UPDATE: Seems like the Records went live too early…the Coming Soon sign is back, and Records are no longer accessible.

Original Story: 

It looks like Infinity Ward has finally activated Combat Records in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer.

Combat Records are available in the Barracks of the menu. You use checkout your Best Weapon, Rig, Lethal, Streaks, game types, and more.

  • jordanxbrookes

    “Seems like the Records went live too early.”

    Think you mean “Seems like the Records went live 4 months too late.”

    • Mario Rivera

      “Passengers, arriving on track 12 is the Complain Train!”


      • PDX Guitar Freak

        LOL well I get tired too of people endlessly bashing the game at every corner, but this is a completely legitimate complaint (amongst many others).

    • Brendasollis

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  • The9tailedgamer

    If their ready and accessible, leave them, dont say “theyre ready, but you gotta wait a month, cause we feel like it”

  • Psychomaggot105

    Doesn’t surprise me. They didn’t acknowledge deatomizer strikes.

  • kssxss

    When, if EVER, are we going to get lobby leaderboards so we can see, in one table, what everyone’s KD and score per minute, etc, is?

    This is NOT the Infinity Ward of old…

    • Mario Rivera

      My KD is 3.5; my SPM is 650. But I don’t need to have leaderboards just so I can brag about it and make others feel worse in their day.

      • kssxss

        It’s not to brag or make others feel like crap, it’s so you can see where you stack up to the ones you’re playing with and against.

        Don’t assume everyone has a negative agenda.

        • Mario Rivera



  • unfeasible

    combat record is what i was happy about, but i want public lobby leaderboard/combat records. I want to know who I am facing and who is on my team. It is also interesting to see where i line up to people in my lobby compared to how good i do in a game.



  • You mad huh?

    i just want to see whos in a party in lobbies so i wont get my ass kicked by full 6 teams