A new patch update, version 1.10, is now live for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Featured Content and What’s New

  • Show the last weapon used in Winner’s Circle instead of Payload
  • 360 Rig Rotation in customization menu
  • New weapons added to the Quartermaster
  • Use of four Taunts instead of just one
  • Simultaneous Deaths/Kills: This allows players to kill one another with ballistic and energy weapons at the same time. For example, if two players with low health fire at the exact same time, both players will die. The same would apply if two snipers headshot each other at the same time.
  • Simultaneous Deaths/Kills: When this occurs, you’ll not only see it happen in the bottom left obituary, but you’ll also get a Medal called “Trade”. This is called “Kill Trade” in the options menu and will be defaulted to OFF in Custom and LAN. You can turn it on under the “Game” tab in CODCaster

General Fixes

  • Fix for late players being shown as in a party even though they aren’t
  • In FFA style modes, players would appear on colored teams in the lobby. This has been fixed
  • Fix for various bugs that can occur after a host migration
  • Fix for players appearing in 1st place despite losing in a FFA match against bots
  • Bug fixes in the After Action Report Medals tab
  • Fix for the weapon indicator at the bottom of the screen showing the wrong weapon after respawning in HC SnD
  • On occasion, the scoreboard would briefly display a player’s score as the team score if the player had their scoreboard open during a round transition. This has been fixed
  • Backend bug fixes
  • Grind score limit is now 65 (was 85)
  • Friendly Fire will now be disabled in Competitive playlists

 Rave in the Redwoods

  • Fixed a bug where mission rewards could show up incorrectly in the zombies menu
  • Fix for a bug that would remove the icon a player had crafted if a host migration occurs
  • Added 200 ranks and 10 new rank icons
  • Added the R-VM and UDM to be unlockable for use via the Magic Wheel

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • Brandon Tabone

    they did not add more prestiges or levels, no reason to play now

    • GamerTag: Robustss

      ‘Added 200 ranks and 10 new rank icons’

      Zombies did though multiplayer will be next week when the DLC gets added for XB1 will be double xp etc to coinicide with it all

      • Brandon Tabone

        I am max prestige and level 55 after playing some games still level 55

        • GamerTag: Robustss

          talking about zombies. The new zombie patch also applies all the xp you earned at max level some people are around 300+ already. if that’s the case same thing will happen with multiplayer where the xp rolls over that’s great game design if you ask me. IW gets alot of stick but some implements into the game have been really good like this one

    • the point of playing the game is that you get fun from the gameplay

      If you play purley just to rank up and don’t have fun without that than it really seems like you don’t actually enjoy the game itself

    • Marjorie George

      The main reason people play cod is to kill each other so why is there no reason to play just because their isn’t more prestiges?

  • Sup

    Let’s be real here. We were all hoping for a much better patch.

    • What’s better than this?

    • Wizga

      You can hope for better things, but when it comes to Call of Duty there’s no point. This game isn’t showing any sing of “getting better”.

      • ShankHD

        The next 3 Call of Duty games is boots on the ground. The next 3 isn’t set in the future.

        • Wizga

          So what! Boots on the ground or not, games will be ruined anyway. Be it Activision with microtransactions or developers themselves release a messy game, Infinite Warfare for example, at launch and fixing it will take a whole year cause new content is more important.

    • ShankHD

      The next 3 Call of Duty games is boots on the ground. The next 3 isn’t set in the future..

      • Sup


  • Flowbacca

    Lame ass update…

  • Duke of hazard

    Lol I wasted 30 minutes of my time and 3gb of my memory for this?


  • dissaponting

    blood anvil didnt even get put in like they said just wow

  • Mick

    Now we trade kills? This reminds me of the mw2 and 3 days when I would shoot my sniper rifle at the same exact time another sniper shot me and would kill me, but all I hear on my end is the gunshot but not recieving the kill.

  • Scoorvyel_CHRiS

    If You don’t like it – don’t play it. This CoD hate is already boring.

    • Frank Rizzo

      as is the fanbois who keep coming to defend a game that is severely lacking and flawed.

      • John M

        Wtf more do you want????? Other than the obvious issues, if you were in charge, how would you make it to your standards?????

  • Andrew Dimuzio

    My lord quit with the complaints, I’m not even a huge cod fan although I’ve played most of them and this is not a bad game. Sure if your terrible it must not be much fun, but judging from the teammates I’m stuck carrying constantly they must enjoy it too. Not to mention it plays well for me and gets updates constantly, if your just crying about iw it’s easy enough to quit. That said if your going 2 and 20 plus every game which is probably those complaining please, please quit cause your far more annoying than anything activision or infinity ward could come up with.

  • joey

    are those kill-trade updates meant as measures to improve the quality/smoothness of gameplay? if so, i’m intrigued.

  • Bobby Bours

    this patch froze my game

  • I don’t think it’s a bad update. Overall with all the enhancements we have gotten up to this point the game is in a much better state now.

  • Ed

    They fixed medals earned in a match to actually show how many you earned that match instead of career total. Small thing, but it was annoying.

  • Ed

    This may be a dumb question… Is the kill trade only for custom games? I don’t see it in options for regular mp, only custom games. Or is it always on in regular, just defaulted to off for custom?

  • Marik

    Kill trades, really? This will never work with all this lag comp bullshit. So I kill someone on my screen, then I die because one of us was lagging. Is this fair at all? Technically speaking there is no way for two players to pull the trigger at the exact same millisecond. In order to disguise the issue they tone down the server tick rates, add frame skipping and now kill trades?Just fix the lag you idiots.

    • Ed

      There have been a ton of times i pull the trigger and think ive gotten my shot off but the guy shot at the same time and i die. I always ask where my bullet went. Im hoping this is the solution.

  • Frank Rizzo

    So a lot of this stuff that is being added now? One would think this is all stuff that should have launched when the game first came out. Showing weapons, 360 view of customized character, etc. etc.

    • Ed

      Who cares. Its out now. Its funny how everyone seems to act like iw, treyarch, and sledgehammer are the same devs. Each cod SHOULD be different in most aspects. But even if they do bring over stuff, people then cry that they are carbon copies and unoriginal. I really am starting to feel for call of duty devs. They cant win when everyone acts like entitled brats.

  • Matt

    I would like an update for more options on controller config… players with scuf pads have too many advantages