A patch update which was delayed before is now live for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Patch Notes –

General Fixes:

  • Various map fixes
  • On occasion, players who have the R-VN, Axe, or UDM in a loadout would no longer have access to the weapons if a host migration occurs. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for an issue where Season Pass holders on Xbox One were not able to download Sabotage DLC from in-game
  • Fix for the Epic UDM doing too much damage in TTDM. This now matches the same damage rules as sniper rifles in TTDM.
  • Fix for some users receiving the ‘weapon_graitonsuper_wm’ error after the last update
  • Steel Dragon – Reduced sprint out to fire time
  • Fix for the Axe camo challenges not tracking progress
  • Fix for an issue where it would take 6 shots to a player with a Blast Shield with the Howitzer in Hardcore
  • Added the R-VN and UDM to regular Gun Game
  • Uplink: Fixed an issue in Overtime where the goal VFX and team score would increment even though the scoring team lost the second round of overtime
  • Taunt combo system added to the Winner’s Circle
  • Fix for the Sage Phantom head not appearing correctly when viewing in 3rd person


  • Type-2 (AR mode) – Slight increase to the fire rate and a decrease to ADS recoil
  • Type-2: Slight increase to hip fire spread when in akimbo mode
  • R-VN: Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
  • Volk – Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
  • Titan – Slightly increase to the fire rate and an increase to the 4 bullet hit kill range
  • KBAR – Slightly decrease to the 4 bullet hit kill range
  • NV4 – Slightly increase to the ADS recoil
  • Widowmaker – Reduced delay between bullets within the burst
  • DMR – Slight decrease to the ADS time
  • EBR-800 (AR mode) – Increase to the 5 bullet hit kill range
  • EBR-800 (Sniper mode) – Reduce ADS sway speed
  • Howitzer changes: Explosion radius increased. Explosion damage more consistent. Damage to scorestreaks increased. VFX updated to better represent the explosion radius. Fixed a bug where the projectile would play an explosion VFX without doing any damage. Fix a bug where the projectile could still explode after bouncing off a surface.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • tuby


  • Marik

    So finally! After 4 months the NV4 was nerfed! Too bad I don’t play this pay to win supply drops – scuf – lag sweat fest anymore. The only reason I browse this site is for news and leaks about the next CoD, hopefully it would be better, otherwise the whole CoD franchise is over for me.

    • XboxISdead

      But you cared enough to comment stop it u care

      • He never once claimed that he didn’t care in that comment.

    • Qaotik

      The gun was mediocre. It was really consistent, but not overpowered like the bal for AW

      • Frank Rizzo

        Far from mediocre … there’s a reason 90% of the playerbase uses this gun and it sure as hell because it looks good.

        • Qaotik

          I’m very sure that people don’t use it because it looks good


      the nv4 is weak

      • Frank Rizzo

        I’m not sure what game you’re playing, but the NV4 was far from weak.

        • DEMOLITION12

          it takes one more shot than every other gun. it’s weak

  • IW seem to introduce more bugs than fixes with each update. I swear that god damn superweapon error was the absolute WORST, it would happen immediately after a game is finished, every other game and wipes anything that happened that game like you never played it.

  • The9tailedgamer

    And to think i was excited when a nv4 nerf would be coming

  • Duke of hazard

    Nerf the kbar and buff the volk, because logic.

    • Former

      What’s wrong with that? Kbar was the best gun in the game (could still be), and Volk was the shittiest AR.

      • Duke of hazard

        The Volk can destroy the Kbar anyday of the week. Gun was so powerful that it got banned in the comp scene.

        • Former

          Where have you been? It was strong for the first couple weeks of the game, then got nerfed into the ground…Even if it wasn’t banned from competitive, nobody would use it because it sucks.

          • Duke of hazard

            “nobody would use it because it sucks” nobody uses it because it increased recoil, which doesnt help for long range battles. In terms of power, the volk has always won. The kbar requires 5 bullets a medium range already. They’re practically turning it into an smg.

          • Former

            Yeah 5 bullets with twice the fire rate. Doesn’t mean anything. Kbar is more consistent. Maybe this upcoming patch will change the meta, but as of now, nobody should ever use Volk over Kbar if you’re looking for the best weapon.

        • Wasn’t the Volk only banned in UMG? I mean you’re still right, but I don’t recall it being banned in MLG.

      • ccrows

        Nah, Type 2 is worse than the Volk…

        • Former

          Debatable. Type 2 is way more versatile. I literally see no Volks in pubs unless it’s the Corruption for XP.

      • I gotta agree the Volk is ass the Type 2 is so much better.

      • Duke of hazard

        Kbar is the best AR at short – medium range. It can be easily shut down in a long range fight.

        • Former

          Yeah, and most gunfights in Call of Duty are short to medium ranges, are they not? Kbar is the best gun in the game, which is why it’s the most used weapon in competition.

          • Duke of hazard

            Nv4 destroys kbar at long range and the erad is being used more in comp against the kbar.

          • Former

            Kbar is still the most used by far. Only certain maps call for the Erad.

    • ccrows

      KBAR and NV4 are the only 2 (decent) ARs to go for a nuke, so let’s nerf them.


      I’ve been saying since December, they need to give EVERY GUN in the game the nuke, (& those that have the perk like the Fallout would require 1 kill less) .

      That would be the easiest and best way to get weapon variety in this game.

      ^ That would make too much sense, so lets nerf the best AR nuke variants, and buff the tubes, because like you said “logic”… <_<

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        • Judy’s Master

          How about this Judy, you pay me $97 per hour and I put you on all fours and go balls deep in your asshole, and make your husband lick it clean?

          • Dom Kern


          • Seamus

            Well… That escalated quickly lol

      • Mario Rivera

        Look who it is. You know, my wife saw what you wrote about our little Pacino Mario. She slammed my laptop closed and now the colors on the screen are all fuzzy. She wouldn’t go online for a week and missed her favorite book chat. All because you call our beautiful baby ugly.

        • ccrows

          Serves you right for having 2 Discuss accounts, and upvoting your own posts. lol

          BTW didn’t I say at the end that your kid looked OK?…

          • ccrows


            As for the laptop situation, I’m normally a chill guy and I honestly feel bad when other are down. (being serious for a sec)

            ^ However if that laptop thing actually did happen, there’s no way I would be able to keep a straight face…

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      • Smurf_Stang

        But then fewer supply drops would be purchased….fewer Nuke variants makes it harder to get, therefore people spend more money to try to get them!

      • AngelaBryant111

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    • Frank Rizzo

      KBAR and NV4 were quite deserving of nerfs and the Volk was overnerfed early on.

      Not sure what game you guys are playing, but I can assure you, the Volk was severely lacking …

      • Andy

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  • ccrows

    “Howitzer changes: Explosion radius increased. Explosion damage more consistent.”


    You can barely play Genesis anymore because of one idiot spamming that garbage, and I’ve been in lobbies where 4 or more are spamming that S***.

    Seriously, let’s take the worst gameplay feature in the history of COD (AKA the Noob Tubes/G Launchers) and keep buffing away at them until EVERY MAP is just spamming the crap out of that S***…

    • ccrows

      ^ (cont)

      That right there is why Treyarch will always remain the #1 dev.

      Honestly I would love to see Infinity Ward make a comeback, but making tubes and launchers even more powerful is literally the worst thing that you can possibly do for a game that’s already on life support.

      Whatever, thank goodness for BO3 being on this gen… *sigh*


    • GinsuVictim

      I understand your concern, but I have fired the howitzer into a crowd and come up without so much as a hitmarker. It kinda needs this buff.

      • ccrows

        I feel you Gins, but Genesis already is kinda ruined from this spam.

        I lost track of how many times I’ve picked up a Howitzer of the ground and was like, “Come here f***er, let’s see how you like this”. lol

        IDK, I’ve mostly had good luck when using the Howitzer. (hardly that many hitmarkers TBH) If this turns into MW2, I’m gonna be pissed…

        • PDX Guitar Freak

          You are a skilled man then, because the majority of us struggle with the Howitzer LOL. I mostly play hardcore and I was getting hitmarkers from very close ranges. I agree Genesis is a good map for it though.

    • Ed

      everyone that used it was asking for the howitzer buff. Or at least saying how it was trash.
      And treyarch is HORRIBLE with gun balance. Absolutely atrocious.

      • ccrows

        “And treyarch is HORRIBLE with gun balance. Absolutely atrocious”

        ^ You’re kidding me right? BO2 (outside of the DSR) was near perfect when it came to gun balance.

        S*** that’s the biggest reason why it’s so populated, and the #1 requested BC game. & Yes it was a little rough out of the gate, but where it is now (like I said earlier) is near perfect…

        • ccrows


          BO3? – Outside of them constantly buffing and nerfing the Vesper, and the Brecci needing a nerf, what’s wrong with gun balance in that game?

          FYI – If you come back at me with VMP, you’re entering a trap…

          • Ed

            You answered your own question with regard to balancing on bops 3, right there.
            Bops 2 had mp7 issues as well as the dsr. Some would talk about the type 25 as well. world at war… mp40. Bops 1- famas.

            Look, im not saying treyarc is bad, nor am i saying infinty ward is better.
            But for you to say treyarc was somehow near perfect in bops 2 is, no disrespect, ludicrous.

            And opinion wise… i thought ghosts gun balance was pretty decent.

          • I think Ghosts and MW2 were the only games were there was actual gun variety. I can’t think of a extremely overused (and OP) gun in those games

          • ccrows

            Don’t know when you gave up on Ghosts, but that game became infested with the M27 with thermal, Honey Badger, and the Ripper.

            MW2? Pretty much turned into QSing and/or a OMA/DC fest. (once the word got out on both cheese techniques)

            BO2, outside of the DSR BS, there’s not really a single gun that dominates in that game… *shrugs*

          • I remember the PDW-57 dominating in Black Ops 2 and the MSMC. I also remember the LSAT being a very dominant gun with target finder.

            And i dont want to forget the R780 Shotgun in BO2, I remember that gun being super ridiculous. Treyarch is actually the opposite of Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward loves snipers, and Treyarch loves shotguns. Every Treyarch game I played has an annoying OP shotgun somewhere.

          • RdJokr

            Huh, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Reaver in IW because that’s about as annoying as the Brecci in BO3.

          • The Reaver is pretty damn annoying. It might as well be a new Brecci

          • ccrows

            “Look, im not saying treyarc is bad”

            No actually you already did… lol

            “And treyarch is HORRIBLE with gun balance. Absolutely atrocious.”

        • Ed

          Near perfect? Lol. Not. Even. Close.
          You know what they say about opinions.

          • ccrows

            OK, so what was wrong with it, and which COD did it better?…

    • Anthony Estrada

      Try the camo challenges for the howitzer. Its definitely not a “noob” tube anymore you have to be really skilled to get that piece of shit gold and now it’s a little less stressful to do so

  • Alex Brogan

    haha this is the worst.

    • lunator100hd .


  • JTSpeed

    Type-2 the new meta?
    I don’t think the volk will be dominant again and the kbar and nv4 are still great guns but the type-2 could definitely make it up there again

  • RebornAngel666

    R3K needs some sort of a slight nerf. shits getting overused now and one burst kill hipfire too ez

  • scrotesmd

    Titan buff, really?, that thing is already great!
    I used it yesterday for a game and totally dominated with it. Titan slay is also a great variant.

  • Digital_Veil_

    I don’t care too much about this game at this point, but it is cool to see them reworking the balance a little bit. KBAR and NV4 were clearly the best ARs while the Type 2 and Volk were clearly the worst ARs. I think the NV4 should also have its range reduced, but at least they’re doing something. That gun is godly in this game. There are definitely other guns that need tweaking but this is a good start.

  • guccimanning

    i have the bigest dick ever also unban me you damn racist

  • W1LL1AM04

    Bring back Mayhem!

  • ccrows

    They need A LOT more nuke variants. This game is like “Year 2 COD dead” with lag and frame rate dropping at times after the DLC split. 🙁

    ^ Sure that’s not the complete fix, but (IMO) it’s a good start.

    “BO3-type contracts” for BOTH salvage and keys would be next…

    • GinsuVictim

      They basically added a contract for unlocking the UDM, so more of that, please!

  • Eric Wyatt

    Are there anyone else having problems since the update this morning. I can’t even play it tells me that the update is required and I’ve been through the update