The official Call of Duty social channels appears to have accidentally confirmed which weapons will be moving from the QR-M5TR Collection to the Prototype Lab in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Their now deleted tweet said: “On Tuesday, select weapons will be moving from the Quartermaster Collection to the Prototype Lab. Any guesses? #InfiniteWarfare.” 

Four weapons, which were previously only available to earn via Supply Drops in the QR-M5TR Collection, will become craft-able in the Prototype Lab starting February 28.

The four weapons are:

  • Reaver – Machete
  • Volk – Corruption
  • Erad – Destiny
  • DMR – Binary

Beyond this, Infinity Ward has also teased new Quartermaster Content coming on February 28 in a tweet.

Infinity Ward has also announced that they are hosting a MP live stream on February 28 at 4PM PT to give fans a look at “upcoming” content for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

As always, stay tuned for the latest information on what’s coming to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Via Reddit

  • furst

  • Dinomen12

    Ooh good, I can finally get the Corrutpion then. But this also probably means we’re going to be getting new weapons into the QR-M5TR Collection. Possibly the new weapons that were data mined.

  • Sweet I wanted the corruption

    • ccrows

      Isn’t the Corruption the same experience as any of the MKII weapons though?…

      • What do you mean? I’m kind of confused.

        • ccrows

          I might be wrong, but I thought the Volk Corruption gave you that “Mo Money” experience perk and that was 15% extra experience per kill. (which if that’s the case wouldn’t that be the same experience as a MKII weapon?)

          Once again I could be wrong on the “Mo Money” perk and what it does…

          • Dinomen12

            Apperantly people have said to me before that that the MO Money gives more exp then the Mark 2, if you have the Mark 2 Corrution the XP also stacks.

          • Emre

            No you get 50% extra xp with this variant.

          • Oh, I don’t know what that effect does. I just picked it up a couple of times and did really good with it. I like the aesthetics and being able to stack the long barrel thing onto of the extra damage at range it has.

  • Internet

    I never understood why, especially companies, delete their tweets or anything they post on the internet. The internet is basically works like this: The second you posted something everyone knows about it. That’s it, that’s the magical secret.

    It makes companies look amateurish, and why even delete it? I mean, we know about it now.

    • ccrows

      100% agree…

    • Source Reserve

      Goddamn you, Internet!

    • moosebreath-man

      WE know about it because we are part of this echo chamber, but Johnny John who only checks twitter once every 4 hours won’t find out which is exactly what they want because whether you like it or not he is the majority of the cod player base. So it really doesn’t matter that we know this since we are just a small part of a very large community.

  • Former

    Already got all 4 of those thanks to the key glitch back in December. Ahhh, good times.

  • XboxWon

    Can’t wait for the new content to drop. Been eating Ramen noodles for the past 2 weeks so I could afford to buy a ton of cod points.

    Thank you based Infinity Ward!

    • lunator100hd .


    • XboxISdead

      I love that I got you so mad you went and MADE A SN XBOX WON HAHAHAHA SALT LEVELS AT A ALL TIME HIGH oh and by the way have you checked sales lately? Salt……

    • XboxISdead

      I was in the comments when xbox got dropped by cod and you got so salty and mad because you just bought a xbox omg I remember like it was yesterday. Then to add even more salt 2 it you MADE THAT SN MEANWHILE I’M POSTING COMMENTS AS A GUEST TO GET PEOPLE MAD and you got so salty YOU MADE THAT SN OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY fell right into it hold that salt……

      • Former

        Virginity is strong with this one.

  • Slothigans

    I hate that they call it craftable weapons. It’s not craftable it’s buyable with salvage. Saying craftable sounds like it would be more custom and hands on.

    • GinsuVictim

      Yeah, “crafting” weapons was an exciting prospect…until we saw what it actually was.

    • djml9

      Youre crafting it with salvaged parts.

      • Slothigans

        That’s pretty obvious. But like I said. Crafting it sounds like it’s gonna be more customizable. You’re essentially earning points (salvage) to Buy it. NOT craft it.

        • RdJokr

          Well, to be fair, most crafting mechanisms in video games these days are like that. You collect a certain amount of currencies/ingredients, then you exchange said amount for the desired item. If you expect more complex crafting, then that’s probably only doable with survival games.

          Besides, if you can customize your guns in this game, people would find an even bigger reason to bitch, since all the “attachment variants” dilute the supply drop pool, when everyone wants new guns and variants.

  • Jon Jackson

    I guess this is good news and bad news. The good news is that you can finally buy these weapons with salvage, the bad news is that they’re probably adding the dlc weapons to the QR-M5TR collection. But, the “new” weapons have the same stats as the Type-2 and EMC(at least in the data mine) so it’s not that big of a deal.

  • Alex Brogan

    I wish there was a MK2 Volk Corruption, XP up the wazoo!

    • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

      There is. If you’re lucky enough to pull it.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Just wait till you get it and theres a 2XP weekend 😉

  • hungryandrew

    I’m just waiting for COD 2017 news from Sledgehammer.

    • prepare to be disappointed

      • joey

        I’m sorry I got into a fight during your Black Panther party.

      • well to be fair, AW is a decent game and I consider Sledgehammer Games a better studio than Infinity Ward

        • sgh hasn’t done anything yet to be considered better than iw even though the current iw isn’t the guys who gave us all the classic and they suck right now. Iw still started it all plus aw gave us supply drops, variants, and jet packs of those which will definitely be in the next cod because it’s bringing activision so much money

          • Jet packs aren’t going to be in the next game and im sure jet packs aren’t one of the things that bring in the

            AW is, I think, better than Ghosts and Infinite Warfare combine. So that easily makes SHGames a number 2

          • Don’t jinx it

          • Dont jinx what lol

          • i was talking about variants and supply drops as those 2 will definitely be in the next. Ghost was miles better than aw people just slept on it and later on started saying it was good because they hated aw. If sgh doesn’t deliver with the next cod i will be done with them. I only have hope because they helped with mw3 and it is my 2nd favorite cod

          • AW is much better than Ghosts. Much like Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward has no idea how to make good maps. Which I think holds them back a lot. And Infinite Warfare is just another Black Ops 3.

            I’ll definitely play AW over what Infinity Ward has done in the last three years.

            SHGames has barely even fucked up or they don’t even have a bad track record unlike Infinity Ward. Remember AW is literally the only Call of Duty they have done on their own. SHGames has loads of potential. They are literally the underdog like Treyarch was years ago.

            I don’t think this year’s Call of Duty will be a bad one, I do think SHGames did a solid job on AW and a better one than Infinity Ward’s last two games and considering this game is a traditional, back the roots game with a potential historic setting, it’s probably going to be a real good game.

          • The second they released their first game that was totally different to everything that came before, they proved themselves. It’s easy to churn out the same flawed crap every couple of years and make a mint each time but it takes more guts to try something new, and despite all the negative press STILL carry on supporting it 2 years after it’s cycle ended.

            Infinity Ward have been a complete joke since after MW2 and they obviously haven’t learned from their mistakes looking at the flop that is IW.

      • Keshav Bhat

        why? I thought traditional boots on the ground is what everyone wanted? is that bad now too?

        • Mainly because of supply drops look what it did to mwr and i’m pretty sure it sure the next cod will be pay to win

          • jordanxbrookes

            It’s expected that Supply Drops will be in this next game, so it’s hardly disappointing if you already expect them. Does it suck? Yes, yes it does, but it’s something we have to live with thanks to idiots spending their money on COD Points. Only things that I’m concerned about is lack of interesting gameplay, lack of interesting design, lack of the “fun factor” which coincides with both gameplay and design, SBMM, clunky gameplay and Weapon Variants.

          • and they should make a different 3rd game mode i’m tired of zombies every year now as it’ll get boring. I just want iw to bring back extinction it’s one of the few things they did right with ghost

          • old school gamer

            I agree with that. I loved extinction

          • jordanxbrookes

            Agreed. I wish we’d get Spec Ops again :/

          • I don’t think Supply drops ruin any game. The idea of supply drops are fine. The problem with supply drops is the guns being exclusive behind an RNG wall. Take the best of Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare’s crafting system and we no longer have a problem.
            MWR is easily has the best supply drop system. You can literally craft new DLC guns by playing the game.

    • joey

      Call Of Duty: Jungle Warfare

      Forest, Bubba, Lt. Dan & friends search all over Viet-nam for someone named “Charlie”.

      • Justice Net

        ***con772-AN*** please use.
        The new call of duty is still based in the future. Even further then Infinite Warfare!! After Infinite Warfare every technology was destroyed, hence ‘back to basics’.

      • Exclusive Shrimp Drops give you access to various types of shrimp for just 200 Gump points a try

    • jordanxbrookes

      Same. For once in these past few years my interest in CoD has spiked slightly.

  • djml9

    Corruption was my first epic. I also have the Binary. Might go for the Machete for zombies.

  • Gamerazor247

    Lmao, the Volk Variant, though! Literally Soulja Boys Draco

    • GinsuVictim

      That went over most of our heads. I feel no shame admitting I know nothing about Soulja Boy, nor do I care to know.

    • The9tailedgamer

      What are you talking about? (I know soulja boy, im talking about the rest of it)

  • ApolloSlayys

    So when can I buy the damn Blue Dot?!?! Kinda sad the one thing I want in the game is a reticle