A new report from Kotaku has stated that Activision Publishing has laid off almost 5% off their work force, despite a good overall financial announcement yesterday.
Kotaku says majority of layoffs were at Infinity Ward, Beenox, and some at Activision HQ.  This news comes following Activision’s announcement yesterday that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sales underperformed, saying the game “was not the success we planned.” Kotaku stated that about 20 people from Infinity Ward were impacted by this.

Activision said the following to Kotaku:

Activision Publishing is realigning our resources to support our upcoming slate and adapt to the accelerating transition to digital, including opportunities for digital add-on content.”

Kotaku states that the layoffs only affected Activision Publishing side. No layoffs occurred at Blizzard, MLG, or any other division of Activision Blizzard Inc.

Activision’s 2017 year is also relatively quiet compared to most years. They only have two big launches planned, with Call of Duty 2017 and Destiny sequel.

Correction: A version of this article earlier mentioned that Treyarch was also hit with layoffs based upon information from GamesIndustry site. That was an error. No employees from Treyarch were laid off. We apologize for the error. 

SOURCE: Kotaku

  • PuddleOfStix

    Well, I honestly did not expect this. It sucks that some people are out of a job now because Infinite Warfare didn’t sell as well as they wanted.

    • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

      i hope they fire those who actually decided to go in space

    • Batman

      The game didn’t sell only because ot sucked, and it sucked becausw the people who did it suck at game development.

      That’s how the market works and how it should work, they just got punished for their mistakes

      • BradyAlucard

        “the people who did it suck at game development”

        Not true at all. To work at a prestigious AAA development studio like Infinity Ward it also requires people who are very skilled and probably even came from another prestigious studio. They don’t “suck at game development” because some people who don’t even make games didn’t subjectively like their game. All 3 studios are equally good.

  • Johnny

    I wish the developers good luck for finding a new job. Usually layoffs occur before a studio gets axed. That’s what EA did with the original Maxis studio.

  • Batman


    Hopefully teana, candice and all that shitty crew gets wiped off, hell, close the entire new infinity ward studio and burn it to the ground, those retarded dummies have no idea on what they are doing, keep their campaign team tho.

    Give Raven Software a chance at the 3 year cycle, the franchise needs new blood

    • Qaotik

      It sounds funny when you say that in a cave Johnson voice

    • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

      they will probably move guys from raven to iw

  • should fire them entirley


  • Shadowstrike

    Do a bad job and get fired welcome to life.

    Spylce winning mlg this week.

  • Beast Mode

    yall are savages for showing an empty infinity ward room

  • Element115Will

    Lol karma bitches. “The amount of dislikes the reveal trailer for IW recieved is the best because it shows that thi will succeed, look at how Black Ops 2 went and it became, A good successful CoD.”

    What a joke. You lay off workers yet got 3.6 BILLION money off (thanks to dumbasses) transactions. Pathetic.

    • HenryDF

      They’re a company making money. Jesus. When are people gonna realise that ATVI aren’t a charity, they’re under no obligation to not make money however they want.

      If anything, be glad they made so much off microtransactions, otherwise there’d be even more layoffs.

      • Element115Will

        Jesus, when are certain people gonna realize that ATVI are money making whores that love to rip their customers off? I should be glad that they made money off of stuff that should have been implented in the game from the start? No.

        • HenryDF

          So you’d rather they made less money, and had to lay off more people?

          Just because they’re selling a product doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Just because they’re making money, doesn’t mean they’re “whores who love to rip their customers off”.

          You’re under no obligation whatsoever to purchase micro-transactions. Unless you let yourself get “ripped off” (to use your own words), you’re not giving them any money and CoD Points are of no relevance to you. Just get over it already. They’re not going anywhere.

        • BradyAlucard

          Activision aren’t any better nor worse nor different than EA, Ubisoft, Konami, Capcom, etc. (and at least they’re not making always online games… I’m looking at you Ubisoft).

  • Virus

    Time to go back to the 2 year cycle waiting 3 years for the only good devs Treyarch is just too long skip the campaign if you have to

  • Mario Rivera

    No money for salaries – completely understandable. LOL!!! Billions from supply drops must be earmarked for hookers and PCP…oh, and the private islands to hump and snort on, respectively.



  • Mr Sir

    I kind of hope the next COD is actually good. But to be realistic the next in line is made by Sledgehammer. And well they started the whole Exo Suit thing in COD. And Supply Drops. And had super OP guns. And bad Spawns. Man I just want to see what they put out I’m scrutinizing way more now.

  • Ranno

    “Oh, we made billions. We could use this money to improve Call of Duty, make a new engine or hire better developers. Nah, more microtransactions. That’s how we roll.”

    • Vickiejalegria

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    • Angelicacwilks

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  • Unclecoon

    They’re using the money from supply drop to develop more supply drops

  • TheVeryRealTroll

    I am so happy that people got fired at Infinite Ward, they suck at their jobs. They don’t care about the PC base.

    Thank god they got fired. Hopefully more will follow 🙂

    • Dante

      Wow you’re kind of a piece of shit.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Just no.

      • ccrows

        He has the word “troll” in his username. What did you expect JB?… 😉

  • soap

    i don’t remember where i hear/read the rumor that they spend 2 and a half on the campaing, and 6 months on multiplayer.

    that would explain why the multiplayer felt unfinished: ledderboards,combat record, accolates,custom emblems, burn duplicates and that highlighted thing on new acquired emblems, titles,challenges, late beta, .

    aside from that, the campaing was enjoyable.

    • BradyAlucard

      Correction: They’re split into 3 teams and they all work on the game for the same amount of time. Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer team probably just scrapped 2 and a half years of work though.

  • MultiplayerCop
    • Johnny

      Yeah that’s what I found strange that Charlie Intel put Treyarch as affected when they aren’t. Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games aren’t involved in any of this.

  • WHAT!?

    3.1 fucking BILLION from Supply Drops and theyre laying off their workforce?

    Am I missing something? Can somebody explain this to me?

    • Vittorio D’Antuono

      *3.6 billion 😛

    • RdJokr

      That was from 2016. The majority of those billions came from BO3 CP sales + Overwatch loot boxes + whatever ATVI/Blizzard game that has microtransactions.

      • ccrows

        ” IW’s contribution to that number is minimal.”

        “Minimal” out of a 3.6 billion pie, is a lot…

        • RdJokr

          I mean in the grand scheme of things. When did IW implement COD Points again? Like, December? That’s only a month out of 2016. BO3 had a whole frickin’ year. We don’t even know the exact percentage that IW contributed to that 3.6 billion. Obviously Activision has a certain goal in mind, which IW failed to reach. So people had to be laid off.

          • CoD points literally came into Infinite Warfare a week and a half after release.

          • RdJokr

            I don’t think it was that early. It came after an update, and I’m certain there wasn’t one until like late Nov/early Dec 2016.

          • No, it really was that early. Go back to November up here, you’ll see. I remember exactly it was a week and a half because I was like “Couldn’t wait a month huh?”

          • RdJokr

            I stand corrected then. Even so, the amount of money that IW makes in terms of microtransaction is definitely minimal in comparison to BO3, or even Overwatch.

          • Well.

            Guarantee the guys they laid off are the ones that had something to do with that big 600+ dogshit camo and emblem update.

            Because I don’t care what anyone says – that update was implemented to harm the supply drop system – the update itself got passed Activision because they’re corporate greedy bastards who trusted what content their developer teams created, didn’t bat an eyelid because all they care about is money.

            Next – Activision announce that in-game micro transactions for IW are down xx%.

          • RdJokr

            Well, we don’t know what really went down, so why that update existed is anybody’s guess. But I doubt the devs would be so vengeful to do something that would spite the fans so much, even though it most likely had an impact of sorts on Activision’s earnings.

      • 7Wafflehouse7

        a huge percentage was from destiny micro transactions.

  • Ak74u

    I think firing people is gonna make it worse and cripple infinity ward even more. I think they need the help from those workers their gonna lose and I don’t think it’s infinity wards fault it’s activision that is driving people away from their games

    • ccrows

      I strongly agree with you on this.

      OK you fired some people, but having people do double the work isn’t gonna fix the problem. Infinity Ward needs new people to come in from the outside and help them out…

  • Ak74u

    Most of the hate is due to bandwagoning because of the future and space setting and YouTubers not playing the game personally I like the space setting but not future

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say that. I’m pretty sure most people have tried it and didn’t like it, and the people who didn’t, well maybe it’s just unappealing to them.

      Maybe this game just came out at a bad time but either way, I don’t think the game is good. Seems to me they put in all the effort in Campaign and none in multiplayer. And if Multiplayer was anything like campaign, it would have a been a better game. But like I said, bad timing too, everyone is just tired of the futuristic setting, it’s played out.

      • Mario Rivera

        Maybe it’s because COD’s “futuristic” setting is merely a veneer – a cheap wall paper draped behind drab gameplay that features little-to-no innovation. LOL!!!!

        The movement system?! It feels like my character got roofied and is struggling to move around without passing out. lol! Game might as well take place on the moon in 1969. THAT’S a fitting time and space environment for this COD.

        • Mario Rivera

          What, did every single critic ignore or dismiss or diss this game because they we worn out on futuristic stuff? Uh, no. Titanfall 2 is a shining example of an INNOVATIVE futuristic game that critics and its players love. COD just tried to rip them off by imitating merely the peripheral aspects of their original game. Remember the titan scorestreak in AW? LOL!!!

    • Edwin Cortez

      CoD abandoned the military arcade shooter style that had since its inception and basically became a sci-fi shooter basically becoming something else and lots of people hated that… There are plenty of shooters like destiny, halo and titanfall that fall in that category but COD in there doesn’t do well. And the fans are reacting to that accordingly.

      • ccrows

        It’s kinda funny that people OG bought COD to get away from Halo, and then the series started turning more and more into Halo…

        • jordanxbrookes

          I remember when CoD and Halo was the ultimate showdown lol.

    • When people invest a lot of time and money into a franchise they expect something fresh and original when the next one comes out. After the big reveal IW was far too similar to BO3 it was almost insulting

    • ccrows

      It wasn’t just because of “space”.

      IW is hated on because many feel (myself included) that BO3 is a much better game. Also gun variants SUCK, and it ruins in-game balance.

      COD is now 0-2 with using gun variants. It’s time to go back to DLC guns that are not OP and preferably can be purchased with salvage…

  • As much as I dislike Infinity Ward and their last two games, I don’t like hearing people losing their jobs.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      I agree. I’ve worked in Human Resources for almost 20 years and been involved in laying off well over 2000 employees (worst part of the job). What’s particularly sad is when you see hard workers impacted because of poor decision making and planning by management or executives.

    • majority of them will complain some more typical

  • The reason they are laying people off is because of how the budgeting is done by the accountants – less money came from IW sales and thus less supply drop sales because people don’t own the game to start with. Activision have a certain margin that has to go to each investor and executive, if this money is not met in the expected way, the easiest way to increase profit (in the short term) is to decrease costs, by laying off developers. It is the fault of the people at the top of Infinity Ward and Activision for making the wrong decisions that the people who are actually doing a good job making what they were asked to a good standard, despite it being for a poorly designed game (from the top), lose their jobs. It is a real shame, but the way they see it is that the lower down they can take the blow the less it will harm their image as those who aren’t as high up the ladder have little respect or authority in the video game world yet.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Well said.

    • ccrows

      None of that applies to Infinity Ward or Activision though.

      Activision just made 3.6 billion with in game sales. There was more than enough money going around to investors.

      It’s not like they needed to fire Infinity Ward to keep the electricity on. Just sayin…

      • Actually it sort of is like that – they’re big numbers but investors take percentages not a set figure – Activision have to still be profitable and their portion is down so have to get their profits up, by removing the costs – staff.

        • ccrows

          Except that the budget has basically been the sale of the game itself, and the season pass. It’s been that way since the series started.

          All this “in game sales stuff” is literally free money that fell into their lap. You think that they needed to go borrow more money from their investors to put in SD stuff? lol no.

          3.6 BILLION was literally loose change found in the couch, when all they had to budget for was the couch…

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    So they’re firing the people who make the core game and hiring more of the people that just make supply drop garbage. Wow.

    • Eric Wyatt

      In what part of the article does it say anything about hiring people to make more supply drop items. Damn people if u hate IW so bad just simply don’t play. Quit ragging it and ruining the game for people like myself. BTW I love ❤️ all CODS except ghost and it’s not that bad

  • ccrows

    I am not a fan of Ghosts or Infinite Warfare. Both of those games in the worst 3 by the community.

    However, let’s look at the bigger picture. Activision made 3.6 BILLION in in game sales. Their dev teams (whether you like them or not) are doing something right to keep that going.

    If anything, Activision should be hiring more people to help keep that cash cow going…

    • BradyAlucard

      (Cough obligatory Infinite Warfare doesn’t deserve it post cough)

  • ccrows

    How high is that “sales bar” that Activision wants to be at? Are those numbers realistic?

    COD17 will do well because it’s “COD”, but how does Activision expect devs to reach certain sales goals, when putting supply drops in makes selling the game a lot harder in November?… *shrugs*

  • Brian

    Fix your article, Keshav. Treyarch weren’t hit with layoffs.

    “[CORRECTION]: This article originally said that Activision’s Treyarch studio had been impacted by layoffs. The studio was unaffected, and we regret the error.”

    • Keshav Bhat

      Article has been fixed. Thanks.

  • RdJokr

    Corporate life in a nutshell. Smaller guys get shit on because the bigwigs make dumbass decisions.

  • y’all who complain about everything just made 20 people lose their jobs smh

    • It’s not the people’s fault for them losing their jobs.

      • BradyAlucard

        It’s not specifically Infinity Ward’s fault either. Most of it is Activision’s, heck, I’d put my money on IW not even choosing the setting.

        • I really don’t care who chose the setting. It was bad to do three futuristic games in a row. And I partly blame Infinity Ward because they could have made a much better game than what we got. However I don’t think anyone should have lost their jobs

    • ccrows

      The fact that anybody got laid off from Activision kinda bothers me ATM.

      I’m a HUGE believer of retraining and even bringing in extra help if the money is there. Activision just made 3.6 BILLION, and whether people like IW or not, they helped Activision make some of that 3.6 billion.

      Finally I’m not a fan of (current) Infinity Ward, but (IMO) this could have been handled better, especially since the money was there to fix it…

  • GinsuVictim

    Layoffs after a game is released are quite common though.

    • ccrows

      It’s not just gaming, programmers get contracted a lot in the corporate world too. Which is a shame because if you ever find a really good programmer, find the money to keep them on board…

  • jordanxbrookes

    As much as I dislike Activision’s business hindering Call of Duty as a game & Infinite Warfare, as someone slowly making their way into the games industry, I don’t like seeing developers and workers lose their jobs. Hope they all manage to find work again as soon as.

    • I wish we knew what people were hit in what department. Campaign department did the best Campaign in years so I hope none of them got the sting. Zombies is also pretty strong with a lot of people liking it. Multiplayer is the part that I hope was the only one that got hit hard. I’m sorry but Campaign and Zombies both took risks that payed of in a big way, but Multiplayer was as unoriginal is it could get. Grenades and Tacticals were the only thing that I liked everything else was just a copy and paste from AW or Black Ops 3. They need a new MP Lead Designer because Joe and Aniston were the worst studio head s EVER.

  • Vittorio D’Antuono

    I hope they’ll use those 20 empty spots at IW to put some talented programmers and developers to try to raise the quality level of CODs made by IW. I hope IW becomes again the amazing developer it used to be in the Cod4 / MW2 era and that they’ll come out with an awesome game in 2019!
    Also, I hope Activision uses its resources to implement new technologies (new engine, better netcode / networking).

  • BradyAlucard

    Not good, especially the “transition to digital part”. It’s a decent game but was doomed from the start. Activision should respect their fans and show player count again.

  • Angelicacwilks

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  • nathan forsthyle

    Plot twist: The members of the team split off into their own company and make a game 20 times better.

  • The Rabid One

    You’re fired, and you’re fired and Teanah you’re fired.

  • Michael Romo

    Seriously? You’re going to fire your staff because you made a bad decision?

  • Don’t worry Activision. You still have plenty of ACTUAL wars that did happen that you can always turn to like gee, I don’t know how about a Russo-Japanese War,WWI,Korean,1982 Lebanon War,Persian Gulf War or First Chechen War,

    • All wars that at least one COD character was previously engaged in before certain storylines appeared. Try and figure out who they were if you dare.

  • Shaun Greig

    the next cod is going to be huge and it will bring back thousands upon thousands of gamers and youtubers will bs glad its back to the good ole days