A new Quartermaster Hack is now live in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This weekend’s Hack is called Taunt Hack and is only available for purchase with 1250 Salvage. It expires Monday, February 27.

The Hack guarantees 1 dupe-protected Epic Taunt. You can only purchase four of these.

  • Goldzscooby

    Ewwwww that’s such a waste of salvage

  • Alex Brogan

    dont waste your salvage

  • ccrows

    lol no…

  • DesignedComa

    I’ll pass on this one

  • ToonToons22

    I’d be happier if they got rid of taunts and the Winners Circle all together. Totally pointless addition anyway.

    • ccrows

      I actually like BO3 a lot, but that winners circle is something that does nothing but add bloat and a waste of time to the game…

  • It takes like 6 billion years to get a 1,000 worth of salvage. Why would i spend it in taunts?

    hahaha no

    • Slothigans

      Took me 7 billion.

    • Sam cobin

      I died furst

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Apparently, they ran out of reasonable ideas for these weekly “hacks” pretty fast! LOL

  • Guest that’s still a guest

    Wtf is this? Wtf is this? Really Infinity Ward…. We want new weapons that are base and you don’t have to buy, not worried if my rig that I could give two shits about because they aren’t personal like the specialist from BO3 can do the running man challange or act like it’s making a sandwich

  • XboxWon

    And people said this game was pay to win smh.

    • ccrows

      Unlike BO3, it is “pay to win” !

      Keep shaking your head… <_<

      • No CoD game is P2W, because you can get everything without spending anything other than time.

  • I’m kind of okay with this. Salvage only and it’s a dupe protected epic taunt.

    • ccrows

      But it’s a random spin on the wheel though.

      MWR’s system is so much better, since you can choose EXACTLY what you want…

      • Yeah, but the amount of work you have to put in to get something you want is F2P levels of grinding. If I want anything actually interesting like the new weapon i have to roll and roll for the list of parts you need to get. Sometimes if it has something crazy like a melee weapon in the list, that makes you have to go off and grind for that thing’s list of parts too, which can sometimes lead to another list because of something in that list too, ect ect. Then it becomes a chore and then I stop having fun.

        • ccrows

          I see it your way, but IDK I’m just tired of wanting a certain item from a supply drop box, and grinding and grinding to get it, but wait lets put in a ton of cosmetic garbage to make it even harder.

          I honestly feel bad for anybody that has purchased a COD from AW-now, and went an entire season never getting an item that they always wanted.

          That’s why I still think MWR’s system of getting stuff from the box is perfect, because sure you may need to buy multiple items, but you can work towards that “guarantee” of the item you want…

        • ccrows


  • Oh fuck that

  • Jordan Fields

    They Is So Sad Here

  • Jon Jackson

    I had a feeling IW was gonna put something dumb like this in the weekend “hack.” I got 14k salvage and I’m not gonna waste any of it on this bs. Smh, epic taunts should be worth 200 salvage at the most.

  • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

    How many rare supply drops does it take to get 1,000 salvage? I’m thinking like 30-45. That’s a whole lot of hours of grinding for keys. There is no way I’d ever pay the asking price for a taunt. I feel sorry for the kids that don’t understand what they are doing and buy. Probably no adults willing to. Insane. I waited all week and saved up keys hoping for something good. 🙁

  • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

    i am okay with this

    • ccrows

      Why? 1200 just for a “random” taunt. A taunt that you may or may not even like? Really?

      If it was 1200 point for a taunt that you knew exactly the outcome, I guess it would be different, but a taunt just for a spin on the wheel? nah.

      (IMO) Activision needs to look at how you can acquire stuff in MWR, and make that the same on ALL future COD games, and FFS NO MORE VARIANTS!

      Paying $60 for a COD game, just to have all the weapons at launch become obsolete on day 1 is a F***ing SCAM!

      • Matt (SylveonSweeps)

        because it triggers people like you, just play the damn game.

        • ccrows

          I do play the game, I just want is to see COD get better.

          See there used to be a time when COD had full playlists late at night. (I started with COD2 BTW) but when you keep screwing with the community, then (especially in the case of IW) all you can really get in is TDM during that time frame.

          ^ & because of that, I can’t “play the damn game”…

  • XiX

    Wow IW, such a great idea. I bet you guys are celebrating…sitting in your COD chairs and wanking your tiny Mr.P really hard…screaming EUREKA EUREKA!!! This is insulting…1200 salvage for a taunt…I wouldn’t even pay 200 salvage for these taunts.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    I’m glad that it’s bought with salvage but 1250 for a taunt? Lmao no thanks. Maybe for a weapon.

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    1250 salvage for a taunt?! You have to be mentally challenged to want to waste salvage on this. I laughed pretty good when I read that they put a limit on the number you can buy – “You can only purchase four of these.” hahahaha

  • Angelopoulos Vasilis

    10 billion years for me

  • I’m officially stopping with the rants about how dumb this game has become and just say fuck Activision and fuck Infinity Ward.

    What a joke

  • Traq

    takes about 100000000 games for a rare drop which gives 10 salvage why would anyone spend it on this

  • Jon Heins

    I actually said what the hell and did it, only to get a taunt I already had… LAME, don’t do it!!!

    • Michael ThatVaperGuy

      It’s duplicate protected, nice try though lol.