfare REMAKE, or Modern Warfare REMASTERED?

          • Enhancing quality can also apply to DLC content. It doesn’t matter because the devs have full control of what they want to add. And guess what? They’ll make profit.

          • Source Reserve

            No, it doesn’t. REMASTERING is enhancing the quality of the sound or of the image (aka GRAPHICS). If it is different than the original (i.e. adding new weapons that change the gameplay) then it is a REMAKE.

          • You don’t have to be limited when you remake or remaster something. The ability to add content is fluid between the two definitions, regardless of how you feel.

            The point I’m trying to make is that “what’s done is done”. It’s a decision the developers made and they’re sticking to it. It’s not game breaking, regardless of you saying so just to keep up with the bandwagon.

          • Source Reserve

            Actually you are limited by what you remake and remaster since those apply to specific changes. And it may not be game breaking, but it is game changing, which means it is a reMAKE, not a reMASTER. Please stop making idiotic comments supporting this corrupt business practice used to milk naive and gullible kids like you out of your parents’ hard earned money.

          • ccrows

            So you’re defending their “bait and switch” from where this game was at launch before it launched until now…

          • I’m defending their right to add content. It’s our responsibility to buy or not to buy–it’s that simple. The game isn’t ruined because you don’t have a sweet camo like everyone else.

          • Source Reserve

            You keep defending their right to ruin games, I’ll exercise my right to complain about them ruining games.

          • Who said the game was ruined? The billions of dollars in supply drop revenue says otherwise.

          • Source Reserve

            I don’t see billions of dollars of supply drop revenue picking up controllers and playing the actual game.

          • No one said they don’t have the right to add content. The way they advertise the game before it came out and then a month later completely changing the game is the problem. If they wanted to add supply drops and guns, they should have been up front about it before release not act shady about it.

          • ccrows

            You’re defending bait and switch tactics…

    • ccrows

      We could start dropping Youtube vids talking about what went down, but that obviously won’t be enough for you since we already proved you wrong, and you’re now backpeddling…

      • Proved me wrong with what? You didn’t source anything.

        • ccrows


          Here’s one of MANY VIDEOS that explained what went down.

          Start watching at the 1:00 mark, and don’t forget to take your foot out of your mouth before the video is over…

          • https://youtu.be/lLcobpN6KR0

            Also this video. It’s great

          • Regarding other Youtubers who said MWR would be cosmetic only, saying and proving are two different things. I could have easily said I attended a seminar with Raven developers and made up a story as well.

            No offense to Drift, but I can easily accuse him of lying. Why? Because he hasn’t the evidence to refute me i.e. an audio recording or video tape. That’s how logical reasoning works.

          • ccrows

            So each and every one of these Youtubers is a liar?

            Let’s just say they were lying, why hasn’t Raven denied anything of this that said about them?

            Just keep backpeddling, we already proved you wrong. You might as well go down with the ship now right?… 😉

          • You have no evidence offered, so there’s no proving me wrong.

          • ccrows

            You have no evidence that Raven denied what went down in that room. These Youtubers all made the same claim literally right after that meeting was over.

            Surely you can find one piece of evidence where Raven denies it…

          • Raven doesn’t need evidence to deny anything. The claims are coming from Youtubers and the community that Raven is lying, but since there is no proof, Raven doesn’t have to lift a finger in their defense. They can deny all claims and that’s that since there’s nothing to force them to defend themselves.

          • And you saying the YouTubers are lying doesn’t prove these videos wrong. If all these Call of Duty YouTubers came out with the exact same story and videos about what Raven said at the event, then they are more likely telling the truth.

            It’s quite obvious Raven used the YouTubers as the messager for this cosmetic only stuff so they aren’t on record saying it just to get cucks like you defending them.

            However, they are on record saying they are going to keep the game as close as possible to the original which is obviously a lie now.

          • This may be controversial, but just because 10 women claim someone raped someone, doesn’t mean it’s true. Evidence is still needed in order to prove something. In this case, just because 10 youtubers said MWR wouldn’t have new weapons, doesn’t mean it’s true until they prove it.

          • Again, I highly doubt they would all collectively lie about what they said. The Devs and the YouTubers knew there would be backlash.

            Like I said, it’s clever. Raven obviously got YouTubers to say it. Even then, if the YouTubers supposedly did lie, you would think Activision or Raven would deny what they said. Transparency.

            Whether you want to admit it or not, this whole situation since the start has been shady and definitely a bait and switch.

          • john_smith

            yes yes they are.

  • Tao

    Why did I still belive Activision lol

    • What did you “belive” in? Your spelling abilties or how you thought MWR would be cosmetic only? If you assumed cosmetic only, then please offer evidence of the developers saying so.

      • That could of easily been a typo, you cuck.

        • I doubt it.

          • It actually was. It’s pretty common to make typos when on mobile. I have made the same before.

          • You should also know there’s auto-correct and predictive text.

          • That’s irrelevant. Some people just type and dont look after that. Mistakes happen.

            Instead of being a dick and assuming a person can’t spell over one typo, actually understand mistakes happen. You just look like a tool.

          • The only mistake was having to give you this much attention, which is pretty much the most you’ve ever gotten.

          • Ouch my feelings, did I hit a nerve with you? So triggered mate.

          • w

            since that guy wants to attack people… “Gamer, Brony, Furry, and nice guy”… i bet you he doesn’t get any “attention” either.

          • Brony, furry and nice guy? Lol what he cuck. Does he have a fedora too?

          • You forgot Marine Corps Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Thank you.

          • we

            …. did we mention Brony, Furry, and nice guy? Cringe.

          • Did you also mention military service with a purple heart?

  • Source Reserve

    “all u ppl do is complain they haven’t even added in weapons and ur already mad we dnt know if its gonna have weapons or not so stop complaining omg”

  • Curious

    That xm lar seems like an hybrid between the acr and fn fal I could be wrong, can anyone confirm if this gun is real and exists or if it is a fictional or prototype gun. One of you people has got to know about weaponary

    • Source Reserve

      It looks more like a FAL OSW with the folding stock.

  • Source Reserve

    “XM-LAR – This fully automatic assault rifle comes from the European theater, and utilizes 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges in a 30-round detachable box.”

    Assault rifles don’t use 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges.

    • zack

      Yes they do. Ar10, scar, many more.

      • ToonToons22

        Those are battle rifles. Assault rifles use medium-power cartridges like the 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×39mm.

        • zack

          Okay buddy, grasping for straws lol many guns come in multiple calibers. The scar comes in 762×51 (308) and 556×45. So ones a “battle rifle” and one is an “assault rifle” even tho it’s the same gun? I guess they need to do a new class of guns in call of duty. The “battle rifles” featuring the m14, g3, and xm lar. Dumbass

        • zack

          They are all “rifles”. “Assault” and “battle” are marketing gimmicks. The real term is carbine referring to short and lighter versions of a full size rifle. The m14 and g3 are more “battle rifle” then the xm lar, technically.

          • Source Reserve

            “A battle rifle is a military service rifle that fires a full-power rifle cartridge, such as 7.62×51mm NATO, 7.62×54mmR, 7.92x57mm Mauser, .303 British, or .30-06 Springfield.” -Wikipedia

            It’s not a marketing gimmick, its a classification of weapons that use specific cartridges. Anyone who knows about guns and reads that will think that they are complete retards.

      • You are a moron. The Scar L is an assault rifle, it fires 5.56.
        The Scar H is a battle rifle, it fires 7.62.

        • zack

          It’s literally a pointless classification. Look it up and you’ll see there’s a lot of controversy on the subject. Remove the muzzle break on a scar h and it’s now classified as an assault rifle.
          It’s a retarded way to classify virtually identical guns.

          • john_smith

            exactly, there is no battle rifle classification in mwr, so this is were the weapon goes. People would get pissed if this weapon got its own category.

          • Source Reserve

            Yeah, but my point is that those are not assault rifles.

          • no

            thats not only wrong but doesn’t relate to my point at all

  • For those asking for proof that the developers stated it would be cosmetic only, please look at quite popular YouTubers channels whom were invited to them secret events at Raven Software, developers stated directly to them things would be cosmetic only.

    • RdJokr

      I think the more accurate idea was that they would “try to keep things cosmetic”. Keyword is “try”. That means they can still technically get away with this, as long as they “tried”.

  • Ryan Gorman

    You guys are complaining about THIS? 3 weapons…….The AR is worst than the M8, The shotgun is useless with all the campers in this game, and the magnum is exactly (if not very close) to MW2. This complaining just shows what idiots the community is, as you people don’t even look at the weaknesses about these guns. It is not even only through RNG and you still complain…

    • ccrows

      So “you’re complaining” that we’re complaining?…

      • Ryan Gorman


    • RdJokr

      I think the main problem here is that the community is divided between those that welcome new content (like you), and those that want MWR to stay pure and untouched like the original. Which means this argument will go on forever until one side decides to give up.

      • john_smith

        exactly, but I think that at some point, people need to stop complaining. I don’t know who in their right mind would pay for the same game twice so the new added content is welcome to me

    • Clint Eastwood

      Considering how hard it is to balance weapons, either these are overpowered and pay to win, or underpowered making them useless. Either way, they wound the game’s reputation in the eyes of the wider gaming audience. It’s just a cheap way for Activision to make more money and at best adds nothing to the game. If they released these to everybody via some sort of unlock challenge, it would be a different story, but effectively locking game altering items behind RNG microtransactions is shifty.

  • Anon

    This is fake news.

  • Cabe Kase

    Oh look, other reason not to buy the game.

  • Cabe Kase

    I love it how i’m posting about IW on a MWR post. lol

  • The9tailedgamer

    Alright, i can deal with this, adds more variety, cause ill be honest, i was getting kinda bored, so this should freshen the game up for me

  • Hitman
  • Daniel Saligan

    Did anyone notice that the drop rate on keys dropped? I used to get 2 a 3 keys per domination game. Now I would get 1

    • Daniel Saligan

      Yes, it did drop. So the grind is harder

    • Daniel Saligan

      Just play more, it’s just a grind

    • Daniel Saligan

      Thanks, Daniel

  • Hahaha.

    I swear it was only yesterday people were still speculating they would be adding guns to supply drops and other people were shooting them down saying it’s purely cosmetic in MWR.

    Old habits never die

  • dead game

    dead game confirmed

  • Whelp, it was only a matter of time. Back to BO2!


    Roman Gadiator Swords in Cod4……….

    Not only are CoD fans the laughing stock of the gaming community but now the ReMaster is too.

  • MVParalyse

    The fact people are crying over new guns is pathetic .

  • Duke of hazard

    Notice how the fanboys that normally defend this franchise on here are nowhere in sight.

  • john_smith

    why does everyone care so much. The way I see it, these weapons are a lot cheaper and easier to acquire than black ops 3. And you know what weapon you are going to get. As an example, it takes 20 dollars approximately to get the weapons in mwr. On the other hand, the weapons in black ops 3 take an average of arounds 75 dollars in supply drops to get. Thats real bullshit.

    • john_smith

      not to mention, everyone gives treyarch this pedigree as the best cod developer. the real bullshit was how shit the connection and hit detection were on black ops 3. In mwr, there is much better hit detection, more consistent frame rates, and finally, it looks much better. So objectively, this game is much better, the supply drops are less bullshit, and we should be happy that they kind of listened. I get an epic in almost every supply drop I open. stop bitching, and if you don’t like it, don’t complain on the internet, no body fucking cares

  • john_smith

    “Personalization continues to be enjoyed by the community, and we’ve all seen how much players enjoy building the gameplay experience that they want”

    This is bullshit, I personally enjoyed the game just as much without like 40 camo’s to put on my gun. besides the fact, exclusion zone is amazing.

    • lol

      • john_smith

        the best part is, this is coming from a “Cod Fanboy”

        • im not a cod fanboy, I hate Ghosts AW BO3 and MWR. I also hate CoD4 and MW3. but that’s not the point here. the point is that nobody who isn’t a lil jimmy and nobody who isn’t an exploitative yootoober actually likes SDs in any capacityin terms of weapons. I’ve talked to a variety of people (read: myself) and they all agree that locking cosmestics behind SDs is perfectly okay but leaving out guns — whether they’re actually crappy or god tier or in between — behind that RNG wall is scummy as fucc.

          the only people who actually like current SDs are again lil jimmies with access to their parents credit cards, and explotative yootobers who don’t spend their own money to begin with.

          • john_smith

            im talking about my self lol

  • john_smith

    I personally hate the “pay to play” mentality that was started in advanced warfare. However, I think that the xm-lar is as close to overpowered as we have gotten. If there was no m16, this gun would be the strongest in mwr.

  • Mel Banh

    Who seriously didn’t see this coming from a mile away? There’s a reason why I refused to buy COD this year. I’d like to say those famous 4 words but I don’t have to. All I can say is that if this still doesn’t make you want to boycott COD from here on out, then nothing will. For everyone else, make your voices heard and don’t buy the next COD in November.

  • Donnacgarner

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  • Bettylmiller

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  • Hitman
  • djml9

    Picked up the xm-lar a few times. Its nothing special. Only died to the shotty once, from behind so i cant conpare ot to what i was using. And the revolver is fucking incredible and i want it sooooooo bad.