A new Hack is now live in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Quartermaster.

This week’s hack is called the Prototype Hack and guarantees One Rare or Better Prototype Weapon. If you get a duplicate, it will convert into Salvage.

This Hack costs 45 Keys or 300 Call of Duty Points. The Hack is available till Monday, March 13 10AM Pacific.

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    At least the first hack a few weeks back had guaranteed no dupes… this is a step in wrong direction

  • HappyHippo

    Aren’t they just called ‘more expensive’ rare supply drops??

    • The9tailedgamer


  • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

    I did 3 of these. Oops. They are 45 keys each and my first 2 supply drops were 2 common calling cards/camos, and a rare duplicate gun. The third was a common calling card, rare calling card, and rare duplicate gun. Certainly not worth 45 keys. Buyers beware. every 2 you purchase is a lost rare supply drop. This hack is bad…

    • Andy

      I think you meant every two you purchase is THREE lost rare supply drops.

  • No dupe protection? No thanks.

    • Stacieewilson

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    • Marywdodge

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  • GinsuVictim

    300 CoD points….which means you still have to buy 400 to get it. Their greed on display as usual. (I’ll earn keys the old fashioned way)

    • Former

      I’ll earn them by sitting in zombie glitches that they’re too stupid to patch. 🙂

  • You figure that Call of Duty would just do an actual weekend dealer type thing like Destiny does with Zur or whatever his name is. Something similar like that. These bribes are trash

    • Well I got a legendary mk2 first hack purchased, so not really that bad, this one and the first ever hack are the only useful ones.

    • RdJokr

      You think this is trash now, wait until they push out Emblem and Reticle hacks. If you have the keys to spare, then I think you should spend some on these. At the very least, there’s some Salvage bonus. Otherwise, just save up until the next Triple Play.

      • SadHippo

        Stop giving them ideas LOL.

        • RdJokr

          Don’t have to, it’s already in the codes. It’s just a matter of time.

      • I did, i got two of them. It was nothing but duplicates and pocket change of salvage. Its shit

  • imBATMAN

    *over priced rare supply drops

  • Jon Jackson

    I opened one of these drops and got the R-VN Blowout, I guess I got lucky. But I do think all of these weekend “hacks” should be dupe protected.

  • ccrows

    *Pffffffft* LOL NO!

    “If you get a duplicate, it will convert into Salvage.”

    ^ Gee thanks Activision thanks for giving us a promo that costs more than a rare supply drop, and basically functions the same.

    Yes this will most certainly help bring the population back… <_<

  • ccrows

    Maybe we’ll have a custom emblem editor by August.

    Everybody should make a “Coming Soon” emblem whenever that drops… 😉

  • Guest that’s still a Guest

    Is the “Prototype Collection” the Quartermaster master collection?

    • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

      It’s not. Just standard weapon rare or higher.

      • Guest that’s still a Guest

        Well I’m not doing it then because I’m still arguing with Activistion for the quartermaster collection “no dupe” when both of mine were dupes so I only want what’s in the quartermaster collection. Thanks

  • Praetorio Eliteguard

    does anyone know if there’s a limit on how many you can buy?

    • Praetorio Eliteguard

      does anyone know how many you can buy?

    • Jon Jackson

      There’s no limit. You can open as many as you want.

      • Praetorio Eliteguard

        thanks. I got 1800 keys, so I don’t care. Earned em. I’m not buying no cod points though.

  • Former

    Seeing as how I own 95% of variants (thank you, key exploit), I’m bound to get duplicates only from this bribe. I think I’ll pass.

  • There was a glitch where you would receive 100K salvage after opening a drop. I was impacted by the glitch, but did not take advantage of it. After reporting it, IW fixed my salvage number by returning it to normal, but they rewarded me 4 QM hacks for my honesty. 🙂

    Sadly, the Reddit post had so many toxic people in it; All because I didn’t exploit the glitch like they would. Is it that hard to find integrity within the community? Apparently so.


    Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Infinitewarfare/comments/5ynzkl/i_logged_in_and_i_now_have_101857_salvage/

    • MurkN101

      I bet you were the kid that always reminded the teacher about the homework, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes.

      • The9tailedgamer

        And i bet you were the kid that made fun of everyone with your friends in the back of the classroom

        • wut

          i bet you were the kid jerking off with ruggedsavior to animals and anime in the bathroom between classes

          • I bet you were the kid watching us behind the bathroom door and fapped in secrecy.

          • wut

            Can you not add me to your furry roleplaying fantasies? This weirdo is always thinking about different scenarios.

            Leave this place and go make a pic of one dragon looking slightly mad while the other one is nibbling on his horn LMAO. I’m sure the marine corps would be ashamed to be associated with you if they knew what a complete weirdo you’ve become or probably always were undercover.

          • You seen my gallery on FA, it seems. What did think? 🙂

          • wut

            i don’t know, ask this “did” fellow himself.

          • But I still haven’t’ included you in my roleplaying fantasy yet. 🙂

          • tuby

            You included him in your mind during your daily handjob sessions

          • tuby

            And they suck eachother penis lol

          • The9tailedgamer

            Do i seem effected by that?

          • wut

            i mean, when replying to your hard hitting “And i bet you were the kid that made fun of everyone with your friends in the back of the classroom” I guess it shouldn’t. You’re the king of disrespect after that one and nothing should affect you if you’re coming with that type of fire. Typical stupid furry.. but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me you’re stupid when being a furry is a choice you made in your life.

          • The9tailedgamer

            Except im probably one of the only people trying to bring the community back from the acid pit its in, which this isnt helping with

      • This Rugged Savior guy is probably the biggest cuck this community has to offer.

      • Rugged Savior is the guy who made the space thread on the infinity ward forum during ghosts, which subsequently gained the support of enough retards and here we are with gesture warfare 4 years later. Never forget

    • Source Reserve

      Stockholm Syndrome’s got you good.

  • scrotesmd

    Yeah total fucking bs, of everything it gives me of course the stupid fing game gives me a duplicate!!!

  • Jason Bourke

    I opened about 10 of these. I got mark 2 epic type2 butcher, about 4 rare guns I didn’t have and 1 legendary. A lot better than the shit I get out of normal rares.

  • ccrows

    “Activision Blizzard Named To ‘100 Best Companies To Work For’ List”

    ^ Ranked #66, AND up 11 spots from last year… 😉


  • Jim Molloy

    Quartermaster Hacks: A Waste of Keys

  • JoyFear

    Is it sad that I get better stuff in commons than rare? I got the R-VN and the Volk common MK2 variant in commons…..this is sad. I had expectations for this game, they’re not meeting them.

  • Nathan MacKenzie

    it was good i got some epics