Infinity Ward has announced that they are hosting a special live stream for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer on February 28 at 4PM PT.

On the studio’s Facebook page, they have confirmed that they will be discussing “upcoming content and features” for Infinite Warfare MP.

Stay tuned.

  • Element115Will


  • ccrows

    Infinity Ward needs to give some form of good news to the community on this event. Like hey, “We’re gonna do contracts like BO3 soon”.

    However if this is nothing more than a, “Hey guys let’s check out our new scorestreaks coming in SDs” the community is gonna see right through that BS…

  • Beast Mode

    That Livestream i bet will be about how the scorestreak variants are going to work….and then ill go ahead and bet that the comment section will just be a roast fest

  • Paolo Lucas

    Nobody cares!


    Infinity Ward confirms Live Stream is in beta, are working on getting it right, hopefully have it right for March, when they do get it right will remove the stream until April.