All new content has arrived in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Quartermaster! With the latest patch update, which went live earlier, Infinity Ward has added in new content to the game, and also made some updates.

First off, five weapons (Reaver – Machete, Volk – Corruption, Erad – Destiny, DMR – Binary, and DCM-8 – Even Keel) that were previously Supply Drops only are now craftable in the Prototype Lab.

The new content also includes brand new weapons in the Quartermaster Collection. The R-VN weapon is now available for free for all Season Pass owners. For those without the Season Pass, the base variant of the R-VN can be earned with a challenge: get 200 kills with an Energy Rifle with an accessory equipped that you’ve earned through weapon prestige. In addition, other weapons (UMD) added in today can be earned via completing weapon specific challenges. The new Axe melee weapon is a Supply Drop exclusive.

Over a dozen new Prototype weapons have also arrived this week, including the EBR-800 Metronome and the Erad Scalpel, plus new personalization items, Epic Taunts, weapon camos, and more


SOURCE: Activision

  • Qaotik

    DLC weapon not in a supply drop? I’m shocked

    • Because IW is the best game in the world.

      • Qaotik

        Nah, this game still has more glory holes than a porno

      • Nah. I hope you are trolling.


    • Vanilla_Gorilla

      It’s not a bad game,but it sure isn’t the best…..???

  • Reaper1

    Okay DLC weapon earnable through a challenge and not randomly from a supply drop, that’s a step in the right direction

  • Great weapon design. Truly remarkable.

    • Tao

      the gun looks like they stacked 2 arc of triumphs on top of each other. But it’s free so ain’t complaining tho

  • See? I’m actually happy with this. The base version of the R-VN is outright free and the pistol can be earned throw a challenge (i also heard if you own the season pass, you just get the base version of the pistol outright free)

    This is the right way. I dont care about the DLC variants being behind RNG as long as I get to experience the new guns. MWR and IW are doing this right and as long as SHGames and Treyarch and Infinity Ward do this going forward in future games, I have no problems with supply drops or variants.

    It’s obvious this supply drop will exist going on, but it’s always important for Activision and these devs teams for them to realize they have to be fair to people who wish not to buy cod points. So like I said, I’m perfectly happy with supply drops in IW and MWR systems and them doing it forward as long as new guns (base guns) dont get locked exclusively behind RNG

    • Qaotik

      It’s great that they’re going back to the AW way of dealing with extra weapons, sort of. You get the M1 irons for free, but the variants will vary. Hopefully this will continue on the next game. Still, this game needs major fixing and I doubt they will fix them.

      • Yeah as long as they go this route, I wont ever have a problem with supply drops

        • Mario Rivera



      • Shaun Greig

        there doing there best trying to balance everything out game wise and you cant ask for more than that especially after all the shit theyve taken

    • ThisGuy

      This system I’m fine with. I hated that weapons I wanted to just try I had to get lucky and get a version of it Like in Aw

    • Gimpanese

      They obviously went with this system to try and gain more players. I’m still not buying this trash game doe

      • Well they went the same route with MWR which is a much better game. If they did this to get more players then that’s fair enough. Because this system should be fair to everyone. If they go back to BO3 and AW route in the rest of the updates and future games, then yeah this is a one time thing. But for the best interest of Activision and their future games, they should be fair like they are now. Because if they go back to AW and BO3 way, then supply drops will be a toxic problem again.

      • Shaun Greig

        why comment about it if you dont like the game dumbo lol

        • Mario Rivera



      • RdJokr

        Obviously, but this is a good system regardless. Activision wouldn’t dare screw us over with the next game by not letting us unlock the base guns like this.

        • Mario Rivera

          Don’t get sold the Brooklyn Bridge!!!! LOL!


    • joey

      if they added the ability to alter your FOV (on console), i could see putting some serious time into this game.

      • Yeah I still scratch my head as to why Call of Duty doesn’t have that option on the consoles yet. Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 have it. Call of Duty should jump on board with that.

        • Mario Rivera

          Don’t scratch your head! You might hurt the lice! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Man, you’re totally aren’t funny and I hope you’re only upvoting yourself ironically.

          • Mario Rivera

            First of all, I don’t upvote myself.

            Second, it’s ironic that you misused the word “ironic”. LOL!!!!

          • Yes you do actually.

            I never seen a guy say the most unfunny lines then follow it up with an obnoxious “LOL!!!” then proceed to upvotes himself. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

          • Source Reserve

            “First of all, I don’t up vote myself.”

            What a pathological liar.

          • Mario Rivera

            I tell you one more time ONLY: Mario Pacino Rivera does NOT upvote himself. Don’t make that mistake again.

          • Andy

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      • Mario Rivera

        Maybe instead of focusing on what you don’t like you should give thanks and leave it at that. Look no further than a certain forum regular (who happens to to be in this very thread) to see how stanky it comes across when grown men whine more than a hungry baby. LOL! Even their compliments are just veiled complaints.

        Also, if you’re getting queasy and blurry vision, you should probably go to the doctor instead of playing more. lol.


        • joey

          i feel like i could – like i SHOULD – learn much from you, mario. you are truly as wise as you are witty.

          off i go to ponder my whining ways.

          • Mario Rivera

            Sing along children. Lol!

            Sarcasm is for simpletons, simply cause they dumb. Check on them at 9pm, they be sucking their thumb.

            Sarcasm is for wimpy wussies simply cause they scared. Take them for the MRI, their brain is so impaired!!!

          • OATH VDK

            I wonder if a grown man like you still need to come and shit talk about people like this, I found it somewhat pathetic, I wonder how your child is growing with a dad like you wasting his time on forum trashtalking and upvote his own comment to feel adored …

          • Mario Rivera

            Maybe YOU don’t know what it means to be be a father – to be a man. My baby Pacino Mario is the smartest kid in his whole group. I bet he already paints better pictures than you do. LOL!!!!

          • guccimanning

            get deported biotch

      • Sam Nelson

        I think consoles have their FOV at around 85-90 ?

    • yeahIsaidit

      Oh look, i faggot who still has hope for COD despite all the shit he said about the damn game and still plays it “till this date lol

      • >Oh look, i faggot who still has hope for COD
        You called yourself a faggot.

        Anyway, youre implying I can’t play Infinite Warfare despite my criticisms and me buying the game? Special kind of retard here.

    • RubyLopez11

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  • Stefan Lang

    Honestly this is the way it should have always been. Now only if that challenge was available for all weapons nobody would complain I believe.

    • Qaotik

      I’m pretty sure they are

  • nate

    when will they add more prestiges?

    • Mario Rivera

      Calm down, Charlie Brown! LOL! Soon, soon!!!

  • Unclecoon

    Activision is getting a little wierd…letting people earn instead of paying and hoping something’s now right here lmao

  • VIP guest


    • GinsuVictim

      You don’t have to f*ck it, just shoot it.

  • imBATMAN

    I like this gg

  • RdJokr

    Season pass value at least went up now. Wish we could get the pistol too, but beggars can’t be choosers. As long as the rest of the season follows like this, then it should be all fine and dandy.

  • GinsuVictim

    Tried it out, not a fan of the new gun.

  • Michael Romo

    Ok, this is fine, but when are you guys going to actually FIX some of the weapons?

    • The9tailedgamer

      Nv4 will apparently be getting a nerf