Activision Blizzard confirmed during their Q4 2016 Earnings Call that the entire company, across Activision and Blizzard titles, made over $3.6 billion just from in-game content sales. In-game content sales includes Call of Duty Points, Overwatch Loot Boxes, and more.

Activision Blizzard said that they are still in the ‘early days’ of realizing the full potential of in-game content sales, and further stated that “more” is coming.

For Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 brought in record revenue for Activision. Activision had over 51 million active users in 2016 across Activision titles, a record for a year for the company. For the first time ever, Activision stated that Call of Duty Points sales were higher than that of DLC/Season Pass sales for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Black Ops III with record add-on revenues, greater than à la carte map packs and
Season Pass combined, even with record Season Pass participation

  • PuddleOfStix

    Well, that does it. Supply Drops are here to stay. Wouldn’t be surprised if season pass holders don’t get any bonuses in future games because Supply Drops sell so well.

    • Mario Rivera

      Think positive, kid!


  • Roscoe

    >shaking my head

    • mario rivera

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  • Jason Block

    so said

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  • These fucks cant be serious.. who pays for this kind of shit?!

    • Morons

      • Theres to many of them on this planet

        • mario rivera

          Those that think everyone else is stupid are usually the stupid ones. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

          • i can assure you thats not always the case

  • Qaotik

    Goodness gracious that’s horrible for cod points to bring in more revenue than actual map packs

  • Shane Lee O’shea

    I only ever see people complaining about this but quite clearly, they are complaining while simultaneously putting money on the very thing they protest about. Idiots. I haven’t spent a single penny on these drops ever since the release of supply drops and I do not intend on doing so further on down the line. Absolute joke. “More is coming” fucking scumbags.

  • Step Daddy

    Thanks to the little spoiled kids using their parents credit cards, the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of supply drops for all the upcoming call of duty titles.

    • mario rivera

      you don’t come across as particularly intelligent.

      • Mario Rivera

        What happened to my picture?! LOL!!!!!! Thanks K!!!!

  • ccrows

    ^ This video is a month old, but hopefully it helps to slow SD sales down.

    TL;DW – Drift0r made a video explaining a new law in China that forces game publishers to publish their loot drop rates. Sure you can say, well that’s only “China”, but there would be a giant S*** storm if China gets better odds than North America or the UK…

    • RdJokr

      You can’t tell if China’s drop rates are better than other countries if you never published the info from other countries in the first place.

      • mario rivera


        • ccrows

          Cool upvote bruh…

      • ccrows

        I guarantee that some people out there will create studies to post on Reddit, and compare those to the stats posted to those published in China…

  • 3.6 BILLION!!??

    That makes me fucking ill

    • mario rivera

      try multivitamins! LOL

      • Snoop Lying

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  • TMZ Censored Me

    Activision Blizzard said that they are still in the ‘early days’ of realizing the full potential of in-game content sales, and further stated that “more” is coming.

    That’s it, I’m officially done. Who wants to come over and play some Goldenyeye 64 multiplayer for the next several years.

    • mario rivera

      I like DOOM.


  • TheHorror

    Depressing. Absolutely depressing. The writing is on the wall boys, if it couldn’t possibly be any more crystal clear, Supply Drops are here to stay. You would have to be a complete moron to scrap the Supply Drop system if you are an Activision executive, all because some people are complaining online about them. Huge shoutout to the fucking dunces that are paying for this shit, you are the sole reason we’re stuck with this garbage.

    • john c. mcactivision

      drama queen.

      • TheHorror

        Not in the slightest

        • Mario Rivera

          Maybe slightly, tho, right? LOL!!!

          • TheHorror


          • Mario Rivera

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          • TheHorror

            It’s hard to take a guy that likes to upvote his own comments and defend gambling for video game guns seriously, i must admit

          • Mario Rivera

            I don’t upvote my own comments.

      • Khaled Hassan

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    • Sexy Mcgee

      I wouldn’t blame the people spending money on it too much. i understand the impulse, especially when you don’t have all the time in the world to grind. It’s that Activision are taking full advantage of the same mentality that gets people addicted to gambling to rig the supply drop system to exploit it as much as possible.

      For me the bigger issue is that they’re making such a shit load of money and these are the best games that they can put out? I hope their employees at least get payed well.

      • TheHorror

        I do blame the people spending money on it entirely, because if people weren’t spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the mere chance to get a virtual weapon, there wouldn’t be a Supply Drop system. At least people who gamble for money IRL have a chance at winning more money as opposed to getting a chance at a piece of content in a video game. However at the end of the day, some people feel like it’s a wise idea to wipe their ass with dollar bills all for some potential video game content (and money/whatever else IRL for that matter) and as you said, Activision is taking advantage of that mentality, which is actually genius on their part

        I agree with the quality of games that they’ve been putting out recently though despite all the additional money they’re raking in. If IW really did take 3 years to develop, Infinity Ward should be ashamed of themselves

        • Mario Rivera

          Yes, because they’re ignorant and you’re not. LOL!!! Because “making choices” works exactly the way its thought to. lol. That really matches up with what’s experienced.

          • TheHorror

            I’m just going to do myself a favor and mute this jabroni, the comments he leaves on here are absolutely mind boggling.

          • Mario Rivera

            See? “You can’t handle the Truth!!!” lol. By the way, It’s Always Sunny In Philly called; they want their word back, jabroni! LOL!!!

          • Mr J

            I have every single supply drop weapon, aside from Left-E. You’re welcome! I love supply drops. Cost of supply drop VS real world time. The value of my time, far outweighs the cost of COD points. Get quad fed by my D13. Let’s go.

    • Dre

      Were you born yesterday? American greed is why you are stuck with them. If you dont like this shit go live in a shithole like the middle east.

      • DEMOLITION12

        “American greed”? The majority of activision is Jewish. it’s Jewish greed

      • TheHorror

        Thanks for the laugh

  • Gimpanese

    Damn you people got money. I didn’t spend a cent on cod points..

    • mario rivera

      A cent wouldn’t get you much anyway!!! LOL!!!!!

  • The Rabid One

    Really, stupid little kids using their mama’s credit cards and spending it on 1000 COD points. God Dammit, now Activision is used to this free honey.

    • mario rivera

      It’s the casual community that spends. Try not being so ignorant! LOL!!!!

  • RdJokr

    Inb4 “the youtubers spend the most on this”

    Face it, folks. The casual community spent way too much on this stuff, and now us dedicated peeps are suffering for it. No amount of #BlackMarketBlackout or #QuitTheQuartermaster will stop it.

    • Mario Rivera

      Kid, you’re preaching to the choir! LOL!!!!

    • yep, it’s way too late now… even if demand went down significantly, they aren’t going to stop. There will remain enough people that enjoy their slot machine system to keep it profitable, and that’s all that matters to them in the end.

    • What also upsets me, is they are now starting to use weapon balancing as a way to manipulate the players into buying drops. For example, the recent changes to the Mauler Mammoth variant (it went from great to crap)… that really sucks for anyone that saved up salvage for it (or got it via paid supply drop). I do appreciate weapon balancing when one gun is too OP, but my fear is that they will keep the players continuously chasing the next best thing. They can already do that by introducing new guns, but this takes it to a new level. Fine tuning is one thing, but destroying a variant is fucked up

  • ConorGamingzHD

    They’re going to be in every future COD game and I don’t blame them.

  • Smayo

    And the community still thinks it was the space setting or advanced movement that took this series in a downward spiral… no matter what the next CoD will be like, BotG, vietnam, ww2… this shit of paid supply drops will be there in even greater force without a doubt…. ruining the balance and fun once again for all the suckers who bought it yet again hoping this year it will be any different than the last…

    • ccrows

      As long as it’s not weapon variants (that BS ruins every COD), and you can buy DLC guns with salvage, I’m good…

      • Joshwoocool

        Dont get me wrong I don’t like Supply drops but I do like how they are currently done in MWR.Being able to earn them is quite good.So pretty much shit but less shit.

  • Am i right with my math: Does this equal 40Million/Day??? At least the games are for free…wait…
    Why will only China make the companies release the RNG Droprates? The biggest loophole in the history of gambling imo. Thx for ruining multiplayer games forever!

    • GinsuVictim

      Just over $9.8 million a day.

      • I thought that revenue was for q4 (oct-dec)…

        • GinsuVictim

          Read it again.

  • unfeasible

    i dont give a rats ass if supply drops stay if THERE ARE NO WEAPONS IN THEM STOP WITH THIS you want to go back to the roots get rid of this awfulness, csgo cases are doing so much better and look what is in them SKINS not no damn weapons

    • SoulTaker

      Hahahahaha get a load of this guy- Activision employee

  • Jon

    I love the in game content.

  • Evan Gilner

    This is probably an unpopular opinion BUT… I really wish they’d go back to the MW3 system of releasing maps. I didn’t like the base game too much but looking back it was probably my favorite DLC system even though I was on PS3 and had to wait an extra month for each map because the game constantly felt fresh. Maybe if Activi$ion went back to that model and added a way to purchase maps individually for $5+ or something, charged $10+ for new guns, and kept Supply Drop items COSMETIC ONLY, they’d have enough revenue lanes to make the same amount of money while keeping the community happy!

    • hell yeah, I loved COD Elite. MW3 was my favourite COD because of this. Adding new things every month, be that even just a new game mode or gun, really does keep a game feeling fresh and new. This does not mean add new supply drop guns every month, they can just f off. We’re talking a subscription service which adds new content included with the subscription, no additional cost, to the latest COD title. Why did they ever scrap it 🙁

  • scrotesmd

    Id pay for new guns if I got to pay for what I wanted, i.e. peacekeeper in black ops 2, absolutely not a cat chance in hell of me gambling for them with the current system. Surely I cant be in the minority here? Gambling for in game items is just bonkers to me. could I afford to pay money on supply drops sure but will I gamble absolutely not!

  • Nathan Mollah

    Noobs buy supply drops, cos they’re so bad, they can’t stack enough cryptokeys…smh. I’ve seen some players with spms less than 200. Damn kids.