Earlier in January, leaks from the PC files of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare revealed a new Mission Team coming to the game at some point called Blood Anvil. The leaks showed a cutscene for the mission team, along with the official logo.

This past month, Infinity Ward confirmed that a new mission team was in fact coming to the game, but didn’t confirm any details on what the mission team is. They’ve said that more details are coming in the weeks ahead about the new team.

Now, with the latest game update, some users are reporting that in-game — when the voiceover speaks — it makes references to the rumored Blood Anvil mission team. The voice over says, “No. Not strong enough for Blood Anvil. Yet.” Another user found the voice over saying, “I’ve been watching you. You heard of Blood Anvil? You’re not good enough.”

Video 1:

Video 2:

We’ll update as we learn more.

SOURCE: @Rawwfy, u/Conquerful

  • Guest that’s still a Guest

    We all saw this coming…. FURST

  • Element115Will

    Meh…move along.

  • Jay Evan

    Looks a lot like the guy from the very first infinite warfare teaser.

    • ccrows

      That’s exactly that I was just thinking before I even hit the comment section.

      I was like, hey isn’t that the guy that kept interrupting Nuketown matches on the side-screen for a week?… lol

      • RubyLopez11

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    • RdJokr

      Same face but scarred a bit and reused. The guy in the teaser appeared in the campaign but only for a side mission.

      • Andy

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    • It’s not. Gabriel was one of the wanted commanders in the campaign that you kill.

  • Altered Vista

    Triggered when I saw that 2.3 k/d peasant trash on the screen. I know it’s just an internet screenshot, but it’s still horrifying to me. How do you live with yourself? 🙁

    • Altered Vista

      Video 2 has cured me from the aids. A competent cod player. All other players in the lobby should give up their girlfriends to him.

      • Lewis Ward

        Why are you triggered doesn’t affect you if someone got a 2 plus kd. Are you just jealous because your trash. Nothing is wrong with having a high kd

        • DEMOLITION12

          2 kd isn’t high lmao

          • Lewis Ward

            Its high enough to know that for. Someone with a 2plus kd knows what there doing and a 2 plus kd is a nice border. Yeh there are people with 3,4 maybe 5 kd but having a 2 kd is high enough for me to be happy with and to have a high win lost ratio surley knows what there doing

          • Altered Vista

            If my k/d dropped to 2 I would be on suicide watch. I try to have at least a 5 k/d in every game or at least 4 k/d through at least the first few months. i had about 4 k/d in AW and those were dark dark times.

          • I wish my life were that straight forward that a less than 5 k/d was my biggest worry

          • Lewis Ward

            It’s easy enough to say you have a 4/5 kd but nothing to back it up

          • DEMOLITION12
          • Lewis Ward

            It’s funny because I wasn’t talking to you lol. And you show me your stats on ghost with was a really easy game to get a high kd especially when your favourite gun was the honeybadge, but nice stats anyway

  • Sentinel

    I used to get excited for COD news…now everything is just, ehh. I just hope Sledgehammer takes the game back to it’s root like they intend to.

    • CyberWolf

      Rumor has it the next Call of Duty takes place in the 80’s.

      • MrLadyfingers

        Interesting if true. (I don’t care enough about cod to look this up.) Black Ops was such a great era for cod, so 80’s would be cool too.

  • Mitch

    They sure did a great job re-using the model of the guy we saw in the very first teaser trailer!


    somehow it’s still just a “rumour”