During a MP live stream, Infinity Ward announced new details about upcoming updates and content for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer.

Here’s a recap of all of the details announced:

  • New set of Prestiges coming to Infinite Warfare. New icons/emblems for all. There will be more details on how these new levels and what you earn soon.
  • Current set of Prestige icons will be seeing an update soon.
  • Some Mark II Weapons will see an increase in bonus. Higher than 15% bonus per kill.
  • New Mission Team “coming within the coming weeks.” No specific announcements today.
  • Emblem Editor still on track for mid-March launch.
  • Classic Weapons will soon be able to earn De-Atomizer strikes.
  • Might as well put the nuke perk thing on every gun available in this game. Or just make it a killstreak again to choose from (not scorestreak)

    I was hoping Infinity Ward went the Treyarch route and do extra levels like BO3. Every 100 levels youll get a prestige icon from MW, MW2, MW3, and Ghosts and a classic weapon.

    • Chocobooo!

      Aaaaand people will complain again that IW just copied BO3 again.. but people are asking for it, and then will complain..and if the devs didn’t do what they are asking, they will start hating and cursing and threatening IW. Next, you will see them posting comments that they would no longer play COD, this will be the last COD, etc, but they keep on waiting for news about the game, reading every post and updates, etc instead of looking for a job to feed their families.

      • Just like you complaining about people complaining. But I won’t let that stop you from being on your high horse.

        The rest of your comment is just utter stupidity.

        • Chocobooo!

          Does the truth hurts? I’m not even complaining, just stating facts. And I agree with you, it’s called stupidity just like your comment.

          • You said nothing of truth or facts. Your comments is nothing of ignorant generalizations and “hurr hurr people will complain”

          • Chocobooo!

            LOL? Are you sleeping under a rock? It’s all over the internet. Even here on CI you can see a lot of what I am talking about.

          • People complain no matter how you spin it. Even you sitting here complaining about complaining, you’re no better. We all complain. You sit and here and think people complaining is a problem.

            You’re delusional.

          • Chocobooo!

            There you go.

          • Yes, people complain no matter what you do. That’s life. That’s not a Call of Duty thing. That’s a general thing. You simply aren’t going to make everyone happy.

  • djml9

    They should make the classic weapons do a traditional MW2 style nuke instead of a deatomizer.

    • macspengo

      I would love to hear the original voice lines and the original sound effect! =D

  • Wise

    They should have made Infinite Warfare a more ready game from the beginning. Another thing i want to point out is – at leaderboards in IW there are no more Filters that you could see your rank worldwide in Global stats and i think this was another bad decision they made recently. I want to open my thoughts and say right now that this Call of Duty game – Infinite Warfare COD will be my last COD game and there are plenty of reasons for that. One reason is that there’s much and way better games out there to be played. Other reasons than this is that i’m sick and tired of Activision and the game developers of milking money from poor people and these kids who blindly go for the supply drop lottery to see if they get the right weapons for a funny amount of a lot of money. There’s a lot more – i have ran out of patience that in fact Infinity Ward can’t add de-atomizer variants to ALL weapons in Infinite Warfare. If my favourite weapons will get a De-Atomizer variants in 1 or 2 years from now, then that just isn’t satisfying. The most recent disappointment that i just stated – is that you can’t see your rank globally on the leaderboards anymore, just when i came up to an better idea for a global leaderboard – to see top 50 killer with most Kills with each weapon globally in Infinite Warfare. If i made a game such as Infinite Warfare I would never disappoint the fans with all this complete nonsense and slow updates they give us which is complete BS.

    • Hitman

      Right on the button with what you said. I traded in IW with no regret and it was my last COD too.

    • Duke of hazard

      I feel you. Playing this game made me question why I’m still a Cod fan.

  • what

    for the new prestiges.. we got a an initial announcement that theyre coming soon.. then they announced today that.. new details are coming soon

  • Unclecoon

    More prestige= more classic weapons… sadly I won’t get them because I won’t play the game enough

  • Unclecoon

    Knowing this new infinity ward I’m surprised they’re not announcing infinite warfare coming soon

  • macspengo

    Didn’t they say that they hate the line: “coming soon”?!

  • Pirates
  • ApolloSlayys

    Wish when they make the new prestiges that how ever much xp u got from being master would carry over make you the level you should be with all the XP

  • Ionex Fernandez Abreu

    I’ve been having a problem in the Infinite warfare MP and im wandering is it me or is it the servers, i mean continuous game lag, people that aren’t there kill me, my bullets phase through enemies i mean seriously. I usually don’t have issues with my internet im the only one that uses it, have a private wifi with password etc. i dunno I’ve stopped playing after one match a day cuz its too frustrating.